Repeller or Propeller, the Sequel

Leandra Medine | January 16, 2012

Bonjour mankind, I’m back in New York even if but for 48 hours and ready to continue tackling existential concerns and great debates. Today in just that: another riveting round of Repeller or Propeller. I’m often asked if continuing to abide by the rules of man-repelling can still apply in a more formal capacity and to that I repeat my mantra, folks: if it’s look like a vagina, it’s probably couture. And when I say couture, I mean fancy business. Sorry, bizznass. So, yes. The answer is yes. But that’s not all: here we have something less about labial dressing, more about perhaps embracing the prospect of semi-repellingin a look that eloquently abominates the lower half of your body and leaves nothing to the imagination up above.

Ultimately, I’d dubbed this look a Repeller not necessarily based on the excess lace fabric that creates a high waist harem effect down below but more on the prospect that as aforementioned, nothing is left to the imagination: not an inkling of how you say, cleavage. My tatas really are that small. Unfortunately, I wasn’t offered the good graces to wear this jumpsuit sans lining and so no bare-ass celebrating a la Leighton was had. I did, however, have a massively hard time using the bathroom and while you may not see it here, the camel-toe sequel song opportunities brought forth by my nether regions were great, huge even. What do you say though: repeller? Propeller? Neither? Tell me, I have to know…and should you feel so inclined, send in a photo of yourself fighting a similar debacle. The psycos that repel together, stay together.

Finally, I know what you’re thinking and yes: those are the Alaia conquest. Choker by Jennifer Fisher.

  • Roxanna

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  • TheGlamorousEccentric

    This look tiptoes on the fine line between repeller and propeller. Tough call.

  • Roxanna

    Fantastic outfit!! Those Alaias are to die for and you look like a STUD ;).

    xx Roxanna

  • TSP

    Repeller. But in the best way possible.

  • welcome to my jungle

    ohhhhh this is so amazing Leandra!!!!

    – Dani

    welcome to my jungle

  • Janet Saucedo @StudioBlueJewelry

    Your post always make my day 🙂

    I love the outfit especially the shoes.



  • marysia reeves

    it's hot! but men I think wouldn't the the jumpsuit not the shoes…you did good MR!

  • Malesha Gross

    Repelling Baby… Love this blog!

  • WearAbouts

    you're hilarious. Amazing look! <3

  • Francesca

    o my gosh I adore this.

    Le Kiss Kiss

  • Daniela

    Repeller 😀

  • Mackenzie
  • Leira Zetroc

    Daammnn…looking fierce!!

  • Anonymous



    something FASHIONTASTIC coming SOON

  • Styling Black

    love this. both…prorepeller?

  • Girlie Blogger

    Wow. The outfit is certainly sexy. Nope, not much to the imagination but it looks good.

  • Gypsy_Riot

    Almost positive my boyfriend doesnt apply to the man repeller rule…he somehow would still find that hot haha. hes not gay, swear!

    love it though! esepecially the face your making<3

  • Anonymous

    It's Lanvin…so I say propeller.

  • Kristina

    I don't like to say it, but this jumpsuit definetly is not for you. May be, if it could be in a red color with wide bottom…


    Great seeing you at The Webster (Miami Beach)! What was the name of the designer of the plastic skirt again? Thanks!
    Here are some pics of the event:

  • liveonbeauty

    love this all black outfit! reallz nice jumper! i really like, i miss the layering tutorials… however, love the blog, as everyone else, you and style marmalade are the coolest online source.. the rest is not personal style… is copy.
    anna & paula

  • modelovers

    Great! I Love this Style!


  • Man Repeller

    a couple rolling out in the next few weeks!

  • Anonymous

    Where did you end up buying those??? I have been searching for MONTHS, ever since I saw them on Taylor Thomasi Hill. I need them.

  • Man Repeller

    Someone in Hawaii found them for me at a Barney's outlet. Pretty sure they had some stock. They were $173!

  • Molliee

    loving this vagina-esque look!


  • Bettina

    This outfit is fabulous! Love the shoes!

  • Anonymous

    Nice outfit 🙂

  • Anonymous

    rly fun! love that ur always smiley:):)

  • Melissa

    If you had worn it like Leighton it would definitely be a propeller, but with the lining, those shoes, and you it's definitely repelling

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  • Balade sauvage

    Fantastic outfits!
    And you as usual obviously… it's to REPELLER normal…. ;D


  • Dani

    I absolutely love the jump suit. The sleeve detail and fabric drape are just amazing. Such a genuine appreciation and display of dramatic fashion!!!!!


  • Collections

    I'd have to say that this is a repeller as well, nothing to do with your tatas however and all to do with the harem esque bottom. HOWEVER, I love it 🙂


  • Leah Schmaman

    The most dashing display of camel toe I have ever seen. Repeller? Propeller? I think its more like expeller! Thanks for your reckless audaciousness and tenacious individuality!

  • Donna

    I love the jumpsuit! Majority of the guys I know would definitely hate it though, and so I'd say it's repeller 🙂

  • Genie

    I'm not sure, overall I'd say that you're propelling, but when you break down the outfit: repelling. Both? Lol, loved your post nonetheless!


  • Ría
  • Anonymous

    Haha… Stunning!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Where did you get this Marchesa?!

  • LOIS

    Love it 🙂
    Love Lois xxx

  • Wig

    Propelling! Kudos to you!

  • The life after

    You're so much fun!!

    The Life After

  • Clémence

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  • Clémence

    Not at all Repeller!

    You are so feminine and elegant, you've totally transform this piece of clothing. Tiny waist, high heels and beautiful shoulders. It is a "go girl!"

    Fantastic 😉 Xx

  • ††† Elmo †††

    Where is the jumpsuit from??


  • DressedWell

    Love the jumpsuit!!

  • Man Repeller

    directly from source! It's actually a sample from the showroom

  • Anonymous

    Zomg, man repeller woman propeller!

  • Man Repeller

    Laquan Smith!

  • Nicole @ Giraffelegs

    Propeller…look at those shoes, definite dominatrix getup going on. What real man wouldn't dig that shit??

  • Habiba. J

    WOW, I love it that jumpsuit is amazing on you. If you get a chance do check out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.

  • Anonymous

    REPELLER! No matter how dangerous it could've been on the top, no man wants a woman wearing a diaper! 😛

  • Monica Beatrice

    Love love love love love!! Even the Leighton incarnation was a fave of mine despite the hollywood razzi not being totally in favour of (and some decency-inducing undergarments would have helped!) but all in all it is a thumbs up from here : )!!

    MB x

  • AsjiaGarner

    one word: Fabulous. 🙂

  • Poppie

    My my boobs would be so out of control in this outfit that it would absolutely make this a propeller which is why I would never wear it. I like to keep my body covered up unless tanning by the pool in 100+ dry heat! I’m not big on showing off my body. But that starts an entirely different discussion on body issues.


  • Selena Aponte

    This jumpsuit looks as if it was tailor made for you. Bravo