Shoe Maketh the Repeller

Leandra Medine | December 12, 2011
And now, back to usual programming: Friday’s premature sartorial ejaculation will now exist in real time and full.

Sometimes (actually, I’d argue virtually most the time,) all it takes to really repel are the right set of shoes. I just read that aloud in a British accent and it was beautiful. I’ll take this a step further (the initial sentiment, not the accent, though that wouldn’t hurt either) and have you know I am currently clad in but nothing lest a white t-shirt, black exercise shorts and the ambiguous Miu Miu booties I still haven’t decided to keep or return. I’m fickle, sue me. But never mind that, let’s bring our attention back to the photos and literal walking dustbuster at hand. As you can see, in just a plain black sweater and jeans, I’ve been able to successfully halt traffic. Disregard the black town car, it defies the rules of the previous sentence, no New York license plate was present.

See what I mean otherwise? That is some grade A traffic-halting.

But let’s delve into detail. The rules of this post may be slightly manipulated: while the jeans in question are fairly high waist and I am yet again emulating a urinating dog, there is something to be said about shoes making the repeller. It’s not so much literal as it is a state of mind. Something feels inherently liberating about rejecting the inevitable discomfort almost immediately induced into a male onlooker and just running free, fur on foot. I’ll circle back to Friday’s post and beat the dead Sex and The City horse once more: through six seasons on air, Sex and The City used fur shoes twice and only then, as a catalyst for the fornication process.

Carrie Bradshaw uses fur shoes in season three to garner the affection of one very attractive European man. They had sex, money was exchanged and that encounter was less about the shoes more about the actual sex.

Now let’s fast forward to season five, when the shoes rear their hairy heads again while Carrie tries to alleviate the pain of poor bedroom circumstances, good relationship with none other than everyone’s favorite: witty bantering Berger. When Carrie put the sex shop shoes on just after getting inebriated with Berger, he looks at her dumbfounded and falls asleep. Asleep! They don’t do the dirty until the next morning, looking au-naturale, feeling pure, no shoe on any foot. The end.

Alas, with the hard hitting analysis on HBO subplots and character development, I now wish you a better Monday.

  • barb c

    Keep the shoes. The miu miu booties are so amazing.

  • Miss Molly

    you are so freaking funny! digging your vibe with the shoes here. KEEP

  • L.

    The bigger question is will you foxtrot again?

  • Erika

    beautiful outfit!

    I follow u here , follow me please
    And I ask you if follow me also here because my google give me a problems :((


    My Free Choice

  • TRAN Thu Hang

    the shoes are gorgeous!!!! so are you! Happy Monday!

  • Laura.

    love the shoes!

  • Mary


    PS.I LOVE THE LAST PIC !Hhuhuuuhauhueh

    Maria Onorio

  • Mary

    there are*

  • Caitlin

    You look like a Clydesdale in the best possible way.


  • Sheree

    Sorry but they look like floor dust mops and who liked berger…?????????

  • The Fancy Teacup

    Love the fact that your simply chic outfit let those heels take center stage. You rock 'em, girl. x

  • TRAN Thu Hang

    Hi again, i just read and she wrote about you and this post 🙂 Check it out!

  • The life after

    They're not nice at all!!

    The Life After

  • Dena TsaL

    Like third picture!Special heels!
    Style LimeLight

  • Roxanna

    No wonder you can traffic halt. Those Wang red pompons look like fancy little feet…ahem [street] lights.

    xoxo Roxanna

  • Jackie G.Loves

    Haha so the shoes are some kind of sexy repeller? or not? Anyway, they look soooo good! Damn it, I need some pair of Wang shoes they're so cool but they also look uncomfortable, aren't they?

    your fan number 1 from Spain! xx!

  • Cáti
  • Roman Trends


    So funny sleepers!! I wanna brush my floor with them!!


  • Ilse

    Today, you made me smile


  • PurplesPrettier

    Keep the Miu Miu booties!!! I'm telling you. They're amazing. As are the furry caped creations you are wearing in this post! I want to rob your shoe closet.

  • CupcakesOMG!

    i'd argue there's nothing repelling about the look, so i guess that's why the "state of mind" is so important. and also hitting guys straight in the nuts. they hate that stuff.



    I rather like your urinating dog pose.

  • Alexandra

    "I am yet again emulating a urinating dog"– words I never thought I'd read in print. You kill me (in a wonderful way that I look forward to each day.

    And P.S. These shoes are so amazing in every way. And you look so rad in them.

  • Naina

    Holy crap-a-moly, it appears that you are wearing tie-dyed hamsters on your toes.

  • Melissa

    love those furry beauties

  • elena-anna

    you rockkkkkkk.

    we love you here, keep repelling girl.

  • KateHillier

    Keep the booties!! They're gorgeous!

  • Kat

    I am becoming incredibly attached to you, your shoes, and arm parties. Thank you.

  • Donna
  • Anonymous

    MR- love the shoes- read your blog daily

    I have to tell you though- the SATC seasons are season one (the French architect) and season six, part one (bad sex with Berger)

  • Girlie Blogger

    Awesome shoes! You are definitely dressing for your own pleasure and that is so admirable.

  • Erica

    Great post, those shoes are amazing. I seem to remember Carrie wearing fuzzy shoes the day Miranda has her baby/Big's last night in NY? I feel like I was grossed out when the water broke on the fuzz haha

    I may be wrong.

    In the Light of Style

    ** I just did a google search, they were not furry, just poofy. My mistake.

  • modern Suburbanites
  • Anonymous

    you rock those shoes.. you are so funny

  • Pip

    You seriously make me laugh on my worst days! Love you!

  • Vasilieva

    absolutely beyond stunning, love love love these shoes and your pics are always so much fun, totally cool

  • Memories from (fashion) wonderland

    This post is so incredibly funny and witty! You make these shoes appealing to everyone!

  • Fashion Magazines

    Have to admit that those shoes look like you are wearing slippers out.

  • Catherine

    Moments ago, my boyfriend, standing over my shoulder, sees the opening photo of this post and says, "Ugh." Man repelled.

  • A

    hahaha I love them! So funny and cute!

  • MB

    Leandra, I beleive you fail to remember another example of man repelling shoes in SATC that even defied male sexuality preferences!
    in return for said remembrance I will accept any of your past season shoes fluffy or otherwise…..
    (if it improves my awful excuse to beg for shoes I hail from the land of Great Britainia!)

  • Caitlin

    Gawddd I love ya!!


  • Bri

    You are hilarious. I love your blurbs.
    And you should definitely keep the Miu Miu's.

  • Stream

    You just won my heart with that reference to Sex and the City, haha brilliant!

    As for the booties… Keep them! or change them for the glittery ones, I love those!

  • Lola

    hahaha! yeah! I remember that episode and she has fur all over her camisole, it was terrible! She was all like "look at thaaaat" zzzz

    I reckon these shoes definitely pass as man repelling! X

  • Anonymous

    Man repeller:

    "I wish someone would ask me what my favorite color is, so I could say leopard"

  • hannahalehandra

    Hahaha your blog makes me laugh so much. It's fantastic I mean that in the best way! Those are some killer heels, totally gorgeous, I'm sure my boyfriend would disown me. Big love from England.

  • Natasha

    I have fallen madly in love with you.

  • Ría

    Keep the shoes, you don't want to see them cry, dont you? Give them love, and they will give you tons of glitter.
    Have a nice day.

  • Yuka
  • Anonymous

    why in god's name would you purchase the booties in plain old black and white?! for the love of pete, return them and get these instead:


  • Dana

    Interesting theory…. this outfit would be very different with different shoes!

  • mommyneedsapinot

    I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award – the details are in my latest post. Hopefully there are even more out there that can appreciate what you do – which their clearly are. But I wanted to give you a shout-out anyway!

  • Leah

    Carrie also wore those shoes in the episode where she's doing a photo shoot for her book cover and Samantha tells her to try on practically lingerie with the fuzzy shoes. Not Man Repeller status but she does seem to wear those pretty frequently…

  • Christina Honan

    Your signature caped Alexander Wangs were featured all over GQ's bombshell of the year photoshoot on Mila Kunis… Turns out man-repellers may be total man-getters when the men are of the GQ variety.

  • Kaitlin Mattingly

    omg those shoes are so amazing. they are like the 2011 dorothy ruby slippers.

    xoxo katlin

  • FashionProse

    So true. My boyfriend always points out how most heels "scrunch" toes, making them "crinkly" and unbearable to look at. I find joy in the shiny, flappy, chunky and dangerous parts of my footwear that make him cringe.

  • jas

    those shoes are amazing

  • Shayne Renee

    O. M. G. Those shoes are fabulous!

  • jennysanzo

    Am I the only one who hates those shoes? (hated carrie's too)

  • klhales1

    Does the poof ever get dirty? That's what I would worry about.

  •!/bambiliciousss bambam

    JUST LOOK LIKE ONE OF THOSE STREET SWEEPER CART IN LONDON! u'll make a great sweeper after walking around some shops! jus make me want christmas to come so bad, santa leandra!

  • acting classes la

    Now those are some shoes!! Wow, gorgeous color, a bit fuzzy for my taste but if you can rock 'em, more power to you!

  • Zoey H

    These are a little Carrie Bradshaw-esque.

  • Fashion Magazines

    I really don't know what to make of these shoes… but fashion is always about making a statement! Also, I have definitely seen ventures much worse that this.

  • Charles

    Just arrive here randomnly but damn…

    Those shoes are a total man repeller!
    Charles Ici (a man)

  • Sydney Bathroom Renovation

    These shoes are awesome as if , but sooner i would love to buy any of it. “Shoe Maketh the Repeller “.

  • Beli Pulsa

    beautiful shoes

  • tiket pesawat

    You rock ’em, girl.

  • David Koski

    I really ike your blog. It’s full of unique information. You have done a great job. Thanks fro sharing this to me.

  • sky

    High waisted jeans are perfect for traffic halting…:) i doubt with the shoes…:D

    ACLS Online

  • implant dis
  • Ric

    Those shoes would work, 100% do the job!

    but what do I know I am just a man who is a carpet cleaner in NJ. I am here if you need me.

  • Ella

    i like that shoes.

  • Rino Wijaya

    Hahaha your blog makes me laugh so much.

  • Lisa

    its so funny i like it