Man Getter to Repeller: The Revival

Leandra Medine | January 25, 2012

And we’re back. Today in ways to recycle old clothes, namely the bodycon mini skirt you accidentally purchased in 2008 during an unusual lapse of good judgement: meaningfully layering loads of better judgement over the bodycon mini skirt you accidentally purchased in 2008 during an uncomfortable lapse of good judgement. It’s a quick six step process that requires fewer layers more evenly distributed than typically…distributed. Today it seems, I can’t compose one single proper English sentence. I’d suggest you simply skim the below content, it’s for your own good.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m right there with you and yes, it’s true: BCBG. I figure if there’s any way to successfully host a round of Getter to Repeller, it’s proper to start where things are tight, simple, leggy. On an unrelated note too, now that I think of it, the shoes, found in the trenches of a sample sale room last season, are probably an interesting homage to yesterday’s look at Balenciaga pre-fall 1981 2012.

sweater: Club Monaco

In an easy effort to start the layering process, here’s one thick sweater that stays in true spirit of what conventional New York dressing is about: forgetting that real color exists. You can’t see it now but there are some fly suede patches residing on my elbows like cool little elbow dwellers that enjoy a good flex every now and then.

tights: Hue

I’m not sure if I meant to wink, but I’m happy this photo turned out as it did. Step three starts the distribution-of-layering process. Black tights have this magical way about them where even the tightest of skirts lose their leggy factor with just a small kiss of the inevitable opaque hovering.

second skirt: Miu Miu

In this step, I reverse the initial skirt so that the upside-down V coyly pointing to the nether regions are now behind me, alluding to Uranus, and include another skirt-as-peplum. It’s an easy and relevant winter fix that gives new dimension to clothes you may have dubbed unwearable. I’ll take this a step further and say man repelling kind of preaches that with the right layering tactics and facial expressions, nothing is ever unwearable–not even nipple tassels.

headpiece: Young & Ng, shoes: Alexander Wang

And now, the accessory change. Generally speaking, headgear is ambiguous, most often pretentious and so always perfect for a game of Weener: The Shrinking Meter. Pumps on the other hand, fine sometimes but you never know when life may take you on a spontanteous trip to the moon. Be prepared with the right footwear.

Detail shot, bla bla bla. So many bracelets, so little arm space. Hardware and knit threads can’t seem to get along and thus perfecting the art of partying with your limbs has proven uncomfortable in a colder climate. Should you find yourself in this predicament, steer clear of crystals, revive your old friendship bracelets. And to put speculations to rest about the frizzy freak growing everywhere, behold the final step:

Jungle wear, not just for jungles. Photos by Naomi Shon.
  • Dani

    I'm not so convinced this is man getting to repelling– but then again I am rather biased and lovesssss it! Sneaky shoe change btw..


  • Elsa Polo


  • Lia

    cant go wrong with headgear.

    Glass of Fashion

  • welcome to my jungle

    Love the skirt on skirt thing! You're so damn cool Leandra!


    welcome to my jungle


    as a shit layering person, this is mighty funny…. and helpful!! haha thanks for the advice….

  • Bela Monstro

    Yeah, you're in the right path but… i know you can do better than that when it comes to man repeling!


    Amazing. Other options would be to move to LA where such layering is not necessary. 😉


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  • Donna

    Haha I love this, I'd probably wear it stopped at photo 3 though 🙂

  • call me debbie

    xaaxaxaxxaxaxa thats great!

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  • Leaves you wanting more

    Love this!!
    The repelling is excellent!! Just as fabulous as it's suppose to be.
    Wish this outfit was mine!

    With love from

  • sampenner

    Love it! Total Man Repeller-esque!



  • Marcia

    Meh at the headpiece, though I do agree that most New Yorkers forget the colour exist. And the fact that your arm party is perfect, as usual ♥

  • Jess

    this is too funny. I had a major lapse of good judgment in 2008 and purchased a black long sleeve body con dress. I can't even bring myself to look at it…thanks for ideas on how to make it bearable by covering it up with a chunky sweater. xx

  • Anonymous

    Your blog is quite entertaining, but I would learn how to spell judgment properly.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE every single item in this outfit!

    Mundo de Alicia ❤

  • Dominika

    I love the way you layer the clothes!
    and i just LOVE your shoes!

    Fashion Philosophy

  • Kimberly Horne

    Those first heels are amazing, I want that color!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • Daniela

    I love these kind of posts!

  • diana kang

    that coat is unreal!!!! xx

  • anna

    your arm party never disappoints me!

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I saw/read the whole thing and I still can't figure it out – how did you do that?!? Pure magic.

  • TheGuayabaProject

    Very repellant!!

  • isaobeso

    I seriously prefer the final outcome!! Although it all looks great at each stage!1

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  • modern Suburbanites

    love those second pair of heels!

  • lauraa

    I love your lessons in layering. Every one always amazes me

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  • Iris Tinunin

    love you!!!


  • Lydia

    You look adorable. I love the finished look so much.


    Really like the post! Your look is amazing!
    For me not so repeller! 😉

  • Nicole @ Giraffelegs

    Animalistic and futuristic, right on.

  • patty and lo

    It will be tough to get in more than one skirt — if the repelling doesnt work, the logistics sure will! -dw

  • Carolina Sundell

    The last look I love, the fur and the silver shoes are really cool. I would love to wear that next week at Stockholm Fashion Week.

  • Styling Black

    I missed this sequence… you brought it back better than ever

  • Collections

    Love it all… but what else is new. Particularly love the sweater.


  • B.Weber

    I love the look from head to toe, especially the skirt.


  • modelovers

    Fantastic Looks! Great ideas!


  • Jennifer

    Let's be honest. The shoes and bracelets pretty much make it. Love!!!


  • WebHauteJas

    inspiring! i totally purchased a bandage skirt last year on a whim…the quickest $150 i've spent & regretted it…Ive wore it everwhere, even work! lol

  • Isabella Smulders

    Haha it's unbelievable how you keep on doing it every time; cause the result is awesome!
    I love it 🙂

  • patty and lo

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  • Molliee

    love the absolute repellerness of this!!!

  • Sketch42

    That arm party shot with the KW jacket is heaven. Pure heaven.

    Green shoes = Amazing.

    And I love your come hither face in the first photo. ha!

  • patty and lo

    Love this…every little detail is so well put together!

  • Allegra

    LOVE IT! actually I'd wear each "stage" but I guess I prefer the most repeller-ish version! good job!

  • Bri

    Love it!
    The Miu Miu skirt on top is just perfect! And the color of the Louboutin's is gorgeous.

  • Amanda

    love the layering!!
    Very just-woke-up not really trying look!

  • monkeyshines ♥

    amazing simple layering!


  • Mackenzie

    oh yea, thats some good man repelling!

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    I love your layering skills! If you were still in high school, I'd bet it'd take you a long time to change for PE. XD

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    omg you're so funny.

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    It looks great… so stylish and special! Bodycon looks like crap on me!xx

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  • currently craving

    Although some of the sentences were a bit rough to comprehend, I did (I think) get the message. My favorite line was def, "Jungle wear, not just for jungles" haha! I dont think I could pull this outfit off, HOWEVER it is wonderful inspiration for the mistake bandage skirts, yes plural, I bought. woohoo!

  • Michelle

    I love the transition on the FACES! pefect outfit from start to finish.

    Hope you get the award for best blog from bloglovin. you def. have my vote. 🙂

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  • stylish with a budget


    i love that CM goes with everything. and just want to let you know i got the sinatra necklace, want to thank you for that. it's such an unique design. if you have some free time, pls drop by my blog which i started about 6 months ago. cheers xo

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    Mannequin de Vitrine -Give Away

    Mannequin de Vitrine -Give Away

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    I love your blog, it's so funny and nice and you have a great style! Last year in my old blog I tryed to make a post using you as a "light", but it didn't work so well, I didn't know how to pass the idea of the man repeller to other people 🙁 haha
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