Winter Wears

Leandra Medine | November 16, 2011

Looks like the weather is doing what it usually does and instead of surprising us with a resurgence of summer in November, making the gradual turn for a colder climate. In terms of better hued skin color and general happiness and comfort, I won’t lie, summer shits on every other reason. But then again, in terms of that which constitutes the easiest and most inevitable way to manrepel–one word–in blades of glory, world, the temperatures are looking up. You know, while going down. So today, we salute winter wearing and let it begin.

jacket: Kelly Wearstler, mullet tank: A.L.C, jeans: Levi’s, booties: Thakoon
I for one, like to skip the awkward transition clothes like sweaters that aren’t warm but aren’t too thin either or cropped pants that show too much shin and don’t roll down and just head straight for important memorabilia, you know, from Mongolia. Enter this tiered cropped jacket. It’s like a puffer coat, but not. At all.
Also not quite long enough to suffice for actual winter wears, and that’s what’s so magical here. It’s the perfect “transition” piece, without stinking too hard of “transition.” Does that make sense? You could say no. I hate referring to clothes as transitional pieces. All it ultimately means is that you’re not committing to said piece and while I have an opinion or two about committing to trends, this is something else. The other inevitable magic to point out here is obviously the me in mid-air and as you can see, even while flying, I am still so delightfully perplexed by the harnesses on me’shoes.
headpiece: L’Hiver 
Another good rule of thumb for pre-winter wearing–I guess this has become a pre-winter wearing post–: it’s never too early to cover your eyes with a knit headband that you may or may not opt to convert into a knit turband.  
I call this one two things. For funnies, it is: “where’s the bathroom?” And for serious it is, “I need to squat because these pants are so high waist they are drilling a permanent line through my you know what.” The perils of high-waist pants, you see, extend far beyond a fupa and unusually shaped behind.
Finally, here’s a salutation to life in it’s most pure and raw form: the thumbs up. And here’s the last important thing to note. I am wearing but two layerstwo! I don’t even wear that few during summer months. If there’s something important to learn from this, it is simply the power of Mongolia. And that’s that. Fine, one last thing before I say goodbye forever and by forever I mean for a few hours:
 Sometimes all I want to do is be friends with myself. No one else would me the bright thumbs up for squatting in public. No one.
  • Dominika

    really amazing look!

    Fashion Philosophy

  • Erika I hate y for this fur!!!!


  • Isabel G.

    Love the photos, as usual!! 🙂 And the coat is stunning!


  • SoFranni Finesse

    Love the shoes and the jacket!

  • Caitlin

    God, Kelly Wearstler does everything right.


  • Anonymous

    I love you!
    You look great!

  • Habiba. J

    i love your energetic personality and your style of writing is always so creative, it makes me love your blog even more. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.

  • Melissa

    i won't lie and say i wasn't in carl shurz park a few weeks ago while visiting nyc family hoping i'd catch you in action. and no that's not stalking. i think. nice fur.

  • Mary

    I applaud you for bringing on winter with a thumbs up, smile, and fabulous fur/boots. However, I highly doubt this outfit would function once the season actually begins. As a gal from the good 'ole midwest, I usually look like quite the abominable snow creature trudging through the slush come December. 🙁

  • Eileenie

    LOL you look a little like carine roitfeld in that pic when u r laughing. hehehe.

  • blue roses

    my friend once had a monkey fur muff….. it was black and resembled your actual hair, if it made babies with that jacket you are wearing.

    muff and monkey….. confirmed man deterrent. you should look into that.

  • loulou @ loulou downtown

    omg, you're amazing. How did you jump so high?! Love the outfit a lot!

  • Alexandra

    Gorgeous!! Perfect for winter repelling and self-warming.

  • Catie

    Your pics are so fun! I would totally rock a Mongolian coat if I didn't live in Florida!

    xoxo Catie

  • welcome to my jungle

    Love the 2nd pic!


    welcome to my jungle

  • Miriam

    Funny pictures! I like your coat!
    Maybe you’ll have time to visit my blog 🙂

    Fashion Crazy Ball and My Facebook Page

  • Ashleigh Nicole

    Gotta love a sense of humor 🙂

    xo Ashleigh

  • CupcakesOMG!

    that jacket is killing me right now…but i ain't dropping a cool $1300 on it. and also, i agree with you on being friends with myself. i mean, it's like the number one rule of loving other people…right??


  • Taye Anita

    you make me laugh!!! love it and love the outfit!


  • Trips & Treasures

    Great outfit ! Love that first photo
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium


    Haha, brilliant pictures 🙂


  • thefashionguitar

    Cool coat, and REALLY cool second photo!

    XO Charlotte

  • Shophopper

    I was expecting some joke on the jacket and dressing up like an elder Mongolian mons pubis, but no, you surprised me with the squatting!

  • Raspberry and Rouge

    Amazing jacket! XO Rebecca

  • Meg

    dying for that jacket!

  • Mix of Styles

    really nice photos and great look 🙂

  • E.Olson

    Knit turband and Mongolian shag a la Miss Hollywood Regency Kelly Wearstler!!! It's like giving the men a vaginoplasty with a capitol Fashion! Great post.

  • Roman Trends

    Cool pics!

    Hope so, hope winter finally arrives…

  • Krissy :: Miss B and Hustle

    You are hilarious! LOVE that coat.

  • Ashley


  • Elisabeth

    Wow you look amazing! Sheep coats are very in here in Helsinki as well!


  • Lynsey Michelle

    These pics are some of the best yet. And I would agree, that coat is a look in itself. No need for layers this time around.

    Lynsey Michelle

  • Amanne |

    I just bought a huge faux fur coat and I can't wait for an excuse to wear it. They're so much fun but total man repellers haha.

  • adahliavolk

    Jacket is great, so are those booties!

  • karina

    sweet photo^^

  • Rothaariges

    Love it!

    Check out my BLOG, it´s my heart!

  • Kate

    It's cool, we've all squatted in public. I'd give you a thumbs up. I love those booties btw.



    You are so fun! love it about you 🙂 and the whole concept of men repelling, hehe
    Awesome fur jacket , by the way

  • Anne-Marie

    My suggestion for high waist pants: made to fit. Well that would be my suggestion for tones of other pieces of clothing. But this might not be your religion. Cool post !

  • Style Croissant

    Very funny as usual ! You look great and I like that you don't take yourself so seriously 🙂

  • The little world of fashion

    Energetic post ! Congrats! 🙂

  • Devon

    Hey I want to be friends with you! Actually, I think we have a friend in common, oddly enough. I went to high school with Jake Weingarten, and I think you guys went to school together, too. Small world! 🙂

    Love the faux fur coat! I wish it got cold enough here in LA for me to wear one… (white girl problems, I know.)


  • sacramento

    I am so glad to have found you. You are funny, what a breath of fresh air in a land of latest trends.

  • Rue Lamarr

    LOL -you are funny! Always puts a smile on my face.


  • Vasilieva

    adore that jacket and the booties are fab

  • Martina


  • Haute Eyes

    Cannot get enough of that jacket!! Its beautiful!


  • kaitlyntru

    Youre hilarious. With that aside, the jacket is fantastic. Furry puffer and all.

  • Ally

    This jacket is so fun, I immediately wanted it!

  • anne marie

    The jacket is so marvelous, I would linke to have the same one !!!!!

  • elena-anna

    love it that your blog is so different than the other ones.

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  • Holly

    I love that jacket! Gorgeous- must have for Minnesota living!

  • Mary



  • chino

    how on earth do you jump so high…and in heels? i would totally give you thumbs up for anything!


  • Superblondeep

    amazing jacket!

  • catarina Ferreira Pinto

    Your photos are so cheerfull! Love it!

  • Kiki Janku

    Hello there sweetie! I just found your blog and let me tell you something : Congrats, I love it!
    Great style, great post, great everything!
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    Hope you're having a great evening!

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    xoxo Kiki

  • ms.composure
  • EmerJa

    Hahahahahaha! reading you is always fantastic!! And the pictures are lovely too:)

  • realelinkling

    MJAAUU! I want that jacket… in purple.

  • La Petite Olga

    Great jacket!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Fashion Dubrovnik

    Jacket is amazing, <3 it really, really much :)

  • theSIREN

    i laughed out loud at your squatting photo. i love your coat — and your very entertaining banter.

    xxx theSIRENofMod

  • Sally

    Loving the yak attack here.

  • a sip of fashion baby

    wow wow wow i loooooveeeee yuor style and the pics are so funny!!!!!
    I wanna invite you on my blog!!my last post is called:”long hair:fast glamorous ideas!”8) !!!

  • Blonde Vivant

    Adorbs! you look like an elegant little alpaca…in a good way of course!

    <3 Blonde Vivant

  • Cristina

    I give you a thumbs up for the public squat! Also, if you just ignore the riding up of the high-waisted pants, you'll find things just go numb. Problem solved???

  • Urban Nester

    Seriously loving this grey fur jacket.


  • Anonymous

    Your pics are crazy but I love em! I am also loving your jacket and watch too. I am super excited about wearing my faux fur vest for winter and your pictures totally inspire me. I don't know much about styling but my fav stylist is Niki Shadrow who graduated from FIDM and she knows her stuff too 🙂 Thanks for the great pics!

  • jas

    awesome coat! i need it

  • beckymonster

    another pair of thumbs up for squatting in public! (and for the fun looking pics)


  • Gabriella

    i love love love this coat and your pics are phenomenal.

  • soffi

    great boots!

  • Elisa

    haha, i love you! you are beyond the funniest person i know, and I don't even know you! xx

  • Michelle Lee

    Love this fur

  • Naina

    Hahahahaha Leandra, ya never fail to be so crazy that I laugh out loud in Starbucks and get weird stares. But it's okay because I'm boasting a huge man repelling scarf, and an equally huge fur jacket.

  • ELLA


  • Anonymous

    you don't stop making me laugh… you are truly an insipiraton

  • Yuka

    Love the posings as well as the jacket! <3 haha

  • The Annachrist

    You have too much fun doing this 😉

  • Matsini Pro

    I really looooooove your blog! (And I love your writing! it's not like "hi…I wear this that see me I am gorgeous…Bye) When I first discovered it I spend all watching, reading and thinking of all the times that my boyfriend looked at me as if I were an alien… I also made my boyfriend take a look at the blog and he said "No i don't like it" and then… I LOVED IT MORE:)
    take revenge for all of us:)

  • elena nikolaevna

    wow!i like everything! hehe,u are funny x))))

  • Daria Bessonova

    you're just wonderful!!!!

  • Anonymous

    omg, this kelly wearstler is such a blogger whore. geez, i dont care how many bloggers she pays to wear her stuff, or dinner parties she has for them, i still wont buy it. its nice stuff, but eh, she so desperate. i cant wear desperate brands.

  • Cocktails And Lip Gloss

    firstly, amazing outfit. secondly, you are hilarious!

  • Whitney Soup

    <3 these photos!

  • Lo

    I love everything about this outfit and these pictures. You seriously crack my shit up.

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