Vive le Neon, Vive le Tweed

Leandra Medine | December 26, 2011

At the risk of projecting self-inadequacy, does anyone know who makes this holy grail of tweed jackets? My hunch says Matthew Williamson but my hunch also once confused a Van Gogh for Chagall, so. Update: Marc Jacobs Pre-Spring 2009. In other news: honey, I’m home, and by home I mean back, because, you know, I didn’t really go anywhere much further than Stanton Street over the course of the holiday weekend. I will however say that it was a nice mental vacation and even though I feel like a baby learning to walk writing this post because it’s been a solid five days since I’ve last written anything, I did have some time to exercise my brain and start rereading old Gay Talese essays, surf Yoox to find some drastically and magically slashed shoe prices and perhaps most importantly: sift through the hilariously rad entries listed on site to win the YSL cyclops bracelet that I posted last week. I’m conflicted among three participants: one who insists her vagina has three lips, another who wants to bang Hannibal Lecter and one smart broad whose story involves a naive roommate, sick pigeon and parasites. These contests are a really fantastic way to gauge your strangeness: one participant confesses she used to eat play dough. Hey, me too! All the sudden, I don’t feel so singled out–and I don’t mean that in the Jenny McCarthy circa MTV 1999 sense of the phrase. I mean it more in the it-takes-someone-special-to-bring-the-funk sense. Finally, to divert attention back to the pinacle of this post: vive le neon, vive le tweed. Let’s look up and salute Tommy Ton’s Jak and Jil come back. Man I missed your photos.

  • A

    amazing jecket! perfect for every day, season, mood etc. JUST PERFECT!

  • duckalicious

    now I really wish I was weirder.

  • Miss Lou



  • Duke Nuke Emily

    jacket is crazy good!
    Moloko & Honey

  • blue roses

    alas, that giveaway post was visible in my blogger dashboard, but would NOT let me actually click on it for days…. i was beyond bummed that i could not regale you about my four lips, play doh fiending, and other cool secrets.


    technology triumphant again.

  • La vie en rose



    Hahaah – LOVE THE TWEED!

    x Mallika

    PS: Check out my GIVEAWAY HERE

  • Girlie Blogger

    Fantastic picture. Love her jacket.

  • Lia

    that tweed is so in your face. i love it

    Glass of Fashion

  • Tu – Stealing Style

    Hey Leandra, so this tweed it is from Marc Jacobs probably 2 years ago. there is a picture here

    Hope I helped!


  • Tu – Stealing Style

    Oh and btw the model is Aline Weber brazilian chick, very pretty and very nice as well.

  • Mandarina

    It's Marc Jacobs, my friend:

    merry christmas, and thanks for the blog.

  • M

    I love the neon details and this tweed jacket is no exception!!

  • sonia de macedo

    Amazing jacket, too bad net-a-porter don't have it anymore :o(


  • Meredith Howard

    I can only see that on you. Hope you find out where to buy it.

    – Meredith

  • world on high heels

    love the jacket !

  • Mary


    Maria Onorio

  • Anonymous

    Paris or Milan?

  • Emily

    Can we "pin" you on or is that copyright no no?


    I saw this and died. It's INCREDIBLE and I am dyinggg to know who makes it too. Those are some hilarious comments – love your writing & glad you're back 😉

  • Nicole @ Giraffelegs

    I would tweed it out everyday if I could.

  • FashionableAsians

    That tweed jacket is actually pretty cool, not something I can pull off but it's nice to look at 😛

  • Donna

    I love the look of the jacket, except neon always looks horrible on me!

  • Jessie

    i absolutely loved everything about this photo on jak and jil when i saw it yesterday. it is so chic and fantastic. the color combination with the tweet adds twist to a wonderful classic.

  • GWalsh

    Hi leandra!

    I found the jacket creater: Marc Jacobs!

    Its the Marc Jacobs Cropped day glo tweed jacket

    and its sold out 🙂

  • girl in the poodle shoes

    HOLY NEON, that's awesome
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  • Alison

    I'll admit, my heart skipped a beat (or several) when I saw you mentioned my pigeon story. That was the best Christmas present I could possibly have gotten! …Aside from the cyclops bracelet, of course 😉

  • Leslie

    i was going to say either marc jacobs or chanel, but people beat me to it :p

  • Hallie

    So gorgeous – I remember seeing this coat a few years ago! It's Marc Jacobs resort 2010. There are two styles – a cropped and a non-cropped.

    If anyone can get it, it's you, lady! Good luck Leandra! 🙂

    x Hallie

  • Laura

    Amazing jacket!


  • Pagan Baby

    Cute jacket! merry christmas!

  • Roxanna

    Missed Jak & Jil too. So glad it's back on! Happy Holidays from Paris!

    xxx Roxanna

  • realelinkling

    That jacket makes me HAPPY!

  • VPS Confidential
  • Modelovers

    The jacket is amazing …



  • Trips & Treasures

    Really love the jacket !
    fall outfit overview

  • Marina Peral

    LOVE! is wonderfull!
    I have found a tweed & neon skirt in Uterqüe, I'm in love of this combination of color and texture!

    one more shoes

  • Bridg

    hooray, welcome back – have missed your posts! hope you had a good break 🙂

    B x

  • Amanda

    you don't forget…it's like riding a bike or like having sex…your a natural!

    p.s. totally digging that tweed…

  • yvo

    yes i missed jak and jill too! glad he's back!

  • Style Croissant

    Okay Leandra, you're gonna love me ! It's by MARC JACOBS !!! So go buy it right now and bring us the repellest man repelling outfits of all times !!

  • Style Croissant

    Oh shit it's from 2010 ! I guess you'll have to wait for it on ebay !

  • penelope FASHION-FADE

    if I was a tweed jacket, I would want to be that jacket.

    lots of love from the UK

  • The life after

    Amazing combo!

    The Life After

  • Ría
  • Thefashionguitar

    S looking forward to some more neon! S/S12 here we come!!

    XO Charlotte

  • Style Croissant

    I just checked on net-a-porter and it's no longer available !! I think I'll just kill myself.

  • Anonymous

    Aline Weber <3

  • victoria saulovich

    MeRry MaN repElliNg.

    Love the Neon tweed. Very St John on crack.

  • Anonymous

    That's MJ, Marc Jacobs that is, a couple summers ago…
    Correction, resort 2010 precisely

  • cca.

    This is a popular jacket. I did a post about it as well It is Resort 2010

  • Sandra

    Love reading your thoughts, if you wrote books, i'll read it 🙂

  • thefashionableteacher

    Marc Jacobs. There's a matching bag, too. But it's pretty old.

  • Ricardo Vasquez

    Love the jacket 😀

  • Frankie goes to Milan

    My holy grail neon tweed jacket is Balenciaga's from F/W 2007, now and forever! It is VEEEEEERY similar to this one with the exception of the fringe

  • Richard Sandberg

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