The Wait is Over

Leandra Medine | January 17, 2012

In partnership with Del Toro.

But that doesn’t imply Rihanna’s next album coming to fruition. This is more about Hefner kicks and metallic birds. Its been a long time coming, even since before the days of two tone booties that resemble violent weaponry and little cuban men dancing on green velvet grounds, so today in tear-jerking collaborations that rock: Del Toro and myself combine mental beans to create a loafer that so eloquently states another MR mantra: vive le fancy flamingo. The design concept was born last April while still on a burgundy suede Celine trip, unable to refer to humans as humans, in favor of dubbing them tropical vertebrae. Had it been any later, these likely would have been houndstooth-clad, flamingo still on foot. After all, they’re a salute to spring’s tropical prints and an easy insert on the man repeller front. Note the striking comparisons: awkward necks, beaks for mouths, unusual bodies, mile-long legs and, you know, just general fanciness. In the name of asymmetry, I gave the embroidered little dudes some counterparts of another color hue and there you have it: you’re silver, you’re gold, you’re badass, you’re old. Or young, whatever, annihilate my rhyme if you feel like you have to, but buy thee flamingos here.