Details that Rock

Leandra Medine | November 23, 2011
jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim, blouse: D&G;, dress: rag+bone, necklace: TOMTOM, bracelets: Mr. Kate. Photo by Naomi Shon

Ultimately, it’s almost always the details that perfectly string together the sartorial fiber of a well-groomed look. Here’s an old shot from a layering post I ran months ago. This is likely something of an unusual re-visit but I guess a good rule of thumb to control or identify narcissism is to look back at old photos and decide whether or not you feel inspired…by yourself. At this point, it seems I’m making like N and drowning in reflections. How tacky. Dimensions of different fabrics, prints, and silhouettes will always tug at my heart strings, but it’s really the copious bracelets and architecturally inspired neckwear that give whatever else is going on that small dose of character you probably wouldn’t have even known would make such a difference until you tried it. With this, I wish you a happy thanksgiving, consider it some turkey-day food for thought that spares the lives of any fancy winged creatures just trying to gobble, gobble and enjoy life on the farm. …Vive l’arm party.

  • Habiba. J

    WOW, that Philip Lim jacket is gorgeous and the different patterns blend so well together. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.

  • Fashion Me Wild – Style Team

    Love those patterns. These pieces go so well together.

    Check out today's look:
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  • The Fancy Teacup

    You never cease to amaze me. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, girl. x

  • welcome to my jungle

    Ahhhhhh LOVE this jacket! It is soooooo youuuuuu!!!

    – Dani

    welcome to my jungle

  • Malesha Gross

    I love your jacket… swagging 🙂

  • CeCe & NuNu

    lovely picture!


  • Xoxo ☺

    Love the detail! Xo

  • Shoppalu

    You inspire us Mademoiselle Man Repeller! Have a fabulous thanksgiving with plenty of arm party fun!!


  • La Petite Olga

    Love that jacket!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • xxM

    You are so Fab! You seriously know what your doing 😀


  • Lydia

    I agree with the title of this post. Everything here completely rocks. Oh, also, I meant to tell you a while back, congrats on 10,000 (plus!) followers!!

  • Ría

    I love all your accesories! They are fabulous.
    Also I love your blog since a found it at bloglovin.

  • thefashionguitar

    Makes me think of the Matthew Williamson S/S12 collection I saw today at a press day. Perfect combination of prints, colors, and patterns. COOL!

    XO Charlotte

  • Aubrey and Melissa

    Ha this seems a bit like you wanted to see how many prints you could fit on top at once but somehow it kinda works together a little bit. Always been in love with that Pillip Lim jacket. Happy thanksgiving!

  • Eva

    i wish i was the one in that outfit so i could wear it to school.

    xoxo Eva @

  • Devon

    I really like that blouse. Like, a lot. 🙂


  • Taye Anita

    these details definitely rock –



  • thestyleflux

    Love the layering!


  • Anonymous

    style a pencil skirt next!!!

  • Style Croissant

    The combination is great because it has muted colors like grey, white and black but also pops of colors with the crazy blouse. I really apreciate that your outfits are NEVER dull !!

  • Modelovers

    Very cool details! The Jacket and the blouse are amazing…


  • Superblondeep

    amazing jacket

  • Raspberry & Rouge

    That jacket is AMAZING! XO Rebecca

  • Naina

    You're layering is VERY different from my layering … but that's because you rock the sartorial socks.

  • ddferg

    A dissection of this complex and glam MR creation would be grand.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Jody-Ann

    The vest is the only piece I would take off with, love it.

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  • takeachicpill

    very badass mix&match;)

  • younglington
  • The life after

    I really like the bracelets!

    The Life After


    SO GOOD!!! Love it!

  • vanillachic

    that necklace is insane! love it. so is the jacket. i wish i owned anything 3.1 phillip lim.

  • Ian B.

    I'm in love with your jacket! Happy Thanksgiving!

    xo, Ian.

  • christine

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    I wanted to share it with you and your readers! It won't surely disappoint!

    Happy holidays and shopping!



  • lucia m
  • Anonymous

    hold the phone…. you do know alexa chung is following you on twitter right? be hella proud

  • Love Sushi and Fashion

    I so love the jacket! <3<3

  • Guenda
  • Carmo

    i'm in love with the Philip Lim jacket!

  • Michelle Lee

    Amazing look

  • jennifer

    Hejsan! vilken söt blogg du hade! jag har igång en tävling på min blogg och skulle vara skoj om du ville vara med! om du vill kan vi även följa varandra med bloglovin? Kram

  • glamur_p

    I love this combination 🙂

  • beckymonster

    I am loving whatever's going on around your right arm!


  • Ayanna Michelle

    Haven't had an arm party in a long time. I'm having finger parties now-a-days…

    Quench Fab

  • Wunmi W-A

    LOVE the combo!!

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  • Caitlin

    This jacket is no joke! I dig it!


  • ThirdWorldFabi

    C'mon Leandra. OF COURSE you can pile away! You're tall & skinny and have an endless pair of limbs. I'd look like the turkey.

    I still love you and you're my fave blog ever, though.


  • Alison @ a la Alison

    This is such a hodgepodge of awesomeness. Love the necklace in particular.

  • Christine

    Dear Leandra …Details do rock…I would love if you could do more posts on layering…like this look now I would never think to put all those prints together and even if I did it wouldn't look right to me, but on you it's art. Is this something that comes naturally, do you play around with pieces, and how do you know it looks good to you when it comes all together ?

  • Henriette Little


  • .M.

    No words… Such an amazing detail!