Sketchy Business Revisited

Leandra Medine | January 10, 2012
photo by Carmo via Fashiolista

I been sketched! Again! And I just used up all plus one of the exclamation points my career is supposed to allow me. I guess this is what my Wanted mug would look like. It’s also perhaps take five in a game called Man Repeller the sketched version shits on Man Repeller the human version. You can see another here. This particular illustration is likely the most realistic portrayal of my face: perpetual mustache held up, smartphone in hand, and most notably, under-eyeball bags in tact. Ultimately, I’m pretty content that a very talented Carmo didn’t neglect them, they’re genetic and therefore practically heirlooms. The best bags my mother ever gave me, if you will. The original version of this photo hails from the MR. DANNIJO launch party that took place last summer, cue the ‘stache, the Sinatra, the tan. The tan? The tan.
  • Brigita

    This is an amazing work.
    It's so nice when people do good for you using their talent. 🙂
    And you wouldn't be you without your under-eyeball bags.
    xx Brigita

  • Mary



    Maria Onorio

  • Brandi

    This is fantastic!


    hahaha who thought a tache would look so becoming on you… even better illustrated, suchas the above. stunning….

  • currently craving

    this is so good! I love that the collar is the only thing in color.

  • Jessica @ Here(and)Now

    wow! that is an amazing rendition of the actual photo! you look gorg as usual MR

  • Prim and Polished

    a toast to under-eyeball bags please cause I have them too and they rock!! thank you.


  • Carmo

    ooohh! i'm so happy you liked it! 🙂

  • Isabel G.

    Carmo is really tallented!! This is a great illustration!


  • Bong C.

    Incredible! The illustration is amazing and spot on!


    That's great! And I love the colorful collar! 🙂


  • Reptilia

    That's so cool!!! Amazing illustration!


  • irene

    The illustration is perfect! and you too! (and me by the way…)

  • Splendid Little Thrills

    I don't have the bags, but I definitely rock the dark circles! Love the drawing and how it colorfully highlights your beautiful creation.

  • Lady Danburry

    totally awesome.

  • Alexandra

    Lovely!! And I have the bags too (whether I want them or not). I'm glad you rock them with pride. I'm a little happier about mine now that my little boy has them too.


    WOW! not bad.

  • Bridg

    awesome, what a great sketch! it's a cute picture, bags and all 🙂

  • WearAbouts

    What a great picture of you! And deadly accurate 🙂 <3

  • Anonymous

    This is an awesome sketch of MR..
    what an amazing resemblance, you are beautiful!!

  • Anonymous

    Awww, I love this. Jealous.

  • Cristi!
  • I Z A B E L A

    Love it

  • Trendy Lisbon

    Pretty good 🙂

  • Roxanna

    What a fantastic sketch of you. This is called real talent!

    xx Roxanna

  • modelovers

    Really really awesome sketch! It looks fantastic!


  • Marina Peral

    wow…. the illustration is perfect!

    one more shoes

  • Adiel Cloud

    That's so fun that people sketch you! I would love to see how a sketch of me would turn out!

  • mycloset

    Isn't this girl amazing?! Love it!!
    Congrats Carmo!


    damn this is f'in awesome! so spot-on

  • The life after

    The sketch is so you!! Love it!

    The Life After

  • Domonique Wilson

    Love the added colour! Super cute!


  • Her Persona
  • younglington

    Nice and very original !!

  • Mary

    That is absolutely you)

  • Love Sushi and Fashion

    Great illustration! <3<3

  • internodiciotto

    this is awesomeeeeee

  • Raquel Fernandes

    Carmo is pretty talented. When I saw it, I thought the same, that it was really realistic.

  • ♥Run With Fashion♥

    Loove the illustration!! Looks just like you!! 😀
    The finger mustache is soo cute! And I love how the artist, only gave color to the collar necklace, so pretty. 🙂
    LOL! You are sooo fuunny @ your eye bags and how your mom gave you the best bags! lol


  • Joane’

    Wow! I absolely love that illustration. Love the collar and spartphone!
    Please check out my blog. I'm new at this and would really appretiate someone's opinion.

  • Ana Gu

    Wow! Portuguese and I am an avid reader of your blog and coincidence never thought seeing a drawing of Mount Caramel Avant Chanel here.
    Congratulations for the blog!

  • kaye

    Lucky girl!! This is such a wonderful drawing xx

  • Hanne

    I loove your blog! Such a cool drawing too! xx

  • TheGuayabaProject

    I love how you look with a mustache 🙂
    I'm letting mine grown.

  • Daniela

    Looks cool when it's all black and white (or grey) unless for the necklace

  • M-J Obsessions

    Look sooo cool!!! Great work, definitely frame worthy!

  • Erika

    Fantastique! You look awesome, as always :>

  • carla

    Très beau dessin en effet ; tu es tout de même beaucoup plus belle sur l'original !

    Carla S.

  • yourbookaro

    I think once people start illustrating you you've reached the big time like Backstreet Boys or N Sync. But a truly lovely sched indeedy.

  • Caru

    Carmo's illustrations are great, i'm portuguese like she is and i follow both your blog and hers :).

  • Collections

    That sketch is un real. So realistic!!


  • Zoey H

    Haha, pretty great!

  • vanda

    I love CARMO's BLOG and your blog!! Her illustrations are GREAT! I am a Portuguese living in Greece!

  • Sweet Indigo Road

    this is fantastic!


    cute sketch!

  • Scarlet Consultants

    Great Creativity. Keep working hard.