Your Tuesday Pick me Up

Leandra Medine | January 31, 2012

Not that you need one, it’s a hundred degrees outside. In any case, January and February always prove massively uncreative months. Temperatures render inappropriate for the style advances manifesting in our heads, and current clothes feel so…lame. I don’t mean that in a gold tube scarf capacity. Ener this jolt of inspiration. Behold, the bountiful layering capabilities and tent like silhouettes of our collective dreams. While yes, in a digital world where pre fall collections have already deemed old, these are stills from (gasp) an age old Kenzo Spring 2012 show. A conversation on set with the Laquan Smith teamyesterday while I co-styled an intergalactic Fall lookbook of sorts re-spurred a fundamental appreciation for the Opening Ceremony effect present in most every garment shown.

This puts the -andma in grandma and charges the proverbial brain battery with a cap/bandana hybrid hat most representative of one certain elongated cap of the baseball variety a la Sandlot. Are you with me? It’s okay if you’re not but IMDb that shit.

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Alas, the palazzo parachute pant is not dead, and if you redirect eyesight toward the northern region of this photo, embrace an inkling at what you may see on TMR in forthcoming weeks: peplums as layering devices over pants and skirts were “everything” through fall, but it’s about the torso this time around. More on this soon. Tootles.

  • Lia

    wow these outfits are man repelling to the max. nothing like pants that make your legs look like sausages!

    Glass of Fashion

  • Fashion Agony

    I can so see you wearing the first two outfits!

    Fashion Agony blog

  • Charlotte Wilder

    These are pretty amazing. I love the shapes. They may repel men, but they've hooked me. At the risk of sounding like I'm sucking up to you (which okay, maybe I am) I love your stuff, Repeller. Beautiful and funny. What could be better?

  • Alexandra

    Stunning!! I have to say that the ginormous orange dress with baseball hat doesn't do it for me, but the other silhouettes are so striking and exciting! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Michelle of Chellbellz

    Outfit #1 is giving me life! I love everything down the shoes! i even like the parachute top! I saw Kenzo's PreFall Collection and I'm currently saving my pennies for a red gathered jumper that i saw on there.

  • Sharon

    Love the layering in the first picture!


  • helin’s musings

    wow!!! even a single piece of these is enough to repel men, including those with very low standards… maybe save for the jacket in the first pic… and i'm sure you'd totally take care of that.. and no i didn't IMDB that shit, coming from you, I'm sure they're hilarious references..

  • James Gerrard

    Parachute pants, fuck yeah!

  • blue roses

    that last broad looks like she is ready to sky dive and parachute down to safety….

  • Tinacious.Me

    Those pants are crazy! Crazily awesome!

    xo Tinacious.Me

  • Kaila

    These pieces are not only repelling…but they are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!


  • Estherina

    In love with each and every piece!

    Step into Estherina's world

  • TrendsInLife

    Amazing outfit ! I love 🙂

  • sampenner

    Love what you have shown! I agree- Jan and Feb are hard months to get creative. We need all the help we can get! 🙂



  • Styling Black

    love, love, loveee, so great

  • Maria B

    MR, do you think bigger clothes make women look thinner because they look like they're swimming in them? This has always been a burning question of mine. I am short and quite small, but a little curvy as well. What I am trying to say is, would parachute pants make me look more like Twiggy or, you know, the planet Jupiter? Inquiring minds need your brilliant input.

    Love your blog, and your charming psychosis.

  • Lydia

    I want to live inside that orange maxi dress.

  • Donna

    These outfits are a little out there for me, but I like some of the ideas! Like that yellow top, its gorgeous!

  • Mackenzie

    I can see you wearing all of these!


    Guess I need to start working on my abs.

  • Modelovers

    The Shoes are so fantastic!


  • Dina

    I love the colours… great photos:):) it was a pick me up:)

  • Devon

    i like fashion that also doubles as a safe getaway. -dw

  • diana kang

    man repelling it! amazingness xx

  • Gypsy_Riot

    Lovingggggg the first two!! As usual you're amazing.

    Check that shit outtttt

  • marina miouprincess

    man repelling at its best! the epitome of it! love the first outfit!

  • B.Weber

    I love the first two looks. Amazing.


  • Vasilieva

    brilliant, great looks and that first shot is amazing – layering perfectly done

  • mycloset

    In love with all this volume!!!

  • Haley Buntrock

    Loving the Tuesday pick me up. All of the color combinations and different volumes and or textures in these looks are definitely going to be incorporated into my spring wardrobe. Keep man "Man Repelling"

  • Marloes

    I love the first look. The layering is amazing!

  • Roxanna

    Loving the bold colors and this voluminous style!

    xx Roxanna

  • TheGuayabaProject

    First look is my favorite. I can see you wearing that outfit 🙂

  • WearAbouts

    that totaly picked me up! Love the different shapes/silhouettes and the bright colors and patterns! <3

  • Eva

    Love the coat on the first picture! The rest is not really my cup of tea 😉

  • Nicole @ Giraffelegs

    Can't dig it. Literally I am looking at a moo moo.

  • Aubrey and Melissa

    That very first design looks like it was created for you. We can so picture you finding someway to rock that. Interesting designs, not entirely sure how wearable.

  • Material Fixations

    Hhhmmmm…. some of these are a little moo moo reminescent, but ok. I really love the parachute pants though.

  • Between Racks

    i can't see one piece that is not man repelling. maybe the bra on 1st. i totally agree with you.

  • Amberly

    Man repelling at it's finest if I must say! LOL


  • pjlatte

    Not sure if these are for me but they are indeed very interesting pieces!

    Follow me & my bags, shoes, and all things dainty at:

    or on BLOGLOVIN' at pjlatte's bag book

  • Leira Zetroc

    I reeaally like that peplum and how it mimics the hugeness of the palazzo pants! And it's funny–that cap/bandana hybrid reminds me of old Korean ladies

  • monkeyshines ♥

    loving these color combos!


  • Rola

    Not the most flattering, but definitely funky.

  • Accessories Anonymous

    I love all of this so much

  • Miami

    Yes, yes, yes.

  • Xen

    the red ginormous dress has some nice swag goin on ;}

  • jas

    wow this is so bad it's good

  • Dani

    Dude the Sandlot was soooo my jam! Squidman paladores much!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    i do love this collecto

  • Michal PCC

    Dude Amatorzy sportu było taaaak mój jam! Squidman paladores dużo!!


  • Sky

    Great stuff, can i grab some of the images and share it on pinterest? is that okay?


  • umar

    Cerita Dewasa

    tertutup namun tetap seksi…

  • The Kielich Law Firm

    What the hell is that stuff?

  • Abhay Singh

    wow! nice dress

  • Rino Wijaya

    These are pretty amazing. I love the shapes.

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