Summer Threads for Fall

Leandra Medine | October 25, 2011

The only cold weather score better than say, a Dries van Noten cashmere knit on sale for $168, is the prospect of taking ones favorite summer pieces to the proverbial freezer. Or the other way around…I won’t lie: I once wore a suede jacket to the beach when I was eight. It was hot out, yes, but hey, I looked cool. The sleeves were fringed! This anecdote should confirm that I’ve never quite believed in seasonal dressing. It’s true that every garment has a time and place but why shouldn’t that very time and place lapse six months instead of three. Or you know, ten years, period. This whole notion of summer clothes in winter weather got my noggin working, thinking about my favorite summer pieces: the notorious neon Proenza Schouler dress and this little white tunic, not meant to be worn as a dress and yet, just that. I took a size twelve to ensure shirt-as-dress longevity, sue me.

images via Mark Iantosca, Naomi Shon
…And how I’d take the dresses to winter with me. [Cut to transformation.]
Snow friendly booties and tights instead of open foot, bare leg cape sandals. It’s a rough transition but someones got to do it. 
 Darker nail polish, more rugged accessories and obligatory semi-circle clutch on head instead of…standing around like an asshole.
dress: Ermanno Scervino, moto vest: H&M;, necklaces: Pamela Love, clutch: Emily Cho, tights: Hue, shoes: Burberry Prorsum
Exhibit B:
…There was no Exhibit A, was there?
all images by Naomi Shon. Sweater: Thakoon, dress and boots: Proenza Schouler, tights: Hue, purse: Reece Hudson

Turn the midi-dress into a midi-skirt et voila you’re more on trend than fashion blogging. I’m taking a stand pro-sweaters at night and the complete and absolute demolition of, gasp, “going out tops.” Because of that, I’d say this here outfit is most certainly Saturday night in mid December approved. With another pair of tights and comfortable cool booties, you’ve got the Man Repeller aspect down pat. What could have once been considered by some, long and lean legs are now just…some shins. I took the liberty of belting this dress at the waist to produce a more distinct mullet effect and have lately been styling most everything with some plentiful color on top, black on black down below. Okay now, I showed you mine, you show me yours. How will you take your favorite summer pieces to fall?

  • Lia

    ugh i love the colors in the last outfit! It's also a great look for going at night to avoid getting hit by cars

    Glass of Fashion

  • Viktoria

    i wish i had such a great style!

  • Olivia

    That's a great idea!! I always love your outfit ideas 🙂


  • CupcakesOMG!

    well these just look great. i mean, obviously!


  • ddferg

    Nicely played MR.

  • Eugenia

    Those shoes are fantastic! Love the shirt dress X

  • Meg

    the color combo in the last one is fantastic, i mean for gods sakes my clothes cost enough, the more use i can get out of them the better.

  • jas

    wow! i love it! the first look is amazing

  • Kate N.

    I've always wished there were some proper way to carry over summer into winter, and you've proved there is! Can't wait to get out my old man sweaters and grandma jewelry. Didn't have to go far for inspiration this morning.

  • lateybirdy

    very smart usage of summer dresses girl!

  • Sarah

    super chic! love it!

  • Anonymous

    Yay, you're back on track – this is what you do best

  • realelinkling

    HOLY MOLY! Damn your beatiful and so cool.

  • Trips & Treasures

    Love how you wear the white dress
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  • -xx
  • Nuha

    love both outfits..and that view? oh my god!

  • Rhiannon
  • Caitlin
  • Sketch42

    Ive always hated the "going out top" look. I mean, when i was 19 and went to clubs, you needed those cause you couldn't wear sweaters to a club. But now Im a grown up and I need to be covered when its freaking freezing. So down with silky tank tops for winter. DOWN.

  • Carolyn*Rae

    Im digging the sweater-over-the-dress look. Pairing tights and booties with summer dresses for Fall is a must. Something about wearing my summer faves in winter makes everything feel that much….warmer?? Nothing is more man repelling than scraping your windshield with your credit card in an amazing duo like the sweater and dress combo! I finally buckled down and bought an ice scraper, dont worry.

  • María Finkernagel

    Your blog is so well written and probably the nicest one to read because it's not just poses of you being hot and annoying and über photoshopped.

    Amazing, Leandra!

    -un beso!-
    María Finkernagel

  • Grace

    love it! summer outfits all year round is the way to go.

  • AdamAlexMommy

    I love both clutches. Soooo stylish.

    I absolutely adore you!


  • Anonymous

    With the vest over the tunic shirt/dress I would have never known it was a size 12! I love it!!

  • Ivânia Santos (Diamond)

    so stylish!! Lovely everthing <33


  • ﻌFashionQamarﻌ

    oooh i love the yellow dress, the clutch,the red/pink Jumper and so on and so on…:)

  • Prêt-à-Penser

    I'M IN LOVE, with you and your style.


  • Moni

    I loove the yellow dress! 🙂

  • Tariro

    You are absolutely cool! I love all the outfits, especially those black boots!

  • Anonymous

    kool beanz!

  • Brigadeiro

    Those Prorsum booties are absolutely WICKED!!!! Love 'em!


  • Anonymous


    ("….standing around like an asshole." BAHAHAHAA!


  • molliee

    love these transition outfits!


  • Bespoke Biddie

    i love fashion without rules!


  • Golden Girl Olive

    Love this post! And those Burberry Prorsum boots are beyond…


  • Nuit

    ok. This is BRILLIANT!

  • Lynsey Michelle

    That H&M; Moto jacket is pretty great. Making a list, and checking it twice…

    Lynsey Michelle

  • Anonymous

    Looveeee the moto vest, Leandra and the HUE booties. All of it is a kick in the harem pants, so-to-speak. You are inspiring me to re-think my closet.

  • Anonymous

    OOOPS I meant to write Burberry booties, not HUE.

  • Blonde Vivant

    OMG, I leeerrvvvv the combination of light weight, summer dresses with heavier tights and shoes, throw a leather vest in to the mix and it's perfection. I have been quietly lusting after those PS boots…think i need them in my life.

    xo Kate

  • One Favorite Thing

    LOVE the shirt dress … what a novel idea of buying a larger size tunic!

  • thenauticalwheeler

    I'm loving the darker nail polish and that hand bag! Also like how you layer your jewelry, fabulous ~jen

  • Carolina Sundell

    Your tips and trix always makes me inspired, love the sweater over the dress, tights and boots.

  • kaitlyntru

    Youuu should ID your bracelets!

  • Allegra

    I know you may hear that a lot but I love your blog

  • Teresa

    Haha love this, great outfits! Totally agree with you about 'going out tops'. They always tend to have sequins on them and go with nothing. Never a good thing!

  • caits

    i loveee these. especially the first. and that, ahem, top makes the perfect dress. kudos to avoiding the sizing normality.

  • Midge

    These outfits are both fantastic, but I'm especially in love with the second. Brights in cool weather are the best! 🙂


    LOVE the shirt-dress and dark tights, one of your best looks to date! Seriously smoking outfit.

  • †Elmo La Cruz†

    Marvelous Mixes

  • Anna

    The first one is a bit '90s, but the second–wow. I am in love with the colors, and black boots are a perfect balance.

  • leodataslim

    ahh .. it is a pleasure reading your posts .. I certainly agree about not following the seasons in dressing up 🙂

  • Style Croissant

    the hairy orange purse is rad !! and I love the wzy you layered your proenza neon dress you will bring life to the snowy streets of manhattan 🙂 When everyone will be wrapped up in their grey and beige scarves you will shine in bright hues ! But I also like your first outfit, with more muted tones. Although I'm not sure these outfits are suitable for winter, I'd say rather fall. You would need to add a coat. I'd say add the orange burberry duffle coat to the last outfit and a chunky grey furry coat to the first.

  • linsey sijmons

    Loves it!

    With love,


    Love that last dose of color. I want the sweater bad. I will take the Summer to Fall challenge and get back at ya.

  • Anonymous

    what's in your bag?? show us!! 🙂

  • Marielle

    You don't have a like button??? LOVE all these pics! U look great !

  • G-star Online


  • Summer J.


  • genuinstyle

    Your style is so amazing and unique!

  • Xen

    lusting those exhibit A booties!!!! aaaaaaaaah

  • Anonymous

    Love this post, and love that blue bag in the first picture. Where's that from? Thanks!


    Crazy jealous of you right now. I am so in love with that Pro S. dress but could never afford or justify affording it, haha.


  • Collections

    So that white dress is pretty spectacular. As is that Thakoon sweater.

    Fashionable Collections

  • Lauren H.

    Does anyone know who makes the brown leather jacket in the summer part?

  • Heather Barnes

    Love the way you styled this moto jacket!