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It’s Finally Here! Gryphon x Man Repeller

In partnership with Gryphon.

I have been waiting to show you these freakin’ photos for the last 500 years. Just kidding, 500 is really pushing it who knows where the world even was 500 years ago, yeah yeah bla bla, you’re an archaeologist. But really, come on. I’m talking five hundred years. Or as Mayor Bloomberg would say: cinqo hundo. Now on to more important things: the trench coat I designed for Gryphon is finally for sale! Finally! For! Sale! On none other than my very own morning newspaper, e-commerce powerhouse, Shopbop! Shoppidy boppidy!

The fancy felines over there requested that I style five looks implementing the coat to show off its versatility and so I did just that, with the help of talented friend and photoman, Aram Bedrossian. Thanks hombre. Now, below you’ll find some unedited real life party time photos from the day of the shoot that didn’t make it onto Shopbop’s front page. They’re here because well, my life mantra is “live shit unedited,” and if I didn’t pay that forward to the public, ergo, you, I’d be doing mankind or at least my readership a disservice. Dis. Service. I think I may still be slightly intoxicated from last night.

Exhibit A:

Look at me! I can fly! Just kidding, I can’t! But my dress sure can! I’m speaking in an accent just so you know how to act this out during your dramatic reading of this post. (Jacket by Gryphon, duh. Dress by Gryphon, bag by M Missoni, booties by Alexander Wang)

I call this one: jacket by day, cape by…day. Mixing prints is my specialty, you know. (Dress by Gryphon, leopard booties by Giuseppe Zanotti, purse by Rebecca Minkoff.)

Ok, so, call us!

My jacket is so versatile, I can even cheerlead while wearing it! (Palazzo pants by Gryphon, sweater by Gryphon, and makeshift turband: also, Gryphon.)

Here’s a little look I like to refer to as “Look at me, I’m a Brownstone, Carrie Bradshaw totally used to live inside of me.” That’s all fine and well. But my name is Leandra. (Sweater: Gryphon, jeans: J Brand, purse: Alexander Wang, shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti.)

Remember that song Telephone? This has nothing to do with that. (Dress: Gryphon, sweater: Gryphon, booties: Alexander Wang.)

This, however, eloquently suggests that you please take me up when I say, nay, scream, “call me!” Also, buy this trench. Do it.

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  • you look so amazing!!! What fun pics!!!



  • You're hilarious as usual – and I love the red peeking out from under your trench in "The Brownstone". Going to check it out on Shopbop!

  • Love the outfit you're wearing outside the brownstone, totally my style! I also ROFL-ed at Bloomberg's horrendous spanish, I was hoping he would translate in Chinese but that woiuldn't have been pretty either >_


  • Yay! Amazeballs. Congratulations, you fabulous lady.

  • That jacket is AWESOME! You did such an amazing job!

  • Haha your hillarious as usual, love that coat! Xo

  • 401

    I love all the looks you put together. That jacket is tit.

  • Amazing post!
    congratulations on making homepage of shopbop! that's all kinds of awesome.
    I love the cream sweater, the coat, obviously, and the last dress it's so cute.

  • You are so funny, and the coat is amazing!!! I'm so glad I found your blog!

  • you did a great job, it looks amazing πŸ™‚


    fashion illustrations ILLUSTRATED-MOODBOARD

  • Kat

    Love it. Love it all! The cape coat is WIZARD.


  • I LOVE it. You look amazing, and I absolutely love reading your posts. So funny. Congrats! x

  • this jacket is EVERYTHING!! i liveeeeeeeeee!!


  • I saw these photos on Shopbop this morning. I always enjoy your playful photos. Congrats! =)

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  • pea

    you totally killed me with that: "as Mayor Bloomberg would say: cinqo hundo."
    and I'm not even a new yorker. nor american.

    Looks great, good luck!!


  • this has to be one of my all time favourite shoots of yours (and any one else for that matter)



  • Love the trench. Also love how in your screen shot in the first photograph you have two things in your cart. Priceless.

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  • you look so gorgeous and i'm always amazed by your gift for combining clothes!

  • I love your style, love all of these!!

  • Very cool post. I love the unedited photos!


  • I realise this is all about showing versatility etc but omg I was so surprised to see you in JEANS and a JUMPER! Not even a NEON jumper. I literally do not know what to do with myself.

    On the other hand, AMAZING COAT. You did a great job! x

  • Holy schnikes you designed a fucking TRENCH COAT? That's a pretty rad shimmering peek-a-boo. Well done Leandra!!

  • Omg this coat is amazing! I'm ordering!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • nice photos. love them all:)


  • Congratulations!! The trench is adorable – especially the back. (And love your writing, as always!) I hope you sell a million of them!

  • best ad campaign. ever.

  • Oohhhh love the trench. I loved the ad almost as much as your unedited pics! Thanks for being a lil loca!


  • shit, girlfriend. your coat rocks! YOU effing rock. congratulations on your well-deserved success. bookmarked. i'll be back.

    this fucking city

  • An increidible photoshoot! congrats!
    XOXO from argentina

  • Congrats!It's such a great trench, so clasic & versatile. And, of course, repelling πŸ˜‰

  • alice

    umm.. yeah I would buy it except it costs 620 dollars so…probably not !

  • You look fabulous and I love your style very much!

  • Wowwww!! great job! congrats!!!!

    I like the pics!!!

    Besosssss from BARCELONA!


  • I vote for you on the shopbop homepage every day! Love it! And love the trench and that sweater.

  • great trench and i don't even like trenches that much! i see they are already almost sold out in most sizes so CONGRATS!!!


  • TF

    Nice trench coat, I love the color too.



  • i have always loved gryphon…not your typical man repeller brand, eh! but, am enjoying your "natural" poses and styling! adoring that cream/white sweater..


    tooot toot ..that's me tootin' my horn. because you've just got to visit: http://brightlifeandgoodstyle.blogspot.com/

  • I really like your style and i love the way you write! Congrats for your trench coat! It's beautiful and it's so you!
    Your pink flamingo from Italy, Valentina!

  • Congrats on the trench it looks great!


  • saw it in my inbox this morning! love all the looks!


  • can't wait to get my hands on the trench!


  • loved every single picture, great stuff, you have such an awesome style


  • wow congrats that's wonderful πŸ™‚

  • Wow, pretty! Congrats & I really loved how you styled it by the telephone thingy.

  • Congratulations! Glad it's a classic jacket paired with whimsical style πŸ™‚

  • I LOVE these photos!! So fun!

  • Looks great ! really seems to suit everything

    new post : wedges vs.heels

  • congrats for that feature!! cute pics!!


  • Congrats Leandra!!! This jacket is soo cool ! Love it!


  • Amazing – you are super talented!!

    xo Kara


  • super cute.. and versatile YES!!! La La LOOOOVE your tights πŸ™‚

  • hahaha amazing versatility πŸ˜‰



  • The last three pictures are just plain awesome : ). That coat looks awesome with that extra pattern at the back! I guess I'll be off to my local sewing shop in the next few days to buy me some fabric and to dedust my old jacket ^^

  • I read this post in a cafe and was trying so hard not to embarras myself by laughing really loudly, and then I was like, phew ok I made it through this post by not laughing my tea everywhere…and then I read the last line and just died.
    so, funny.

    xo Camilla


  • you're hilarious.

  • You humor me so much…still laughing. And that trench is remarkable. Good job, girl!

    β™₯, Jamie

  • you're amazing i found this in my inbox this morning from shopbop and got superrrr excited when i saw the man repeller in the subject. this jacket is incredible


  • That coat is fantastic. I want it even more after seeing it in twirling action.

    Sprinkles in Springs

  • Great coat!! But why doesn't it come in size Large?? XS, S, and M only…

  • Anonymous

    All set to buy, but alas no size L. No love for the big girls:(

  • This coat is wonderful! Such a gorgeous color.

  • Anonymous

    Leandra,that inverted pleat with contrast is making me weep with lust . . . I cannot wear your coat, as double-breasted anything makes me look like a middle linebacker for the Steelers, but I think I will DIY the inspired back design.Congratulations! and thanks for validating my entire life in fashion – I've been man repelling for decades now, but couldn't ever put my finger on what to call it.

  • That is a fabulous trench!

  • you are way tooo cute!
    Love this!


    …off to spend some money of shopbop *coughcough*

  • You are lovely πŸ™‚

  • Fabulous!!!


  • All the pics look good! And congrats!

  • This trench is absolutely everything. Great JOB, can't wait to see what else you do.

  • Aya

    I love the one of you LEANING on the traffic light. You are so cute. Also pretty.
    You're such a breathe of fresh air from all the other bloggers that just look wistfully down at their outfits or play with a wisp of hair while gazing off into the great blue yonder. Thank you for smiling and making crazy bat lady faces.

  • Congrats on the coat! It is fabulous! Love every way you styled it. Bravo!

  • A classic coat for realz…and my fave are the "jacket by day,cape by day" pics:)

  • @anonymous @stephkornblum It DOES come in large! Duh! It just sold out!! That's why it doesn't show up!

  • g

    that trench is sooooo fetch. yep. i rhymed and rocked fetch.

    how bout a discount? or a contest? sorry. i am always asking for contests.
    i repel men and disposable incomes. ugh. πŸ™‚

    you really got a gift for personality. and that is the heart of the matter for us clothing whores. thanks for the unique designs.




  • Kaybee

    $620. Why so much? I like your stuff, but I can't afford to live like that. I guess you are not for everyone? How stupid of me to assume.

  • Awesome. just plain awesome!!!!


  • If only the goatskin wasn't, you know, skin, then I'd totes buy it. :')
    Also, it was totally 500 years ago. You hadn't even gotten your hair cut yet.

  • Woo! Look at your fancy! Congrats, that is awesome!

  • The very first pic at teh beginning of the post is such a keeper !!!!!

    I love it !!! Actually I love it all !!!!

    Best model ever πŸ™‚ !!

    congrats πŸ™‚


  • Congrats on this :') love it! Brilliant actions shots also.

  • pretty freakin' fantastic

  • So much fun! Love it. Brilliant work.

  • I only just read this post and clicked on the link that should have lead me to the magical coat designed by yours truly but quelle horreur! Sold out already! Congrats man.

  • TZ

    Great coat,LOVE the styling! *applause*


  • I LOVE this poste, awesome !!

  • Expectacular!!

    Um beijinho

  • Looove the 'Look at me, I'm a Brownstone' look! O.O

  • Damn! That shit be so hot it's sold out already! Yay for you…boo for me. But seriously…amazingness. Love.

  • Your life looks like too much fun woman.

  • Congrats! I was so excited when I opened up my shopbop email and found you in it!

    I realized today that I haven't been on a date in over a year. How's that for empirical evidence to support your theory? PS-I wear a lot of leopard print. And loafers.

  • Elena C.

    WAH! Sold out…boo!! (yay for you, boo for me.)

  • So good. So, so good!


  • The sweater is pretty much perfect. And the jacket cape is even better!!


  • Very nice pictures of a very attractive girl! I love your dresses and super strong your dress. I like your style! And you are so beautiful all in dresses. Thanks for sharing…..

  • you look so beautiful!

  • Congrats on the coat!
    Kudos to repelling with the coat by throwing in some turbans and leopard prints!


  • Congrats Leandra! You're so awesome.
    I love the photo of you leaning against the traffic light. Is that the new planking?

    – Judy

  • yv

    Had a good laugh Leandra your posts are always so much fun.


  • Love it! So why does it appear to not actually be for sale on Shopbop?? Am I trippin'?

  • Pretty cool, that trench coat πŸ˜‰
    Love the colour x)

    YUMM (.=

  • Really beautiful photoshoot. I love your posing.

  • Love, love the trench. It's sold out!

  • I can't say how much I love that jacket!!!
    I wrote a post on how much I love it too. lol πŸ™‚


  • Nice Post, You Look Beautiful

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    wow.. it’s nice!

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  • I’m perhaps too old to be here, but everybody looks fabulous


  • Alice

    you know what, I simply adore you, Leandra, your name including! love your style and how unique you are, not to mention you humour. To think of all those bloggers who make the same face every time someone snaps them and the same pose to look thinner, makes me laugh. YOU are a legend! you make my days better and trust me, it’s pouring rain outside, and I don’t care! Stay the way you are :), for ever and ever!

  • Nicole G

    Wowzys, your old fashions were much less man-repelling! Nothing wrong with that, but I am definitely enjoying the evolution πŸ™‚