What I Wore: NYFW Edition

Leandra Medine | September 16, 2011
 image via Grazia

As previously promised, find below and, well, above some of the outfits I wore during fashion week. My very favorite Mr. Newton told me I haven’t been man-repelling very much lately–in of course, the utmost complimentary manner–and offered to pop by some vintage shops with me to snag bags full of turbans and bow ties to get me back on track but ultimately, I like to think this blog is about good fashion before anything. Even man-repelling. Yeah, I said it. I don’t wake up in the morning and ask myself how I will offend the male genitalia. I just get dressed. Man Repelling is supposed to be organic. An effortless act of fun and sex-less games. Sometimes the Y chromosomes like it, and sometimes they don’t. Staying true to real style is what’s key here. And besides, if we can’t kill ’em with our sartorial conquests there’s always the “I’m pregnant” card to push. But enough about that and more about this, peep the below at your own disclosure. I smell a narrative coming on.

jacket: Ermanno Scervino, blouse: Etoile Isabel Marant, pants: Mackage, shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, microphone: not mine. It all started last Wednesday morning at the IFB conference where I spoke on a panel and urged listeners to dress as Disney characters as often as possible.
raincoat: Gryphon, jeans: Joe’s, shoes: Alaia, purse: Reece Hudson. Photo via Refinery 29

But then it rained and rained and rained and the weather didn’t care that fashion week had unofficially started so I wore a raincoat to the Rachel Comey show and did what anyone would do: changed into Satin shoes.

Mysteriously, the following day the sun did in fact come out. Also, I didn’t mean to be so damn on trend, but as you can see, I am pioneering this oily-bed-hair chic look that was all up all over every designer’s runway business this past season. Showering is so for babies.

It was too damn hot for palazzo pants this thick last Friday. I knew that too but nevertheless, I wore them. Molly suggested I strap ice packs onto my legs to rid the heat from my limbs. No one would know they were there. It wasn’t a bad idea. Palazzo pants are good for shoplifting too.

jacket: Cut 25, dress: Ermano Scervino, sunglasses: Spexclub, shoes: Alexander Wang 

By Saturday, I told myself to lose the thick wool and instead settle on light weight cotton. In dress form. And I use the term dress quite loosely. This is evidently supposed to be a blouse

sunglasses: Spexclub

And then the shoes grew too uncomfortable to bare so I slipped into…Driesus Christ! Some super sweet Dries shoes.

jacket: 3.1 Phillip Lim, t shirt: Kain, pants: Kimberly Taylor, purse: Reece Hudson, shoes: Alexander WangI had a shoe situation this day too.

But resolved said issue by changing all together and slipping into Tsubo x Timo Weiland’s brand new shoes not available for purchase until Spring. Dun, dun, dun.

blouse: Madewell, shorts: Isabel Marant, shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

And finally, it ended where it always ends: with these two freaks of nature. I finished off my week at the DANNIJO S/S presentation held at Soho House last week and gave the bitches a big fat round of applause because things are neon, neon, awesome and neon. There’s even some suede. The images, models and still presentation decorated by white brushed branches was so well done. Most importantly though, it’s going to be arm party city! Again!

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