Holiday Giveaway: Vive le Sequined Chest

Leandra Medine | November 30, 2011
We all want one thing: clear skin good holiday gifts. I mean, really good. Like, hold the patterned pornament for me and my Hanukah bush this year, I’d prefer a Celine Phantom. Often though, this sequence of events doesn’t quite pan out as dreamed. Awkward family members with missing teeth and curly red hair we didn’t even know existed all of a sudden pop out of cracks baring socks. And the only thing worse than socks as a birthday/Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa-hybrid present is pretending to enjoy receiving said socks. Unless, you know, they’re Happy Socks. In which case, give your sandals a proverbial high five and rock out with your frock out, literally. I digress. Now, this is where I come in and save the day. In light of bad holiday presents nationwide, every Wednesday from now through New Years I will be giving something awesome away alongside a generous vendor who sympathizes with your urge to rock. Up this week: and myself would love the offer you the gift of sequined chest. 
Markus Lupfer sweaters, $465 each. 
If you followed me on twitter, you’d know I’ve taken a massive liking toward these sweaters. They’re a perfect combination of quirky and chic, functional and frivolous, Man and Repeller. In the photo above, you’ll see five versions of the sweater but I’ve taken the liberty of ensuring that the big fat fun one with a planet–we’ll call it Planet Repeller–on the chest will become yours. The instructions to obtain it are simple, really: 1. Redirect your browser to Beso’s facebook wall and like them. 2. Comment on this here post with your full name 3. Like me on Facebook too. Because, you know, why not? I am, after all, the drug mule. And finally, say thank you to Beso. Just because Thanksgiving has gone doesn’t mean you should lose your manners. Next Wednesday (December 7th,) we’ll draw the winner and one of your hookers with have a shiny chest come triple x-mas! This is only open to U.S. residents, one entry per person! Sorry international flamingos, I’ll get you next week. Contest closed, congratulations Megan Bryant!
  • Michelle Lee

    Liked both of course 🙂 thank you beso
    Luckily I still have us address
    So please include me in

    Michelle K. Lee is my full name!

  • Viviana

    OBSESSED with Markus Lupfer and his amazing sequined sweaters! Full Name: Viviana Carmona.
    KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED until next Wednesday!!!!

  • Courtney B

    Psh, gurl, you ain't no drug mule. It's Courtney Benuche by the way! ;]

  • maura

    liked both, LOVE these sweaters! Full Name: Maura Leonard

  • Cheryl

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  • Thread_Obsessed

    Full Name: Lauren Miller.

  • MelissaG.

    Yayayyaayayy! Name: Melissa Reohr

  • Cheryl Chan

    Love those sweaters! Liked both 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I WANT THEM ALL! I can't resist sparkly things. Like a cat. Or a magpie.

    -Kristin Olson

  • Kat

    LOVE the astronaut and the open mouth. full name: Katherine Neubert. liked beso + MR on facebook, too!

  • Ashley

    Amazing giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed. This would go perfectly with my soon-to-be new socks.

    "Like" you both!

    Ashley Leutner

  • Tatiana Mestre

    Full name: Tatiana Mestre

  • LivAnna

    Liv Swenson!

  • Amanda

    "LIKED!" Now Patiently waiting for Wednesday!

    Amanda Camodeo

  • Alexis C

    Seriously, they are all brilliant! You are more of a sequined drug mule though……

    Alexis Cunningham is my full name


  • Anonymous

    Love love love these sweaters and your man-repelling ways. Anything that shimmers like these are absolutely perfect. Thank you Beso for this wonderful giveaway. My name is Erin DeMay 🙂

  • Lisa

    I'd say you're more of a pusher than a mule. 😛 Government name: Lisa Esparza

  • Merritt

    I just "liked" the Beso page and I already like Man Repeller! Thank you (and Beso) for a chance to win that amazing sweater!!

    xo, Merritt E. Beck

  • RevealingBeaute

    Love the open mouth and ring! Frances Williams / @RevealingBeaute

  • ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR

    The planet sweater is awesome! Thanks so much for the giveaway 😉 Consider both pages 'liked'

    XoXo-Kelli Kangas
    (I have both US and Canadian addresses, lucky me)

  • Brunette Blogging

    Oh nooo I just got all excited about possibly owning that sequined poodle! Unfortunately I'm not a US resident. Boo! Looking forward to next week 🙂

  • Molly

    These look beautiful!
    My full name is Mary Parato.
    And of course thank you Beso 🙂

  • Becca Bell

    Oh, pitterpat. Favorite giveaway yet. Gracias, Beso. Rebecca B. Bell is the name my folks gave me.

  • Celia W

    I adore the one with the combat boot on it. So shiny!

    Also, the website you linked to has the sweaters for $265, not $465. Was that a typo or did they drop the price because you're awesome?

    -Celia Wells

  • Nikita Desai

    Thank you Beso!!!

    Nikita Desai

  • Authentic8ke Style, Inc.

    I have LIKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YayYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Candace Whaley is my name and Authentic8ke Style is my fashion game!!!!!

  • Karla Ross

    Karla Kristyne Fliehler Massey Ross (I know…..)

    Thanks, Beso!

  • Anonymous

    OMG My tutor recommended me to do work experience with Markus Lupfer!!
    My name is Shekinah Dogbatse

  • Sam

    Lurve these. Keeping my fingers crossed that I may hopefully have a shiny chest fit to man repel with one of these.
    Full Name: Sam Meacham

  • ascissoraday

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweater!!!!
    Rikki Traina

  • Anonymous

    Very Nice!!
    Richard Peterson

  • Hanna

    Great sweaters!

  • marialudeke

    Maria Ludeke!

    Thank you Beso! 🙂
    I want to wear one on xmas!!

  • Sabrina

    My full name is Sabrina Cruz Campuzano
    Soo in love with these babes,they shall be mine and i'll love them 'till spring(or summer,idk)

  • Ellie Kalczynski

    Elizabeth Kalczynski.

    I'm all about the Tim Curry-esque lips.

  • Sarah Hameed

    Love the sweater!! thank you Beso 🙂
    Sarah Hameed

  • Hannah E

    This is such a cool giveaway. I did all the steps in hopes that I win!

    -Hannah Margaret Edge

    P.S. I love your site.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Beso and your man repelling tips helping all of us prepare to invade the world with man repelling. ~Anique M. Olguin

  • Pastelle

    Hi Leandra! I'm bugged that it's only for US residents! But, I have relatives there so can I please enter? I would love to have that! 🙂 Name: Pastelle Reyes

  • NicoleJamie

    Full name: Nicole Filewich

    Thank you 🙂

  • Brittany Kelly

    Thank you Beso! I liked both on facebook. My full name is Brittany R. Kelly.

  • Becca Goodburn

    Rebecca Goodburn

    This would be the perfect gift for my sister who always gives me such nice things (I'm talking vintage LV), but I can't yet afford to do the same. Totally matches her funky taste.

  • Anonymous

    Full Name: Chelsea Owen-Turner, adore the sweaters!!

  • Aleena

    My name is Aleena Khan, would love this piece!
    Thanks beso and Man Repeller xx

  • Rachel Miller

    My name is Rachel Miller and I am a glitter-aholic…sequins, rhinestones, crystals you name it I'm like a magpie

    Gracias Beso and ManRepeller for fueling my relapse

  • amykriensky


    Amy Kriensky

  • Megan F

    there is now a void in my life that can only be filled by a sequin planet sweater, so thanks beso for giving it to someone! (hope i win hope i win hope i win)

    Megan Falls


    Ania Bilinska!!!

  • rebecca

    Rebecca Ott

    I LOVE these sweaters and just about everything else that you post!!!

  • Erica Borchiver

    Thank you Beso and Man Repeller!!! xoxo
    Erica Borchiver

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Beso!!

    <3Meghan Weber

  • Toni Paterakis

    THANK YOU BESO!!! I liked them on Facebook and I OBVIOUSLY already like TMR. My full name is Toni C. Paterakis

  • Sheree

    Loving these sweaters!!!!!!!
    I could totally rock one..pick me!
    Sheree Morrison

  • Jenna

    Sequins? Sweaters? Sign me up!
    Thank you so much Beso, and of course Man Repeller!!
    Jenna Anderson

  • Anonymous

    This makes me excited!! 🙂

    Full name: Melissa Tan

  • Lane

    Lane Scott Jones <4


    My name is Molly Erftmier and my life will be complete with a planet sweater.

    You are rad!

    Thanks so much!

  • Sarah {Raving Fashionista}

    I'm obsessed with anything sequined – my boyfriend refers to me as a wanna-be ice capades dancer on a fairly regular basis, how I've managed to not completely repel him yet is beyond me. Needless to say, having that a sequin-covered chest in all it's Planet Repeller glory would be the best gift! (Did I mention my birthday's December 10th and I come from a family notorious for giving terrible gifts?)

    Liked you both, Thanked you both, and my name is miss Sarah Gleeson!

  • Anonymous

    NAME: Ashlee Kalinowski

    Thank you Beso. Thank you man repeller. Thank you universe!

  • Cydney Eldh

    I love basics with a twist! Markus Lupfer always has a unique spin with his designs! My full name is Cydney Eldh. Thank you so much Beso (and Man Repeller), and both pages have been "liked"!

  • Jane

    Jane Schlech! Dying for one of those sweaters – they're all amazing.

  • Emily

    I love these sweaters! They are so fantastically gorgeous! Love, love, love to repell in one of these bad lads =]
    Thank you to both the Man Repeller and Beso for allowing me to daydream the perfect outfit to accompany the sequined planet.
    -Emily Miller

  • Anonymous

    Jackie Schirmer Kane
    I want nothing more for Christmas then to have a gigantic sparkly planet emblazoned upon my chest.

  • mouse

    lizz kinports
    wowow those are gorjizz

  • Claire McGovern

    Name: Claire McGovern

    Much love to ya, Beso and my home girl, Man Repeller.

  • Anonymous

    kiiinda leaning towards that awesome moon man but the planet would make me feel like i am the universe so that's cool. thank you beso and MR. you guys the coolest kids in school.

    Brianna Berggren

  • ali

    Love and gracias!!! Ali Ellis

  • Laura_Maradam

    We need an International one ASAP!

  • jenny

    like the astronaut! Jenny Tsui

  • Sam Sault

    I love these! Thank you Beso and THANK YOU Man Repeller for always making me laugh over my morning coffee.

  • Caitlin

    This is me commenting with my full name: Caitlin Gonzalez!

    Thanks for the giveaway to you and Beso!!


  • Emma y Flor

    Love them! liked the both of you! Graciassss

    Emilia Pereyra

  • thefashionguitar

    Boehoeeee I want to win one 🙂

    XO Charlotte

  • manganssister

    Kaitlyn MacMurray. Love them!

  • hannah

    Thanks for the giveaway, both of you!
    Hannah Zabarsky

  • Suze

    The poodle sweater speaks to me like nothing else.

    Thanks, Beso!
    Suzanne Raouf

  • Jesse James

    Thanks for the chance at interplanetary fashion!
    -Jessica Accorso

  • Holly

    That poodle! Love 🙂

    I'm Holly Kvinge and I have liked you and Beso and said a nice thank you as well. Fingers crossed!

  • Ashley Visvanathan

    I would man repell so hard in that astronaut sweater.

    Love yooouuuuu!

    Ashley Visvanathan

  • Trisha

    I love space with my whole glittery heart.
    Trisha Rackham

  • Jesse James

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  • Anonymous

    Oh yes, I like this.
    Kiki Jai Raj

  • Cate

    Yes please!

    Catherine Urena

  • Gina Galgano

    My name is Gina Galgano and I am a planetary loving, all things that glitter obsessed, repeller in training. Merci, to the fanciest drug mule repeller Leandra. Gracias, Beso for your awesome generosity!!

  • Anonymous

    because I believe a boy totally could (and should) rock this:

    Joseph Miner

    Thanks, beso!

  • Lisa

    Omg the poodle one!! I need it!!

    Lisa Andrews

  • Robin West

    Finger's crossed! This seems like the ultimate Man Repelling sweater to offend unsuspecting passer-bys while happy as a clam that I have a sparkling chest!

    Robin West

  • Anna

    mmmm 'parkly.
    liked and liked!

    Anna Buckner

  • Anonymous

    Love this! I'm totally digging the colorful poodle.


    Carly Karmel

  • nicole

    those shirts are so cool!
    new to your blog but its awesome!
    full name: nicole assis

  • Anonymous

    I get excited thinking about all the men I could repel with that glorious sweater.

    double like!

    Stephanie Dutenhafer

  • Nikac

    Nika Čegec

  • Melita

    Thank you to both Man Repeller and Beso! The sweater totally rocks my universe.
    Melita Lihzis

  • rena noble

    one of each, please.

    rena noble

  • Anonymous

    Leora Reiter

  • Aimee G

    My chest could use some stellar bling!
    My facebook name is Aimee Gee.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    Just for the record, I've been told I rock the planet-shaped-sequin-sweater look!

    Jaquelin Valente

  • Anonymous

    I'm excited about this giveaway!!

    Full Name: Stacey Summerville

  • Anonymous

    Good thing you chose which sweater! They're all so good I wouldn't have been able to make up my mind! Thanks Beso & Thanks Leandra Medine!

    Marjorie Nunez

  • Liz

    What better way to start the year with Sparkly McSparkleson sweaters that are out of this woooorld?!

  • Sarah Budin

    Name: Sarah Budin

  • Anonymous

    Thank you thank you Beso I love the sparkle! Full name: Jessica Gerlach

  • ariannasan

    To Beso + Man Repeller, you are both so very wonderful. To Markus Lupfer sweaters, you slay me with your sequins.


    Arianna Sanders

  • Reena Chohan

    Reena Chohan

    LOVE them… adorable.
    Thanks BESO and manrepeller

  • Jen Schelich

    I love them all! But I will happily let Saturn grope the mini moons on my chest as no one from Mars ever will. My facebook name is Jennifer Schelich. Thank you!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you glitter universe, beso, & TMR.

    Jill Jeffries

  • Anonymous

    Really exciting!
    Full Name. Holmfridur B. Sigurdardottir

  • Zena

    love! Zena Iles

  • Anonymous

    The astronaut and planet sequin sweaters are out of this worldd.

    Tiffany Hu 🙂

  • Mercedes

    Mercedes Knapp!
    Ahh, so gorgeous. Thank ya, Beso 😉

  • Fanny Cortade

    lovelovelove the sweatshirts !! full name is Fanny Cortade , from Paris with love dear repeller !

  • Aleah Goldman

    You liked the sweaters so much, you put a ring on it! Coveting these, thanks to Beso and Ms. Man Repeller! Xo, Aleah Goldman

  • Anonymous

    My full name is: Rachel Jacqueline Bloem. I love the mouth sweater with my whole heart.

  • Rubie

    Love love love! Thanks Beso.
    Rubie Edmondson

  • Anonymous

    jina lee! submit meeeee xx

  • Anonymous

    Kate Berardino

    Shanks a lot Beso! 🙂

  • Marissa Window

    Give it to meh!
    Marissa Window /


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  • Diana Lane

    EEP! I mean, how well would that sweater go with my jorts and hole-y tights this winter? The answer is very well. Very well indeed.

    Diana Lane

  • Colleen

    lovelovelove 🙂 colleen mccroskey

    thank you baso and man repeller!!


    Always finding the repelling way for you giveaways! nice nice baby… tururutururu….
    Tamara Bucio

  • Anonymous

    Tyler Murphy,


  • LillyFuksYouWish

    Lilly Fuks is deserving of one of these bad boys after one too many bad sock presents under her Hanukkah Bush.

  • Molly Guinan

    Yay! Molly Guinan has thank yous for everybody!

  • Julie

    Julie Skipper

    Awesomeness. Thank you, Beso!


    Astronaughtily + Sincerely,
    Jodie Love

  • Katy Sue

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Love these sweaters.
    Katy Bower

  • Anonymous

    ohmysweetbabyjesus! I loooove these! thank you.

    natalie marie tracy

  • Anonymous

    Lenea Sims

  • Anonymous

    Hannah Murphy

  • Sofiya

    Sofiya Brisker

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Couldn't resist the shiny.

    Thank you Beso! Thank you Man Repeller! Thank you sequins (for existing)!

  • Caitlin

    Caitlin Scheller. Thanks beso. And I know for a fact that I look pretty great in a Jupiter sweater, so.

  • Anonymous

    And Thank you Beso,
    Love, Lenea

  • Anonymous

    thank you beso !!! and thank you man repeller !!!

    full name: caitlin churchill

  • girlmeetstailgate

    liking on Facebook, LOVE these, many thanks Beso and would be honored to flail around in this sweater! name: Mallory Forfar

  • Katie Dodd

    wonderful! muchas thanks Beso!

    Katie Dodd

  • Julia Lynch

    Love these sweaters, they're adorable! Thank you Beso and Man Repeller! My full name is Julia Lynch.

  • Jenna Galloway

    Thank you BESOOOOOOOOOO for your sparkly chest-ness!

  • Aubrey

    Aubrey Winert

    You are the most adorable and the funniest.

  • belindaannbennett

    These sweaters would SPARKLE in Texas! Thank you Beso and Man Repeller! Belinda Bennett

  • Cristina Lee

    OMG yes please!
    Cristina Suazo

  • Emily Bailey

    Emily Bailey

    Thank you BESO! Cant wait to shake my planets with that! fingers crossed!

  • Liz

    I am dying over that astronaut one! Thanks! Elizabeth Doyle.

  • Chelsea

    Oh God. I need one of these's making me light headed….

    Chelsea Pfender !

  • Kimberly Awad

    AHHHH these are to die for! yayy!!

    <3 Kimberly Awad

  • Vanessa Llovet

    My love for sequin is ALMOST unhealthy and tacky! These sweaters are TOO perfect..

    Vanessa Llovet

  • Hannah Bulger

    I think I saw that astronaut sweater in a dream once.

    – Hannah Bulger

  • m.

    Maria Belford

  • Ana Bowens
  • Lexi Zapien


    Lexi Zapien

  • Rafaela Sanchez

    You're a swell woman! : Rafaela Remy Sanchez

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the planet sweater! Merci Man Repeller & Beso!!!
    xx Kailey Boland

  • Rhiannon Begeal

    Planet Man Repeller all the way!

  • Ana GradComD

    I likey liked both of you and Thank you Beso & Man Repeller!
    Awww I want one of these soooo bad 😀
    Ana Gegaj

  • natalieejean

    Just gonna add myself to the many above who would love to rock a sequined gawdy poodle to their family christmas party.



    (Natalie Jean McHugh)

  • jas

    LOVE the poodle one! thanks beso
    Jasmine Lindsay

  • Mallory Nickels

    That planet sweater would not repel my (nerd of a) man! Love it!

    Mallory Nickels 🙂

  • Megan Timlin

    Megan Timlin

  • Lucy

    Lucy Mullin

    That sweater is the and I'm in need of some sass/snazz for the holiday ( and you know, whenever)!

    Love ya, Leandra!

  • kcmilianta

    Thank you Beso + Man Repeller!
    -Casey Milianta

  • Megabean

    Man Repeller: Thank you for changing my life; without you I never could've embraced my "Bag-Lady-Chic" personal style. <3

    Beso: Thank you!! The sweaters are yo!

    Melanie Nomura

  • Ashley

    This would be one of those sweaters I wear for 5 days straight. Thanks, Beso!

    Ashley Bona

  • hilarypresley

    Hilary Presley

  • nnrosenf

    marissa rosenfeld

  • Jennifer

    Thanks Man Repeller for your inspired and inspiring work! And how awesome that is achieved by just being your awesome drug mule self?!

    And I haven't forgotten you, Beso. Great stuff! And love the word "architected" in regards to your site. Thanks for your passion and products.

    Kisses, Jennifer Elsner

  • Anonymous

    I entered! Thanks so much!

    Laura Santoski

  • Jessica

    LOVE the Planet Repeller!

    Jessica Reynolds

  • skinnybroke

    perfect timing for sequins!

    -Alexandra Noriega

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much!! Yelena Kotlarsky

  • Madeline

    I could really use a win right now!

    Madeline Zappala


  • lizbet

    you are my daily medicine.. laughing, grunting and sighing medicine. new name is leandra dr feelgood.

    Elizabeth Ames

  • Anonymous

    Thanks beso & man repellaaa


    Emily M Kerscher ~

  • missy schnaps

    dear man repeller… let me count the ways of how much i like you… the 12 days of christmas have got nothing on ya! the eight nights of hanukkah don't compare to your brightness… oh man repeller, i like, i like!! xoxox, and please keep up the good work and of course, please and thank you- manners do count!!

  • Emily B

    Would absolutely love to win! Not only is this shirt reminiscent of the one from spinal tap that janine makes for David, it just plain rules. Love your site to pieces.

    Emily bolognese

    Emartin1981@ gmail dot com

  • gabbypred

    Gabrielle Pred says thanks to beso and man repeller 🙂 love the sweaters!!

  • Allie

    For this annual airing of A Very Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, I, Alexandra Kokesh, would like to take a break from snacking to say I am thankful for sequinned freebies and giveaways from Beso and the Man Repeller.

  • Jessica @ Here(and)Now

    Quiero besarte man repeller and beso!! This is awesome, then the planet(s) would revolve around me, roight!?
    Thank you
    Jessica Sweatt

  • Anne

    Anne Byrne loves your site! It makes my heart happy! That sweater makes my heart happy, too. Thanks to you and beso for the awesome giveaway!!

  • Anonymous

    i'm OBSESSED with your fabulosity.. and those fierce balls of bling.

    THANK YOU BESOS and MAN REPELLER!! muchos besos to BESO. see i can be clever too 🙂

    you're my inspiration.


    Karen Flexer Friedenberg

  • Lydia

    I liked them, I liked you, my full name is Lydia Armstrong, and I hope I winnnnnnnnnn!!!! Thanks, Beso!

  • Katie Parry

    Katie Parry- I LOVE these sweaters! Please please please pick me, I would wear it every day 🙂 Thanks, Beso and man repeller!

  • Becky

    Thank you Beso!
    & Thank you Man Repeller
    For being the best kind of drug mule there is-
    The sequins giving kind 🙂

    Rebecca Bartley
    (full name)

  • Luna

    those are GLORIOUS. thanks so much (you and beso) for the chance to win one!

    full name on fbook is Luna Eileen Victoria Estey, because I don't do things halfway.

  • Chelsea Kreps

    I love these!
    Chelsea Kreps
    Thanks Beso and Man Repeller you are the best!

  • sjlm

    I had not ran into these adorable chic sweaters before and I must admit I'm head over heels!  even if I'm not a lucky winner I will soon be shopping for one!
    Samantha LaMacchia-Meeks !! 

  • Eva

    liked both of course 😉 thank you man repeller and beso for this super offer 😀 i love love your site !
    Eva O' Hare

  • MzElena23

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  • lauren

    holy lady boner! that sweater is to die for. pick me! so many man repelling possibilities. THANK YOU Beso and THANK YOU Man Repeller!

    Lauren Angarola

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the contest. I love your witty insightful clever fashionable posts. Love ya! Sabria Hafeez

  • jessica farron

    Thank you ManRepeller & Beso for making each day super fun when I look at your websites. LOVE these!!! My full name is Jessica Farron.

  • Prin Bacalan


    Prin Bacalan

  • Karen Lopez

    thank you Beso and Man repeller of course ! Love yaaa

    Karen Lopez

  • MzElena23

    Absolutely amazing giveaway! Thank you! 🙂

    Elena Dyrdahl

  • Fashion Dubrovnik

    Tea Romić (but on FB is Fashion Dubrovnik)

  • Anonymous

    I wish id had this for space camp in 5th grade…
    Sofia Smith

  • Ogle, Obsess, Own.


    Massive Props and huge Thank you to and Man Repeller!!

    <3 Rachel Chan

  • Anonymous

    Ilana Schulder YAYYYYYY

  • Leez Cook

    Elizabeth Cook would love a big shiny planet across her chest, to wear proudly for my xmas night dinner party! peace, love and Man Repelling!

  • Jackye

    This is AWESOME! Thanks Beso AND Man Repeller for the fun giveaway!

    Jackye Villarreal

  • Chloe

    Wow, amazing sweatshirts!! I have been looking for one like that for a while now! Thanks for the giveaway.

    Chloe Childs

  • Jessica Murillo

    These sweaters are totes magotes needed in my wardrobe. Here are the reasons why:

    1. I am from South Texas and currently moving to North Texas where it is freezing cold all winter. With that said, I have ZERO sweaters, yes none, and this beautiful sweater would be an amazing first!

    2. I have already planned out a million outfits with this sweater, including that short sleeve yeti shirt that you wore the other day. And yes I bought that yeti shirt immediately after you posted those pictures.

    3. Please?


    Jessica Murillo

  • Heidi

    YES please! Full name: Heidi Gruner

  • Eileenie

    Eileen Wang

    Thanks Beso.

    Thanks Man Repeller.




    Thank you Beso! Thank you Man Repeller!

    Love love LOVE ~

    Heather Sawracki
    (Heather Jean Jantz on FB) :)xo

  • NatalieSandman

    Markus Lupfer = Love. Besos = Love, Man Repeller = Love.

    Natalie Sandman (…like the monster)

  • Anonymous

    Love these sweaters! Liked the page, already liked yours, about to post my thank you, now here's my full name:

    Selah Dorothy Packett

  • Anonymous

    This sweater is AMAZING. perfect for this cold canadian winter!

    Navin Habibi

  • Paperstarz

    Full of awesomeness! Love the planet, the best!

    Laura Hickman aka Paperstarz

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE ME SOME SEQUINNED PLANET! thank you man repeller and BESO for understanding my needs!!! how amazing would it be to rock this in Bogota, Colombia? TOO AMAZING.
    full name: Daniella Jaramillo

  • katie james

    Thanks L & Beso!
    happy holidays!

  • Victoria

    Victoria Walton loves cool sweaters!

  • bineky

    Name: Allison Pickard
    Thanks Beso! Thanks MR!

  • Shannon Copley

    Thank you to Beso for sharing such brilliance with the world! And to The Man Repeller; without you, my morning (and midday and afternoon and evening) tea breaks would be just….tea. And that would be sad, because there wouldn't be any Chanel victorian booties to bring a smile to my face. And where else would I learn how to layer? Man Repeller, you're absolutely brilliant!

    Shannon Copley

  • Penelope

    It's always a good day when there is a new post on The Man Repeller, but a sparkling sweater giveaway makes it an EXCELLENT DAY! Thank you for all of your witty comments and sartorial inspiration! And also BESO for giving me access to such repelling clothes! (feel free to send me some Valentino Rockstud shoes!)

    <3 Ariana Pappas

  • Vicki

    Vicki Diez would rock the galaxy out of that planet sweater. Need it in my life…

    Thank you! And obviosly Man Repeller!

  • Anonymous

    WOW i want this sweater!! Thanks beso you're amazing!

    Elsa Leclerc

  • Anonymous
  • Maddie

    Man Repeller killin' it as always.

    Maddie Yardley

  • Anonymous

    Christina C. Nelson

  • Mrs. C

    These are amazing!!! Wow!! Love em!! Ok so I busted out my buddha beads this week…remember those?!? Take a look 🙂

  • Courtney M.

    I hope no one has made this bad joke already… BUT:

    for spring you can tie the planet sweater around your waist and then your ass will be out of this world! (HAAA)

    Here's my name: Courtney Marcellin

    Thanks Beso and thank you!

  • Allegra Barnes

    So festive!

    -Allegra Barnes

  • Sarah Thornton

    Thank you MR and Beso! Tis the season for Solar System Sweaters!

    Sarah Thornton

  • Dear Polia

    Pick me! Pick me! Love the sweaters!
    Nadia Lauterbach

  • Megan Jarosak

    Thanks for lookin' out Man Repeller! And of course I've already 'liked' you on good ol' Facebook.

    Megan Jarosak

    P.S. After getting a sense of your ever growing repelling techniques, I now feel like you would enjoy a trip out west (i.e. Portland, OR) because nothing is more repelling that red sequence rain boots and army parkas. And if you ever do make it out to the greenest, weirdest, most coffee/booze infused city in the country, don't be a stranger!

  • Anonymous

    You did it once again. Everything you touch, you turn into gold!
    These sweaters are no exception, although they are fabulous on their own.
    These sweaters are a great
    way to celebrate the holiday season comfortably, yet without sacrificing style.
    Wishing you much success,

    – Sarika J. Angulo

  • Anonymous

    This is gorgeous and quirky all in the same. I love it. Already thinking of things I could combine it with for some serious manrepelling. Perfection

    Megan Lindon

  • Rachel

    my name is Rachel Martin and my new goal in life is to have one of these sweaters and wear it with EVERYTHING ALWAYS

  • Rkaron

    Thank you Beso! Thank you Man Repeller! Holiday Cheer to all!

    RIna Karon

  • Lindley

    I posted about these on The Flip Side a while ago – I LOVE them! SO unique + chic. I would wear them with leather leggings and my studded Valentino flats.
    Lindley Arnoldy

  • Anonymous

    glitter!!! I want!!

    Catherine Lee-Johnston

  • Jess Ann

    These are AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much!!! I am pretty sure my boyfriend will be repelled forever!!!

    Jessica Ann Clifford

  • Megan Sanderson

    Megan Sanderson! Thanks Beso for making a killer sweatshirt. so rad.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh I hope I win!! Those sweaters are AMAZE-BALLS!

    Natalie Gossett

  • Anonymous

    I need that planet! Please. Thank you for the excellent give-away.

    Name: Rhea Hernandez

  • i_am_jacqui

    Jacqueline Wu would love to slap a hot, sexy shiny planet over her chest this winter! Thankyou Beso and Man Repeller, you guys are amazeballs.

  • Anonymous

    Renata Maccione is my full name, an being summer in Argentina, i can guarantee that IT WILL BE MY HONOR to sweat my ass off in that sweater!!!

    thanks for the giveaway, and for looking to the camera in your blogs pictures.

  • mariel elisa

    Slouchy planet please.

    Mariel Wuilloud

  • Anonymous

    Need sequined poodle sweatshirt! Thanks Beso and Man Repeller!

    Lucy Nevanen

  • Anonymous

    Renata Maccione is my full name, an being summer in Argentina, i can guarantee that IT WILL BE MY HONOR to sweat my ass off in that sweater!!!

    thanks for the giveaway, and for looking to the camera in your blogs pictures.

  • Sabrina

    Im entering the contest!!!!

    Sabrina Heasley

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks Beso and Man Repeller!!! Love the sweaters. xoxo e Full name: Elizabeth Wilbert

  • Kelsey

    Amazing giveaway! Thanks!

    Kelsey Bickley

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    love it!

    Full name: Shannon Hayes

  • Liz

    Perfect nerdy chic combo. Thanks for awesome giveaway!

  • modern Suburbanites
  • Anonymous

    Nothing says AWESOME like a sequined planet sweater!

    Perfect for my fledgling man-repeller ways!

    Thank you Beso and Man Repeller!

    Ariana C Flores

  • Lydia Nelson

    Thank you and Leandra!
    Lydia Nelson

  • Andrea

    I really need the sequined poodle sweater to make my life complete. That's all.

    xoxo, Andrea Bremser (

  • Anonymous

    LOVE Beso and especially the Man Repeller!! Thanks for the awesometastic giveaway!

    Madelyn Arthur

  • Christine

    Those sweaters are amazing, thank you both for the giveaway! I would love to wear that space sweater to a holiday party 🙂 Full name is Christine Vu!

  • Anonymous

    Me wanty!!

    Caitlin Batting

  • Cassandra Gonzalez

    I need that planet repeller!

    Cassandra Gonzalez

  • Cassasass

    Love love love…..Cassidy North-Reist

  • Anonymous

    thanks beso you horny one! and thanks lea too, you know you rock even without sweaters on. i suppose!

    Laura Meister

  • Anonymous

    Man Repelling since April 1986.

    Ashley A. Robinson

  • @anonymous

    Yay! thanks to beso.
    My name is Meryl Sands, but on facebook it's Meryl Sandstorm.

  • Dresden Miranda

    Dresden Miranda Melton!!

    Obsessed with your musings and these sweaters! Fingers crossed!

    Thank you beso!

  • Patricia Chung

    Oh man, that Poodle Sweater is calling my name.

    Thanks Besos and Man Repeller!!!

    Patricia Chung

  • Quince

    Quincy Korte-King

    Thanks youuuu Beso!

  • Jessica McNear

    There is an actual chance I may be hit by a comet if I am not wearing this sparkle saturn sweater soon.

    Jessica Shae McNear > everyone else who wants this sweater


  • Lauren

    Lauren Joplin! Do you think if I comment something clever enough I could win?

  • M.

    Beso rocks for this. Liked both of course!

    xx Marissa Smith

  • chloe111

    Dear Leandra,
    I know that to you I am just another fan, but you mean the world to me. If I was a planet, you would be the sun and my world would revolve around you. I pray that one day I might actually get to meet you, but until then, I spend every second of free time stalking I don't do so much work anymore and I am pretty much failing out of school because I can't stop looking at pictures of you. I don't really have so many friends these days because I spend my lunch and free periods on your website. Leand (Is it okay if I call you that?) you are my everything. Some evenings, I even stand on the street next to Ramaz on the off chance that you will be there.
    I love and respect every decision or yours.
    You are amazing.
    I will never stop following you.
    My life will forever revolve around you.
    Lets have an arm party soon (LOL).
    The girl who ties her Supergas behind her ankle,
    Yaela Rose Halper
    P.S. Cool Sweatshirts!

  • Kaitlynn

    These are so fun! Thanks!

    Kaitlynn Donnelly

  • Anonymous

    these are so fun! Thanks Beso and Man Repeller!

    Kaitlyn Beukema

  • NetochkA

    Natasha Haley

  • lrogo88

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  • Mich Wells

    My Hanukkah bush would be zazzed beyond belief with this all up in its situation. Man Repeller and Beso, you do that thing I like.

    Mich Wells

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    These are yummy.

    Rebecca Train.

  • Tessa

    Can't wait to get my manrepelling on!

    Full name: Tessa Ku

  • Anonymous

    Yes Please!

    Grace Kunkel

  • lrogo88

    this would forever fill my dreams of being a planeteer with the captain planet crew. forget earth, wind, and fire, even though captain planet did rock that sweet green mullet. THANK YOU BESO and THANK YOU manrepeller.
    -Laura Rogozinski-

  • lila.mpls

    Lila habermann

  • Anonymous

    Lovin the sparkles! A planet across the chest is always a good idea. Thank you BESO for the giveaway!!

    Elizabeth Edmonds

  • NetochkA

    Oh and Thank you Beso!

  • Sara Snyder

    Sara Snyder
    twitter: sarasnydz

    LOVE YOUR BLOG….it's my homepage so clearly I read it every day 🙂

  •!/Heather_May Heather May

    Thank you to Man Repeller and Beso for doing this giveaway!!! I NEED that sweater! <3 Heather May

  • Anonymous

    Yummmy sequins!

    Lucy Henson

  • Jacqueline Marquez

    Both of you were already on my Like list. Thanks for the MR giveaway Beso.

  • Sofie Hovde Bragnes

    Love them!!

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    Of course I like you both, and thanks Beso!
    My full name is Lily Sheng

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Man Repeller and Beso!

    Hannah Steinblatt

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    Brita Bergland

    Outta this world!! 😉

  • Julianna

    thanks beso for the swag
    & Man Repeller! for always aiding in my boyfriend hating everything I put on.

    xx Julianna Hamett

  • Ruthie Thier

    Thanks so much Beso and Man Repeller, always brightening each of my days

    Ruthie Thier

  • Mary O’Reilly

    I could die for one! Thanks, Beso and Man Repeller!!

    Mary O'Reilly

  • Riva Dunn

    planet me please.
    Riva Dunn

  • Anonymous

    Lauren Elizabeth Colbert


  • Sara Pastor

    Absolutely love the sweaters !! too bad it isn´t international wide… I´ll have to wait for the next giveaway…hahaha

    Love your site !

    xoxo from Spain !

  • Alice Patricio

    Perfect sequined sweaters!

    Alice Patricio

  • america

    I have been looking for a man repeller sweater for so long! Looks like I found me dream!

    America Guerra

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    This sweater is fantastic. Crossing my fingers! Thanks for the giveaway. 😀

  • Cade

    So pretty! Thanks Beso!

    Arcadia Barrile

  • Anonymous

    i am obsessed with this beautifully original planet-repeller sweater.. i'm playing david bowie's life on mars in my head whenever i look at it 🙂

    my full name is Monica Garcia Menendez – thank you!

  • Tammy Trujillo

    I could go for one of each of those sweaters. Just checked out Beso and they have a great warehouse of goods. Thanks for the tip!

    Tammy Trujillo

  • Roman Trends

    Today I've seen the boots you disegned!!! The coolest!!! perfect so congrat!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing spangled sparkly sweater gear – Thank you for such a great giveaway…

    Jennifer Young

  • Lindsey Reiser

    That's definitely an astro-DO, not an astro-NOT. Gimme!

    -Lindsey Reiser

  • Anonymous

    wow these are awesome – thanks Beso!

    Huma Ali

  • Kristi

    Those are some gorgeous-ass sweaters! And they're also waaay out of my price range (poor college student ftw)

    Liked all the pages(duuuuh).

    Drooling all over the keyboard,
    Kristi Shevkun

  • Merri

    Gorgeous sweatshirts–I'm dying over the planet one! Thanks Beso!

    Merri Strand

  • scarlisl

    Sweatshirts and sequins? I'm all over it!

    Sara Carlisle

  • Garnet Glaze

    I love sequins, I have lots discarded form old ladies, but not a very fancy new one!!! Thanks beso and man repeller for being freakin awesome!!!

    Garnet Glaze

  • Julia Mazur

    I need this planet to repel men from my abnormally large chest. It's a necessity.

  • Anonymous

    yayyyy beso!
    i want that mouth one!
    alexandra zens

  • Laura

    Love the planet sweater!!!

    Laura Torres

  • Francesca

    Francesca Wigelsworth

    Thank you BESO!!! OMG AMAZING.

  • Emily

    i'm the saddest international flamingo

  • Kirby Morris

    Those sweaters are awesome! Thank you Beso and Man Repeller, this is so exciting!!

    -Kirby Morris

  • SheRocS

    MUCHAS GRASIAS BESO! I do after all and who doesn't LOVE A GREAT BIG BESO wrapped up in a fab fab fab sweater!

    Danielle Dain aka SheRocS –

  • Lo Gal

    Lauren Galus would be "on another planet" if she won this sweater. Who doesnt need a big sequined ball with a ring around it on their chest!? Thanks Beso!..and MR!

  • Graydon Bannister

    THANK YOU Beso and Man Repeller!! I want a shiny new year soo bad!!

    Graydon Bannister

  • Erica

    I liked both pages on Facebook.
    Full FB name – Erica Mas Kelly

    Thanks Beso & The Man Repeller!

  • minimal liste

    man repellers rejoice, there is a god!
    Elizabeth McCormick

  • quintessentialfashionista

    Katherine L. Smith

    I want a planet orbiting on my chest.

  • Monica Cole

    These are perfect!!
    Thanks Man Repeller and Beso!

    Monica Cole

  • Anonymous

    Lauren Staton!
    THANK YOU BESO! love love

  • Brittney

    I think the ring sweater could cause problems with potential future fiances… "But I want one this big!" Ehem. Anyways, my full name is far too long, so how about we shorten it down to just the basics?

    Brittney Dussault. Yep.

  • Francesca


    Francesca Shlain

  • Erica

    Loooove these! Thank you so much for this — they're great!

  • Alexandra Lavallee

    Awesome sweaters! Full Name :Alexandra Lavallée

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    *liked* you both on Facebook, but really it's love! Thank you Man Repeller and Beso 🙂

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    You, me, and the planet sweater? I think we should have a party.

  • Jane Elizabeth Kim

    i would go lesbionic for TMR!

    Jane Elizabeth Kim

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    I need this sweater to show my cousins I am infinitely more fashionable than them! Get it- to infinity and beyond!
    Annalee Uptain

  • Belle de Couture

    Love these sparkly sweatshirts! Thank u Beso AND Man Repeller!! I liked u both on fb!

    ::fingers crossed::

    Jen Rand

  • Bear

    What KYOWT sweaters! You rock!!
    Thanks Beso, and thanks MR for doing this giveaway!
    Lurrrve from Sharon Weissburg

  • Liv

    Beam me up, Man Repeller! (Cringe)

    I'd wear this and my ugly Christmas socks.

    Thank you, Beso for the sparkly sweater!

    Liv Ferruzza

  • alli

    this sweater is OUT OF THIS WORLD (Ba dum chhhhhh). there is no better way to repel a man than to have a ball of rainbow colored sparkly-ness splattered on my chest.

    thanks MR and Beso

    alli tenenbaum

  • Ali

    Love the planet one!

    Ali Yang

  • Alice

    OOOh perfect sweaters! x Alice Semeniouk

  • Anonymous

    Need this for my next Christmas sweater party. Lauren holmes thanks man Repeller and beso!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Beso!!!

    xo Leira Zetroc

  • Inhale | Fashion and Beauty
  • Anonymous

    These are amazing! I'm a new follower! Thank you Beso and Man Repeller! Love you both!

    Full Name: Jessica Mae Russell

  • vb

    Thank you Beso and Man Repeller! You guys are da bomb.

    -Valerie Burn

  • juliecharlie

    These sweaters are incredible…

    Julia Young

  • Whitney

    Whitney Vesterfelt

    I've never won anything before in my whole life…probably not going to happen this time either, but always worth a try.:D

  • Jessica B

    Holiday giveaways are the best treat in the midst of gift shopping! Thank you!!
    Great idea MR

  • Anonymous

    I've always wanted a sequined chest!! Thank you Beso!! And of course Man Repeller!

    Elizabeth Ross

  • Mari Astorga

    A million of gracias to Beso and Man Repeller for this amazing giveaway!
    I hope i win this so I can go to Planet Hollywood and show them whos boss.
    -Mari Astorga-

  • Anonymous


  • Alisa Hooper

    Check, check, and check!

    Alisa Hooper

  • Julia

    Holy sweatshirt of awesome. Love the sequin happiness.

  • Kiara Smith

    Hey, I'm Ki! Your blog is so cool and so are these sweaters. One of them I must have and I think the sweater would be easier to manage lol! Thanks for the post Repeller 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Planet Repeller rocks my world.
    Thanks Beso & The Man Repeller!

    Stephanie Stumbaugh

  • the young and the braless

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  • Jacqueline Bosman

    Thanks Man Repeller and Beso!

    Jacqueline Bosman

  • the young and the braless

    Gaia Soledad Santiago!!

    Sweater full of swag.

    Gracias Beso and Mar Repeller!!

  • Anonymous

    You're cool.

    Thank you, Beso

    Jayhee Jung

  • pelin

    Happy Hanukah Leandra! Happy Holidays to the world! Love to manrepellers!!! Thanks for the giveaway. Hope this time my luck turns around 😉

    Pelin Ersavas

  • bbryanharris

    Bryan Harris!

    I plan to continue the giving and gift this to a very good friend(:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Sara Harris

    These are so great!! Beso and Man Repeller are the best!!!

    Sara Harris

  • Unknown

    Kathryn Elizabeth Champlin

  • Rommellyn Fisher

    Rommellyn Fisher <---- Wants the mouth sweater since that's how big my mouth is or the blingy bling bling gold ring!!

  • Carmen

    awesome!! beatiful sweater 🙂

    Carmen Gago González

  • thatgirl

    This is so cool! This sweater would be awesome for winter in Boston!!

    Kate Hillenbrand

  • ns

    Can you really win one? Cross my fingers

    Natalia Sydorova

  • aimee

    oh BOY! danka to beso and to man repeller for introducing planet repeller to planet sparkles (yeah i compared my boobs to planets. and i love sequins, so it fits).
    aaaand my name is aimee moyer!

  • Hope

    Like you both on FB. Great giveaway…thanks to you and Beso!!!

    -Hope Shores

  • Abs.

    When I saw the sweaters I immediately went to look where to buy one. Then when I saw how much they cost I literally yelled "NOOOOO" out loud to my computer. Being hideously poor really sucks.

    But here's to gettting lucky this xmas!

    Alyse Stach

    Thanks Man Repeller and Beso!

  • Anonymous

    So so good! I mean…does it get any better than a full on planet via sequins?

    Thanks Man Repeller and Beso!

    Totally rockin it!

    Jessica Henningsen

  • Aubrey

    GAHH they're all so fabulous, but I'd be tickled neon if I won the planet!!
    Thank you so much 😀
    Aubrey Harper

  • Krysta Butler

    The big fat fun one with a planet is the best one! Thanks Beso and Man Repeller!


    Nothing says Holiday cheer like a sparkly ball on your chest! I love sparkles and balls (too inappropriate?! No, never!) so we are a match made in heaven! Thank you MR and Beso for making this happen, the world is now a better place!

    Much love,
    Kristine Marie Lusardi
    you asked for the full thing you got it 😉

  • Angela Leberte

    THANKS BESO 🙂 <3 and you Leandra!

    Angela Leberte

  • Joella

    Joella Lynn Kudron…the poodle sweater is AWESOME!!!!!! Todah to Beso and MR for the giveaway 🙂

  • Olivia

    SWEET!! What's more man repelling than a sequin planet on your chest?

    Thank you thank you Man Repeller and Beso!

    Olivia Joel

  • Madisen

    completely…. and 100% OBSESSED with your blog!! And now I think my new found obsession is Beso, thank you for that! good for me, not so much for my wallet! LOVE these sweaters though! WOOT WOOT!

  • pelin

    Happy Hanukah Leandra! Happy Holidays to the world! Love to all ManRepellers! Thanks for the opportunity. Hope my luck turns around this time 😀

    Pelin Ersavas

  • Anonymous

    Georgia Maroni would love to be the only man repelling disco ball in San Diego this holiday season!! Thanks to Beso and Man Repeller for the killer giveaway!!!

  • lucylu

    Thank you times infinity! Hoping for that amazing planet sweater!!!!

  • Zareen Helaly

    I am a huge fan of Markus Lupfer and LOVE that you and Beso are doing this giveaway. Thank You so much you such an HBIC (head bitch in charge) <3

    I've been wanting one of these sequined sweatshirts foreva eva!

    Love you like you love NEON EVERYTHING and PS1 bag.

    Zareen Helaly

  • My Name is Mary


  • kelley brogan

    love me that sequined planet, what a fabulous universe it must belong to. besos for beso. (too much? no? great.)Kelley Brogan

  • lucylu

    Of course, forgot the full name!
    Lucinda Fisette in PDX

  • sj

    LOVE LOVE THE SWEATERS….And everything you wear …

  • Anonymous

    YES!! So shiny!

    Maura Takeshita

  • Sarah

    Name: Sarah Li

    Thanks so much!

  • Casey Sullivan

    Those sweaters are ridiculously fun. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the giveaway!

    -Casey Sullivan

  • Victoria Nicholson

    Oh no such a pity!

    a. those sweaters are choice; and
    b. if one of them was to wander down here to New Zealand they would be put to good use – they wouldn't just repel, it is summer here so any man caught chest-oogling would be blinded by sequin sun reflection.


  • ali

    My name is Ali LaBelle and I want one!

  • Kara

    Kara M. Lue

    those sweaters are absolute aces.

  • Nicole @ Giraffelegs

    Loving this giveaway….drooling over these sweaters.
    you are great.

    nicole gomez @

  • Giovanna Zofia

    Dear Man Repeller,
    I am venturing out of Coastal Georgia this year for a (likely snowy) and first-time Michigan Christmas with the future in-laws; help me look ridiculously attractive in a sweatshirt, it's what I want for Christmas.
    Thank you thank you!

    Giovanna Zofia Chmielewski Saavedra

  • Annie Harrington

    The fact that the planet one is the one I would have picked too is a sign I think. Written in the stars and all that.
    Annie Harrington

  • sasha

    Yes, yes, yes. I've done it all. Now, I'm ready for the sweater. PS my full name is Sasha Young

  • cait

    Planet Repeller could also pass for Smokey the Bear in big red sunglasses!

    Thank you Beso and MR!!

    Cait Ahearn

  • klhales1

    Kelsey Hales

    Those sweatshirts look amazing! I love the quirky illustrations.

  • jilli

    Sparkles make EVERYTHING better!

    Jillian Elliott

  • Caroline Ammarell

    those are so cool! — thank you!

    Caroline Ammarell

  • Alicia Murphy

    Alicia Murphy

  • rcasoni

    Rosa Casoni

    DEF need this to keep manrepellin! Thank you Leandra & BESO!

  • sarawithoutanh

    I seriously want this sweater.

    Sara Moss

  • Jenna Cole

    Jenessa Christine Cole! Holy crap I hope I win!

  • Jasmine

    Jasmine Nicole Jenkins thanks Man Repeller &!
    I luuurve Markus Lupfer.

  • Claire

    Claire Chen
    Astronaut one fersher

  • Haley J


    Thanks MP & Besos 🙂


  • Anonymous

    super offer 🙂 i love love your site !

    Cally Johnson

  • Mourtney Cuniz

    Fa la la la la la la la la la, I love these sweaters!
    Courtney Muniz

  • Anonymous

    Emily Farra loves this take on intarsia sweaters! 🙂

  • Jessica

    Love it!

    Jessica Gilbert


  • isahrangme

    gina lee
    isahrangme AT gmail DOT com
    thanks beso! awesome sweaters

  • Anonymous

    LOVE IT. jessica cecere

  • Anonymous

    i would love to win this sweater! i love planets! thanks for such a cool giveaway, beso 🙂 hope i win!

    bari g

  • SuSach

    OOOHH yes please. Flamingos unite for shiny sweaters… har har 🙂

    Susannah Sachdeva

    ah oui and a danke for le repeller of man and beso, aussi!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what cool sweaters! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂 Marisa Esquer Horner

  • Anonymous

    Sydney Ice
    glitter is my favorite…..

  • Jennifer Gould

    Liked both pages and hopefully thanks to beso I can rock this sweater!

    Jennifer Gould

  • Maps and Manicures

    Whoop! Thanks Beso!

    Ashley Allen

  • Joanna Gustafson

    Been dying of these sweaters-I "favorited" all of them on shopbop too!
    Joanna Gustafson

  • Anonymous

    absolutely fabulous. alana kopke

  • Marissa
  • mg

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  • Anonymous

    Nothing says happy chrismahanukwanzakah like a sequined poodle on across your lady parts!

    Thanks beso and man repeller!

    Amanda West

  • Jamie

    Pass the planet this way, please 😉

    Jamie Myers

  • Danielle

    love it- it would look so cute with a sparkly pair of pants 😀 AWESOME!

    Danielle Chan

  • Kelsey Cassandra

    Thanks Beso, these sweaters are too stellar(get it hehe), I'm in love.
    This whole weekly giveaway is rad, rock on Man Repeller, rock on.

    Kelsey Bidel-Niyat

  • mg

    Thank you Beso!!! oh, and I liked both of you on Facebook 🙂 Thanks for the awesome giveaways!!!

    Megan Gibson

  • papillonclair

    great giveaway!


  • kelly

    Thank you Beso. I could use some bling on what at first appears to be an ordinary sweater like grandma would hand out at the holidays but then boom, you are hit with a burst of sparkles that if anything will at least make grandma smile.

    Kelly Lynn Behr

  • solidgoldd


    Tara Chacón

  • Anonymous

    Molly Callahan does not want to get Plutoed out of this contest. Thanks and Man Repeller!

  • solidgoldd


    Tara Chacón

  • Emily McDonnell

    Emily McDonnell.

    Merci, thank you, tusen takk!

  • S

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  • Anonymous

    Leah Wyatt…WANT ONE

  • Fashionable Unicorn

    I love those! So quirky!
    Michaella Watts

  • Sutton Lasater

    OMG I have got to have this sweater! At the risk of sounding like a nerdy 3rd grader, I'm OBSESSED with outer space! LOVE LOVE LOVE
    Thank you Man Repeller & Thank you Beso!

  • Maddy Lowrey

    Madison Lowrey

    If I win this, I may just take inspiration from your last post and wear it everyday until Christmas (maybe New Years) it's not New Years without glitter.

  • c’est la vie

    Ready to get my sequins on.
    thank you!

    Bianca Espinoza


    Stephanie Orentas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Allison DePartee

    Like and like.
    Full name : Allison Rene DePartee
    Thanks Beso!

  • Anonymous

    Such a fan! Thanks Beso and Man Repeller!

    Clare Kelly

  • L.

    The shiny joy for the clever and the coy, thanks Beso.

    On FB: Lauren Denim Neckbeard McCarthy

  • briannelee

    Thank you Beso. Pick me!

    Bri Hiddema,

  • Lisa

    oh wow these sweaters are positively fab. Thanks Man Repeller and Beso

    Lisa DeJoseph

  • LydiaB

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    Much love and Thanks to Beso & Man Repeller for making the holidays fabulous!
    <3 Sarah EC Keller

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    Elize Levy

  • Edith

    Edith Willey is my name, wearing planets is my name

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    Anna Jane Lieberman

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    Sarah Bravenec

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    Morgan Ahlborn

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    Allyson Liu

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    Thank you Beso and Man Repeller!

    Natalie Jupp

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    send Jessica King the Planet Repeller sweater! Nothing beats incorporating sparkle and outer space into your wardrobe.

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    Morgan Fletcher

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    Ana María Rivera Forasteri, THANK YOU MAN REPELLER!

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    Merci ManRepeller and Beso! xxoo, Bridget Wade

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    Thanks Besos and Man Repeller!!!

    Delia Bennett

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    Samantha Tolleson

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    claire ouellette

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    THANK TOU BESO! Sweaters are amazing

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    These sweaters are ridonk. Count me in! Stephanie Bodnar (from Honey Cooler Handmade)


    Such fun sweaters! Adorable…but quintessential man repeller attire. I'd still wear it!

  • Anonymous

    is anything on this site ever NOT a sponsored post/writing that you got paid a hefty sum to do? yeesh! just a few months ago it wasn't like this 🙁

  • Anonymous


    Lera Petukhova

  • Madison Sternberg

    Madison Sternberg

    This is wonderous, I appreciate this oppurtunity!!

  • lindsay | ryan | sholota

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  • Rome

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    Romanie Wideman

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    Thank you Beso and Man Repeller!!!! 🙂

  • Pretty Bird on a Breeze

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    Amanda Hanowitz

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    Madeline Taylor

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    They are so beautiful! Amazing idea.
    Thank you much.
    Samantha Abrams

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    Ellen Catlin

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    Lauren Goldstein

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    Rachel O'Hayer

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    Nicole Wang

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    Rita Lilly

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    Ella Konefal

    Oh man, I have literally fallen in love with that mouth. Literally! (Literally.) We're getting hitched next month. I haven't told the mouth yet, but I'm hoping for a planetary child.

  • Riley Muse

    Riley Muse

    must must must have this in my closet, it is magical and out of this world (pun intended)
    thank you man repeller and beso!

  • juliajean

    Thanks Besos and ManRepeller love da sweatazzzz

    Julia Kernerman

  • Anonymous

    I could only dream to have a shiny planet sweater for the holiday season;)

    Kari Newman

  • Ballerina in Wisconsin


    -Brynn Crocker

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    Ieva Tauraite

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    Full name: Paige Roberts

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    Elektra Banikos

    THANK YOU BESO AND MR! THANK YOU! They are very beautiful.

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    Michele Freund

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    Stephanie Rueda

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    Yay, yay! Super exciting.

    Can't wait to don mine with a leather moto jacket.

    Rachel Moffitt

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    I was thinking to myself "oh, man, I hope it's the planet" and then lo and behold, upon further review IT IS THE PLANET!!!! Please look kindly on your loyal (year-long!) follower all the way here in Denver (where sweaters are imperative)! I'll totally rock that snazziness throughout the holiday season.


    Alaina Rouse (or… @alainaelise)

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    Andrea Flores

    Love you, you Man Repeller, you. And thank you Beso!

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    <3 Leigh Maxwell

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    Kelley Byrne

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    Isabela Belchior

  • ELF.

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    Katherine Eilers

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    Alyssa Campbell

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  • Anonymous

    Kelly Hultgren


  • Kate R.

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    Kate Richling

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    I love the holiday season because of the SEQUINS AND GLITTER!! These sweaters are great!

    Thanks Beso and Man Repeller for this awesome giveaway!!!
    Sophie Shanshory

  • Isaabelaa

    I reactivated my facebook just to participate in this!


    I want one I want one I want one!

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    This is so nice..thanks beso and man repeller…. Lauren Dietzel

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    Robyn Wren Bourne
    Thank you Besos!

  • To Dye For

    Absolutely Adore these sweaters!!! They are just funky and fun, yet can be paired with a 'conservative' look and some pearls for maximum fashion statement!!

    Thanks Beso and Man Repeller

    Phillippa Wilson


    Natalie Diong 😀

  • Petra

    I am lusting after that sweater with the astronaut on it!

    Petra Hiigel

  • Rachel Sample

    Name: Rachel Sample

    The deeds have been done. Thank you to The Man Repeller & Beso (my borderline obsessions along with Cupcakes and Cashmere)! This is an exciting opportunity!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Beso and the Man Repeller for the giveaway!
    <3 Sara Lindberg

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    -Olivia Glick

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    Aviva Simha Kott

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  • grace daly



    help a sista outt

  • Anonymous

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    Rachel Zuckerman

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    Thank you, Beso! 😀
    Sequins are a girl's best friend.

    Michelle Edmonds

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    muchas gracias!

    jamie bell

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    sweater weather is just starting in miami! I need these. emphasis on NEED.

    thank you beso and man repeller!!

    Sasha Hernandez

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    keeping my fingysss crossed!

    Theresa Goff

  • Michelle T

    I love Beastie Boys, so is The Man Repeller's Intergalactic awesome sweaters. 🙂

    Michelle Togores

  • sunnie lim.

    i want that one with the large mouth in my closet. RIGHT. NOW. please??

    Sunnie Lim


  • Mandy Abend

    Mandy Abend reallllly wants that sweater….

  • Anonymous

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them all. But especially the Planet one. Brings out my inner Star Wars Nerd and I can't get enough! Man Repeller to the max!

    -Alyssa Underwood

  • Fer

    María Fernanda La Torre

  • Julia

    Amazing! I love astronomy. What's better than a shiny planet on your chest?!
    Thank you, Beso!

    Julia Almond

  • Hip

    Hi! I'm Maya Zundel and sequins and abstract inanimate objects are my two favorite things! OK bye!

  • dani

    Suuuch an aamazing giveaway! 🙂
    Dani Shapiro

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    Beatrice Aurelia Smith

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    Thank you Beso & ManRepeller! <3
    Full Name: Joshia Chang

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    Massive Props and huge Thank you to and Man Repeller!!
    Golda Marcus 🙂

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    AHH! this sweater is purrty it would look superb with some fun spandex! i want one right meooww. thanks for the giveaway opportunity 🙂

    Nicole Faletra

  • Anonymous

    I'm going to thank you too because sartorial feedom has changed my life.

    Hannah Eshaghian

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    Taylor Bloom- I LOVE the planet and the poodle.

  • Kate

    Kate Greenberg, aka the Planet Repeller.

  • Gavriella

    Thank you, Beso!!
    xx Gavriella Wolf

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    My heart yearns for an astronaut to be sequined across my chest….
    Jessica Salazar

  • Feistylilbugger

    Yes, Please, and Thank YOU!

    Jessica Nicole Ortiz!

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    They are SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! Like a work of art!
    -Morgan Zakarin

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    Amy Berger

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    Elissa Schaefer

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    Kate Ryan

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    Thanks Beso! Liked you both on Facebook! I can't wait to have a sparkly chest;) crossing my fingers and toes!
    Molliee Martin

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    Tiffany Taalman says: "These sweaters are EPIC!" 🙂

  • Jane

    liked you both on facebook. but i really like you both in real life. would love that sweater. major ballin points with that.
    -Jane Metcalf

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    Kristine Metcalf. glitter astronaut please!

  • Anonymous

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  • Elizabeth Blake

    Lord have merci, I mean, thank you Beso and Mlle Repeller for a brilliant/wooly giveaway.

  • Stacey

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    Stacey Rozich

  • Leslie

    I'll be the 593rd? commenter …

    Leslie Lynne Olson

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    Manuela Odell

    If i don't win the astronaut one i might cry 🙁

  • Lil

    As an 'international flamingo' I wait with baited breath for next weeks reveal. (and the weeks that follow).

  • Natalie

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  • Natalie

    YESSSS amazing, this will look awesome with my perpetual holiday eggnog hangover! Thank you Beso and Man Repeller!

    Natalie Liu

  • Terner

    1. Done
    2. Terner Papir (oh the androgyny)
    3. Done

    Thank you, gracias, merci, and todah rabah to (also sending holiday besos your way xoxo)

    I'll be circling that glittery planet in my leopard print rocket ship until Dec 7, until I get permission to land! (or not, I mean you command the TMR, not NASA)

  • Anonymous

    Love. Thanks Man Repeller and Beso 🙂

    Hillary Biggs

  • Anisa T.

    these sweaters are amazing… and im always way to cold so they're also really useful.

    i also wanted to say that i've been following this blog for a while (and written part of an essay for my language and composition class about how much i love it) but my suburban life confined by the restrictions of my parents prevents me from true repelling— so this sweater would be a good addition

    Thanks!! Anisa Tavangar

  • Anonymous

    Man Repeller and Beso,

    Some planets have rings made of dust and ice circling around them. Planets with rings are the coolest planets. (Hello, it's a non-stop planet arm party!)And sweaters with planets with rings are the coolest sweaters, especially when the planetary rings are made of sequins! So, thank you, thank you for giving away the coolest sweater with the coolest planetary rings ever!

    Kaitlyn Suski

  • Anonymous

    The one with the diamond ring on it. Talk about manrepeller.

    Isabelle Ouyang

  • Holly Clancy

    hello. i would like saturn glittered across my chest. please and thank you.

    Holly Clancy

  • goddamnbats

    My name is Kristina Ndrejaj. My birthday is december 7th!

  • Ginger

    Thank You Beso!!! Love these sweaters! I have big hopes and dreams for one if I were to win it!


  • Izzy.

    Dear god these are beautiful. I especially adore the one with the lips on it, not to mention the plant one of course.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    Isabella Leung

  • Rosemary

    Rosemary Johnson

    Thank you, Beso! These sweaters are exactly what I need to survive this winter. And thanks, Man Repeller for being The Man Repeller.

  • Anonymous

    Much love!

    Isabelle Ouyang

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Whicker would love mee's a sequined chest!!

  • Genevieve

    Genevieve Carota wants to live out her pre-pubescent dreams of going to space camp vicariously through this sequined Saturn. Please.

  • Ourtney G

    Ooo shiny! They look comfy too. Thank you, everyone!
    Courtney Gu

  • Katie Parks

    Fingers crossed! I need a new sequin sweater in my life. Will trade you for my argyle one. 🙂

    Katie Parks

    p.s. thanks have been given all over the world wide web but here's another for good measure. THANKSSSSSSS

  • Ayanna Michelle

    I WANT. Sheesh. Seeing the number of comments discouraged me, but not enough NOT to enter. Kamila Ayanna Powell.

    Quench Fab

  • Meaghan

    Ummmm awesome giveaway. The name's Meaghan Sale. Thanks!!

  • wbm

    I absolutely love these sweaters! I still want to be an astronaut!
    Whit Merrill

  • cait

    AMAZEBALL sweaters!!! Who wouldn't want a sequined sweater on their chest. A total come hither look.

    Caitlin Barney

  • Nona

    I want glittery planets all over my chesticles!

    Nona Allison Shipman

  • Edie Curkan

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  • Robbie King

    I would love this sweater to wear all around town just in time for the holiday festivities. Also.. space is pretty damn cool can't lie about that..



  • M

    SO cool!!

    Mary Lucas!

  • Lola

    Emily Willey is my full name on facebook!

  • Edie Curkan

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  • sadie

    Thank you with a cherry on top!! Sparkles, sweaters, AND space. My favorite!!

    Sadie McDade

  • Edie Curkan

    That jacket is out of this world! Thanks for doing this, i intend on wearing it with said socks for everyone to see! and they will keep seeing it for the next you said yesterday: when an outfits right. Its right.
    Full name: Edie Alexandra Frances Curkan
    Facebook Name: Alex Curkan

  • Anonymous

    I am in love with the planet repeller.
    I hope to win. <3

    Melissa Anne Hebert

  • Anonymous

    Woo Hoo these are super zany! Halee Sommer is a fan of these crazy sweaters. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

    I'm going to type it out again. Halee Sommer.

  • Tijana

    Tijana Mitrovic – I would love to win the sweater, so chic! 🙂

  • Julia Fenton

    Julia Danielle Fenton

    Whilst not a citizen in your fine country, I shall be over there with my boyfriends parents (who live in Texas) for a month! That counts for something!

    Forever yours

  • Sarah

    Sarah Caldwell Moran is my full name. I would give my first born child for this sweater. I'm completely obsessed with space and anything that sparkles. I may actually die if I win. And I'm protesting exclamation points right now. I'm pretty excited about this contest, but it only shows on the inside.

  • Anonymous

    That sweater is 'out of this world'! Thanks girl!!

    Amanda Brasier

  • Iris

    Hi Leandra! My full name is Iris Afantchao, with the middle initial S.

  • lofi26

    this is an amazing giveaway! love it!

    Lauren feinman

  • Tess

    Tess Cronin (would very very very much enjoy this FABULOUS repeller-sweater)
    ps. (my facebook name is Tess Ann, not Tess Cronin)

  • SLAYsola

    The only thing Shivani Aysola loves more than sparkles is sparkles splayed across her boobs.

    Besos por beso!

  • Jackie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Besos & Man Repeller!
    I love your blog.

    Jackie Linton

  • Anonymous





  • JuliaHL

    I'm in love 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for having such an inspiring website;
    I am such a proud Man Repeller now!
    Thank both of you The Man Repeller and for this very kind giveaway.

    – Ana Portillo

  • Anonymous

    These sweaters are the stuff of my dreams.

    Meghan MacLean

  • Sophie

    Sophie Hoover loves The Man Repeller and embellished planetary knitwear!

  • Hannah Jane

    Oooh this is amazing!!

    Hannah Robertson-Smith

  • Jenny

    ooh these sweaters are so chic!

    Jenny Richardson

  • Camille

    Camille Berta

  •!/AbbySchands Abby Schandler

    These sweaters are just to die. I would be honored to repel with you!
    Abby Schandler

  • Camille

    Camille BERTA !

  • Kari

    Oh oh oh Kari Sobotka would looooove one of those sweaters!

  • katie king

    katie king

  • Anonymous

    Carolyn Gray !!!!

  • Anett Farkas

    Anett Farkas

  • sally


    sally symons

  • sarahjane

    There is a specific man (man-child, really) that needs repelling and this little gem would certainly do the job!

    Thank you Man Repeller and Beso, thank you!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE, love , love… amazing sweaters…
    Felicia Ramirez

  • Fernanda Vasconcelos

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks man repeller and beso! <3

  • Brogan Rogers

    Brogan Rogers would die to have that big sexy planet sitting on my tatas…

    thanks leandra and beso 🙂

  • Anonymous

    These sweatshirts are basically me in a piece of clothing. I would love love love to win one! Thanks for giving one of these puppies away 🙂

    Emily Wohlford

  • Anonymous

    Yzalish Gomez 🙂

  • t. harris

    love these especially the ring one

    teresa harris

  • aidandbren

    So sparkly. Purrrrrrrrrrfect for an out of this world x-mas office party. 🙂
    Susie minson o'keefe

  • Anonymous

    Yzalish Gomez :)!!!

  • jessschang

    hope i win! loving these sweaters. thank youu beso and thank youu man repeller. you guys are the best.

    Jessica Chang

  • jackie may

    Jackie Lynn May
    Pick me.

  • Julia Mailander

    Julia Mailander

  • Chloe Kubo

    I love this! Thanks for the opportunity to wear a large sequined planet on my chest, seriously. Thank you Man Repeller and Beso!

    Viva la labia!
    Chloe Kubo

  • Carol

    gorgeous sweaters! thanks Beso!! and Man Repeller of course – you are da best!

    Carol Strum

  • Anonymous

    What a gem! Thank you Leandra and Beso for the giveaway! My name is Emma Secombe.

  • minimal liste


    Props Besos + TMR,

    Megan McCormick

  • Stanique

    These sweaters are awesome!

    Practically Coffee

  • Dana

    I don't really want to give my full name (internet safety and all that stuff), but you can reach me at danamkg @ gmail . com

  • Anonymous

    Love me some sci-fi-sparkly-goodness for the holidays!


    Carmella Buchanan.

  • Anonymous

    And thank you Beso!

    -Carmella Buchanan

  • Anonymous

    Spiffy sweaters!

    Sasha Kimmelman

  • liz

    Me=Elizabeth Serkin
    you+Beso=AMAZING! Thanks y'all

  • mrorry

    Molly Banta

  • Jessica

    Leandra, Your my muse. I would wear this sweater whilst studying science and repelling everyone who isn't an astronomy major or David Bowie.

  • Anonymous


    Catharine Keene

  • Anonymous

    Love this sweater!
    Lindsey Cooper

  • Sydney

    Just love these sweaters!!! I almost died when I saw the astronaut. Lots of love there. <3 <3 Thaaank you Beso!!

    Full name: Sydney Stanard

  • The Fancy Teacup

    Those sweaters leave stars in my eyes. Would love to have one of them! Thanks to you and Beso.

    Jamie Chen

  • Anonymous

    Mad thanks to Beso and the Man Repeller!

    Alexandra Burke

  • Kylie

    Kylie Whittaker

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    Stefani Stoyanof



    Thanks Beso and Man Repeller!! now all you have to do is make me the winner!! Lots of love, Dina Shrestha

  • Samantha Shannon

    so perfect.

    Samantha Mack

  • Rho Muller

    These sweaters are so cool!!!! -Rho Muller

  • Alexandra

    Alexandra Peters

    THANK YOU Beso and Man Repeller!

  • Hannah

    Mmm thank you Beso and Man Repeller for being my inspiration for the holiday's! Well, year round really. Always awesome and amazing, you blow my christmas present socks right off!

    Hannah Heagy

  • Anonymous

    Daniela Hernandez

  • Belinda Bussell

    Too cool. Thanks MR. Happy Holidays x

    Belinda Bussell

  • Anonymous

    Laura Peisl! I like the astronaut one. It's FUNNY.

  • Ann Beniger

    I absolutely adore these sweaters!
    Thanks Beso!!!

    Love, Ann Beniger

  • Irresistibly Beautiful

    Thank you, the Man Repeller, thank you Beso, thanks to everybody))
    My name is Iuliia Petriv

  • Anonymous

    Josie Thuy Dinh


  • Anonymous

    Stellar! Man Repeller and Beso kiss ass! Winning a beautiful sweater with an astronaut on it would be a great start and add to a fun evening out after a long 4 months of no social life studying for my usmle med board exam! This lady could sure use some wonderful sweatshirts to add to her enchanting and magical time! shikha arora

  • yulie

    Great giveawayyy! Shiny sweaters = love

    Yulie Urano

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU! 😀

    Kyla Centeno

  • Anonymous

    This would be the best Hannukah present ever! Thank you ManRepeller for changing my life through your eyes on fashion!

    Simone Jacobson

  • CS


    You're the best MR!
    xoCarli Spragge

  • Abztract

    LOve the shiny planet. Thanks for the awesome giveaway

    urs truly Alejandra Zarazua

  • Ann

    Love quirky and chic..awesome Man Repeller sweaters.
    Thanks Beso!

    Ann Romero

  • lauren

    Nothing says casual Friday like a sequin mouth sweater!

    Lauren Bortolotti

  • Zoey H

    Zoey Hanson

    even added a follow on twitter

  • Anonymous

    Awesome sweater…LOVE IT!!! Thanks Man Repeller and Beso!!!

    Jenna White

  • Nini

    ahhhhh these sweaters rocked my SOCKS off~ so did this whole post (pun intended). Thank you leandra and pretty amazin shizz right there

    Nita Huruglica

  • Ariella

    Ariella Baharvar
    Thank you Beso for being so gracious! AND THANK YOU MAN REPELLER! 🙂

  • Grace


    Grace Noah

  • Nikki Lorraine Melquist

    I'm pretty sure I am in NEED of one of those sweaters!! So amazing!! Thank you Beso and Man Repeller!
    Nikki Lorraine Melquist

  • living-in-awe

    Love these sweaters, could definitely use something sparkly this Christmas!

    Aline Dushimire



  • Frederikke

    they are so awesome.
    Thanks Beso & Man and Repeller. I really hope i win.
    btw, i looooove you blog

    – Frederikke Rosengren

  • Katarina

    I absolutely love these. Especially that floating astronaut but the floating planet on chest will do for me. Thank you and thank Beso for such amazingness and an awesome giveaway that I would just love you forever for. Liked both of course!

    Katarina Murzl

  • Christine Kim

    Those sweaters are the perfect amount of quirkiness! Thank you Beso and Man Repeller!

    Christine Kim

  • ††† Elmo La Cruz †††


  • Kelly

    Thank you everyone! Awesome contest, I love Saturn 🙂
    ~Kelly Hessinger

  • Megagl

    Megan Doss wants sequins on her chest!!! :]

  • Rachel

    Awesome sauce. Sparkly planets rock my socks. My name is Rachel Hrinko and I approve.

  • Sasha-Allison grunebrg

    Sasha-Allison Grunberg :)thank you verry much! :)))

  • Marajade

    Can't wait to put my hands on that awesome sweater!
    Full Name: Mara Herrera

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the sequined chest! It's what I've always wanted!

    Patricia Ferri

  • Anonymous

    Can i kindly and brat-ly demand an international ONLY repeller giveaway?'tis all i ask!

  • Charlotte

    Hi, love the big fat fun planet one! and anything shiny 🙂
    Charlotte Cameron (london)

    oops just read the rest of it, not open to internaitonals boo 🙁 that'll teach me to panic push the button!

  • Fran-c

    Love them all! Frances G Worley

  • sam

    Love these! Thanks Beso AND Man Repeller!!!

    XOXO Sam Salicce

  • Miss Natalie Lomeli

    These sweaters are uh-maze-balls.

    Miss Natalie Lomeli

  • Anonymous

    Lauren E. Fairley would love this!

  • Beverley Gallant

    Rock my world, Man Repeller! Love the sweater!

    Beverley Gallant

  • Beverley Gallant

    Dang, just noticed it's not open to Canadians. Le sigh.

  • Linds

    Lindsey Thompson

  • Unknown

    Myfanwy Hood. Love these sweaters! 🙂

  • Katy O’Neill

    Wow! Thanks so much to the Man Repeller and I'd love this for the holidays.

    Katy O'Neill

  • Anonymous

    These sweaters are absolutely fabulous, I die!

    Thank you Beso for being amazing!
    And thank you Man Repeller for the opportunity to win such a marvelous sequined sweater 🙂

    With love,
    Emilee Forrest –

  • vivyan zhang

    liked both! full name: Vivyan Zhang

  • Eleni

    Eleni Davino- thanks you da bomb

  • LilyStrange

    Linda Formiga Lopes 🙂

  • ally setton

    thanks beso,
    this is ally setton (your seneca camper from 2008 or something) i cant believe youre famous or i totally would've listened to you more! 🙂
    i also hope you read these….

  • Wild Goose Chase

    ayyyyyyyy heart these so much. too much. Nothing better than a dressed up comfy wear. Count me in!

    Sarah Chase

  • Anonymous

    love love love sweater. and you!

    Winston Phillips

  • supershardom

    Those sweaters, now those are HOT!

    Thank you Beso and Man Repeller. I hope I win!

    DeShara Suggs Joe

  • Isabelle

    SWEATERZZ!! I'm so excited by this giveaway. Spanks a bunch.

    Sincerely and dearly, Isabelle Briggs

  • Anonymous

    Amazing per usual! LOVE that Dress have to have it!!!

  •!/alivilla Ali Villalobos

    Full name: Ali Villalobos
    (yes my last name means village of the wolves)

    Love these, obvs!


  • Bethy

    Liked and liked! I'm diggin' the weirdo poodle sweatshirt. Plus, Wednesday, Dec. 7 is my birthday, yo.

    Bethy Hardeman

  • elise

    Those are amazing. Finally something to rival my friends partially sequined poodle sweater…

    elise conway

  • Alisa Rudy

    Alisa Rudy

    Pickmepickmepickme. Please. Thanks 🙂

  • Olivia

    Olivia Lim

    AH beautiful

  • em

    hella cool giveaway! thanks MP and Beso!

  • Melissa

    This is my first time entering one of your giveaways!

    -Melissa Mendoza

  • Anonymous

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    thank you THANK YOU t h a n k y o u

    Jennifer Stanis

  • Melissa

    It's a manrepellerpalooza and I want innn!
    Name: Melissa Arnstine

  • Steph

    I love these sweatshirts!! I'm going to try to make them with some friends and sequins and Michael's. Thanks Leandra and Besos for the chance to win one – so excited.

  • mmm

    Megan Morrissey

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Beso & Man Repeller!

    Julie Brown

  • Anonymous

    That is bananas!! Please pick me!!

    -Ashley Rizzo

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    Maria Elizabeth Stephanie Ryan is probably too late, but wants it nonetheless…

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    Vanja Bolme is my full name.


  • Rebecca Gricus

    Representing RVA…

    Rebecca Gricus!

  • e0067a08-1c42-11e1-9472-000bcdcb2996

    Sarah dill- love love love this sweatshirt!

  • canadaaustin

    Canada Choate

  • Lauren Chandler Mills

    Oh man so many cute outfits with this unironic holiday sweater


    Lauren Chandler Mills

  • Chrissy

    Done! I love those sweaters! My full name is Chrissy Dee!

  • fantefan

    I loooove themm! Hope to win!!

    Valentina navarro.

  • Melike Nur

    i liked also, had already liked you so.. 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE these sweaters!! thanks for the opportunity 😉 so excited!!
    Melike Nur GEZGIN

  • Nikita

    Still obsessed with Astro-man floating in the black abyss of an oversized sweater.

    I'm assuming you want full name for Facebook purposes.

    Dont tell, but "Beachykisses" was my screenname in 6th grade, it's unfortunately not my REAL last name. I still ponder what is a beachy kiss. Sounds sandy.

    Nikita Beachkisses

  • Anonymous

    These are major!! Thank you Beso!!!! And Man Repeller!!!!


    Meghan McDonald

  • Grace

    Im kind of obsessed with the sweatshirts. Almost as obsessed as I am with your blog.
    Thanks so much
    Grace Patrick

  • Anonymous

    Thanks 4 being utterly awesome and congrats on your fabulous blog!!! Thanks for killing my boredom and giving me inspiration!! Christy Armendariz AKA Kiki

  • Anonymous

    Valerie Lorraine Moore here. Liked Beso on FB. Already liked the Man Repeller, of course. LOVE the sweaters. I would poodle it up all over town in that thing.

  • Elli Greybar

    The only thing better then an arm party of epic proportions is to have Mick Jaggers mouth all over your breasticles!

    Elli Greybar

  • Danielle Baukh

    My name is Danielle Baukh (Pronounced like take a bow, with a strong K at the end!) These sequined sweaters are divine. Thanks Besos!!

  • Anonymous

    Love your blog…full name is Lindsey Kanas….Thanx and I hope I win one!

  • Jessica {Little_JEM}

    These sweaters are AMAZING! If I win, I'm not quite sure I'd ever take it off.
    Jessica Marx

  • Anonymous

    Kari Swenson

  • Anonymous

    Tina Rachfalowski

  • Anonymous

    Thank you M.R. and BESO…

    sequins are my drug of choice, making you my kind of drug mule! X

    cheyenne arnold

  • Mercedeh Mortazavi



    thanks beso!! and man repeller!!

  • Erin

    Erin Myles
    I love these sweatshirts…I need one to go with my new suede high-tops!

  • Anonymous

    Mabel McLean

  • Anonymous

    Eryn Bloomberg

  • Jessica

    Jessica Susan Rawlins- Blogger, model, and shopping for sweaters that don't fall into the "Grandma sweater" category for Christmas parties. The one with the sexy open mouth just screams to me.


  • imalaski

    Stasia Fletcher me me me

  • Therese Trikilis

    These sweaters are fantastic and you should DEFINITELY pick me because I'm new to the real working world, but I still maintain to look fabulous on a budget, WHILE repelling men with my fashion sense.


    Therese Trikilis

  • shelby lindblad

    Shelby Lindblad!

  • Liv Katharine

    These are SO SICK!! I might get G-Force just from wearing it!
    That was a VERY corny space joke hahaha
    Hopefully I'll be able to do some serious repelling in my new planet sweater this year!
    THANK YOU!! <3
    – Liv Katharine

  • Callie Schwartz

    Callie Schwartz

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Beso and Man Repeller!! Adorable sweaters

    Sofi Grellner

  • Sofia

    Sofia Jansson says thank you Beso and Man Repeller!

  • KatieBuggs

    My name is Katie Robinson and I love sequins and planets individually but more so together. GRACIAS!

  • Olivia Hopkins

    Muhaha! I love these.

    Olivia Hopkins

  • Sophie

    Full name: Sophie Breitbart.
    Love the attitude, keep it comin'!

  • Mademoiselle Penqueen

    Anna Velardi thanks both Beso and Man Repeller for this sparkling giveaway!!

  • christina fuentes


    I need this. No questions

  • Susanna N.

    Love these! Susanna Niccum

  • Anonymous

    Such cool sweaters! Thanks Beso!
    Annali Kangas

  • Anonymous

    name: Shoshana Sternstein!

  • Lucie

    Lucie Miranda Schwartz!!!

    I met you at fashions night out with my best friend Chloe! We were the adorable teenage-boy repellers (you probably don't remember us, but I was wearing a sunflower pin and you took a picture with us!)

    Anyway…my art teacher makes fun of me everyday for wearing sequins so often and he would probably have to jump off the schools roof if I showed up wearing this after hanukkah break! (that's right I'm a fellow jew!)

    Thanks to you and Besos!! and have a fan-freaking-tastic hanukkah!!

  • Janet Bailey

    I liked both you and Beso 🙂

    Janet Bailey

  • Owelle

    Eleanor Barker, thanks to BESO and MR!!

  • Sabrina Liedtke

    Kisses for Beso- Thank you!!
    Oh, and love you fearless Man Repeller.
    Sabrina Liedtke

  • Anonymous


    Jamie Stauffer

    I would love a sweet, sparkly, space sweater!!

  • Nina

    Thanks, great sweater! Love you MR!

    Nina Michielutti

  • alotis

    Without sounding like a pretentious brown noser, I love you Man Repeller and Beso!! Allison Otis.

  • Maddie

    Maddie Stidham

  • Anonymous

    Kahla Whiteman

  • Anonymous

    Hi! My name is Isabelle Santos and that sweater is what I need to make the leap from semi to full repeller. It's a worthy cause.

  • Sydney Parker

    hi manrepeller 🙂
    Love your sweaters

  • Anonymous

    HEEEY! Love your sweaters!
    & I liked both pages
    Sydney Reed Parker <3

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Rothrock has the tits/lackoftits to make this planet look its sequined best.

  • Lo

    I may be obsessed.

  • S. Cogan

    Thank you to Beso and the Man Repeller!

    This would fit wonderfully with the rest of my sequined planet clothing.

    Shannon Cogan

  • Erin

    Erin Connelly

    So excited to have a big sparkly planet of my very own!!

    thanks repeller!

  • Angie

    Sequin me please!! Thanks for the giveaway.

    Angie Bauer

  • Anonymous

    Love love love.

    Sarah Dickerson-Locke

  • Michelle Elaine


    Michelle Elaine


  • Anonymous

    Sophie Lewis at one point desired to be an astrophysicist (thank you for choosing the one with the planet!) and wants to thank you and Beso for the giveaway! <3

  • Diandra Marie

    Love it. Heart Markus Lupfer and am asked from what planet I come on what feels like a daily basis. Now I could have it sequined on my chest. Double yes. Thx!

  • Marguerite

    Emma Dozier

    I need to sparkle and shine bitches. solar system style.

  • HilliaryLatham

    When I first read sequin chest I though you were blogging about strippers now. But look at these gems. Love them.

    xx- Hilliary Latham

  • Jill

    Fab! Jill Mayer

  • Ayaan A.

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  • Ayaan A.

    I want one! Correction: I NEED one! maybe two .. but y'know one is fine. They are just so stunning *insert drool*

    Ayaan Abdulle

  • Cindy

    Beso, thank you so much for offering such a generous giveaway! I like you both on Facebook. Heck, I'll like your whole famdamily if it means I have a better chance of winning that spectacular sweater. 😉

    Facebook: Cindy A.

  • Anonymous

    NAME: Stefani Stoyanof

    <3<3<3 you are great!

  • Inga O

    Thank you Beso! Please pick me because I can use a planetary body on my chest!

  • willdrawforfood

    Amy Katherine Smith

    would very much like a giant Captain EO planet on her chest.

    Thank you to The Man Repeller, and Beso!

  • eeeilym

    LUB the astronaut one!!!

    emily chen

  • Anonymous

    Love, love, love it!


  • Kris Bunch

    Ahhh these are the most fabulous sweaters I have ever seen!
    I think Kris Bunch needs one ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Peto says, "thank you besos!!!!"

    I can't figure out if I've already commented w my googley account, poo!

    Still, I need a so-fab sweater for the holiday season!!! Maxi skirts and velvet pencil skirt are for the love!

  • Anonymous

    WHOOP WHOOP! Thanks!!!

    Diana Walsh

  • sara

    jesus christos. i need that sweater. firstly, i love saturn's rings. secondly, i love obnoxious sweaters. and thricely, i NEED a new sweater for my three-day rotation. come on! there is no mafackin' way i'm selling my soul to facebook for that. damn it!!!

  • Anonymous

    <3 Christine Zullo

  • Daniela Koss

    love these tops! thanks mucho mucho leandra

    xo daniela koss

  • thefeiy

    Super swagger <3 NEED PLANET REPELLER ON MY CHEST NAO. Thanks Beso + Man Repeller for the giveaway! xx

    Sabrina Bahari, all the way from KL, Malaysia!

  • Rachel Pollack

    Thank you!

    Rachel Pollack

  • Karolina Szynal

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway! And Thanks Beso and Man Repeller!

    Karolina Szynal

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    Anna Van Munching wants.

  •!/profile.php?id=9348743 Laura Summers

    Thank you Beso! xxo

    Laura Summers

  • Kimberly Murphy

    Yay! Thank you Beso & Man Repeller!

    <3 Kimberly Murphy

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    Tricia Cleppe says thankkkkk you, Beso and Man Repeller!

  • sheriefa riley

    sheriefa riley xxx (^.^)/

  • Esther

    -_- I just saw is only for US T_T

  • Anonymous

    The poodle is IRRESISTIBLE!!!!

    Carol Friedman

  • Anonymous

    Love these sweaters!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Lauren S.

  • Lydia

    Lydia Shahmoon

    amazing. that's all there is to say really.

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing I enjoy more than crazy sparkly man repelling clothes…Merry ChristmasHanukkahKwanzaa!!!!!! Thanks Beso and Man Repeller!

    Kimberley Dowsett

  • Anonymous

    Both pages definitely LIKED! Fingers crossed, thank you Man Repeller! Raquel Michel Simpson

  • Mikala Kuchera

    thanks beso xx


  • Hungry Tigress

    Done and done! THANK YOU BESO!

    Jessie Couberly

  • chartreuze

    Claire Toler


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    Thank you Beso. Tania Hunter

  • Emily Williams

    Woooo thanks! Gonna go repel some men like there's no tomorrow!

    Emily Williams

  • tinatre

    Super cool!! Like you both on FB. Big thanks Beso!

    Tina Trevino
    tinatre at msn dot com

  • Elisabeth

    Thank you Beso, love you!

    I like both FB pages!

    Elisabeth Good

  • Anonymous

    You're freakin' kick ass MR!

    Ann Hurley looking' for some sequin love.

    Thanks Beso and MR, cheers!

  • Perri

    All about the sequins baby!!!

    I of course liked you both of the book 🙂

    -perri schneider

  • Laura East

    Laura East!

  • maura kelly doyle

    Love them all!
    Thanks MR and Beso!

    My name is Maura Kelly Doyle 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hannah Ralph

  • Anonymous

    Jade Bertaud!

  • sjnoonan

    Sarah Jewell Noonan

  • Hayley Wood

    Liked Beso and YOU of course. Thank you for doing this giveaway. You are basically my hero.

  • Irene

    Irene Vasiliou

    Love the snugly sweater with bedazzling!

  • Anonymous

    Eleanor Laurence

    a HUGE thank you to Beso for these awesome sweaters and to Man Repeller for bring them to us little people

  • Sydney

    Sydney Sarachek

  • Anonymous

    Thank you MR and Beso!

    Sarah Lippman

  • automatichoney

    Alexander Cifuentes would love to live on Planet Repeller! Thanks again and keep up the good work :D!

  • Andrea

    I liked both, thank you Beso & Man Repeller!!
    Andrea Nucci

  • NellSimone

    Nelly Simonian

    awesome sweaters!

  • Anonymous

    Anna Balmilero would love to rock a repeller sweater to high school and freak the shit out of people. Thank you ^^

  • Christine Lee

    Christine Sunyoung Lee

  • Elyse

    I liked Beso on Facebook!

  • Elyse

    I likes Man Repeller on Facebook

  • Elyse

    Elyse Davis!

  • lovelycheesedoodles

    Yay for free stuff
    Thankies to both Beso and yourself ;D
    and full name es Hillary Cao

  • Brittany

    Thanks Man Repeller and Beso!

    Brittany Rutledge

  • jeansandpearlsgirl

    I'm an absolute sucker for sequins!

    Carolyn Richard

  • Tara

    Goodness Gracious Planet Sweater.

    hope it's not too late…

    Tara Parker-Essig

  • McKenzie

    My body NEEDS this!

    McKenzie Delaney

  • TTP

    Love the Planet Repeller! Thanks Beso and Thanks Man Repeller!

    Tammy Preston

  • Odelia Kaly

    Kind of in love right now. Hyperventilating a little. Don't mind me.

    Odelia Kaly

  • Andrea Gaggioni

    I can't deny the gravitational pull of this planet sweater! I think my second favorite would be the astronaut one! These are beautiful…

    Thanks for the giveaway,

    Andrea Gaggioni

  • heather little

    Thank you Beso & Man Repeller! I know you're giving away the planet one, but if I sent you a picture of all the creepy porcelain poodles I have on my bookshelves, would you consider the poodle one just for me? (don't you dare judge me!)

    Heather Little

  • nevs

    Ah-mazing, je need… GENEVA WAHL

  • Anonymous

    I put this on my wishlist for christmas! I would rock out with my christmas socks out in this! Thanks Man Repeller and
    Sharon Rudzinski

  • Kim Stewart

    The only thing that would top winning this would be that time I found a bag of brand new sweaters in the trash by my apartment. I am now the proud owner of a free Burberry sweater. I still want to win though.

    -Kim Stewart (full name)

  • Anonymous

    wooohoo sequins 😉

    Dorothy Portin

  • Anonymous

    Hello! My name is Christina Kim Huynh, and this giveaway is AMAZING! Thanks so much for it. It's the best! 🙂

  • Frugal Frida

    liked both pages.

    Frida Sigmarsson

  • Remi

    Remi Betesh

  • Cynthia Gonzalez

    That shit CRAY CRAY!!! Those sweatshirts are friggin' amazing! Thank you Man Repeller and BESO for the giveaway! This poor little Texas girl needs this sweater in her vida!!!!

    Cynthia Gonzalez

  • Mimi W.

    Mimi Warmington. Mine, mine, mine!

  • Macy Fuquay

    My name is Macy Fuquay and I'd kill to repel some babes in this sweater.

  • Anonymous

    Gah. SHINY.

    ♥ ✿ Elizabeth Briana Abrams

  • Raynielle

    Raynielle Collins

    my email:
    xx- thank yuuu

  • Faye Kaucher

    Faye Kaucher would love to win this sweater!

  • Adrianna Traxler

    Ahh! the one with the sequin lips is a winner!! gotta have it!

    liked everything you wanted!!!

  • bethany myers

    holy crap. love the astronaut! <3 Bethany Myers

  • Anonymous

    want this sweatshirt so, so bad…
    -Maggie Brown

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, and thank you, Beso 😀
    -Maggie Brown

  • Anonymous

    planet one on me! mucho gracias… Katy McCulley

  • Anonymous

    sweaters=my favorite!
    Emma Meyer!!!

  • Jena Gambaccini

    I love a good top that would make someone stop and go "why the hell is there an astronaut on her sweater?" but hey…why ISN'T there an astronaut on YOUR sweater? (right?)

    So in conclusion, these are awesome…and would be more awesome in my closet.

  • Elizabeth de Luna

    Besos to Beso and Man Repeller! <3

    Elizabeth de Luna

  • missmead

    Adorable sweaters!
    Leah Sheva Meadvin

  • DancingGrapes

    I already liked you on facebook, but now I like beso as well, and also the planet one is clearly the best one!


    Thanks Beso and Man repeller, I love sparkly chests!!

    Riley Winebarger

  • Carly

    I love reading your blog! Beso is a great website, it was my first time on it today. I do love your pick for the sweater giveaway. It's hard to pick a favorite but I do love the poodle!
    Carly Ambrose

  • Kylie Rose Mannion

    Kylie Rose Mannion

    Thank you for combining wit and fashion, my two favorite things.

  • Sea Bunny

    Done, Randall Anne St. John, Done and Done.
    Hope I win, I love you blog, btw! :p

  • LadyLovesFood

    Lauren Coalson-these are amazing! what a great giveaway!!!! Fingers crossed!!

  • karen hodgin

    These are so awesome! I need a glittery sweater on my body.

    Karen Hodgin

  • Anonymous

    Lauren Dana Boynton would love an astronaut sweater to ward of any scientist man types.

  • Hannah Heft

    Hannah Heft
    Soooo cuuuteeee. I want it baad.

  • Sophia Spanomanoli

    I love these shirts!!! Great for wearing to work and going out straight after!! Funky;)

  • DeeDubs

    Yes, please!

    Dana West

  • AlexH

    Lurve this giveaway! Thanks Beso & Man Repeller! Wahoo!
    Alexandra Hansen

  • Caroline

    Ms. Man Repeller, you must be "bombdiggity" of the day (and yes I did just use that word).

    Caroline Kittle

  • Lia Aiello

    Thank you to the Nth degree, Beso!
    Lia Aiello

  • Tabitha

    Love sequins!
    Tabitha Harrison

  • Anonymous

    oh man, i doubt i'll win but it would make my life if i could!!

    i usually am not anonymous but i'm a minor so i don't want to expose myself completely!! (btw that is my dog's facebook. so yeah!)

  • SarahChristine913

    I've been away from the blog world for a while, and I must say. I misss your posts! so funny and entertaining and even a little inspirational too 😛 I will always <3


    Sarah Mele

  • Anonymous

    Thank you to both Beso and Man Repeller for this giveaway!

    I am such a space nerd, this would make my entire life!

    Love love love to you…

    Belva Jo Holstein

    ( since I don't have a blog on here or a google account).

  • Liz

    Beso Beso bo-Beso, fi-fi-fo-Feso. Beso.

    I want to win this awesomeness that is in the form of a sweater, please.

    Liz Leong

  • Anonymous

    So perfect.

    Tess Cameron

  • CupcakesOMG!

    well i'm a bit tardy to the sweater party, but consider all of these items checked!!


  • Makena

    I like everything and I would LOVE to win one of these sweaters!

  • Anonymous

    I want! Thanks for giveaway
    Hanna Avanesyan

  • Anonymous

    Liked and liked.
    These sweaters are sweat-acular.

    Sharon Vosseller

  • Kim

    Kimberly Stezzi

  • Two Five One Designs

    Love these Sweaters!

    BTW,saw you on the street in SoHo the other day. Made me and my roommates day! =)

    Danielle Pignatelli

  • petitvoyou


    Sandrine Gilbert Blanchard

  • Christi Shuhart

    Thanks Beso!

    Christi Shuhart

  • Samantha Silvay

    love the sweaters. love Markus. love Man Repeller. enough said.

    Samantha Silvay

  • Anonymous

    love love love!

    Kirby Gladden

  • LB

    I was just about to enter the contest until I realized that I am not a US resident 🙁 Canada loves you too!!! Particularly a Toronto resident by the name of Lauren Baker 🙂

  • Syshill

    Well, these are perfect.

    Sysilie Hill

  • Anonymous

    yes please! brittany joyce.

  • Erin

    1. done
    2. Erin Sheehy-Norton
    3. done
    4. Thank you, Beso!!!

    everything about this giveaway rocks.

    Thank you!


  • Anonymous

    Casey Nelson!

    Astronaut me please 🙂

  • Megan Lou Ham

    Too much good stuff.

    Megan Ham

  • cherylann Pasha

    Cherylann Pasha

  • Anonymous

    Love it!

    Lauren Gonzalez

  • Anonymous

    Name: Sarah Miller

  • asumakitschy

    Oh I am just soooo in love with Markus Lupfer!!! I would treasure the sweater so much!

    Full name: Asuma Abu Zafar

  • Anna Reyes

    Anna Reyes

  • Diana G

    Awesome! I love them, especially the one with the ring :D:D

    Diana Goanta

  • Anonymous

    Full Name: Akuada Okpala

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Beso and ManRepeller!!

    -Akuada Okpala

  • Anonymous

    Ashley Brewster

  • Anonymous

    Love the sweaters!!! Andrea Artenstein sing me up!!

  • christen1333

    Lurve the open mouth! Thanks Man Repeller & Beso!
    — Christen Yee

  • Chandler Mills

    Lauren Chandler Mills

    reminds me of british fabulousness

  • Noel

    Bad ass.

    Noel Ripberger

  • Colleen

    If there are three things I love … it's space, oversize sweaters, and sparkles!

    Colleen Foran

  • Anonymous

    Halee Sommer is a gal who would love to be the owner of one of these fabulous sweaters because, believe it or not, it gets really freakin' cold in Florida and she needs warm, man repelling things to stay alive.

  • WhatWillErinWear

    yay enter me!
    Full name – Erin Starkweather

  • Nikki

    Oh these sparkly things are amazing. Love the planet one.

    Nikita Klassen

  • Anonymous

    My full name is Abby Jacks!! I absolutely LOVE this sweater! Sequins and planets, OH MY! This sweater is too good to be true!! Thank you and Beso so much for the opportunity to win it! And i am 100% officially obsessed with your blog and twitter! I look forward to seeing your posts every day(: you inspire me so much and I absolutely love your style!
    Thank you so much, again!

  • Sam Bush

    That astronaut sweater is to die for….like I'm literally dying without it. Also, it's quite appropriate for the discovery of the new earth-like planet, no?
    It's honestly almost as hot at Miss Man Repeller herself.

    Samantha Valtierra Bush

  • Kels Wiseman

    DYING for one of these!!

    Kelsey Wiseman

  • Leann

    I would jump over a Christmas tree, a tall one, for one of these sweatshirts! Really, I would! Thanks Beso & Man Repeller – my heros. xo Leann Zafuto

  • Nahar & Nazia

    love these sweaters! so cute <3

    Nazia Tabassum 8) and thank you so much Beso & Man Repeller 8D

  • thedaniela

    Daniela Polimeni

    You're the fucking best i would do dirty things for that sweater xx

  • mynameisreb

    Reb Carlson

  • Jill Camerlengo

    Obsessed! Nothing repels a man like a giant blinged out ring on your chest. The planet one will do just fine as well….. the only planet they wanna see is well…a different one.

    Jill Camerlengo


    Stinkin' awesome. Aaaaand Gina Jacobson for the win! Or wait…was that a dream?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Beso! This would look great on my girlfriend…Joe Kunde

  • Sindhoo

    Thanks Beso for these sweet sweatshirts. Love them.

    Sindhoori Nackeeran, but my name on Facebook is just Sindhoo Nackeeran.

  • Too Busy to Blog

    Yes, I tweeeted, and liked on FB, and I liked Beso's, and I read your blog just to keep up, and hope HOPE that I win this tasty t shirt for my beloved daughter – who also reads you..

  • Lottie x

    These are beautiful!

    Take a look at mine for some high street alternatives…

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