Leandra Medine | October 15, 2011

A rare occasion it is that a fashion week goes by and this particular arm goes unphotographed. Sure, her child, niece, nephew, (husband?) probably made the darling plastic star and heart pastel bead bracelets that finish this arm party, but I want in! Where can we (yes, we) find exact replicas beads to duplicate and embrace what I’ll call among the most authentic arm parties I’ve seen? One less about fancy shit and more about raw love and friendship…you know, other sorts of shit. I guess the complimenting Marni blouse and yellow Fendi purse-held-as-clutch can be rendered optional…but, OMFG, is that a 4S? Siri, won’t you help us find the materials to make the bracelets?

Just some Saturday beads for thought. Tootles!

  • blue roses

    i am pretty sure i had those exact heart bracelets as a child, probably constructed by myself, despite a notable lack of hand-eye dexterity. those beadings are intricate and tough for tiny, chubby fingers.

    love the plastic against the beautiful black and brown pattern….

  • thefashionguitar

    THA clutch! Such a cool color

    XO Charlotte

  • Moni

    love how much is going on here, it works out


  • A Refinaria

    I had the stars bracelet, but I can't find it anymore… you should try on those party shops.

  • Cristiana Nunes

    I love the pattern of the shirt!

  • Dani

    It is great to mix up different bracelets!! The more different pieses the better it looks!
    Love the clutch colour as well


  • ‘odd and old’ Linda Dacey

    in a bit
    of a desert
    fashion wise
    but still
    to pop by
    and enjoy
    your wit
    and prose


  • EVIE

    Love the clutch! I used to have bracelets like that, made with DIY bead sets – those were the days! Actually, I'm pretty sure I still have them hanging about somewhere. x

  • Inhale | Fashion and Beauty

    Loving the Fendi purse and the color

  • Love at First Blush

    I used to wear those bracelets in fourth grade. Next thing you know, the new trend will be to wear those edible candy bracelets!

  • Goguma

    Haha you can buy jewellery making kits from toy shops! Majorly nostalgic

  • Alyssa

    It's a pain in the butt but it's possible to create your own with those kits from Joann's. 😉 I've made a bracelet or two in my day.

  • mr & mrs

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  • kimberlie erin

    I knew I'd seen these somewhere…I get this catalog at school. (I teach 2nd grade)

    You can buy a dozen for five dollars here:;=true&tabId;=1&rd;=bracelets

    I think you would like these too:;=true&tabId;=1&rd;=bracelets

    P.S. Love your blog…obviously

  • Man Repeller

    the best $5 i ever spent. thank you!!

  • Cristina

    I have been making classic friendship bracelets like the ones I used to make at summer camp. I have been adding a grown-up touch to them though 🙂 I love mixing one "nice" piece with a ton of heartfelt pieces. My bracelets are going to be for sale soon in my store. Check them out if interested! Thanks for sharing this sentiment <3

  • Ashley

    Reminicent of childhood memories, SO cute. Obviously you gotta rock a bracelet when your five year old cousin made it ! x

  • dream big

    I thougt exactlt the samt thing a copule of days ago when I first saw this arm, although in another picture. Who does it belong to?

  • Matter Of Style
  • Lydia

    I love a good arm party, and have been rocking them for years, but my friendship bracelets keep giving me eczema!! Buzz kill.

  • EmerJa

    I've got this stars bracelet!! I'm wearing it in some of my posts. In fact, this summer I've been wearing it a lot!!:)

  • Vasilieva

    that yellow baby is a stunner

  • briannelee

    I am loving the pin she is wearing as well!

  • Eva

    Lol these are so cute!
    She's wearing them so well though it's plastic!

  • Ylenia {ambitieuse}
  • things – collection

    I love her child bracelets!

  • RitaVS

    I have the heart one!

  • The Fancy Teacup

    The childhood bracelets and playful clutch are total eye candy.

  • Summer J.

    I too had those bracelets as a child! I'm about to call my mom and ask if she still has my old jewelry in our "dress-up clothes" box at her house! And if her answer is "Nay," then I'm off to Michael's to construct them myself…

  • Asana Yamamoto

    yellow clutch! nice!

  • ADJ

    There is just something wonderful about a pop of color.

  • Spirale Rouge

    I love the yellow clutch. Really nice. However, I'm not sure about the bracelets, surely because I don't really appreciate the plastic material.

  • Emily

    My eight year old, who has her own tween fashion blog by the way, called "Manicures and Math Class," would be delighted to make you some friendship bracelets or lanyards

  • The Daily Fashionista

    Well now I must raid my parent's attic because I know I have my Lisa Frank beading kit somewhere in there. I was a hardcore Lisa Frank nerd and have a stock pile of those bracelets!! 🙂

  • Monse Fuentes
  • AdamAlexMommy

    Not a huge fan of Fendi… but that clutch makes me think twice about Fendi. It's really my style… Love the color… the crochet… everything!

  • lucia m
  • Ophelia
  • Sanity Notebook

    Hoho, your prose is engaging.
    And while this lady wears the child's beads quite well, I'm craving a good scarlet nail polish right about now….

    TE AMO,

  • Teresa

    I'm actually in love with that clutch!

  • Nuar

    With all the action going on around that arm,now I'm curious about the rest of her outfit. But, on the other hand, it's better: mystery spurs imagination.

  • rouli

    <3 it all

  • Michelle Lee

    Lovely 🙂

  • Louca por Compras

    Love the spirit of this post!

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    Every day (I hope!) I will post the outfit I wear for work, out to dinner or during the Weekend, with the aim to inspire myself and (why not?) others!
    I look forward to your visits because I need support and encouragement for this crusade! Stay tuned!!!

  • Anonymous

    Where can I find these in Europe so that I don't need to buy like 300 pcs? =)

  • Glitzy_sey

    I Just Love Yellow Fendi bag with fantastic assorciated bracletes companion.
    Don't miss her yellow brooch on her marni blouse.
    She obviously knows something about a fashion.

  • Trips & Treasures

    cute ! but if someone less stylish would wear bracelets like that, it would probably just look ridiculous
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  • stylista

    I love the beads and the bag! Great post!
    check out my blog at


    kinda tacky to me…sorry

  • Joy

    Gorgeous pile of accessories.

  • Paulina

    So cute! I had a very similar bracelet as a kid.

    You can usually find them as the h&m; kids section or in any accessory store that has kids-jewellery. For example at Accessorize.

  • Heather

    the DOLLAR store, helloooooooo

  • Carolina Sundell

    A Fendi purse like that your're set to go and the beautiful blouse really helps.

  • Kshaps

    I have those bracelets haha no joke from when I was a little girl at day camp.

    Chag succot sameach!!

    – Kortney
    *The Unapologetic Eccentric*

  • Taw

    I have the exact heart one from claires. hahahaha

  • Sd

    so cute and bold!

  • impressions and fashion

    Just Do it yourself:)


  • alanna


  • Audrey

    I really love this bag!


  • Unfinished Impressions

    i was totally loving this too when i first saw it! i remember having the same star and hearts bracelet as a kid!

  • Jes

    I used to wear a million different varieties of those bracelets in high school. My favorite was this pearl pastel plastic shell one. Hella legit. Bought them at souvenir shops on my teen tour around Cali and the Southwest.

  • Cristi!
  • Erin

    Woman! I. Own. A. Bead. Store. I live to make Arm Parties. Get your butt over to Brooklyn and I will seriously hook you up.

    P.S. Don't judge my site. A way cuter one is in the works.

  • Lois J. Lim

    I love everything about this photo. The pop of color with brown, yellow, white, black.. its fabulous!

  • Michel

    I design bangles for kids. You will love the designs! check it out here.