Sinatra’s Collar

Leandra Medine | November 11, 2011

Yesterday in news that rocks: an anonymous commenter commented on this post that she had spotted none other than Man Repeller favorite, Alexa Chung clad in MR DANNIJO Sinatra collar. I figured Anonymous hadn’t really perused attentively, maybe just wanted to redirect some attention elsewhere, and then I opened the link left and yes, yes, it was true.

I’m pretty stinking psyched. I think one of the most telling indications that I really was a Man Repeller back when this blog was a small little fetus was this one time after the Met Gala 2010 when I along with some lady friends rated favorite looks from the night. I wouldn’t say too many people leaned toward Gisele’s latex cross-hatch, but the votes spoke pretty well to this blog’s aesthetic. Surprise struck though when I’d ranked Alexa number one in her Phillip Lim penguin suit and Chanel gladi-pumps. And said rating ladies disagreed. Think about it, people. Thin penguin in Chanel. Where else would one draw inspiration, really? Shortly thereafter I’d stumbled upon a video interview whereby she pronounced her style “quite tomboy.” This was followed by a sentiment that expressed her liking toward fairly girlish clothing as well. But girly in the little girl sense. Like pouf-y dresses and peter pan collars and high necklines. I’m so right there with you. Finally, one time recently, I even had a dream we were having drinks at the Surf Lodge in Montauk and then played baseball. This is getting pretty creepy though. So let’s get on to what’s important because the real question here still remains…
  • beth

    no way you got this shit!

  • karina


  • Lia

    wow no way!! thats so awesome

    Glass of Fashion

  • Julie Khuu

    Hmmm…that's a toughie…Alexa looks downright demure with that collar while you, my dear, are totes repellant material with that funky mustache necklace come headdress…overall…YOU get the win Le!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  • Clara (The Working Girl)

    Ooo no no no! YOU wear it better 😉

  • thefashionguitar

    The color is lovely!


  • Doni Brown

    Haha I think you wore it better! Alexa Chung wishes she looked that repelling!

  • Melissa
  • lateybirdy

    i would kill for that collar but i live in Turkey so i don't think i can get a hold of it. (due to stupid customs rules!) can i????

  • itsmesassi
  • marialε

    hahaha love it!"
    My Fashion Bug

  • Trips & Treasures

    such a great collar/necklace ! love it on both of you
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  • CupcakesOMG!

    that's pretty good, but, you coulda made it better if you put a bird on it.

    it's a thought, that's all.


  • sarah

    id saw im equally obsessed with both you and alexa, haha. love the collar and seriously considering buying myself an early early holiday present. seriously.


    ahhh that collar is AMAZING and so is the stash necklace on yer head!! 🙂

  • Molliee

    SO amaze! I love her too and you both rock it! It's on my Christmas list!


  • Erica

    You wore that collar with man repelling pride!! I think it's really cute 🙂
    And I LOVED it when she wore the tux. It made me weep a little on the inside that it wasn't in my closet.


    In the Light of Style

  • Caroline

    Tough tough choise. but actually I also commented on your facebook wall last night about the Vero Moda campaign with YOUR design around Alexa's neck 😀 haha
    Now I can't see it, so I'm not sure if facebook deleted it, but anyhow. Let's get down to bussiness! Who wore it best?
    This is a real toughie, but I think that in the name of the Man Repeller, I will have to say YOU 🙂
    You're totally man repelling H to T, so you win 😀 You go girl!<3


  • things – collection

    You wear it best!!!!

  • bravegrrl

    you you you 😛

  • Blonde Vivant

    I think you ROCKED it!! congrats!
    <3 Blonde Vivant

  • Amuna

    You wear it better and you look so sweet!

  • Anonymous

    of course you do!!

  • Inhale | Fashion and Beauty
  • Emilie

    You wear it so well! Love that collar!

  • indie.electronic.alternative.

    no offense to all the chungster's, but i'm over her. you win.

  • Kelsey

    Dannijo konws best! Such great detailing!


  • Grace

    can't deny cool, funky, and quality!


    That necklace is BRILLIANT! Love Alexa Chung, and LOVE DANNIJO!

  • Carol

    love that necklace! looks so great on both of you.


  • Habiba. J

    WOW, congrats you look amazing with that collar. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might enjoy.

  • Olivia

    ughhhhhhh i've had my eye on this necklace for SOOOOO long, I WANT IT ON MY NECK NOW!


  • Carmo

    I love Alexa…but you wore it best 😉

  • PurplesPrettier

    I love that necklace SO MUCH that I featured it in my post today!! Oh, how I love collars…

  • Sleepy Darlings

    Your eyebrows are on upside down. And personally, i prefers me a leather collar.

  • ADJ

    I am loving Alexa Chung's look. She looks really stunning.

  • V

    creepy or not, i had a dream i was at a party in New York with you and Carolina Engman on the balcony of a lounge owned by Alexander Wang, or something like that. if you ever have any plans remotely related to that, call me uppp hahaha

  • aliaanonymous

    Such cute girls! And what a great collar.

  • Anonymous

    definitely you wore it best
    that mustache on the forehead has to become the new trend

  • Skinny Moonstick

    YOU!!! 100% you!!!

    skinny hugs.

  • ~Chelsea

    I love that collar necklace. Gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    "do you know frank sinatra..? he's dead, he's dead..AHAHAHA"

    ya heard?

  • Fashion Junkie

    So gorgeous!

  • Bela Monstro

    Well i think you know she didn't wear it better than you did. For me it is obvious that she didn´t 🙂

  • Marissa E.

    I have a mad girl crush on Alexa Chung and a creepy obesession thing for you (i mean your blog) soo…
    ….you BOTH are winners in my book.

    did @CupcakesOMG! make a Portlandia reference? YES.

    everyone is winning.

  • mi rincon fashion

    I want it¡¡ Maybe I could do myself.

  • [Virginie Peny]

    That shit is my favorite, love it!


  • Mary K.

    Leandra, love you so so much!!!
    You're my most favorite blogger ever.
    You've got the best taste!!!

    By the way, our web-site Buro 24/7 wrote an article on you, check it out please!


  • fhenny

    you're still the best! (y)

    style frontier

  • Sandro Rizzo

    it wasn't Chanel, it was Philip Lim!

  • Clara

    It's awesome! I love it!

  • Lea

    alexa wore it better, sorry….
    but i still like your blog..!


  • ankal

    i must say she wears it well. BUT: nothing ever beats a dalí monobrow!

  • Kerrin

    dude penguin in chanel=perfection. rock on sista.

  • Michelle Lee

    So pretty

  • Lydia

    This collar is just perfection. Just freaking awesome.

  • toopoorforcouture

    I love her!!! she looks amazing, and so do you!

  • Anonymous

    love the sinatra collar…

  • Anonymous

    you are soo pretty in that forehead/mustache piece

  • kristina@beancakes ★

    i LOVE this piece!!!
    xo ~ kristina

  • jas

    that collar is amazing

  • yvo

    wow congrats dear!

  • Anonymous

    congrats kid! couldnt be happier for you. love the post and the blog but correction she wore a philip lim suspender pant suit – iwdla

  • peony

    Those collar is a real treasure! amazing!

  • QA Create

    Ah, Alexa Chung is amazing in an endless number of ways. Her style is equally as charming as her witty personality. You guys both look amazing in the necklace. I am pretty obsessed with that necklace myself. It has the ability to add a whimsical feeling to any look.

  • Anonymous

    It's a damn shame you two aren't homies and shopping in eachothers closets but I found out about your blog from her twitter since she follows you. I hate "who wore it better?" things. Both of you are too awesome for that shit but if I HAD to pick it would be you. Her picture is from a campaign though and those are always snooze fests.

  • LovisaMaj

    i'm so glad i found your blog!!! i've been checking out the ARAM necklace at Dannijo. and of course i'm in love. my question is: can you ship to sweden??? i don't have a blog myself so maybe you can answer via mail? mine is: or maybe you use polyvore? "lovisamaj" at polyvore anyways. been using the necklace in a lot of sets. thank you for being so inspirational, instead of depressing such s many others (swedish) bloggers.. sorry. but they are.
    anyways, effing like you man!!!!!!!!!

  • Guenda

    lovely photos! I like them! 🙂

  • Linda Lu

    I think you wore the Sinatra collar better. How you paired it with the mustache piece was the deciding factor.

  • Grace

    Hmm…is there really a choice vs. Alexa Chung? haha I'm totally kidding! Looks like a tie to me! 😉