You’re Invited

Leandra Medine | January 16, 2012

In partnership with Coach.

Well, isn’t this just the week that keeps on giving. If you were upset you couldn’t stop by The Webster last week and throw tomatoes at my plastic-clad behind because of pesky little mundane details like geographic location, fear not. West coast dwellers, I’m coming. And wearing a fish head to celebrate. In what I call part two of the domestic tour, I’ll be in LA come tomorrow and then sitting on your lap singing more sweet lullabies come Thursday after-eve. Maybe I’ll wear drop crotch palazzos, maybe I won’t. And all in honor of an accessory collaboration between the folk at Coach and none other than art and stage world favorite, Tony Duquette. That said, I do hope you’ll join me on Rodeo Drive at the launch event for the aforementioned. It’s sparkly, it’s chunky, it’s fishy, it’s us. See you there?

  • Britt+Whit

    oooh how exciting! Def go with the drop-crotch palazzos! Also, try to make a quick de-tour to San Francisco! 🙂

    love from San Francisco,

  • Camille

    You male me laugh so much! This looks amazing congrats! Cxx

  • Daniela

    Noooo I want to be there!

  • La Mode Operandi

    How is it possible that you get so many gigs!?

  • Chrissy

    What a great collaboration! Congrats. Sounds fun.

  • Little Miss Shoeshine

    I wish I could but I'm in the wrong continent!xx

  • Amelia Wolfson Hill

    Is there some type of invitation we need to print out, or is it an open event?

  • libby

    i want to go! sounds like a good time!

  • Fashion Dawgs

    Whaaaaaat!! Come to London at some point!

    Fashion Dawgs

  • Girlie Blogger

    Oh my goodness. These are gorgeous.

  • Man Repeller

    Open invite!

  • The PvdH Journal

    If only I was not currently inhabiting the (highly inhabitable) freezing London! I would say bring the party here, but for your sake stay in warm climates!

  • Mina

    I have a small geographic problem… I'm in Norway :/

  • Pip

    Have fun! Sounds like a great time! Wish I could go!!! That jewelry is gorgeous! xx


  • Krystyn

    Wow. Lounge in tropical luxury!

  • Tammy Trujillo-Barber

    AHHH! You're coming to LA! Would love to meet up! Right now I have a conflict Thurs evening, but will try my best to get there! If not, when does your flight leave? You know where to find me! Will also email you too! xoxox

  • Styling Black

    we miss you back in new yorkk

  • AiRene A.

    exciting event! would love to come, but I´m too far away from LA. thanks for the invite 🙂

    Style Ko by airene

  • Sheena

    Once again geographically excluded. Shame x

  • Ría
  • Natalie Ast

    Wow… what stunning jewelry from Coach! Wish I was in LA for this!

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    For once you're so close to me, but I can't go on a weekday. Damn my school for assigning too much homework for me to go. ;~;

    Next day, please come on a weekend, so I can meet you!

  • Grace

    will be racing after work! 🙂

  • Miami

    Oh, Wow!

  • Anonymous

    How old do you have to be??

  • pelin

    This is fabulous! I have to try my best to make it to the girl on top of my reading list and instagram 😉

  • Rico Mustafa