Pretty Powerful: Behind the Scenes

Leandra Medine | October 7, 2011
I call this one, fancy pants gets her hair did.

In partnership with Bobbi Brown.

I’m not usually one to sit back and let women iron my hair with curling irons while nonchalantly giggling at other people in the same room without noticing there may or may not be a camera capturing all this footage on, you know, a camera. But just that happened a couple weeks ago when I gleefully accepted a fun opportunity to work alongside Bobbi Brown’s team in a campaign called Pretty Powerful. I’d never partnered with a makeup brand before and Bobbi Brown seemed an ideal place to start. Not only because she and her makeup pride themselves on keeping things natural–my entire makeup regime includes cracked bronzer and the sporadic mascara stick–but because this campaign, Pretty Powerful, is something I can and do really get behind.

jacket: Veda, blouse: Carven, skirt: Maje, shoes: Isabel Marant, purse: Alexander Wang 

That’s me right there, offering my best pageant queen wave…which brings me back to Pretty Powerful. The entire concept preaches that women are beautiful without makeup but can be pretty powerful with it too….if used properly. Makeup should be worn to accentuate a woman’s features, not have her endlessly try to hide herself or emulate someone else. Because ultimately, the only thing that will truly make a woman “pretty powerful” is sincere confidence. Cue the Man Repeller. What have I been telling you for the last year? Hmm? Hmm? Wear what you love, and I highly doubt it’s bodycon. Even if it’s antlers on your head or a bird on your sleeve. I’ve had some girls tweet “I’m wearing harem pants but no men are repelled,” but earth to tweeters! It’s the confidence factor. I once said man repelling isn’t really about repelling men, it’s about unleashing the inner-you. I meant that, let your freak flag fly.

Here find Celia. You may remember her from an old cycle of America’s Next Top Model. She and I worked alongside one another to produce a video for this campaign, getting to know one another and asking each other questions about our respective trades. She’s a model and I’m a flamingo. As it happens, it seems that to the far left I think I am holding a cup of some sort but there is nothing in my hand! Nothing! 

Then I asked her if I could dress her and she said yes.
…And off to Creatures of Comfort we went. So you know, I did in fact use all the layers in my arms to outfit her body as installation art.
I had some fun too in the process. It’s like that hat was made for my head and skirt. But ultimately, the real a-ha moment was when model lady popped out of the dressing room in seven layers of fun and ta da! Loved how she looked. The end of the day resulted in a walk off a la Zoolander, underwear unleash not included but referring to people in the “earth to” tense most certainly. These were good moments but you’ll have to wait until Monday to see the video in it’s entirety for more extensive details on that riveting portion of the day. Man, I love role playing.
Now I send your powerful ass off, tootles, and urge that you enter the Pretty Powerful contest where, OMFG, you can be a face in the campaign! Your face! Yours! The one on your head! Clicky, clicky.
  • Akosua

    You look super amazing Leandra. as always

  • Dominika

    great pictures!

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  • Lauren Kent

    this looks so fun, i love celia's longer hair!

  • Lollihearts

    omdss I remember Celia! and i'm actually watching re-runs of ANTM right now!

    you look great in that read skirt!

  • The Calvin Show

    I do remember her from ANTM! You both look great. You both look fly and my freak flag does as well! Ooh-oooooh!

  • welcome to my jungle

    I need to read your blog every day! I´m obsessed with it!

    – Dani

  • Tracy

    Gorgeous, Leandra!!! Always been a Bobbi fan, glad you are too!

  • Anonymous

    Now I know who you remind me of. That pic of you in the hat brought it home. Eloise! At the Plaza. Its good. Keep it up!

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  • adahliavolk

    What an awesome partnership! Can't wait to see the video.

  • sheisimpeccable
  • Céline

    You inspire me everyday a little more, I think your blog is a drug hahaha !! I'm a hudge fan of ANTM, glad you worked with her ! xx


  • Angela Leberte

    what a great campaigne!!! yall both look amazing


  • things – collection

    love how you look so funny!

  • Anonymous

    ok, i love this!


    10's all across the board!

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    Lookin great.

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  • Molliee

    looks like a dream!! xoxo

  • Grace

    Looking good!

    xx Grace

  • ADJ

    Loving Celia. She is really something else.

    You are fabulous!

  • The Neon Angels

    You look adorable! We are total supporters of you & congrats on all you have accomplished. So cool to see a seemingly down to earth chick doing legitimately rad things, without using strictly her looks, and sexuality. Digging your writing and sense of humor as well. xo TNA

  • Veronica Popoiacu

    your blog is inspirational !!!

    great !


  • Kerry LeFrak

    So exciting to see all the well deserved attention you're getting. I love reading your very original and witty blog. Wishing you an easy fast on this Yom Kippur.

  • theirresistiblybeautiful

    you are so funny)))))

  • Caitlin

    Pageant wave? I thought you were flipping the bird.

  • themonstersflashlight

    This "Pretty Powerful" campaign is definitely something I could get behind and support. I agree that this is an appropriate way for you to step into the cosmetics world. It's a smart way. You aren't jumping in head first into anything wild, but stepping into something.. well, smart. And moving. Obviously women are beautiful without make up, but yes, obviously, properly applied make up makes the world of difference, especially in the work force. And yes, confidence is the magic carpet. Right on, girl.

  • thefashionguitar

    The combi of the jacket en skirt is so good!!

    XO Charlotte

  • Alyssa

    You did your job well my friend…. very well. til next time.. (there should be a comic made about you)

    le petit monde

  • Anonymous

    i love this. such a great opp

  • Anonymous

    …ortunity. lol

  • Fashion Dynamite

    Just when I thought you couldn't top yourself with the post title "An Apology Post Because My Internet is an Asshole" (which even my husband found hilarious), you're in a campaign with Celia from Top Model. She was my absolute favorite from Top Model. Can't wait to see this video on Monday.

  • MsVeve

    I love your wackiness.)

  • Alexandra

    OMG- the Veda military jacket with leather sleeves is absolutely stunning, I must have it, it's gone from everywhere, but you make it look like a zillion dollars. Rock on. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. Congratulations on all your success!

  • feesha

    I'd let you dress me too, if I was her. Your blog is too awesome!

  • Vasilieva

    love love love your red skirt, such a statement piece, especially for fall

  • Sabina

    Oh man that sounds like such an awesome day. Congrats on the Bobbi Brown campaign. I also though Celia was very impressive on ANTM.

  • Fiona

    I love this idea for a campaign

  • Zoe Mikaela

    in love with the sweater and orange shirt look. its so amazing. It rends me of some kind of flower!

  • heycrazy

    Got to say love love love you in the Maje skirt (I have one too!) and the Moretti (which I'm craving!). Too cute!

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    OMG, i lovev all of the outfits you wore. Already saw the video, and really liked it!

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    She's beautiful without any effort. I guess 1234 millions of women would give their fancy shoe closets just to have her skin.

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