An Event Recap

Leandra Medine | December 18, 2011
blouse: Sandro, blazer: Alexander Wang, pants: Rebecca Minkoff, shoes: Miu Miu

In partnership with Coach.

Yes, those are python patches on my knees. This gives me a great roller blade gear idea but let me flesh it out. Last week Vogue and Coach held an event at the 57th Street store whereby I sandwiched myself among the two brands and formally dubbed myself co-host. Shopping events like this one always equal big fat ball of fun, if only because of the two girls that stand alongside my alias and self in the photo above. Glad someone took that turband tutorial seriously. And in other news that rocks: Zara takes one for the team, ignores the fact that it will indubitably get sued for sartorial plagiarism and voila, produces Celine’s most coveted pre-Spring blazer. See bowler hat lady at left. And Emily down south. But back to the event, while I can appreciate and enjoy Coach’s effort to re-brand its ladies department and bring the simplicity of seventies chic back in a resurgence of the Coach Classics, the real wins here hail from the mens side. Leather bound notebooks make great gifts for the writers in your lives, green structured briefcases are the new totes and leather portfolios double as the most sensible run for Celine’s version. And when I say that, I see in my head the notorious street style savvy clutches that were alongside every important wrist last fashion week. You with me? Maybe it’s just not Phoebe’s day. Maybe I’m jumping the gun.

Here I call this one: alpha vs beta, iPhone wins. All in all, a party well partied. And also, hey Emily.
  • Girlie Blogger

    Fun event. Oh yeah, iPhone always wins.

  • Jessie

    iPhone always wins. because iPhones are the best. i love this though. super fun and spunky! 🙂

  • Donna

    I love everything you're wearing! Especially those pants!

  • Pedro Korshi

    I love your hair also everything about your outfit.

  • emily

    Shoes??? more about the shoes?

  • adventuresofavulnerablefashionista

    Thats me in the turband! AH, it was so nice meeting you and I'm still so glad I didn't mess up the turband. XoXo,
    P.S come visit in Tibi soho, I work there!

  • Anonymous

    I love your blog in general and think you are a hilarious writer!! I truly hate to do this… BUT, if those python patches are indeed made from real python skin then I must shine a light on an awfuI l truth. First of all, most snake skin is poached illegally. Ok, so lots of things are illegal and lots of people break laws. However this illegal poaching leads to an awful treatment of snakes. Once the snakes are caught, their heads are nailed to a tree trunk, then they are pumped full of water until they are on the brink of bursting, finally they are skinned alive and then left to die naked and hanging from a tree for other animals to eat (after they probably laugh at the poor naked bugger). Doesn't that disgust you?!? I promise I'm not some crazy activist.. I don't even like snakes that much, but ever since I heard this I cannot bear to buy or wear snake skin. You might be thinking that what I just told you is a load of hooey.. I probably would. But a friend of mine works for an environmental organisation, and when she heard this she had to share it with any potential snake skin wearers. And now I feel it is my duty to pass on this awful, bubble-bursting truth. Thanks for reading that psycho rant. Keep up the fantastic work!! (And do try and avoid the snake skin..)

  • Roxanna

    Loving the pants, and you are rocking the LeiVanKash skull bangle!

    xx Roxanna

  • Anonymous

    ^^ Same ranter here..
    Just wanted to add that I realise you are not in control of the poachers or even designers actions, and I did not mean to blame you in anyway. I just hope that we can all use our consumer power to change the market for the benefit of us and the world! Wooo!

  • Man Repeller

    @anonymous No worries! V important to know. Thank you


    Those pants are awesome… also, the zara blazer is obviously a hit so very smart indeed!

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  • Lia

    i love your pants!

    Glass of Fashion

  • Monse Fuentes
  • kaitlyntru

    Python knee caps? I mean… Why didn't I already know about these? Go Minkoff.


    I love the arm candy! yum!

  • Mary


    Maria Onorio

  • splendidlittlethrills

    Great outfit and it was even better seeing it in person at the event when I met you! I was the red head with the southern accent and black sparkly manicure. Love your blog and it was so wonderful meeting you!!!


    what a great look! lovin the top.

  • Vasilieva

    cool shots, loved your leather patched pants, beyond awesome and that certain roller skating vibe is definitely there

  • modelovers

    I love the pants and the blazer!!!
    Your bracelets are amazing!


  • lucia m
  • Laura

    Love your pants!


  • Anne

    That's not just Emily… that's super intern-Emily!

  • The little world of fashion

    I love all your bracelets!

  • jas

    loving the white blazer

  • realelinkling

    You look like a million dollar!

  • betty

    great look nothing more than beautiful parties during xmas x x

  • Julia Sandman

    Get some inpiration here:


    Super cute photos! WISH I was there :/

    x Mallika

    PS: Check out my GIVEAWAY HERE

  • Christine Hopkins

    really like your arm party!!

  • Anonymous

    Mmm floral blazers and turbins! Fun times repelling.

  • amanda

    love it girls!

  • Collections

    Loving the patches.

    Fashionable Collections

  • Caitlin

    How well can you squat like a dog in those patches?


  • missrenaissance

    I see you kept the Miu Miu's – good work 🙂

  • Gia

    You met Emily, how wonderful:)
    Well, maybe this is my first comment on your blog, so I would like to say only one thing: YOU ROCK!

  • Ally

    in love with your shoes! and the pants! KILLIN It!

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  • BB

    Leandra if I only have the chance to know you!!! <3

  • MissLauraHueto


  • Justin

    wack as fuck. Swagless times a million.

  • What is Reality Anyway?

    damn it! i was suppose to come and wanted to say hi, but new york scheduling took over, and would have been hours late…next time!

  • Thefashionguitar

    Cool jeans!

    XO Charlotte