The Wait is Over

Leandra Medine | January 17, 2012

In partnership with Del Toro.

But that doesn’t imply Rihanna’s next album coming to fruition. This is more about Hefner kicks and metallic birds. Its been a long time coming, even since before the days of two tone booties that resemble violent weaponry and little cuban men dancing on green velvet grounds, so today in tear-jerking collaborations that rock: Del Toro and myself combine mental beans to create a loafer that so eloquently states another MR mantra: vive le fancy flamingo. The design concept was born last April while still on a burgundy suede Celine trip, unable to refer to humans as humans, in favor of dubbing them tropical vertebrae. Had it been any later, these likely would have been houndstooth-clad, flamingo still on foot. After all, they’re a salute to spring’s tropical prints and an easy insert on the man repeller front. Note the striking comparisons: awkward necks, beaks for mouths, unusual bodies, mile-long legs and, you know, just general fanciness. In the name of asymmetry, I gave the embroidered little dudes some counterparts of another color hue and there you have it: you’re silver, you’re gold, you’re badass, you’re old. Or young, whatever, annihilate my rhyme if you feel like you have to, but buy thee flamingos here.

  • S

    So cool! anything with velvet and flamingos on it is a win!


  • Lily

    these are insane!! i need them.

    Oh – Fancy That.

  • maria

    i think these may change the game. they are amazing!

  • S

    ok, it's suede… whatevah! they're cool 🙂

  • geisharock

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  • Xoxo ☺

    Cute i like the flamingos with the gold xo

  • Brighton

    love love them – hot color 🙂

    Brighton (

  • geisharock

    Apologies for the delete, typo.

    I was trying to express my love for your mismatching flamingoed red suede slipper design. Truly the work of a genius.


    OMG. I NEED those!! I LOVE flamingos :] Perfect for my blog!


  • Styling Black

    I've been looking for the perfect pair of loafers, was having trouble finding them.
    Thanks for making them so I wouldn't have to search any longer…

  • Silly little jokes

    Love this, beautiful colaboration !

  • Fashion Agony

    Aww, they are awesome!

    Fashion Agony blog


    they are so amazing, i just wish i could afford them 🙁

  • Cara

    I am kinda in love with those <3

  • Gorete Sousa

    So cool!!! love it!!!


  • Modelovers

    Yeah!!! They Look amazing!!!


  • Fashion Dawgs

    Love them. Well done Madame Man Repeller.

    Fashion Dawgs

  • Lia

    i am strangely attracted to these shoes….

    Glass of Fashion

  • maryse

    Originales ces chaussures ! jolies =)

  • Olga Montserrat

    Haha. These are AWESOME.
    Probably more awesome than my comment verification word being "fluff"


  • Victoria Pace

    It is really nice to see bloggers collaborating with cool brands. I really like the design. Great job!

  • Trips & Treasures

    I definately like the color, the flamingos,… but somehow I just can't imagine myself wearing shoes like that outside the house. Really associate them with grandpas or pyjamas. But maybe after looking at trendy ladies wearing loafers for another few months, I'll start loving them aswell.
    fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

  • Daniela

    Those are so cute and I like the fun Flamingo-detail, and definitely man repelling!

  • Mary

    THey are perfection!

  • Little Miss Shoeshine

    I love these shoes. Have been looking for a nice pair of slippers but still haven't found the perfect pair! Maybe I need flamencos in my life…

    Un besote

  • hannahstiff

    ANything that resembles Hef's footwear is a comfortable go in my book. And my absolute affinity for flamingos land these sweet babies on my lust list. Ryan Gosling makes the list, if that adds any perspective. XO

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  • libby
  • Vasilieva

    these are adorable

  • Molliee

    obsessed with these shoes! love!


  • The PvdH Journal

    I love Del Toro- so proud of the guys and how far they have gone!

  • Improviso fashion

    Love the asymmetry…so much fun!

  • Larry

    First of all, I appreciate the Rihanna reference.

    Second of all, these are bananas. If I wasn't a broke college boy, and these came in a Men's size 10, I'D TOTALLY BUY THEM.

  • Servin’ Up Style

    These are amazing!
    It seems you've done it again.

  • Anonymous

    tropical vertebrae?? good thing none of these readers took bio101.

  • Sheena

    These look incredibly comfortable, one thing I must know before purchasing! x

  • Ría
  • Leira Zetroc

    Ah, this is just the right amount of sartorial infusion–fancy and classy with a touch of eccentricity <3

  • Krystal


  • Roxanna

    Love love! Congrats 🙂

    xx Roxanna

  • Genie

    I want them soooo bad! But then I wouldn't have enough for tuition and then I'd be a sad moocher with a pair of really fancy feet… maybe it is worth the switch off! Lol.


  • La Petite Olga

    They are so cute I def need a pair!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Katya

    love these babies, can't wait for mine!

    on a completely unrelated note, could you do a post on man repeller approved phone cases?

  • sowaibah . h


  • The life after

    Very cool!!

    The Life After

  • modern Suburbanites
  • Lio

    Love that ! 🙂

  • Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle

    I love a good flamingo! These are awesome–congrat!

    xo Mary Jo

  • Lindsay

    Love these! I just bought a leather pair with little skull and crossbones at one of the Chinese Laundry stores! I love the quirky detail!

  • Mariana L

    Holy crap those are adorable! Unfortunately, Loafers on me look like duck feet, but they'll look gorgeous on all the willowy tall girls.

  • Man Front
  • Man Front
  • Heichal Salomon

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  • часовници

    Wooow those shoes is awesome ! 🙂 And the часовници is nice 🙂

  • alaanile

    Just found out your blog TODAY! Isn’t it crazy?! I LOVE it! Keep on doing great things!

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