The Ambiguous Investment Piece

Leandra Medine | January 5, 2012

…But that was retail, I scored this little hooker on sale, so make that $320. In any case, my purchasing this skirt spurred an idea that evolved into a blog post and here you have it, The Ambiguous Investment Piece. Ambiguous because, is a piece of clothing that ultimately doesn’t function as black outerwear ever really an investment? By the rules of this site, absolutely. While in store I thought: bright yellow taffeta mini skirt, tough. Weird, even. But when I remembered Spring runways and the resurgence of taxi cab paraphernalia, the notion of pairing yellow with, say, burnt orange or grey or a muted hue of any sort rendered a sense of longevity. After all, from a school of take risks, we’re still playing it fairly safe. And on that note, it’s important to remember another note: Miu Miu pouf is a recurring collection theme. It’s a buy now, wear forever tale as old as time, so below find a couple outfitting alternatives.

sweater: Alexander Wang, t shirt: The Kooples, tights: Hue, heel: Burberry, flat: Chanel. 
Salute the skirt in a casual environment: paired with a thick knit, t-shirt, opaque tights and lace up booties of the amazon or refined variety, you’re sold on a day time look that likely deserves four to five days of outfit repetition.
Deciding whether to wear one shoe of each or pairing up the old fashioned way is ultimately up to you. I will say this though: why wear one shoe style when you can wear two? The best thing I ever did with a gift card was buy these steel toe freaks. They’re really steel, it’s self defense at its finest. That aside, limping is very right now, people. Onto look number two, only it isn’t photo’ed. Remember that peewee sized birthday party bullshit recap? Skirt city. You can opt to click here to see Miu Miu engaged in sartorial formalities. Never mind if you don’t though, it may disturb the flow of our proverbial run of show. I wasn’t kidding about the burnt orange, though. Holy rhyme. And on to your third alternative:
I call this one: eighties prom queen meets well endowed biker boy, good at sports and also defying the lines of heterosexuality, fornicates, adds Alaia. And on that note, I’ll just say the southern ankle happenings were but another fantastic sale squandering compliments of The Outnet. I’m really running with this peplum thing, eh? I’ll spin this one to function not as a casual or formal look and instead just let it suffice as premium fashion conquest. Without even a mouth, the black and orange on the tulip skirt practically ask for a sunny pick me up.
skirt: Zara, sweatshirt: Sandro, leather jacket: Rebecca Minkoff (and on sale too), booties: Alaia.
Then the hidden gold sleeves induce a terrible wink and shot gun at all of you. Call me? Maybe? Calculate cost per wear based on this post and figure you’ll have worn it at least twice formally, thrice casually, and once a peplum. All photos by Naomi Shon.
  • Trips & Treasures

    Personally I still think 320 dollars for a tiny skirt is crazy expensive, but I'm just a student ofcourse. I do like it a lot, big fan of yellow, all year around !
    fashion & lifestyle in BElgium

  • Marcela

    oh its a lot of money for a little yellow something. but the way you explained – you deffo sold it to me as investment hahhaha

    love the colour!


  • lilla hornyak

    the chanel flats are wow. really. and the color of the skirt is a bingo too. but two skirts together is a bit too repelling for me.. sorry 🙁

  • Melissa

    the two skirts together is just genius, GENIUS!

  • jenaly enns

    so much fun. i love it.

  • Kathrina

    Haha, funny how you wear it as a peplum! 🙂 Love!

  • Modelovers

    I Love your Style so much!!!


  • betty

    iv seen a replica of this at top shop…!! worth an investment if u can spend over $300 for a skirt !!! haa that made me LOL dont even have much that much money in my bank !! no biggy 🙂


    u r crazy as hell! and i love every single post!

  • Chrissy

    That skirt is sweet and a pretty fantastic investment!

  • Ría
  • Teresa

    Love this, very definitely an investment piece. Basic black is overrated.

  • Melissa Soldera
  • Collections

    Love that sandro sweater and the way you layered those skirts. And the Chanel shoes… I just died a little.


  • Andrea

    such a cute skirt ..i love yellow and miu miu 😀

  • sarah

    that little yellow skirt is awesome, but instead of breaking the bank, i'll just go whip up one myself….. anyone who loves fashion but is broke should consider taking a couple sewing classes…. pieces like that are toooooooo easy to make yourself! (literally a rectangle of fabric + a piece of elastic!)

  • Stephanie

    very nice skirt, and i absolutely love your chanel boots! 🙂


  • Ashley {styleash}

    That skirt is amazing & I would definitely consider it an investment piece.


  • Fashion Me Wild – Style Team

    Beautiful look! Crazy… but beautiful!

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  • Fashion Dawgs

    Amazing. No words.

    Fashion Dawgs

  • Pip

    I love it with the leather jacket and I adore the Burberry heels! Wow! I love Burberry anything though! xx


  • Britt+Whit

    oooh I love this! Key pieces are so important! Keep repelling baby!

    love from San Francisco,

  • Sean

    style no. 2 is great, very Balenciaga! p.s. nice redesign~~

  • Lydia

    Oh God, I love what happens when you layer a second skirt underneath!!

  • Bri

    Love these look!

  • Victoria | Haute

    I love the pleated detail in this skirt! It's subtle and chic.

  • Man Repeller


  • Helen

    Thanks for your inspiration. Besides of your amazing look, I'm also impressed by the way you tie the laces from the third picture. I never thought about that.
    Also love the black and orange tulip skirt. I have been hunting one in that color for a while. Thanks:)

  • Hannah Harvey

    Yellow skirt is amazing, love the way you styled it.


  • indie.electronic.alternative.

    two thumbs up for the use of "hooker". i don't know anyone who uses that word like i do. now i do. your outfit is bonkers. love it.

  • fashiongamble

    cool combo. would have never gone for that!

  • Girlie Blogger

    I like the idea of an ambiguous investment piece. I'm sure you'll have more fabulous ideas about how to wear this skirt.

  • WearAbouts

    You are SO hilarious 🙂

  • soffi

    man-repelling all the way. :))


    Not my fav but not bad…good job!

  • Zoey H

    Haha, nifty little thang.

  • Sage

    excuse the totally cliche saying, but your blog is "the best of both worlds". (shit, hope i don't sound too hannah montana.) but awesome fashion, great writing.

  • Roxanna

    You're a fabulous freak show, MR. Keep it up!

    xx Roxanna

  • Bridg

    great post – love these two outfits, and those chanel flats! always admire the way you pull outfits together.. i have a lot to learn! haha 🙂


    I love your blog so much

  • La Petite Bete

    Great also as maternity wear!

  • amanda archambault

    That skirt is a hot statement piece! I really adore it. It could go with so much
    Great post! Keep it up 🙂
    Check out my blog for updated post!
    xoxo, Amanda

  • Dani

    chanello all the way babe 🙂 and miu miu is always an investment piece, regardless of form or function (or lack there of)


  • flowercake

    my fave is the second outfit!

  • jas

    LOVE the skirt. and those chanel shoes! amazing

  • Anna

    Great Post! I am loving it!!!
    But you didn't introduce and explain your arm party to us – what are you wearing??

  • The life after

    I like it very much!!!

    The Life After

  • Aromahothugs

    the shoes are amazing !!so cool!!!!!!!!!

  • Iveta

    500$ or 300$ for shoes I can take it:) But for this skirt, MammaMia:))))
    Post are funny:)


    Love it. Especially love the leather jacket look. I just 'invested' in a pink plaid Viv Westwood mini skirt. I do what I want 🙂


  • Sol

    Gorgeous!! I loove it! It looks great with black tihgts!

  • FashionableAsians

    Girl… spending $320 on a skirt is just cray cray. But then again if I had the money I'd probably do the same..

  • juliet

    you are BRILLIANT girl, crazy, and brilliant!

  • City Soles

    Love it!!!

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  • Iben

    Soooo pretty! Love the layering too, you are definitly the queen of layering!

    Love Iben

  • Flaviana Boni

    I want these chanel boots! can you tell me the price?


  • Jessie

    ahhhh i kind of love this piece. risky for the color but definitely beautiful. and not that awful considering the pricing of things these days.

  • Karissa

    I love this skirt and can see it standing the test of time with its simple, classic shape, subtle details and solid color. Look no. two is fabulous.

  • Liliana P.

    I love love love your style!! It's really refreshing and for once not an imitation of what everybody's wearing. That's true fashion inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  • cindie.c

    LOVE both looks! I find a yellow skirt with that price a bit too much but then if you are the one that made the purchase it'll be worth it cause I am sure you can find a billion ways to work it. You have an amazing gift!


  • Fashionista*

    That skirt is to die for
    and i love your new layout by the way

  • Tamina

    lovely greetings from Hamburg,Germany ;-D

    I saw your closet confessions video on and thought I have to check out her blog … and now I'm here and I looove it

    you're such an extraordinary fashion blogger 🙂 in a good way … of course!

  • pinkmate

    I love those chanel flats!


  • Dana

    I love this! I would rather invest in a funky piece than a classic staple…call me crazy! It looks great on you!

  • Amber Nefertari

    Oh my lord, your shoes are the business.

  • aquacel

    Wow, nice collection! Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work.

  • plaid skirts for women

    the two skirts together is just genius, GENIUS!

  • l.e.

    so glad I can sew! saving $300 on a skirt is godsent for a student with an unpaid internship as a job. you’re so badass leandra; I’ll name my firstborn after you if I ever can halt the repelling long enough to attract a mate.