Final Runway Report: Paris Part Une

Leandra Medine | October 1, 2011

Man, it feels good to be back! Hey! Hi! How’s it going!

Paris Fashion Week is underway and so I circle back to a point I made toward the end of Milan Fashion Week: just when you think you’d seen it all, holy Man Repeller it seems to get exponentially better. FOMO (fear of missing out and that’s the last time I expand on that!) is manifesting itself within me as I’m still in New York and won’t be in France until tomorrow, when it may be too late…but hey, a Jews got to do what a Jew has got to do. So instead of sulk in unnecessary misery I’ll just deliver a recap of what I’ve missed. Ultimately you see, offers the most comfortable front row seat anyway.

A master of swoon worthy prints, super short shorts, covetable knits and the ability to combine all three, Isabel Marant does it again. And S/S 2012 looks like…S/S 2011. I can get behind that though, I really commend a designer who can take cues from the success of her previous collections and recreate them drawing from elements of the past and merging just that with elements of…”the future.” On a more me note though, it must be pointed out, there are nipple tassels on model #2 so in the event you may have thought I was losing my flair for the Repeller (I’ll admit it’s happened plentiful times of the course of these weeks,) thank you, Isabel. Nothing says a chic white linen day by the beach like…nipple tassels.

Carven mastermind Guillame Henry (what a hunk, call me!) exercises continued expertise in bringing the girly girl out of his garments. Silhouettes all full, short, and crafted in lush materials get a kick of new with Luella-esque cut-outs, swing anoraks and a combination of prints designed for only one another. It’s always a pleasure to see the semi-affordable brands do so well in the crazy coveted high end space.

…Speaking of that crazy coveted high end space, Dries Christ! Dries van Noten you really are Dries van Awesome. Shapeless sack dress is the name of my game and even more so just that when different prints are involved and said silhouette is placed over a pair of pants. I know, I know I keep saying it but skants are having such a monster moment. Even to the right in the all-white ensemble, a certain short peplum shouldn’t go unnoticed. Lace up heels featuring no platform–something seen quite often through the course these weeks–tie the looks together in a way that so perfectly create a fantastic ending pun for me. 

…I should also note in the sporadic pop of color that Dries van Noten previewed, it seems the collection may or probably may not have taken a cue from a blog post I wrote earlier this summer. Even so…who wore it best?

And onto a collection I’d never omit from my round-up: Maison Martin Margiela shows Persian rugs as maxi skirts, and the very plastic that said rugs are typically delivered in as tops? Blazers? Shower curtains? Use your imagination. An interesting theme ran through a couple shows in Paris this weekend: evidently, the ability to see what’s in front you is not chic for Spring. In this instance, Cousin It gets a well-groomed makeover. At Balenciaga however…

Space age mullet sunhats deliver the same result: temporary blindness. I’d delve deeper into it but it’s far less interesting than the hot pants and re-invented power suit jackets Nicolas Ghesqiuere whipped up. One more high five for implementing arm parties, they’re Lucite come spring. If any collection evokes power to women, I’d say Balenciaga is a shoe-in every season. And speaking of shoes, how about that, capes for Fall and wings for Spring. I can get down with it.

In usual Rochas spirit: full midi skirts and sixties style beehives. A short-sleeved sweater begging for its moment. This season has offered a somewhat unanimous departure from the bad-ass Moto jacket wearing girl in favor of a more ladylike woman, who likes to drink tea. See here its effort to bring back the headscarf. Said scarf has made its way through nearly every fashion era in some capacity and I’d say I’m fairly excited to see where this particular one goes. Does it have staying power? I’m not sure. Fiddler on the roof or Jackie O chic? Certainly! But in more salutations to a floral print of the sixties (Christopher Kane too shared a fondness for this,) we end here on a note that celebrates women acting as ladies again. You hear that? Pinkies up, suckas!
  • Sanam

    I love that 3rd look from isabel marrant! 🙂


  • Maeva Christa Hiag

    !! CARVEN N BALENCIAGA !!! magnifique
    La Bise

    MCH from Paris

  • Cristiana Nunes

    maison martin margiela stole my heart!

  • We Can Pretend

    AMAZING!!!! Wish i was there.

  • Liv

    Thank you Repeller. I couldn't get very well watch the shows eating Nutella straight out of the jar in the real front row now, could I?
    Well, YOU could, I'm sure.

  • couturing

    Ugh, I can't get over the looks from Carven and from Balenciaga! Really inspiring.

  • Dawn S

    Loving the Dries van Noten, I like the floaty skirt with a biker jacket styling.


  • Liz

    The colors! It's beautiful! I am weeping for joy.

  • Moni

    Great review, funny as always!!


    I love the vintage vibes from the Rocha collection! Must acquire chunky knit sweater and sequin skirt immediately.

  • thestyleflux

    WOOWWW! it gets better and better! adore all those collection!

    Kaye Awatin
    Fashion Blogger

  • Holly

    Beautiful! I especially like the lady-like looks (I like sipping tea with my pinkies out)

  • things – collection

    I can only wear the pink skirt better than the model!

  • Opposite lipstick
  • Lydia

    Maison Martin Margiela!

  • Sophie Loloi
  • M

    Your commentary on these shows is always refreshing!! I'm excited for your thoughts on Paris Fashion Week when you get there 🙂

    <3 from San Francisco

  • Erik Goldberg

    Who doesn't love a sexy see through trash bag? Maison Martin Margiela sure knows how to make shower curtains sexy.
    P.s Dear Man Repeller, what did you think of Haider Ackermann's spring collection?

  • The Fancy Teacup

    The Carven collecion totally stole my heart.

    ♥, Jamie

  • Grace

    totally in love with the Isabel looks!

    xx Grace

  • lucia m


    can we perhaps send you our Galactic Necklace?


  • amélie poulain jobim

    Adoroo seu blog. I from Brazil!!!
    Visit my blog!!!

  • Michelle Lee

    Beautiful collections

  • Inhale | Fashion and Beauty

    Hi good to have you back. Loved all the collections.

  • Angela Wipf

    adore the isabel marant collection and that first look from nicolas ghesquière, winged shoes ftw…and, you wore it better 😉

  • Kathleen

    you wore it best. and goofiest.

  • Trips & Treasures

    Really like Carven this season, love dressing girly in spring

    Love your comments and thoughts on the collections even if you weren't there
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  • Anonymous

    you wore it best!

  • indie.electronic.alternative.

    glad to see super short shorts are still in. but how the hell am i going to wear them whilst repelling frost bite this fall? they're so much less exciting and scandalous when you have to wear tights.

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    Haha! That photo of you jumping is sooooo cool!!!

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    This has nothing really to do with your post (but I did like the post!), more like just something I had to get off my chest:
    Dude, so I saw a couple of your Man Repeller vids on youtube and I've been reading a couple of your entries, and I just had to say, I absolutely LOVE the energy you give off.'re on all the time (kinna) hahaha I love it. Makes me feel more awake (esp. cause of school I'm always tired :(). Lovin the blog!

  • Lois J. Lim

    hahah you are FABULOUS. I love your quirky, and i dont-give-a-fuh attitude. love it.

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