Party Sequins, Not Just for Parties

Leandra Medine | December 22, 2011
sunglasses: Christian Dior, accurate adventure in copyright here.
And in that same vein, sunglasses, not just for sun. Holidays, shmolidays, today let’s look ahead to the week after Christmas: eggnog-ed out, distant relatives visited, mistletoes unused. The pornaments, reindeer ears and in some cases ugly sweaters may get shelved while the mindset shifts to one of the sequined variety, but let’s stop there for a minute. Some of us live every eve like New Years Eve, 200-TK sunglasses et al, but for those of us a little more refined and less enthused by thematic dressing, there’s no reason to stack your sequins in that same sweater pile and stow them away post-new calendar.
bracelets: DANNIJO
Just make like a repeller andlayer. Without doing so, the dress falls in a slight body-con manner. Ultimately this yields no problem of the man repelling kind: the form fitting silhouette is masked by shoulder pads and, well, multi-colored stripes of sequins….everywhere. The perfect party dress, if you will. But say you need to go to the supermarket and just can’t pry your body away from the shiny shit. Common problem, easy fix: plaid blouse. Not enough? That’s nothing a wool-leather combo tailored vest can’t fix.
dress: via Manish Arora, blouse: Etoile Isabel Marant, vest: Kimberly Taylor, boots: Proenza Schouler, bracelet: Jennifer Fisher.
See, like a tuxedo, but not at all. And if you’re still feeling fickle about the overall result, construction style boots should throw you right back on track. An exposed white thigh does not come included, apologies should you find yourself temporarily without vision. Can I make it up by offering the gift of cyclops bracelet? All photos by Aram Bedrossian.
  • rf

    heard via lucky that you are engaged!!! how come you never talk about that on the blog? i guess it means you aret so man repelling after all :):) <3 love your blog, great dress!!!!

  • Michelle

    I love that dress!! So cute!!

  • Magnolina

    OMG ARE YOU REALLY ENGAGED? <3 TELL US ABOUT IT! 😀 Stunning dress btw

  • Charlotte.Fashion.Blog

    This is wonderful! I'm totally obsessed with sequins- Most things in my wardrobe consist of them! x

  • Anonymous

    Look at how your left hand is so delicately covered!
    "Had we but world enough and time…"

  • L.T.

    That sequin rainbow dress is amazing. It's like a Unicorn pooped all over it. 🙂

  • kaye

    The last shot of you is absolutely perfect. Wonderful outfit 🙂

  • Lexy

    You look amazing as usual. Love the day sequins…


  • McMurray

    that dress remind me of my barbies when I was a little girl! So happy and so cool at the same time:) well done leandra, and those boots rock!

    IDIOTA —->

  • Jasmine Sinclair

    I am in love with that dress!!!! You look great!!!

  • We Can Pretend

    love everything about this. those glasses are so fresh

  • K.McCall

    LOVEE this dress!!! It's perfect for the holidays! Hope you will visit me 🙂


  • Lens & anything Else

    love your dress…so beautiful and funny ;)!


  • Thefashionguitar

    I love sequins, and this dress is super for party, and summer. Looks good on you (so does the sunnies!)

    XO Charlotte

  • Anonymous

    Amazing dress.

  • Donna

    the sequin dress looks stunning on you! considering wearing sequins myself on nye for the first time ever!

  • CupcakesOMG!

    the dress is so good.


  • J.Mill

    Are you going to show a pic of the ringy ding?

  • Vasilieva

    love these sunglasses, totally fab

  • Molliee

    fab fun and bright outfit! Love it!

  • Jen

    I love your style (: this is such a cute&fun; outfit!

  • modelovers

    AHHH fantastic sunglasses! AND THE DRESS IS AMAZING!!!!


  • Sugar with Spikes

    nice sunnies…dress kinda Jersey Shore gone to prom. Like the boots though.

  • Lia

    that dress looks like a cake!! haha

    Glass of Fashion

  • biancamaria sacco

    a happy look to welcome the new year…colors!
    I like it

  • thestyleflux

    O my goodness! love your sequined dress!


  • Pip

    I am loving the sequin dress the the layering! The Christian Dior shades are fabulous too! xo

  • Nicole @ Giraffelegs

    The sparkle gods have created an awesome dress…love it.

  • Blonde Vivant

    I LOVEEEEEE that dress! so festive!

    <3 Blonde Vivant

  • Megan Abigail Chander

    yep … its a pretty good dress I have to say … but what's better is the way you styled it — always flawless!

  • Alessia and Chiara

    love the extra super flamboyant sunglasses, and this red masterpiece by dior is lovely and you're beautiful in red!!!

  • La Petite Olga

    cool cool glasses!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Melissa Soldera

    Love the dress!


  • Aahna

    What a gorgeous pair of sunnies. Nice outfit, you look stunning.

  • Holly

    love those shades- brilliant outfit!

  • Girlie Blogger

    Nice glasses. They are super fun.

    The dress is colorful and looks good on you.

  • vanillachic

    love those shoes.

  • Sunny & Star

    You look amazing. I am a huge advocate of always wearing party sequins.

  • paintedREDDD

    The dress!!!!!!! OMG convulsion, so gorgeous!!


  • Dress Me Dearly

    dyyyying!!! Love the way you layered it!

  • servinupstyle

    layering wins. again.

  • Amanda

    love the the 1st photo@


    oh my goddd that dress is AMAZING I need it! literally THE perfect partay dress.

  • Malesha Gross

    I love the dress… So cute 🙂

  • jas

    that dress is AWESOME! love how you've styled it all. colour!

  • victoria saulovich

    Aaaah who doesn't love sequins and plaids…

  • couturing

    Wonderful sunnies!

  • girl in the poodle shoes

    #dying because of that dress and vest… send it my way please & thank you very much.
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  • ♥Run With Fashion♥

    LOL @ pornaments, I never heard of htat before. O.o lol
    I laso love your red sunnies, sooo nice!!

    And wooow, I hardly see any Armenian photographers on fashion blogs, very cool to see. 😀

    Happy Holidays!!!!

    -Eliza 🙂

  • Xen

    party dresses are a whole art form of their own

    have u met the party bear?

  • Mary

    That is A dress! So burst-of-colour-amazing!

  • The life after

    NICEEE!! You look lovely!

    The Life After

  • Devi

    I love your dressss!!! 🙂 very chic glasses as well! <3

    xx Devi

  • Brunette Blogging

    Those booties are amazing. Love, love, love!

  • lucia m
  • dani

    Pretty much, there's only one "word" to describe what I see here: ZOMG.

    <3 The Daily Dani

  • everybodies fashion

    amazing ! as always !:)

  • Niki

    yep, that's some good layering. but I'm pretty sure those Dior shades steal the show! Love 'em. Are they from this season?

    Happy Holidays!
    x Niki from A Haute Mess

  • MªJosé Fernández

    Acabo de descubrir tu blog es ideal, te sigo! Te dejo el mío por si te apetece visitarlo y si te gusta te espero como seguidora 🙂 Besitos

    Mjose Fdez

  • Unknown

    i fucking love your blog. inspires me everyday. love this post especially.

  • Smokey Eyes

    I am also in love with sequins and a lot of my staple wardrobe pieces have sequins. Your dress is beautiful and the rainbow colors really stand out 🙂

  • Tamina

    I love love love that dress

  • PITA

    Love the dress but love your smile more 🙂


  • world on high heels

    lovely !

  • Nuar

    Besides your sharp pen, I love your quirky sense of fashion. I dunno if this would happen to someone else, but in you, this set works like a charm! Happy Holidays and have a terrific New Year!! XOXO, Maria José

  • Veronica Martinis

    Nice colorful outfit! Makes me happy!
    Love your blog


  • Jessica

    girl you're killing me with all these sequins! love love love

  • maryjose

    you are siting so cute in the third one. beautiful girl

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  • chiccks
  • Separek

    omg you look beautiful in that! congrats! =D

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  • Dean Wilson

    love the site its a well designed blog just like the garments