Prabal Gurung Steals the Day

by Leandra Medine
September 11, 2011

With Prabal Gurung, Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, The Milk Studios annual presentation feast and some very important after-parties on yesterday’s roster, it could have been easy to forget all the intricate and important happenings of a large chunk of the early day. Prabal Gurung though, who showed at Noon yesterday made that nearly impossible. With a cohesive combination of purples, greens, and blues, the collection made sense and while not necessarily man repelling in the most traditional ways–it was more a viewing of wearable art–Prabal successfully dressed beautiful women who wanted to look just that: like beautiful women.


With palettes that included deep purples, greens, blues and a few strikes of an obligatory orange, girly structured dresses like the ruffled dress pictured, an ombre midi skirt and wildly lush silks, satins and the occasional transparency reigned. The beauty and makeup entailed what would be one of the five shows I’ve seen this season featuring greasy or wet hair. You know what that means, right? Showering is a hygiene process of the past. Lips were painted ombre. The girls looked like they’d all been sucking on ring pops. 

To kick it back a bit cooler, Prabal did offer a few pant and short alternatives. These two looks were particular favorites. Nothing says I run this town like a thick silk turquoise blazer or a water-colored paint-splashed print all the same. I obviously won’t leave out the alien-tastic nature of the slicked back hair combined with sunglasses but really, it just adds to the allure.

It ain’t a Prabal show without a few stray feathers and while the above left was not the only inclusion, it was what I would say may have perhaps been most notable. And what’s best, the individual feather hairs are likely hand died because Gurung is a master of his own nitty and gritty craft. The look to the right exemplifies a feminine take on the traditional mens suit. I’ve noticed an abundance of short suits over fashion week, it’s fantastic. It all feels so Chloe Sevigny wearing Chloe. Chloe in Chloe, ole!

And finally, the kicker.
Should I ever get married it will be in this dress. You know, to throw the masses off. Show a ton of leg, embrace elevated mock silk floral cut outs and, of course, a bondage belt. Because, really, why not wear a bondage belt to tighten you up and separate your left and right boobs to your wedding? All in all, a job so perfectly done. 
  • Elena Martínez Bengoechea

    gorgeous :)

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  • noe connaît

    completely amazing. i'm in utter awe.

    thank you man repeller!

  • mwan

    nice pics
    check out my latest post

  • Christine

    silk blazers and gorgeous dresses, I'm completely in!

  • Emmy

    This collection is the best I've seen so far. Just awesomeness!

  • De todo y nada

    Yes, they look really beautiful and sweet girls…someday I'll be rich and I'll buy tons of this clothes…

  • Holly

    Oh my ears and whiskers- is that a lamb dress (top set of pictures, third picture)?? Love love love

  • Cookie

    check out my latest post

  • Lindsay

    this was my favorite collection form yesterday as well! all the sheer cutouts are placed so perfectly and the watercolor prints are stunning. Gurung is really a master of the craft.

  • Aubrey and Melissa

    What a completely insane and perfect collection. I cannot get over that last dress, its amazing.

  • Jessie

    this collection was BEYOND stunning. i could not have been more impressed. i absolutely loved every part of it.

  • Kate

    I still love the silk turquoise blazer and shorts. I want!


  • Andrea

    I love this collection, the best I've seen of NYFW

  • Anonymous

    Don't get me wrong, I love your usual hilariously funny posts, but this one is really spectacular. It's nice to hear a more serious tone from you that acknowledges fashion as a true art form. Keep the runway recaps coming!

  • Lauren

    just wanted to add that all of the belts and rope harnesses were done by the ever-talented zanabayne ( there is some backstage coverage on her blog,

    check it!

  • The PvdH Journal

    Prabal was my favourite. All sorts of amazingness going on there!


  • Nikki Ashley

    That last dress totally spoke to me too. I really did enjoy his show…from my couch that is..

    xo Nikki

  • Amy

    Awesome review. Turquoise blazer is TDF. She DOES run that town. Did you mean "hand dyed"? Love yer blog!!

  • Julia K

    This collection is stunning! Sunglasses must have!

  • Meena Dhuga

    this is awesome!

    Meena ♥

  • chitraa

    gorgeous colours!

  • Shivika, via [The Life Stylist]

    First off: wow, colors! Fall is all about color, color and more color. Liking the third dress on the first row. Its so whimsical, and totally a repller!
    And the floral pants! Yes, those floral pants are super desirable. Just like the deep purple shots in the third row.
    Love em' all!

    Shameless PR alert:

    Hey, join Via [The Life Stylist] at

  • Linda Lu

    love all the print and texture

  • Hillary

    That last dress with the sheer panel is amazing!

  • Carolina Sundell

    I'm in love with every piece from the Gurung show! Amazing fashion art!

  • MissLauraHueto

    I knooow, I loved it too! As you say, so coherent, yet every look was special and magical in its very own way… *-*

  • lucillejoy

    Wow, beaut collection!

  • Cristiana Nunes

    Love the colours, the colour degradé and that black and white tuxedo jacket!!

  • theparttimestylist

    There's a little bit of repelling in there… if you look closely those flowers aren't in bloom, they're already wilted. Wearing something died must count for some repelling points! Gorgeous collection though – I love.

    xx Elia

  • deborah

    You WILL get married.
    You WON'T wear that dress.

  • Collections

    I cant totally see you wearing that for your wedding.


  • Cecylia

    loving his new SS12 colletion, the blue tailored shorts are going to be my must-wear :D

    Come follow my blog sweetness!

  • Bridg

    great write ups, love it! keep 'em coming! ;)

    B xx

  • The Fancy Teacup

    So many perfect elements of surprises, and beautiful choices of color. And I agree, that dress would be so wedding perfect on you!

    ♥, Jamie

  • lisalora

    nice designs…proud of his works ..damn creative

  • Pearl

    Wow, what an incredible show! I love the originality. I can't wait for FW in Paris!

  • Mary

    I LOVE THIS. What a beautiful show.

  • V

    yeah prabal definitely took the cake!! i would sell my soul for that dress.

  • jas

    2nd dress in the first pics is AMAZING

  • Emily

    Just beautiful! Every outfit is delicious.

  • marysia reeves

    he's a true talent!

  • Yazmin Yeara
  • Laura Baran

    Zana Bayne on accessories for the win! Love your blog, MR!!

  • Leslie

    best thing: yesterday when I looked online at the collection, I literally said "If I ever get married, I'm wearing that dress." (the Prabal finale one with Frida) And the Prabal jaquard (spelling?) floral-print pants are my favorite look so far this whole season. <3

  • Pearl

    It is all amazing. I just moved to Paris and can't wait for the FW! Here are some of my pics:

  • Anonymous

    Blazers are gorgeous! I'm in love!

    Ana Laura


    Oh Darling! I could not agree more! My absolute favorite show so far…!


    I am absolutely in LOVE with the top dress in the middle. Ohmygoodness.

  • Lauren

    love love love this blog! I think you'd like mine: