The Shoes Undergoing Acupuncture are Here

Leandra Medine | November 22, 2011

In partnership with SIX London.

I don’t know about you, but I like to take the subway. In a city choc full o’stress inducing traffic, obnoxious honking, and buttloads of morally ambiguous drivers that you know, may or may not drive you into an outer-borough alley and have their way, it just seems the underground route is massively more efficient. And while shit gets shady down there too and you may find yourself in a predicament of some sort, look no further than the funky footwear I designed alongside five other bloggers with company, SIX London (they do shoes for Opening Ceremony, too.) You can peep their designs here. But now, a little bit about mine: when I was approached last summer about partnering with SIX, I did what I always do in light of these generous collaborations and tried to design something that exists in my head, not yet in real life. I’d wanted a navy blue suede bootie for a while, just couldn’t find the proper fit. At the time, I was still gung-ho on Celine’s brilliant use of burgundy so I threw in some of that too. Initially, I’d wanted a classic shoe, one I could wear through thick and thin, date and girls night, fire and ice. But ultimately, what’s the point of designing a shoe without including some signature man-repelling kook? And so, that I did. You should know, however, that I have issues with committing to trends, so I did what I could to keep it business in the front, party in the back. The end result was what I will call: a taste of timeless Chanel, colored by Celine, combined with the kiss of Stevie Nicks. I’m all about a shoe that talks for the outfit, and I’m going to go ahead and say this one yells. Only twenty pair exist, so consider us bound by a spike. Should you wish to, you can buy yours here. You will, at the very least, remain safe…and you can’t put a price tag on safety.

  • PurplesPrettier

    These are fantastic. I've been debating between these and the new Alex Wang leopard wedges… DECISIONS!!!! But, I'm a safety girl… so, SAFETY FIRST! MR shoes it is.

  • Anonymous

    those are insane!! Insanely awesome.

    xo, Merritt

    The Style Scribe

  • Mediterraneo fashion


  • Devon

    Those are crazy, and yet, I love them. If they were in my budget, I would be on that like white on rice. Or, if that's not PC, I'd be on that like a unicorn on a rainbow. Better? Good.


  • alex glendenning

    Fan freaking tastic

  • Jerrica

    AWESOME 🙂 oh the shopping wish lists are growing.


    Fashion Nostalgia

  • Caitlin

    Yours were the best shoes of the bunch. And could actually physically repel someone if you needed them to.


  • Dominika

    these are AMAZING!

    Fashion Philosophy

  • Tammy Trujillo

    I could really use that kind of safety in LA metro. NY subway is far safer. 🙂 SUPER AWESOME design.

  • Alyssa

    Congrats, love them!

  • Emily K

    In the description they have your name as Leandra "Medina" !

  • ClosetCravings

    They sort of remind me of something Ruthie Davis would design. =)
    Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  • LRB

    I want these bad babies. And i want to threaten people with them. (half kidding?)

  • Carlinha Cavalcanti

    Olá!te seguindo!

  • marysia reeves

    i like to take the subway too! those are great weapons!…you should do a video of how to defend yourself in those:) xoxo happy thanksgiving Leandra!

  • Leslie

    The most fashionable weapon I've seen yet. Love it!

  • Habiba. J

    WOW, it's absoulutly gorgeous, the two toned colors go so well together and the spikes, how neat my gosh. I prefer the subway too, rather than the NYC noise going on every second. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.

  • IN State of Fashion

    OMG.. Absolutely amazing ..
    Great blog, wanna follow each other?


  • lucillejoy

    so brill! the most fierce footwear possible?/

  • Drops of neon

    Love them, Look dangerous 🙂


  • Michelle

    I love these! The spikes on the back are perfection!

  • FashionableAsians

    I sure would hate to stab myself when I cross my legs! -__-


    HONESTLY, these are facking incredible and I wish I could afford them! Hopefullyy they are in stock for awhile 🙂

  • Zoey H

    Makes me wish I wasn't broke! These are fabulous!

  • Anonymous


  • things – collection

    boots with acupuncture! yep!

  • kaitlyntru

    These are legit warrior – man repellers. I love them.

  • thefashionguitar

    Cool boots! Great job you did

    XO Charlotte

  • Ashley

    Trendy, yet harmful to the balls, if needed. Both the ingredients to a successful man repeller.

  • Sleepy Darlings

    These would only repel the men sneakin' up from behind, but they're good looking enough that i dont mind!

  • Melissa Soldera
  • Lionel

    Kisses from France!

  • Natasha

    Love it. And I love your justification for such marvellous design choices. Job well done! x

  • Guenda
  • Moi

    Yours are SO the coolest of the bunch. Easy, you might say, with a bunch composed of plagiarism, uniteresting and human repellent. Haha, trolling is fun.
    PS: if I ever meet you in person I will hug you no matter what shoes you are wearing.

  • beckymonster

    as soon as I saw these featured online I had a feeling it was a Man Repeller lovechild =D
    these shoes are killer, every sense of the word.


  • Melissa

    those are some killer shoes that I wish I could afford right now cause you know they would be BOUGHT

  • Audrey

    omg!you can hit someone with them!i don't like them at all…

  • Aahna

    I saw them in Refinery29, so man repeller! I just love this pair of shoes, the different color in the toe is just perfection.

  • Vasilieva

    love these, perfectly spiked and absolutely awesome

  • Karissa

    These are amazing, very nice work! So unique and such a great color combo. I want them on my feet now…

  • EU

    Forgot to mention that these very Nice shoes were MADE IN PORTUGAL!!!!!

  • Fashionista

    ah ah not a good shoe for the subway!

  • Carolina Sundell

    They look great and I like the whole idea that you can be safe 😉 I really think Six Label did a great thing, letting you guys design..

  • Carmo

    Made in Portugal!!! 🙂
    great design,love them

  • fashionably-late*

    I guess after reading this post I am outta luck before I've even begun….How will I get yours and carolines boots now??

  • iwannawearthat

    Pretty much obsessed with those shoes. Hot, and can cut someone when you're in trouble.

  • Holly

    Gorgeous shoes and hilarious post! *love*

  • Sheyla

    Out of the six styles this is by far my favorite, followed by Susie Lau's crazy funky platform boots. Would you wear the Style Bubble Platform Boot?

  • Molliee

    these look lethal! But I still want them;)

  • Yuka
  • Blonde Vivant

    These are freakishly cute! They look like they have a little spiky Mohawk going up the back…

    <3 Blonde Vivant

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    I want those, even though I'll probably get suspended from school if I wear those…

  • jas

    what the heck? i think you could kill someone with those

  • Natalie Live

    I looove the class in the front and badass in the back. These are beautiful and just cool! Use caution when doin the running man though…

  • thereformedwanderer

    LOVE! shoes to DIE for.

  • far and wild jewelry

    love love love those shoes/weapons! amazing use of color. keep those collaborations coming!

  • Amberly

    haaaahaha these could be used as an alternative to mace! LOL!


  • Dale

    Wow, these boots are so chic. I love the little spikes. They're dangerously hot!


    Just posted a Versace gold bracelet GIVEAWAY on my blog

  • thestyleflux

    Absolutely adore the design of this shoe! edgy!


  • matchalattewardrobe

    LOVE the color combination!

  • †Elmo La Cruz†

    Want them

  • Andsoweramble

    forget man repeller..its man killer with these

  • KatieBuggs


    if only you could do a collaboration that a single, working girl one year out of college could afford.

  • Michelle Lee

    Wow so edgy

  • Anonymous

    Cost of the shoes aside, I have no health insurance. So when I factor in the trip to the ER that would surely follow, I'm afraid I'll have to pass on these.

  • The life after


    The Life After

  • victoria saulovich

    Death by shoes…

  • Caitlin

    These kicks have you written all over them – love that. Your signature shoes. Who's better than you?




  • Michelle T

    love the shoes..but pricey! 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Emmy

    These are some kick-*ss boots!

  • steph

    of all the shoes i liked yours the best, must have something to do with safety..

  • DressedWell

    We love these boots! We want!

  • Ashley

    Well designed, MR. You have quite a future in footwear.

  • Its Mine I Made It

    LOOOVEEE these shoes.. you can totally make your own spiked headband and belts, they would match perfectly with these shoes.
    Check it ouuut, its super easy.


  • The Curvy Girl

    I love these…seriously.