Accidental Social Experiment

blouse: Isabel Marant, sweater: J Crew, jeans: Seven, booties: Giuseppe Zanotti, necklaces: Jennifer Fisher, purse: Proenza Schouler, sunglasses: Ralph Lauren. Photo by Naomi Shon
Behold: a story with a moral. A nonfiction fable, if you will. When I’d initially put this outfit on, though the hints are there: a discreet Canadian tuxedo, Lennon shades, calf length wedge boots deemed fit for a witch, I didn’t think man repelling as much as I did simple, cool beans. But then one Sunday, I wore it and alas, speculations were put to rest. My brothers two men unbeknownst to me cackled while indirectly suggesting I may have gotten dressed in the dark. This was followed by my dad another y-chromofreak asking if I’d taken up delivering mail in lieu of blogging. I didn’t understand at first but then noted the purse worn messenger style and laughed a fake laugh. It then got me thinking, maybe man repelling is less about the actual clothes and more about the attitude that inadvertently reflects the conquests of the sartorial desires in question. Or maybe I’ve lost my handle on that which is vs. that which is not unappealing to the male eye. As it happens, I may have collected the only one with a penchant for a good dropped crotch. This could conversely make no sense at all. What say you?