The Thakoon Tail

Leandra Medine | January 3, 2012

Well, hello. It’s nice to be back. Even though I was publishing abbreviated posts most of last week, this felt longer than a finals sabbatical ca. 2011. Ah, finals. Such, such were the joys. Hold the joys, heavy on the terrors. In any case, today in things that may or may not need a jolt of life injected into them: Tuesdays that feel like Mondays. I’d hoped my fancy new interface would be well in effect by now but it ain’t, which theoretically shouldn’t affect you because you didn’t even know it was coming. So you just keep being you. Scratch your head, stare at your screen, wonder what these sentences mean and why or how they may pertain to a tail by Thakoon. A tail by Thakoon?

Indeed. And a fat one at that. I’ve been a long time sartorial mullet endorser and in true spirit of exploitation, here you’ll find the alpha. Ball gown party in the back. Mini business peplum in the front. No ambiguously uneven hem bullshit here, pal. Peter Pan defies gravity and proves we can in fact fly, center. Skirt also functions well as camping trip accessory.

People often ask where and how I get my exercise done and when I say while blogging the aforementioned “people” laugh. Here you can see, I do in fact do just that. I must have run up and down this avenue five or six times on the course of this day. Only to later be prompted to buy tomatoes from the supermarket. In my experience, when you say you’ll do something though you don’t necessarily plan to (e.g. wear ball gown anything to the supermarket,) karma rears its maternal head and doesn’t let you go to sleep a liar.

…Still running. But now a little bit more about the outfit: November is a stealthily happy month. Holiday cheer becomes contagious, temperatures are reminiscent of the cold but not quite there yet and sample sale season starts hard. Last time November rung around, I fell upon Thakoon’s sample sale and then upon a fashion myth that once lived on Shopbop, but only for a few moments, enter the vagina pink mullet skirt. It was a treasure chase well caught. You can’t see it now, but the sweat-t-shirt clad in golden arm was the result of a Black Friday treasure chase too. The shoes are seasons old but perhaps still the most important and wearable dudes I own, I believe you can still find them on Zappos or Endless. And with that I give you this:

jacket: Ermanno Scervino, sweater: Sandro, skirt: Thakoon, booties: Proenza Schouler, necklace: DANNIJO

Man Repeller looks a man, hold the repeller, and lives to tell about it. In third person. Next time you see me and by me I mean this template we will look different. Cool and different, the end. All photos by Naomi Shon

  • blue roses

    the tail reminds me a bit of a deflated, pathetic balloon from a five year old birthday party, married with an impotent peacock tail.


  • GiGi Reed

    That skirt is aammmmaazing! Love your running photos. Too cute! 🙂

  • Maha M.

    I want this skirt!!!!! You look freaking awesome.

    Maha xx

  • Dominika

    the skirt is so beautiful!

    Fashion Philosophy

  • Accessories Anonymous

    This outfit and post are too much fun! You look so happy. And i'm so happy you gave zappos a little shout out, as I work for! Happy fake monday!

  • Anonymous

    I need this jacket, where on earth can I find it?!?! There goes my New Year's stop shopping resolution. Oops.

  • Modelovers

    Great Pics!!! Fantastic skirt!!!


  • Daily Cup of Couture

    Obsessed with this skirt!!!! Xx

  • Czeko

    I love your blog and style!
    Kiss from Poland! Follow me:

  • Elizabeth

    So beautiful- I am obsessed with that jacket!

  • Brigita

    LOVE this!!
    xx Brigita

  • Maggie K.

    Uhh I need one stat! Looks like another DIY to add to my list…


  • CupcakesOMG!

    that skirt is basically the epitome of "peacocking," and for that reason, i love it. also, i just wanted to let you know, i rocked my manrepeller from lineby dress on NYE. i looked amazing, and nary a single fellow did speak to me. success!!


  • The PvdH Journal

    Ive been in love with that skirt since I set eyes on it and you are definitely rocking it.

    Great job in proving those people who say blogging isn't arduous exercise wrong.

  • Annie

    that skirt is BEAUTIFUL!!:)

  • Xoxo ☺

    Love it you look fabulous! Xo

  • Lauren Helen

    That skirt is so great! I've always wanted a mullet skirt but have yet to find THE ONE. It can't just be ANY mullet skirt…

  • Style Croissant

    I can't wait to see the new template !!!

  • Dawniepants

    Hahahahaha oh this was fab! Runnin up and down love the colours though!


  • Katarzyna Zuzanna

    You are crazy, you know that right?
    But I still love you xx

  • Mary

    Finally!THat tail is super cool!
    jacket is great too)

  • onbeauty

    gorgeous!!! i love this skirt, and the way u combined just turned it into a master piece!!! love it!! it's boring not to have post posted here…

  • WhatWillErinWear

    you wear the thakoon tail so well! I love the jacket that you paired it with…

  • currently craving

    This post was the best tuesday that feels like a monday gift ever, I died from trying to do a quiet laugh at work. So thanks for that! Amazing mullet skirt, too. You run well in those shoes 🙂

  • the marant philes

    Love it! Those PS booties are the best!

  • We Can Pretend

    die for those shoes

  • Emily Ulrich

    You could fly a house with an inflated balloon of that proportion. Lovely skirt!

  • Girlie Blogger

    Love the tail. It's super fun. And your legs are amazing!

  • Bespoke Biddie

    I love your tail its very crustacean!
    cant wait to see the nuevo look


  • Anonymous

    you are amazingly crazy and I love you for it
    You put a smile on my face

  • Andrea

    haha such a cool skirt!

    happy 2012!

  • realelinkling

    But HELLO there…

  • Lydia

    Def stoked to see your new template. I love this skirt. You look amazing. This is such a perfect grocery shopping outfit.

  • Raspberry and Rouge

    I love that!!! XO Rebecca

  • Melissa
  • Anonymous

    cooooool skirt… party in the back
    can't wait to see your new template

  • Allegra

    that skirt is to die for. love it.

    xo, Allegra

  • Dani

    I love the proportions on this skirt. "reverse mullet" as you say 🙂


  • Molliee

    fun post! Happy New Year! xoxo


    Love this post and love your theories on exercise. I believe that mine hold similar. The higher the heel, the more the workout 🙂


  • B.

    These photos are great. I'm surprised you made such good ones in running up and down the street. I think I wouldn't have made it after two times 😀
    The skirt is something special, but looks very nice on you!

    xx, B.

  • Ría

    Amazing! I love how you look.

  • Angela


  • want more fashion

    i am so in love
    with your outfits with your blog !!
    you are a great person !

  • takeachicpill

    very compelling outfit!:)

  • Hannah

    Another rad outfit!
    I love your necklace by the way!

  • Emma

    You are doing EXACTLY what I would do in that skirt – run back and forth and watch it follow like an absurdly large and out of place ribbon dancer.

  • Anonymous

    babin' as always 🙂 🙂

    though i think you may need a sharper photographer…



    that coat is HOT!

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    I would do the same thing as you if I had that skirt, running around in it and maybe twirling! 😀

  • Anonymous


  • From Saks to Salvation

    Skirt Mullet…I love it. You are to fab.

  • Ella

    that skirt is killer!

  • Jackie Steen
  • Ana G

    Oh my God, what a wonderful skirt, multitasker.

  • Alyssa

    that skirt is amazeballs!!!

  • ADJ

    That skirt belongs in a fairy tale. I love the color. NICE.

  • Yuka
  • Life’s a shoe

    gorgeous skirt and coat!

  • Dylana Suarez

    This is way too awesome!


  • Tori
  • girl in the poodle shoes

    well that was a fun read today!
    Now I'm excited about the new interface
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  • Leira Zetroc

    That skirt is DROOL WORTHY!!! XP

  • The life after

    You're so fun!! Love the pics and the dress!

    The Life After

  • jas

    loving the new look of the blog. and loving that skirt on you. i think only you can pull it off with your long, lean legs

  • lilla hornyak

    Nice layout, not repelling at all 🙂

  • Vasilieva

    wow, that looks awesome and i just adore your jacket

  • miriam

    haha yr 2 cute <3

  • stylerage
  • *

    Love the pictures!


  • Lau Caste

    I love the outfit! I'm gonna try it with my sendra biker boots ^^ nice blog!

  • Aoife

    Love love love this outfit, especially the jacket. Girly with an edge, beautiful.

  • Karissa

    My what a beautiful tail you have! Adore the whole look. And I love those booties every time you wear them.

  • City Soles

    Wow, love it!

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    Visit us for European designer footwear for men and women.

  • thestormshelter

    I love your attitude towards fashion. You truly have fun with it!! Thanks for that!

  • seekingstyleblog

    Hahah these are great pictures!
    And today is a Tuesday that feels like a Monday so I feel ya on that!

    xo Jennifer

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