The Chronicles of this Weekend’s Webster Event

Leandra Medine | January 16, 2012
Call it a “What I Wore” of sorts. This past weekend found me in South Beach where temperatures were far more favorable than the harsh reality of New York’s fifteen and while I did make some time to obtain what locals called the “Miami visitor face,” enter the lobster tendencies of my current state, I was there for work. Work, I tell ya. Hard hitting business. The Webster asked me to swing over by way of trapeze for a series of events over the weekend that ultimately functioned as a celebration of their website redesign and launch. I’d been familiar with The Webster but hadn’t had a chance to see the store just yet and though I hate my own overused term: holy lady boner. It’s the most divine amalgamation of luxe pieces that bring a bit of the Paris Colette and New York’s Opening Ceremony flair to Miami. A retreat for those uninterested in participating in the stereotypical sexy-mama-Miami aesthetic, if you will. Here now, a photo diary of outfits and mundane things of that sort. Friday called for one on one styling sessions and a small cocktail party which in turn called for my best debunking of the aforementioned Miami stereotype.
tank: A.L.C, skirt: Opening Ceremony, jacket and shoes: Proenza Schouler, belt: Forever 21, jewelz: DANNIJO. I done good and bought those shoes on clearance for $250 last month. Evidently, I was still very much in a New York state o’mind and so implemented my favorite of the upcoming spring trends a la yellow skirt, pastel, tweed to perfect the art of Granny-dressing. Never mind Danielle’s leather mini skirt and exposed leg, call it a lapse of judgement or take into account that she is not in fact, the Man Repeller. By Saturday, I’d begun embracing the notion of thematic dressing, Miami edition and enjoyed the second round of styling and drinks on Kanon in the below.
jacket: Ermanno Scervino, t shirt, bag, shoes: Proenza Schouler, skirt: Laquan Smith, rainbow arm party: DANNIJO. Indeed, fellow repellows, that skirt is, a la Barbie, plastic. I will note though that it packs quite well. And here’s the thing about a plastic skirt: it never gets dirty. I’m particularly excited about this garment as the designer may perhaps be one of New York’s best untapped gems–even more so standing at a contemporary price point that puts this silly Miu Miu skirt to shame. Here’s to liquid repelling and chastity dressing at its finest. Finally, we look forward to Sunday.
 shirt as vest: Isabel Marant, though this one rocks too, dress: Richard Chai Love, sandals: Givenchy …Where I stand with surf board, thumbs up as I get to meet all the Miami dwelling Repellers manifesting in the city. These sort of events are always such fun for me, there’s nothing quite as magical or rewarding as meeting girls more stylish than myself, who for one reason or another, still like me. It’s the flailing ass, isn’t it? Thanks for coming, I’m in love with you. Now on an unrelated note: follow my girl band–it consists of half of DANNIJO and me–on tour to LA this week where we celebrate the Tony Duquette x Coach collaboration. You can’t catch a live performance though because we don’t perform. Our hit single is called Labiaplasty–look it up. And shop The Webster here.
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