The Day that Keeps on Giving

photo via Style and The City, taken at Paris Fashion Week ca. 2009. Photographed, find my first pair of harem pants ever.

No really, it just keeps on giving free things away! This one is nutty banana good, too. Evidently there’s a Chanel bag giveaway taking place on a little ol’website called StyledOn and well, it would have just been ruthless, insensitive, down right deplorable not to share that with you. Consider this a consolation post because I’ll be out of commission wishing Judaism a happy birthday from tonight through Friday. Or maybe depending on how you feel about this forum, the fact I’ll be out of commission is your consolation…either way, I love me some apples and honey, yum yum yum! But enough about me, win yourself a bag! Do the following:

Like them on Facebook or follow StyledOn on Twitter.
Update your status to chronicle what you render “StyledOn.” e.g: “Man Repelling is StyledOn.” Which it is. Tag @StyledOn in the post.
Fill out this entry form through twitter or facebook, and submit your info.

Their winner announced on October 9th. Buy yourself a bottle of wine and chug, chug, chug. You’re welcome, bye!