Design Tonic Does Man Repeller

Leandra Medine | October 25, 2011
…Better than I do! Always a bad good sign when sketched images of your human self are better dressed–and looking. My bow-tie never quite layers that well with the rest of my neck party contents. And in other news unrelated to the above unless you make some sort of plausible relation via feather boa…I’ve made the executive decision to include antlers in whatever my Halloween costume will entail. This means: fairy Godmother…with antlers. Zorro…with antlers. Bette Midler a la Hocus Pocus…with antlers. Pirate…with antlers. Bill Maher…you get it. I had an epiphany while Molly and I were speculating the prospect of dressing as fashion road kill (in a red gown, of course,) and as it happens…antlers are the man repeller equivalent of cat or bunny ears. Here’s to that, sorry for having killed the braincells I just did. Bye!
  • Olivia

    Hahahaha this is hilarious!! Love the antlers 🙂


  • Rebecca

    Love anthers. I have a couple of furry pairs that I have been known too wear at a time quite distant from Christmas.

  • Monse Fuentes
  • Grace

    Hahaha, it's awesome, so great!

    xx Grace

  • Grace

    love this! so stanking cute
    antlers can be sexy.. in some weird weird way…

  • Nicole @ Giraffelegs

    haha this is great!

  • alyssa

    hahah this is too perfect! how is it even possible to have shoe lust over a cartoon sketch? i do.


  • Sarah

    super cute and perfectly described!

  • Nadia

    This is spot on! Just missing a mustache inspired accessory.

    One of your fans from Dubai!

    Nadia xoxo

  • Anonymous

    this is perfect!!! spot on

  • Sleepy Darlings

    You should have probably started selling man-repeller antlers a few weeks ago. Just saying, if your going to start a halloween trend, back it up with merch!!

  • Sugar with Spikes
  • CupcakesOMG!

    i gave some serious thought to going as you for Halloween this year, but now that you're gonna sport antlers no matter what, my costume has gone to shit! still love ya though!


  • The Fancy Teacup

    Love how the illustration makes sure to include the infamous bowtie and feather boa. And you can never go wrong wearing a skirt over pants. This drawing is definitely "so you."

  • Adiel Cloud

    What a great sketch! Too funny!

  • lateybirdy

    hahaha very cute 🙂

  • Aly McLoughlin-Harte

    love love in love with your witty approach to all things fashion! Just getting into blogging properly after two years of having my blog. delighted to have stumbled across your work.

  • ♥Run With Fashion♥


    LOL @ having antlers in whatever may be your halloween custom! 😀
    "antlers are the man repeller equivalent of cat or bunny ears", I LOOOVE THAT!! I love how you think, lol! ♥

    -Eliza 🙂

  • VOIR

    Can you PLEASE make a post on what you think about the new Versace for H&M; collection? I hate it and love it in some way, some things are shit, and some things floats my boat. def man repelling though.

  • Anonymous

    antlers! yes! I love the idea

  • Lydia

    This is so cute! Antlers are totally the man repeller version of bunny ears.

  • Bela Monstro

    What a great sketch! But the alive option is the best one i know, believe me!

  • Taylor Rae

    Ahhhh first off those shoes are ah-may-zing. Second of all I LOVE THE ANTLER IDEA!!!

  • Alissa

    Holy moley – those shoes are rad! As is that necklace! Love it all!



  • onelonemagpie

    Antlers! Reminds me of this book from my Reading Rainbow days!

  • Anonymous

    Why not dress up as a McQueen antler model with a veil over the antlers and terrifying black clown lipstick??

  • Anonymous

    Just love yr crazy spirit 🙂 Please promise to never curtail your mad rambling musings!

  • Collections

    That sketch is INCREDIBLE.

    Fashionable Collections


    That is BEYOND adorable 🙂 what a lovely thing to have!


  • Veronica

    ahaha it's SO you!


  • free standing closet

    super cute and perfectly described!