Another Day, Another Round Up

Leandra Medine | February 15, 2012
It’s been entertaining to watch spankin’ new collections walk and learn first hand from the designers behind these threads, the inspiration, thoughtfulness and appreciation that goes into crafting every garment but holy fashion week, I won’t be sad to see you go. Today in round up number five, we look to the delectable offerings of Wednesday sprinkled over a whole lot o’Tuesday. The buzz word this season: mature, is still being thrown around. And with more boxy silhouettes, metallic accents, overwhelming fur, longer skirts, higher boots and a general reversion to a place of pump still circulating, it’s a wonder how all designers just…know. Starting at Rodarte:

If you’d shown this collection to me, designer blind folded, I don’t think I’d have known it was Rodarte. Until, that is, the hand print gown would have appeared. Few can successfully string charm into their collections while maintaining a level of seriousness that doesn’t border on he ha ho, kitsch. The wearability evident here is something the Mulleavy sisters rarely contemplate so it was nice to see a selection of garments fit for the modern woman, period. While you can’t see it now, the shoes had real life sand perpetuating in their heels. Sand people, a piece of the beach to go.

Michael Kors seemed like an ode to 1970s lumberjack-hunter glam. Funny thing about this hunter, she evidently wears her prey. I don’t typically like to spotlight a collection that pays close attention to fur but it’s hard to ignore the silhouettes surrounding. A crochet pencil skirt paired with short sleeve blouse, blet creating makeshift peplum, a red gown and matching red coat, striped blanket skirt ready for DIY and a tribute to plaid–one print I will never grow old embracing. It was perhaps my favorite Kors collection yet.

And at Oscar de la Renta, smirking models bounced down the 583 Park harvested runway. The collection progressed from slim fit pants, skirt suits, embellishments and some stray feathers to runway engulfing party dresses and gowns fit for fairies, princesses–mystical creatures of that sort.

Downtown at Pier 57 where Diesel Black Gold showed, the team graciously provided heating lamps, which made consuming this collection far more enjoyable. Low rise cropped pants, oversized silhouettes, distressed leather and ankle strap laden shoes kept the clothes on par with the major themes of fashion week. I was particularly partial toward the look at left. Recent evidence will suggest capri pants may leave our ankles cold come next fall.

And on to Sachin & Babi, where the designers–a husband/wife duo–previewed their first runway show ever. This collection seemed on page with aforementioned designers stepping a bit out their comfort zones. Sachin and Babi explored a different design tactic pulling more prevalently from a darker color palette comprised mainly of navy, deep purple and black. The collection rendered a new sort of sexy: slits up the thigh, sheer blouses, leather inclusions, while still maintaining it’s man repeller mystique: note the feathers, high waist.

And finally, at J. Mendel. The photo pit found itself busy even before the show started with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in attendance, but once it did star, all eyes were back on runway. An array of winter whites, tights et al left collective gasps in the room. Gowns were shown in hues of mustard and hunter green clad in unconventional embroidery and the expected lush fur accents. An interesting use of gold, too. Now, if you can think as far back as the first runway recap, you will probably notice an apparent change in tone. I am tired, friends. And if I have to write the word peplum one more time I may cut all ten fingers off the physically enable the action. That said, I love you. Happy Wednesday.

  • Styling Black

    oh, these collections. So so amazing…

  • Tina

    this collection is stunning! Love the fur & sheer details!


  • The Habit

    My fave out of the bunch is from Sachin & Babi. Stunning looks!


    The Habit

  • Kelly Malka

    Love all the looks here, especially the Sachin & Babi collection!

    I'm not sure if you will read the email I sent you, but I recently did a post on you on my blog, including illustrations and drawings of you!! I would love it if you were to check it out 🙂 love all your stuff, just an ode to how rad you are


  • Ana G

    is hard to pick a favorite but i really like the Micheal Kors`style.


  • “coy” colleen

    lumberjack never looked better. i always love what MK puts down the runway
    i thought the gowns at oscar were stunning! as always, of course
    you have the best recaps 🙂

  • kaitlyntru

    Diesel was sooo good. xx

  • Fashion Recession

    Oh wow, love Michael Kors especially that last long skirt, Diesel Blackgold and J Mendel and especially that middle look!!

    All love Lola


  • Gypsy_Riot

    ah yes, now thats the marc jacobs i love to see….mm and the sachin & babi as well as j. mendel are exquisite!! well done as always ms. man repeller <3

    p.s.-finally got a pair of isabel marants…well sort of.

    check it out—>

  • one young thing

    i'm nineteen, relatively new out here in the fashion world, and i was feeling so uninspired and hopeless about fashion as of late, feeling like the runways were just too repetitive. you've proven me so wrong.
    thanks for giving me the drive to look at what's out there again and find more designs to spur my own imagination. really, thank you.

  • Miss Molly
  • lucia m
  • modelovers

    I love the Michael Kors and the Diesel Black and Gold Collection!


  • Writer Jobs

    Excellent outfits.

    Stop by sometime!

  • Diana

    looooved the chunky knits of Rodarte~ they were my fave knits of NYFW so far, second to Derek Lam's finale look with the knit+long skirt. Did you cover Preen and Suno yet? I'm sure you did and I just missed the posts because I have a feeling there's some stuff you'd be all over ;p Rag&Bone; was def the fave for me. I think I saved like half the collection on my comp. hahaha
    Hope you enjoyed NYFW! love your commentary btw. you need a show.


  • I Z A B E L A

    the MK is really beautiful, i adore it already. thank you for all your fantastic fashion week updates xo

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni…..
  • lucillejoy

    I love fall fashions, all so decadent and lovely! Big fan of the tartan at Micheal Kors, the sheer beaauty of Oscar De La Renta and the wearability and simplicity of Sachin & Babi


    i love your post,am your newest follower

  • Lips N Stick

    OMG I love the J Mendel dress that Arizona is wearing…WOW

    Pls follow my blog on

  • Marion

    Love your blog, I check it everyday! Please go see mine :! You cal also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Bloglovin
    Thank you

  • monkeyshines ♥

    brilliant styling!


  • Anonymous

    Glad you noticed your most overused #NYFW word too (phrase would be "perhaps his/her most complex collection yet). No more P word, even if you see it, ever.

  • Sharon

    J. Mendel is my favorite!

  • My Grandmother’s Gucci

    Sachin & Babi did such a wonderful job!

  • Sketch42

    As much as I enjoy seeing runway as theater, I like seeing the wearable clothes more.

    Loved that Sachin with the leather top and feathered skirt. GOLD.

    And the Michael Kors, loved it as well. My favorite thing ever – the asymmetrical white coats at proenza. Amazing. I need that next year.

  • Alexandra

    Get some rest, dear MR! Thank you for reporting back from the front lines (and for giving us your own fashionable inspiration along the way).

  • Emanuel I.

    My favourite: Michael Kors & J. Mendel!
    Thank you!

  • Moni

    I love the ones from Oscar de la Renta, those are really awesome! 🙂

  • evie stothert

    such fantastic collections! i especially like diesel black gold, printed jeans are my vice right now!
    peace and love

  • Natalie

    I love the J Mendel collection!

    Natalie x
    Trying To Make Fetch Happen

  • Carolina Sundell

    You always have very strong round-ups, I loved Rodarte..those sisters really know how to create a beautiful and interesting collection.

  • Natasha

    Love the round up! I really like the look of Sachin & Babi's first collection – good luck to them x

  • Creativity&Chocolate

    Love the collections from Michael Kors, Diesel and Sachin & Babi. Great pictures!

  • Lydia

    That middle look from J. Mendel– swoon. Love the sheer skirt and feathers. And the Rodarte hand dress is amazing. I just read a great article about them in Vogue that gave great insight to their inspiration.


    Well rounded review without the unnecessary fluff. I hope you are enjoying yourself. It's nice to see front row seating being put to good use!


  • dictionary_of_fashion
  • Xen

    the new guys are kinda great. Sachin and Babi know whassup

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