The Mailman, Continued

Leandra Medine | October 31, 2011

I may have fabricated the truth a little bit when I said on Friday that there was a story line here. The only real story line goes like this: I wanted to style a turtleneck to rid predisposed fear of embracing the trend and in doing so, turned out an outfit I deemed perfectly suitable for work. Naomi, the photo man put down her lens and said “…what sort of work?” It was then that like an angel falling from the heavens, our resident mailman swung by. 

Does anyone really ever take time to speculate the importance of a mailman? He delivers your mail. Your mail. I know it doesn’t seem as important as it used to. There are rarely love letters signed and sealed anymore. Most of that goes through e-mail, Craigs List, or…you know, Facebook’s antiquated “Honesty Box.” But what about the other things that still come via snail mail: jury duty summonings, bills, letters from your insurance company telling you your favorite doctors are no longer taking the aforementioned insurance. Fine, you’re right, he’s not important at all, that stupid mail devil. Which is why I set fire to his little rolling cart of death threats just moments after these photos were taken. 

See that? Merry and on my way. I’m so mailman chic. If I were going to a Halloween party this would be a wonderful storing device: my phone, my drink, my wallet, your kidneys. La di da di da, photos, photos, mail and fire. If these were captioned, this one would say, “Where’s the closest fire hydrant?” But alas it is not. I just want to make that clear.

…I’m just kidding, contrary to what the mischievous smile topping the above outfit photo may suggest, I didn’t set anything on fire. I can see why you would think I did because I’m definitely not sane, but I’m also kind of insulted, people. I’m no criminal. Unless that is, you consider motivating hookers to dress more like pilgrims a crime. Ultimately though, if this entire fiasco (and by fiasco I mean the makeshift story brought to you by Man Repeller LLC,) taught me anything, it’s that it is probably a damn good thing I decided to take the non-fiction route.

  • Lia

    hahah the granny cart is brilliant! love it!

    Glass of Fashion

  • iryna

    I always knew Leandra could be a criminal and there you go ! 😛

  • Xoxo ☺

    You look fabulous!!! Love your outfit! Xo

  • Anonymous

    dear man repeller, you truly are fantastic.

  • Any

    stunning outfit. already loved it before it made sense with the mail cart. i think i loved it even more before it made sense.

  • CupcakesOMG!

    this outfit gives you literally no shape, and i just effing love it.


  • libby

    i'm still afraid of the turtleneck. memories of feeling like i'm being strangled come flooding back when i think of wearing one. lucky you can get past those!


    Its really a great look! x


  • Closet Cravings

    You can deliver my mail anytime. Love the theyskens' theory pants – l-o-v-e! =)
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  • Caitlin
  • Eileenie

    LOL @ how ghetto the little cart looks.

    Love that outfit! Next year…I WILL have a fashionable Halloween!

  • Mimi LaRue

    OK, I normally LOVE everything you put together Leandra, however, this MONSTROSITY… get it? get it? is truly Man Repelling. Job well done, Lady!

  • thalia

    HAhahahaha, love your blog! Your just amazingly funny

  • Fashion Dawgs

    All the secrets are coming out now eh? Vomiting in your bag, committing arson. Tut tut.

    Fashion Dawgs

  • Asia

    I love turtlenecks (blame my mother and a child hood filled with them). It is funny that you styled yours this way. I wore a turtleneck/sweater vest ensemble to work just this past week. I fell in love with the look. I absolutely love what you have done here I agree this is very man repelling!!

  • marialε

    love your vest!
    My Fashion Bug

  • Loulou

    Fantastic! But my mail was late today and I'm waiting for a very important bill … not.

    Loulou @ Loulou Downtown

  • thefashionguitar

    The long layers are lovely


  • Leslie

    Setting fire to the mail, I love it! I own very few turtle necks because they are annoying and stuffy but you look fab as always. Thanks for making me laugh everyday! xoxo

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  • Delphine

    The question is, where was the amazing mail cart on saturday night @Boom Boom ? It would definitely have made a strong impression…

  • Laura

    those trousers are RIDICULOUS (in the greatest sense of the word of course)

    another great look!

  • Melissa

    awesome post. I love your pants but I would probably look like a midget in them no matter how high my heels were

  • Ivonne

    I just adore your writing style. I really get sucked into what your saying.

  • Laureen Gazio

    hahaha awesome. Great outfit !

  • karina

    realy cool)

  • freesia

    The pants are amazing and you look great on them!

  • Yuka
  • Inhale | Fashion and Beauty

    Very cool, Happy Halloween
    Inhale | Fashion and Beauty

  • modern Suburbanites
  • Style Croissant

    wtf is happening with this turtlenckundersweater trend ?? EVERY single blogger is sporting it. hehe I'd better jump on that bandwagon. Hanneli, Fashion squad now YOU … get me a turtleneck ASAP !!

  • marina miouprincess
  • Elle @ Chellbellz

    mmmmmm I actually love this outfit! This is something that all sizes can wear! and you could get away with it if you had on flats.

  • Selene C.

    wow are you really an LLC now? Congrats!

  • Lynsey Michelle

    I die for the mental image I have of you taking the mail man's mail bag to shoot these images. No inhibitions…and I love it.

    Lynsey Michelle

  • Anonymous


  • Margherita

    Loveeee it!

  • Brigadeiro
  • Isabel, Wake up & smell the azahar

    Love the "vest coat" & the color combination.

  • Lydia

    I love snail-mail. Send cards to your friends! Cute outfit, also!

  • Anonymous

    Your style reminds me SO much of mine (or vice versa?) You're the only other person I've seen who likes to clash block colors and print like I do. Awesome. Anyway, so I just moved to New York and having never been exposed to winter dressing before.. my question is, how on EARTH do I wear a fur stole and make it look funky / stay warm?! What staples do you wear when it's freezing cold?

  • Mary




  • LoveE ♥

    Haha you should've set it on fire, would've made for a much more entertaining photo 😀

    You're fantastic though, of course!

  • Collections
  • HuntGatherFashion

    Oh MR you are so coo coo banana's. How I love sipping on a spiked cuppa joe and reading about your crazy antics. Just wanted to say keep up the good work. Gold Star.

  • Rothaariges

    You look so chic and friendly. I Like!

  • Aga

    Love it!

  • Fiore
  • The Eye Behind the Detail

    I love your outfit. That vest is awesome and really complements those pants. And the turtleneck looks great with the vest…though I shudder to think of something clinging to my neck like that…Haha, still might have to try it once the weather gets colder.

  • Dale

    haha, great post and my dad is a mailman so hopefully that profession is extinct anytime soon. You have really nice style and I love the way you write. Very creative.

    I'm a stylist with a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time 🙂

  • feesha

    That turtleneck actually looks pretty comfy.
    I guess it's about finding the right turtle for your neck, right?

  • Frank

    Very nice post. Thank you for sharing Look homme