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Leandra Medine | February 23, 2012

Milan makes magic, that magic is in process, I’m a day late on the titled recap and even though on the Internets a day late renders irrelevant news, this is the Man Repeller, where everything and everyone has a time and place. So let’s stick out our pinkies, exaggerate our a’s and talk London Fashion Week: the incubator of interesting, emerging, albeit zany talent.

And there’s no better place to start than at Meadham Kirchoff’srunway show. This is fashion: limitless color, freedom of expression, parachute inspired tent for heavens sake! I had a conversation with a friend about New York vs. London in a fashion week capacity. We concluded that the U.S. relies too heavily on the saleability of clothes and so designers often lose the thoughtfulness and art their mind had projected their collections would emulate. In London though, bright colors, wacky silhouettes, unexpected accents like a sequin bustier peeking out of a checkered jumper–jumper in the American sense–reign. And there’s something to be said about the humorous dichotomy of a collection and simultaneous makeup so playful adorned by models so…serious. Fashion paradoxes: I like them, friends. I like them a lot.

Meanwhile, at Moschino Cheap and Chic which is not in fact cheap, eyeballs decorated by multi-color fur stole and lips decorated by the sporadic mustache seem to stay on trend with the happenings of MR. DANNIJO.First there was the ‘stache, now there will be the eyeball. It’ll all make sense in a few weeks time. Insert hash tag volume two right here.

Josephkeeps the individual garments simple, introduces new bounds when layered. Take that chiffon skirt, or dress, at left. Separately, she’s a feminine lady, ready for tea. Paired with sheer harem pants and a turtleneck though: man repeller with good hair. White shoes reign again and so do jumpsuits. My particular favorite rests at center, nothing layers like military green. If you learn anything reading this blog it should be that nothing layers like military green.

Which may be why Burberry Prorsum deemed such fluid eye candy. Military green velvet? Ruffles on said velvet? OWLS? Eureka. While the hint of peplum obviously traveled across the pond, there’s something to be about the element of carefree yet bad-ass injected into each of these looks. It’s the kind of style that makes you think: how’d she do that so fast. And then you remember the price tags attached and say oh yeah.
And on another peplum laden runway: Mary Katrantzou continues on the quest to obstruct the female hip line while playing with palazzo pants and introducing new silhouettes that beg your arms stay a couple meters away from your body. I do love gingham though. And at right: the tent dreams are made of.

Over at Topshop Unique, velvet overalls, color block herringbone wool paired with bustier, snake print over-sized sweater, vest and many an asshat or hot pant set a mood that eloquently reminded the female who likes to pretend she isn’t female, there’s still hope for us. Because nothing is worse than looking like a woman. And while a corduroy hot pant may allude to the truth about your gender, how else do you even out dinosaur arms so thick?

And on another runway that preaches the art of over-sized, Acne plays with pastel colors and some interesting shoes that may or may act as the successor to Isabel Marant’s Willow sneaker.Leather neck cuffs, goggles–yes, goggles, and a hint of green neon add the quirky accents that make the otherwise Swedish classic so eccentric, cool, covetable, if you will. And finally:

Peter Pilotto: a vignette of peplum jacket that peps at sleeves, watercolor floral prints and ambiguous cut outs that don’t read sexy. Now, call me a 2010 enthusiast but is it just me or do some of these prints bare a striking resemblance to those of what is now formally called The Best Collection Ever a la Proenza Schouler S/S 2010. I know nothing about surf culture other than if it means green, yellow, blue tie dye feathers on a high waist a-line mini skirt, hand me a board. Though I will take the pencil skirt at right under the same circumstances. In unrelated news: I just got these cool ear cuffs to satiate my thirst for multiple piercings. Age of the ear party is near.
  • m.corbett

    i still can't get over the topshop collection. it's so amazing andddd wearable anddddddd accessible 😀 x x xxx

  • We Can Pretend

    love your blog, We definitely have similar styles.
    so awesome <3

  • Irene Buffa
  • Alizée

    I absolutly love the topshop unique collection ! And i love colors in Moshino !

    Xxx Lizzie

  • Sasha

    It's not just you. I was screaming OMG PROENZA PROENZA PROENZA when I first saw the Peter Pilotto show on

  • Alexandra

    Very cool, although it's always annoyed me that Moschino Cheap and Chic is so far from cheap. It irks me every time I look at one of their price tags, and leads to me walking away with a harrumph.

    Thank you for the update!

  • Samantha

    Acne is never a disappointment. And the shoes from the Peter Pilotto collection are indescribable. So in love.

  • Julie Khuu

    That little Moschino dress with the cute print is too too FAB! Love the silhouette and the pattern makes it so dang fun for spring! Gorgeous coverage as always!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  • Tina Zeng
  • modern Suburbanites
  • Leira Zetroc

    I really like what you said there, "We concluded that the U.S. relies too heavily on the saleability of clothes and so designers often lose the thoughtfulness and art their mind had projected their collections would emulate."

    What I like about the Meadham Kirchoff show is that it looks like what a child would wear in their fantasies. Why don't we all dress like children? who are so free and unabashedly ashamed when it comes to wearing clothes. They can wear any damn crazy thing they want and get away with it. What freedom, I'm telling you.

    It's honestly the saddest thing that when people are expected to grow up, so does their wardrobe, but in the most pitiful way ever. I say, people should take a cue from the kids more often. Ignore the "fashion rules" that they place on adults and just be wild for once.

  • Jessie

    absolutely loved prorsum. it was not overdone but was truly fantastic.

  • Sharon

    Love love love the Mary Katrantzou collection!

    I can slap myself in the face for not buying on of her pieces from the Topshop collection! >.< ♥

  • Theresa

    Absolutely in love with the Burberry collection. Great mix of textures and colors, and the owl prints are too cool.


    The Habit

  • Bougiehippie

    Hated it all except Burberry & Joseph!

  • Leanne Kilheeney

    I thought I was on top of all the shows until i noticed Meadham Kirchoff's collection here… how did I manage to miss such a vibrant show? The Alien Oompa Lumpa style he's created defiantly floats my boat.

    On comparison I once again think Topshop unique have played it safe, is anyone else bored on androgynous military styles?

  • B.Weber

    I am obsessed with Meadham Kirchoff and the collection is amazing with all of its corkiness and color.


  • modelovers

    I love love love Burberry Prorsum! This is a really great collection for Autumn/Winter 2012!


  • Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle

    Love the Moschino and you make such a good point about nyc vs. london fashion week. Here it's all about the bottom line, which is why London fashion always seems to be having more fun!

    xo mary jo

  • Dressed Well

    Very cool!

  • Thrill Of The Chaise

    When fashion weeks roll around it makes me want to live everywhere at once.


  • lucia m
  • Jane

    Great edit of LFW thanks for summing up!

  • Meganne

    I these are not all as wearable as what was seen in NYC, they more than make up for it by their obvious creativity and less obvious beauty. Love the Mary Katrantzou and the topshop unique best.
    Material Fixations

  • Cynthia Bagué

    I loved all the shows…but the first one is like, hello is this a joke? But I love it though hahaaha


  • Lydia

    I am obsessed with Mary Katrantzou right now. Obsessed. Also obsessed with the model for Joseph's hair.

  • Styling Black

    nice postt, love it

  • Nuit Hernandez

    in love wiht the green velvet at Burberry Prorsum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how delish!!!

  • Abbey Brandon

    The Burberry collection is stunning!

    xo, Abbey (District Dress Up)

  • Anonymous

    your message is always so deep sprinkled over so many lols. love.

  • Anonymous

    Burberry perfection !!!

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    Burberry is amazing, but Mary Katrantzou's show makes me want to go get a job, so that I can buy a dress of her's. I do like how Burberry built off of their SS 2012 show with the arts and crafts feel.

  • I Z A B E L A
  • matchalattewardrobe

    All this peplum is becoming somewhat too much. But I can't seem to get enough of oversized tops.
    Thanks forthe recap.

  • YoUngLiNgToN

    The way you present Fashion weeks is just awesome ! hope to see the next you'll talk about !

  • Bruna

    La verdad que la mayoría no son diseños muy ponibles pero son fantásticos!¿Conoces a bruna?

  • jas

    loving it! all the colours!

  • Nicolle

    For me, Burberry didn't present anything new, they were the same Burberry they'we always been, Acne and Topshop were somewhat disappointing, but Mary Katrantzou was as usually, a delight!

  • Sandro

    i love reading your recaps of shows. great images as well.

  • Tricia

    Cool ear cuffs. I've been meaning to get a few for myself, minus the spikes.

  • amalie

    i wrote a post about you:)
    love your blog!

  • monkeyshines ♥

    absolutely adore these crazy prints!


  • Mimi Nizan

    LOVE, love, love all the colorfull creations on the catwalk, thanks for posting these inspiring pictures 🙂

  • Fiona

    I love your opinions on the shows, it's great. And I really love Mary Karantzou at the moment.

  • Irina Bugai

    Love Burberry and Moschino!

  • Maggie

    I really like the Burberry Prorsum with the owls, and the Topshop overalls!

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