The Answer Key

by Leandra Medine
September 20, 2011

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I don’t like to try and picture myself somewhere in x amount of years, it really takes away from enjoying the now. And if I never get there, it’s a huge disappointment. Small term goals, people. Pokito.
Where do you see fashion evolving in the next few years? Trends? Styles?
I don’t know, I just hope high waist a-line midi skirts are coming.
Whats your opinion on fashion for shorter/bigger girls?! Are you of the “rock whatever yah got” mindset, or do you think those of us who fit this shorter/bigger category need to be a little more conservative? 
More conservative? No! Heels can be higher, skirts can be shorter…and you won’t look like a hooker. It’s a good life.
If you weren’t working in fashion, where would you be career wise? (Be serious)
I was going to answer the circus but you specifically specified (be serious) so…the circus.
If you hadn’t started the blog, what would you be doing instead?
Probably working at one of the places I’ve interned. Maybe fetching coffee at Valentino? Maybe Phillip Lim…oh wait, they fired me. Hehe.
I’m an aspiring stylist, what are your tricks and tips to becoming successful like you? 
I haven’t become successful styling so I’m not sure if my tips will suffice, but I will say that one of my favorite styling rules of thumb is: combine three of your favorite pieces, see how it works, go from there.
Did you always know you were going to work in fashion? 
Pretty much. It’s the only thing I’m good at, other than wearing my underwear in public.
Were you good at school? What was your favorite subject (other than fashion)? 
I’ve never taken a fashion class but yes I was pretty decent at school. My favorite classes were always those of the creative writing variety.
How do you overcome pressure to be a ‘hot’ girl and just be a man repeller? 
I don’t really feel pressure to be a “hot girl” because I would suck at it. That’s where the man repeller thing comes in.
When you were in high school did you dress so fashionably and were you a man repeller? Also did you wear high heels to high school?
No I did not dress fashionably for high school I went to a really religious Jewish school so I didn’t have much leeway with my outfitting choices and typically wore converse with everything. Never wore a heel a day in my life to school but when I was 16 I got my first pair of Jimmy Choo sandals and I was going to wear them to school, but my mom didn’t let me.
What’s your advice for those of us over 40 or 50 who want to be fashionable, age appropriate, attractive and stylish?
Well, my mom wears waxed skinny jeans and oversized sweater with booties with a small heel on them nearly every day. She looks pretty good so my advice is to do what my mom does.
Where do your writing skills come from? Genes, practice, talent? 
I graduated with a degree in journalism last May, so practice.
How did you get started in the fashion industry so fast, and early? 
Wehell, I started interning when I was 17 because I knew I wanted to be apart of “it.” I’m 22 now, so that’s five years of a lot of bitch work. Before finally doing anything that could be rendered life sustaining.
Do you like books?
Shit yes! Reading helps my writing a lot. Joan Didion, Fran Leibowitz, David Foster Wallace, Oscar Wilde…I love those guys.
So I have to go to a bourgie dinner dance this weekend and I’m not sure what to wear. I’m not sure I can wear anything terribly exciting, but I’m so not trying to do the LBD thing. any advice?  
How about a skinny pencil of the jacquard or sequined variety with a casual blouse, maybe plaid or chambray. Add a brooch to the blouse and a pair of dressy shoes, preferably booties.
How did you explode into the fashion world so quickly? For example, I have a blog but get zero interest besides those dear friends and family. Did you already know a lot of people in the fashion world?
Explode? Blush! The concept was new and catchy, people like new and catchy. Now I’m just old and dated.
Best and worst moments of your life?
Not sure yet, it’s too soon! Too soon! But being profiled by the New York Times is up there. Being broken up with over the words “sorry the relationship just ran its course,” is down there.
It looks like you are the epitome of confidence and kissmyassness…were you always like this or did you have to build yourself up to that point? If so what did you do to get to that point? 
It’s easy to be confident when you’re hiding behind a computer screen, duh.
How do you rationalize spending so much $$ regularly on kick ass shoes? Every girl’s dream. Also, do you find yourself having to look after your diet a lot to keep your slim figure? 
Not particularly, re: the slim figure but I will say I walk a shit ton. Re: the shoes, everyone has priorities and for me, expensive footwear trumps nearly everything including eating, excluding donating to little Somalian kids.
Have you studied in college?
Duh, it’s 2011.
I heard you were brazilian. Is it true? 
Nu-uh. Half Turkish, half Persian.
I was wondering where you could recommend cute stores in NYC for me to shop, or in that area? I live near the city so it would be awesome to hear your secrets about what cheap yet chic places you know of.
This is a blog post, coming soon!
What essentials would you take while studying abroad (Spain) for a semester? Because it’s just not practical to take your whole closet.
There are so many Zaras there, so don’t take anything.
How tall are you? Has your height ever stopped you from wearing heels? 
5’7, no way jose!
What are your favorite online destinations for fashion/style inspiration? 
Le Fashion, Caroline’s Mode, La Garconne, Street Fsn, Garance Dore.
I don’t mean this in a rude way, but more of a “I want to do what you do” way- how, exactly, do you earn a living? 
Ads, affiliates, consulting, styling, writing, designing, tap dancing.
Would you ever consider going into someone’s closet and help pick out outfits from their clothes? 
Yes! I live for that type of shit!
How many hours a day do you dedicate to blogging? And how many hours are given to social networking?
About three to five.
Do you ever have days when all you wanna do is eat cookies? 
Yes! Last Wednesday all I did was watch SVU marathons and eat bags and bags of Candy Corn. I wasn’t feeling well, it was the best.
Any ideas for maternity man repelling? 
I think the baby bump has got you covered, girlfriend.
I’ve persistently applied for fashion internships after internships, but can’t seem to snag one! I don’t have any experience because no one wants to “hire” me. Any advice? 
DANNIJO is hiring, try them!
Are the clothes you are photographed wearing yours or do you borrow them for the shoot? Do you get sent a lot of free stuff these days? What were you last five apparel/shoes purchases that you paid your own cold hard cash for? 
Yes, they’re all my own. And yes I do get sent some things. But I never specify what I’ve purchased and what I’ve been sent because if it isn’t something I would buy whether or not I factually have, I wouldn’t feature it. The blog is about good fashion, not promoting anything I don’t think I should. My last five purchases include two pair of booties, a Dries van Noten turtleneck vest, faded black jeans from Uniqlo and an Antik Batik clutch.
Do you hire interns? If not, do you ever see yourself seeking out an intern in the future? That would probably be the best job ever. 
I have an intern, her name is Molly. I love her so much it hurts.
What is your opinion of the trend of designer labels bringing their wares to discount retailers? 
I salute any try to make high fashion accessible. Big hug.
Do you consider yourself an avocate of feminist ideas? Or is “man repelling” just a women empowering way of life? 
I won’t say that I do or don’t advocate feminist ideas because the last time I did I was bombarded by angry ladies telling me if I were a feminist I’d reject fashion all together but who the fuck is to say who is and isn’t a feminist?
You seem to have really nice hair. I even like the whole ombre thing. I like the undone look too. How come you never seem to style it or finish it a little bit?  
My hair is actually the bane of my existence but I’ve recently had it keratined by my hair dresser uptown called Eli and it changed my life. I like it messy.
How can I wear my red pants?
Try them on your legs! (With an orange blouse and black shooz.)
What advice would you give to a girl that dresses in a semi-repelling way and boys don’t like her? Continue wearing what she likes or transform herself in a totally man getter? 
If you dress like a man getter to actually get a man, he isn’t going to like you for the right reasons. Man repelling isn’t really about repelling men, it’s more about being yourself, which you should continue to do, the guy will come, confidence is everything. I promise.
I just wanted to know what your taste in music was?
I could listen to Frank Sinatra and Edith Piaf all day.
Do you think it would be too risky/insane for me to quit my 4th year in medicine degree to “work in the fashion business?” I mean I love medicine, but what really fullfils me is fashion, but it is do damn hard to find a place in this world?
I’d say don’t quit. Fashion may just fulfill you on a past-time level, think about it.
I think most of us want to know a little more about yourself, your history, what led you to creating this blog, about the beginnings. I think we all love a good story mainly inspirational ones!, and we’re waiting to read yours.
I suppose then, that it’s a good thing I’m working on writing a book!!!!!!!!!

And there’s one last thing I will tell you: I never pay retail for anything. 

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    damnnnnn why would you post this? you sound like an asshole in it. but i guess the questions are kinda douchey.

  • TSM

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  • Anonymous

    I go to a religious Jewish High School as well with a strict dress code and it was nice to hear that even though I don't dress for school like I'm on an episode of Gossip Girl, there's hope for redeeming myself later on.

  • Valentrinity

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    You're great.

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  • Cookie and Kate

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    As to the intersection of man repelling and feminism, it strikes me that the "feminist" is more of an academic term than descriptive of a lifestyle at this point. Feminism seeks to empower women, there shouldn't be a disconnect between those two concepts. From this perspective, I'd say man-repelling is distinctly feminist. It's worth noting, however, that we know we will have made real progress when "man" is no longer part of how we define ourselves and our actions (repelling, attracting, or otherwise.)

    I think you and your work are amazing, congratulations on your success!

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