An Early Halloween at The Standard with Kanon

Leandra Medine | October 31, 2011

In partnership with Kanon.

Those of you voting for the abolition of Halloween as October 31st and instead dubbing it the last Saturday of October, say I. This passed weekend found me and all the other cool people who decided to brave the snow at The Standard Hotel for Andre Balasz’s annual Halloween party at the Boom Boom Room. Chelsea Handler was there, being funny as shit as usual, Scott Lipps dressed at Peewee Herman, there were eight Black Swans, one of which a very bitchy man, Terry Richardson as a Hasidic Jew, more than anything though: people were getting drunk. On Kanon. Duh. It’s organic.

This guy stole my heart, and as for me:

Jewdolph, the culturally ambiguous reindeer it was. Have a peek at my top picks of Repelling and Propelling Halloween costumes and a more extensive look at the party featuring plentiful photos by none other than Pablo Frisk, right here.

  • Holly

    love. you and Chelsea Handler make me 🙂

  • molliee

    so jealous you got to hang with Chelsea Handler!


  • Liv

    Great post, Jewdolph! I need to steal that leopard idea, amazing make-up. I would probably end up looking more like Chester Cheetah though.

  • onelonemagpie

    Oh, I do love that Superman from your top picks list. Yes, please.

  • Anonymous

    You look VERY cute on that last picture. btw you have – by far- the best blog of the galaxy. Love from Belgium

  • Jennifer Cary Diers

    Don't you think a Hasidic Jew costume falls under the category of "dressing as race?" I'm kind of surprised Terry Richardson went that way.

  • Aryn

    I like how you mix Halloween and Christmas since that's exactly what every store in America looks like right now!

    Driftwood and Daydreams

  • Melissa

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  • Carmo

    you look so cute 🙂
    check out what the portuguese fashion bloggers made for Halloween:

  • Fashionable Unicorn
  • Camille Beaudet

    excellent costume.


  • purpleyawn

    I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goddamnit!


    Love it. Just plain old love it 🙂


  • karina


  • The life after

    Cool pics!

    The Life After

  • Laura

    i need to see scott lipps as peewee!! loving the antlers by the way! put up some more pics

  • Style croissant

    Hey you've got some serious clevage going on haha don't say you're flat chested you're making me feel like I have NOTHING !
    Chelsea handler looks scary

  • Ophelia
  • vanessa (the gal)

    i was the Black Swan! it was evil and rad.

    xxoo- vanessa

  • Reptilia

    This party looks so cool!


  • mlle 4k

    the cute Super man would be stupid to don't try to find you back 😉

    would be curious to see what halloween costume you could do with your new pair of AMAZING silver wang… a mousquetaire not man reppeler enought… Silver surfer ?

  • Smallest Pepper

    Love the black and white photos – spooky!
    the smallest pepper

  • Nicole @ Giraffelegs

    Just laughed out loud in class…awkward.
    great post.

  • Raspberry and Rouge

    Love the pics! XO Rebecca

  • Gina Ybarra


    check out my blog:)

  • Style Dilettante

    OMG – loved your picks Jewdolph! Particularly the LAST ONE!

  • MarisaGray

    You said… "passed" weekend as opposed to "past" – and I'm an asshole for pointing it out. But my OCD takes over and I have no control. Peace, love and grammar.

  • Jessie

    ahhh i was going to go to that! can't believe i missed it. oh well.

  • Anonymous

    you look beautiful leandra!!

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