LeiVanKash Wants To Give You A Skull

Leandra Medine | August 16, 2011
…And she asked me to do it for her. Of all that which I’ve shared with you, this may perhaps be most useful. You may remember an extensive post I wrote several weeks ago chronicling the science behind building an elaborate and successful arm party. If you don’t, I should just reinterate that little skull heads bound to the wrist by string not unlike the aforepictured were among the first steps of creating said party. Aforepictured is not a real word. …But hey! Neither was arm party a term to describe multiple wrist jewels before a couple months ago. 
On to more important things: today, one of my favorite London based jewelers offer you the gift of skull. Because there’s something comforting about the prospect of looking down at your arm and seeing a couple of metal cut out eyes looking straight at you. And despite the nature of realizing you’re turning a gilded dead face into your companion, it’s like you’re never alone.
Besides, we’ll be bound together by dead faces. Vive le friendship, eh? The rules are simpler than a black bodycon mini dress:
2. Comment on this post with your twitter handle and e-mail address
3. Give me a back massage. Not message. Massage.
Winner wins on Monday at 5PM EST via personalized e-mail and who knows, maybe a tap dance too. Now, before I send you off…
suspender pants: 3.1 Phillip Lim, blouse: T by Alexander Wang, shoes: Superga, sunglasses: Celine, photo by Naomi Shon
Do meet my suspenders. They look great paired with a utility jacket for the ultimate monochrome look. Also not bad with skulls and a tilted neck, slanted smile. Ramona eyes for the win. #RHONY