An Obligatory Post about Practicality

Leandra Medine | December 8, 2011

In partnership with Sorel.

Look, I may not be the type to stand behind functional dressing but I can likely guess that a couple…dozen of you are. And so when Sorel hired me to style their boots in my most man repelling of ways, I said: yes sure, I’ll do the dirty and alas here we are, you on one side, me on the other, offering tips that will help you embrace and style the necessary footwear to resists water and snow and things of that sort. Today seemed the perfect time to unveil this post what with the recent climate conditions halting satin shoes from prevailing. Yes sure, the suns out now, but then again, this weather is more fickle than the economy, and the economy, more fickle than a menstruating woman thus suggesting weather is female. What? That doesn’t even make sense. See below.

blouse: Etoile Isabel Marant, jeans: J Brand, boots: Sorel
Ra, ra, ra, look at me, look at me, wearing stereotypical Lake Placid wear in the form of boot and a plaid shirt. This was really thematic in that I had also been holding a mug of…nothing that was going to trick into thinking I was drinking hot cocoa. That would in turn convey a subconscious point and that point would ooze with utter coziness. But I’m no trickster, so I lost the mug and then creativity got the best of me when I directed my attention to the double sink (milk and meat…anyone? Anyone?) and…
Made damn sure to show you just how water-resistant these chunky dudes really are. “Oh my god, this is so funny I’m running my shoes under a sink! Ha! Ha!” And really now, if they can stand the test of kitchen water, they can likely stand the test of…anything. Anything, I tell ya. Todos. Now, I won’t lie, when I’d signed on to do this with Sorel, I was a little nervous. I’d never really written about something practical before. In fact, I’m known to sport underwear in public, tank tops in twenty degree weather and sequined pants to sleep, if runways tell me to. It was because of that, I’d had doubts and then I saw the boots came and said oh my shit, what good is a Man Repeller post without what looks like the very shoes that instigated the entire blog. See below.
Remember my banner circa last Fall? Probably not, but I can bet you most definitely do remember the infamous Chanel Yeti. It was one of the great tests of Karl’s time: if this look can get rave reviews, why, anything I do will. These particular boots are also wedged, so, you know, if the fur exterior doesn’t scream femininity, a big fat wedge most certainly will.

I call this look: “Hey Aspen, how’s your ass been?” It’s the white pant effect. Which leads me to my next point, or rather, question. If you had to pick, absolutely had to, who do you think wears the yeti foot better? Is it me or, you know, a cross country supermodel that may or may not double as a muse to the most important influencers worldwide? Nevermind. Forget I asked that. I’m just going to qite while I’m ahead. But before I sign off, I offer this: should I have won your heart, and you find yourself in the market for practical (or impractical) footwear to battle inclement wear, mosey on over to their site.
I’ll be here, just walking on ledge and what have you.
  • Doni Brown
  • PurplesPrettier

    Personally, I'm a huge fan of yeti footwear. And headwear. Also outerwear, while we're at it! "Yak chic" is totally taking off. It's the future. Love that jacket btw!

  • Brianne

    So wonderful. You just ooze awesomeness. Thank you…care to adopt me? Or at least donate your old clothing to me….but seriously.

  • sacramento

    You are funny!!!

  • Her Persona
  • Yuka

    i've never lost interest in your style. xx

  • marlow*35

    the sandro jacket is incredible ! simple and chic …

  • pushups with polish

    bahahahahahahhaha hilarious! i own some of those h20 boots and heart every inch of them!

  • Tori

    What fun! I would like to wear them in my hometown of 10K just to get stares 😀

  • CupcakesOMG!

    whoa whoa whoa…that all white number with the yeti boots and black coat?? somebody call the paramedics, because i DIE!!!!!!!!


  • Unknown

    Yea! I just bought some Sorels last week for an upcoming trip. Glad to see they are so functional. I could tell by my husband's reaction that they are repellant. But I love them!

  • Mary

    I love that you stuck your feet in the sink. Muy perfecto!

  • vanessa (the gal)

    loving how waterproof those boots REALLY are!

    xo, vanessa (the gal)

  • Closet Cravings

    Isabel Marant is always on my crave list so naturally I'm super jelly whenever you wear anything by her. =)
    Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  • Melissa

    those yeti boots woot!

  • Anonymous

    sorel* not sore 🙂

  • Thefashionguitar

    I love your Chanel Yeti look! Amazing coat, and so nice combined with the other items!

    XO Charlotte

  • The Fancy Teacup

    The yeti detail and plaid blouse stole my heart. And water resistant boots? Check.

  • Love at First Blush

    Only you would stick your shoes in the kitchen sink! Sorels are my winter uniform, and sometimes I look all-over Yeti just so I can stay warm!

  • Olivia

    Those Sorel boots are awesome, need to get them asap since it's snowing here in Montreal as I'm writing!


  • Blayne Beacham

    You're hysterical…. love BOTH pair of boots.

  • Elle @ Chellbellz

    Girl you a genius i tell ya. Normally would have looked at those like…No thanks!…but I like the way you styled them.

  • Kira Lilly

    obsessed with your sandro jacket!

    KIRA LILLY fashion blog

  • The little world of fashion

    I love your green bag!

  • relish

    i love your style(s)… fashion and writing style. you are really hilarious with such personality in your words. 2 great gifts.

  • katieli

    you are too funny!
    you really worked those boots!


    "There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion" Francis Bacon.. love the look!!!


  • Katya

    your coat is amazing! when did you get it? aka is it still possible to acquire?

  • Thy Nefelibata

    This is SO man repeller my dear!
    You are so much fun to read 🙂


    Boot in a sink. Class act. Love it 🙂


  • Zoe @ The Chic Classmate

    stunning! check out our 10 best holiday dresses under $100!

  • natalia

    homegirl, i am sure your ass is rocking those white pants.
    and the yeti.

  • Sally

    So funny you end up doing a post for Sorel today, I'm actually wearing mine! I've tucked some black cigarette leg Centre Ville pants into them and, to maintain a lumberjack vibe, of course am wearing a fitted flannel. This reader went to the University of Vermont where, if you don't learn by the first winter how to adapt your look with Sorels, really you might not make it up the hill to class (where we all go to see and be seen). Thanks to Sorels (and Bean boots), UVM chicks can blend repeller looks into 'practical' footwear.

  • Caitlin

    I prefer your yeti to said supermodel yeti. Hers have hooves.


  • Ms. Champagne

    i looove the yeti. haha laughed when you said 'heck anything will' 😉

    we must be all so sartorial.

    xoxo champagne

  • Vasilieva

    those sorel boots look like so much fun, and practical huh )))

  • Roxanna

    loving your isabel marant blouse, and those little yetis!! perfect comfort for the winter :).

  • Style Croissant

    The yeti boots are INSANE !!!

  • modern Suburbanites

    love your footwear in these photos! such fun pics!

  • things – collection
  • Natalya’s Closet

    Great photos! XOXO,

  • różowa szminka


  • Blonde Vivant

    Not much use for my Yeti boots here in sunny LA…

  • City Soles

    Love the styling!

    Shop Sorel boots and Sorel footwear at CITY SOLES in Chicago and online!

  • Fashionista

    eh eh you are always so fun!

  • Anonymous

    just curious! what style are the boots in the first picture? i have been looking for a slightly less clunky yet functional pair and i think those are them!

  • Bri

    Wow, those boots!
    Your posts always make my day!

  • Claire

    shoulda gotten beans

  • Swapnil

    i just love reading your post!!!


  • ADJ

    Sorel shoes are wonderful. Just got my daughter a pair and they are so rugged and cute.

  • jas

    WOAH those boots are crazy

  • Caitlin

    Love Sorel boots!!



    the boots are amazing, to an Homo Sapiens repelling extent! U've done IT!! LOL

  • Ashley

    Love the Sorel boots, I want them so bad.. and the fur is amazing! haha

  • Leah

    You are set for winter. You should just move to Canada. We could hang out.

    xo L.

  • Anonymous

    Living in Canada my whole life and owning an entire wardrobe of assorted Sorels (out of necessity) I can inform your readers that I have and have seen them styled with everything from pyjama pants (to start the car before you get ready for work so it is thawed out enough to run) to business suits to evening gowns and cocktail dresses! Unfortunately, this does not repel men here, they actually kinda like it!

  • Anonymous


  • Zoey H

    Lookin' like a straight up Clydesdale. Appreciated.

  • Lo

    Those yetti boots would look horrible on me…but YOU wear them well!

  • fromblank

    always a difficult thing buying winter boots. thanks for the post!

  • Kaitlin

    LOOOOOOOOOVE the boots with the white pants, oh my GOD!

  • Theresa

    LOVE the boots!

  • WellWellWell

    The picture of you wearing sorels by the sink…Would be nice to know the style of these shoes.thanks!!