Getting Fashion Week Ready, September Edition

Leandra Medine | September 7, 2011

Holy moly me oh my. With just two days before the official commencement of the best week of the year, you know, after Rosh Hashanna, I think it’s time I post my pre-Fashion Week get ready for the week with a billion layers post. Because February fashion week was the first one I experienced as a blog writer, this isn’t exactly tradition so much as it is a second blog post that follows suit. You’ll like it though, trust me. There are cut out mini squares involved. Unfortunately they do not open up into Laduree macarons but I may or may not have just given a bunch of designer readers a million dollar idea, eh? Eh? Now onto the clothes, as you know, the end of this week marks the beginning of the next round of The Man Repeller Olympics, where more is more is more is more and the ongoing mantra reads: if it feels wrong, it looks right.Let’s exercise our power and get this show on the roady road road with some little ol’steps.

Step 1: Pick the right dress
dress: Tibi
Oh, you look like a suicidal ballerina with flying cut-outs? Fantastic.
Step 2: Layer yourself smart
While yesterday and today’s stupid inclement weather may suggest otherwise, it is still summer for a few more weeks. This means your knits and wool pants have no place joining the rank just yet. I take the part about knits back though. Pile that shit on should you so wish to. 
Step 3: When I say layer smart, I mean it
See, look. This component is all about adding without exerting too much force or heat on to yourself. Throw the forecast a bone. Try a bustier in its only man repellant formation: over your t shirt.
Step 4: The outerwear
chambray blouse: Madewell
Denim has this magical ability to casualize nearly everything and you don’t want to be that asshole dressed for a wedding while gazing at the fountain by Lincoln Center, oh no you don’t. So try your hand at some chambray or hard denim, but don’t be too generic about it…which brings me to Step Number 5:
Get creative with your outerwear
vest: Balenciaga
With say, extra-large houndstooth. Additional repeller points granted to those who can pop a collar and quasimoto-it-up simultaneously. This is an art, people. An art.
Step 6: Statement heels
cape shoes: Alexander Wang 
And so of course I run, not walk, to my superhero shoes. Foot capes are really the best invention since electricity. Even if they do deform my feet. I guess if you weren’t repelled before, you sure as cacadoodoo are now! If only, if only, they properly worked as wings.
Once this step is complete, smile and then do a crazy dance implementing your MR DANNIJO Kristin bolo necklace while double fisting arm parties with your Wiig cuffs. Can I get a yee-haw? Vive le self promotion!
Step 7: Accessories are not excessivies.
That was a cute little rhyme, no? Polish off the look with something bright. You know, to match your cutie patutie personality.
[Insert hug here, cut to conclusion]
Alright now, here’s your bi-annual chance to hop in a cab and wish your Sikh driver a happy fashion week a la perfectly wrapped turban. Seize it…seize it well.
  • Jenny

    how you layer your outfit is so inspiring!

    Have a great time!

    Jenny xx

  • vint@ge by Maria Sole Tattini
  • Brigadeiro

    That Tibi dress is too cute! Love all the outfits and 'cape' shoes 😉


  • pushups with polish

    not gonna lie, kinda obsessed with errrthang about this wonderfully repelling outfit! get it gurrrl. fashion week. get at me.

  • blue roses

    in addition to his turban, you can compliment him on his layering and the wrap of his fabric.

    nothing like hiding a go-man-go-getter dress with shift after shift of fabric.

  • stephanie t

    love it all! You are a true talent.



    you're such an inspiration! fantastic!


    you're goooood!! and hilarious =D

  • Julia K

    WOW!You are amazing!Great combination))…..& shoes!!!!!!!

  • CupcakesOMG!

    oh shiiiiiii gurllll! this is one of your finest layerings to date!


  • lauren

    Brilliant! Love the ballerina skirt and cape shoes- but the shoes are definitely a man getter! So cute.

    Breakfast Epiphanies

  • Holly

    Love it! Great layers, wish I was as brazen 🙂

  • Alexandra Steinmetz – Champagne and Chiffon

    I know you can layer all year long, but I'm glad it's fall so I can finally be back in the layering groove!

  • Anonymous

    my God I loveeeee all that you doooo! =)
    you have real talent!

    kisses from Brazil 😉

  • Andrea

    Oh those shoes are really cool. I love that skirt with those cutout shapes! Amazing.

  • Olivia

    Amazing combination's! Those Wand shoes are amazing in that colour by the way

    Love your blog 🙂


  • Coralie

    Lovely dresses !


  • Hilary Nicole

    I love the pop of red. Great look! Have a nice day.

    XO Hilary

  • FashionableAsians

    Wishing I am as expert as you are at layering.. -_- I always end up looking like Joey from Friends when he put on all of Chandler's clothes lol

  • Collections

    Looking fly. Great dress.

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  • indie.electronic.alternative.

    yee haw. twork it!

  • thefashionguitar

    I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much for this amazing inspiration 🙂 I am happy I just added you (in a new post) to my favourite bloggers!! Are you also going to London for Fashion Week?

    XO Charlotte

  • I love my old Levi’s

    I really love this dress !

  • Raquel Fernandes

    You actually look good. Weird but good! The other day I saw the Lanvin video with the stupid dance and it reminded me of two things. David Lynch's Inland Empire and your blog. I mean: both brilliant. You got to be brilliant to make fun of yourself and this industry as you do. Congrats and good luck on your next crazy weeks.

  • Closet Cravings

    I have a serious crush on that Tibi dress – it's so cute! Makes me hate you in a good way. Me wants. =)
    Need it? Want it? Crave it? Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  • Marta

    hahaha you're AWESOME!!! Great post!

  • Grace Sun

    Love your layering. Now, can you feel your toes after 1 hour or so?


    wait…you have a great eye for detail! I would never thought to layer all that! I love it! The clutch is great too. I just found your blog while watching the IFB Conference online. I love your energy.

  • Patricia Paramo

    wow you changed it soo much!! hahah

    loving the color of the clutch with your outfit!

  • Lydia

    You look super cute. You are the Queen of Layering.

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    that's some legit layering, lady!

    the clutch is so nice.

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  • nat

    lol, you're hilarious!!

    I love that first dress, it's so pretty.

    And foot capes: AWESOME.

  • Clo

    This post is amazing, i never knew you could layer so much and for it to still look so great!

  • The Fashion Cloud

    nice layering woman!
    and those heels i am so jealous

    happy FNO


  • Paris when it giggles

    So inspireful… as always. And I'm in love with the Alexander Wang shoes, obviously.

  • loubehr

    yayyyyyy so stunning !!!!!!

    You're still the coolest and still such big inpirations 🙂

  • The Foolish Aesthete

    Your little ditty at the end could give Lewis Carroll — or perhaps Dr. Seuss — a run for his rhymes. Loved this post, from the Laduree confections to the caped appendages!

  • miss mary

    fashion week game at it's finest


  • Lily

    Love the dress with the white tee and the cape shoes are to die for !!



    Eres increible!!! Different, cool and spontaneous. XOXO


    you look so darn cute- not like a man repeller at all. I love the addition of that organza? top, the sheer black one. the next photo with the whit jacket just tops it off

  • Molly

    Your layering is amazing and your humor is even better!

  • Pearl

    Oh your heels – so amazing! I just moved to Paris and am still getting used to walking in heels on the cobblestone. Tripping and twisting an ankle is not so graceful and chic.

  • Not Just A Pretty Dress

    I think you are definitly ready for fashion week…Love the layering and love the clutch. Not that sure about the sandals. Of course they look very 'repelling', but I would have opted for something less 'metallic'.


    Great post. Love it all and love the step by step guide.

  • Akasya

    Hmm I would do it to step number 4, but only because I don't feel like dying of heat stroke…

    The Violet Lion

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    I will definitely take this as inspiration on what to wear for FNO!

  • DelbaMé

    hahah you're such a great personality. I love this look!! That bustier, the vest and the "superhero" shoes are all winners in my book! You look great!
    I hope you enjoy NYFW<3


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    Really cute! NOT sure what the need to use cuss words without limits is, but…..

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    The 3rd look was my face…SMASHING!

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    Love the outfit!!

    Accessorize your personality!

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    Hope to see you running around during fashion week!!
    (I've been brainstorming some outfits for a while)

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    love the very different looks you created! especially those cape heels!

    xo Julia

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    Oh, these shoes are so amazing!

  • MyStyleVita

    Recently obsessed with your blog. So glad someone told me all about the man repeller all while checking out your man repeller coat by gryphon (Love by the way). First off, how on earth do you afford all of this if from what i've researched, you're a college student. A little jealous here. In college I was rolling in dough as well but that consisted of shopping at nordstrom and express. now out of college and in the real world on a real world salary, and i'm officially returning anything with a tag and wearing items from the juniors section on sale. Anyway… love your blog. Love this dress. And so so jealous in so many ways!


  • Anonymous

    cape shoes— check
    ballerina dress—check
    layering— check

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    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

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    Do you also suggest so much layering if one is not size zero?
    thx for your advise

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    I'm almost certain you won't be reading this comment, but hey, I'll make it anyway… You would look great in ANYthing, Ms ManRepeller. And thus the truth of Man Repelling is revealed. If you are slim and attractive (note I don't say pretty) you can wear a potato sack and still be gorgeous.
    So there.

  • jennysanzo

    I feel like I would look like a mental patient if I layered like this (and a pregnant one at that) but you pull it off… love it!

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