An Extensive Look at MR DANNIJO

Leandra Medine | August 15, 2011

In partnership with Dannijo.

I know you think you’ve already gotten your fix what with the discombobulation of feet and expensive footwear that I previewed on Friday but Internet, we’re just getting started. You see, when Danielle and Jodie agreed to let me design a collection, I was ecstatic. And so after months of work, you have no choice but to enjoy the fruits of my labor. The collection is inspired by menswear. Like my blog. And the pieces are named after influential men. Like myself. Just kidding, my names Leandra. Which is pretty feminine. But anyway, below you’ll find detailed photos and descriptions animating the collection. Enjoy. Or die.

And where better to start than at the arm party? Here you’ll find a selection of Hamish and Wiigs, photographed for your viewing pleasure. The Hamish bracelets have a fake watch face on them adorned by fancy little crystals. These are named after Hamish Bowles, because, you know, he’s Hamish. The Wiigs take on Kristin Wiig’s last name. This and its matching necklace (the Kristin,) are the only pieces in the collection named after women.
See, that’s Kristin. She’s hanging out underneath what some may call the focal point of the whole collection, Aram, named after the flamingo who took the photos for us and when I say took, I mean got down on his stomach with his camera and made shit happen. Jodie to my left, and Danielle to my right typically like to smile, this is unusual.
That’s better! Here’s to Salvador Dali. And the Pringles man. 
You see, a mustache also makes for a great head piece. One that can suggest a gilded unibrow.
Here where we imitate monkeys, I’m double fisting Wiigs, Jodie’s layering Salvadors and Danielle is…being quiet? Weird. On my neck you’ll find the Sinatra. Another take on the mens collar, this time in color. And when I say color I mean: come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away. On the collar you might notice a little bow tie. That baby is removable and was actually intended to function as a shoe clip.
shoes: Del Toro
Called the Herman, after Peewee Herman. See? And as the saying goes: when in doubt, put a bow on it. Use as a belt, bow tie, straw, tampon. Whatever.
 And also remember that there are big ships and small ships…
But our favorite ships are…
on Jodie: Vena Cava romper, on me: Acne blouse, Isabel Marant skirt, on Danielle: Timo Weiland dress
  • Fashion By He

    dont see a Mandrepeller in the bunch

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    Fashion by He

  • Britt+Whit

    love the last pic! you all look gorgeous!

    love from San Francisco,

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    Emily aka A Better Roni

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  • Style Dilettante

    Amazing! Just look at where this blog is taking you! And we get to benefit. The Aram is my favorite… so gotta have it!

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    You're amazing girls!

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    You girls are so much fun! Love it!

    XOXO Abegail

  • Anonymous

    You girls are so much fun! Love it!

    XOXO Abegail

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    this collection is HAUTE! i'll be saving up to buy a few pieces, but buy i shall!!!!

    oh, and if any parts of this collection were to be named after a female, kristen wiig was the optimal choice.

  • HayleyWilletts

    Oh man, this is an awesome post. I really enjoyed reading it, made me chuckle. The jewellery is also awesome. My fave being the moustache necklace. x

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    i don't joke when i say i love every item that you designed! they are all so funny and unique! my favourite is the moustache. genius. pure genius.

    Meena ♥

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    Love the bracelets/cufs – new outfit post

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    love the natty boh-inspired mustache necklace (baltimore, the land of pleasant living, hands up!!!) and adore the collar shirt necklace.

    love these pieces styled with all you girlie-girl looking models, with your long legs, flowing hair, and short dresses. hilarity.

    definitely all added to my wish list….

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  • sewa mobil

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  • The Eye Behind the Detail

    I love the jewelry. They have such a fun playful quality yet there is that edge of man repelling. I could just see my husband if I were to get that mustache necklace. Incredulity would be written all over his face.
    The little bow tie/shoe clip, love it and its versatility.

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    love your designs and how you girls wore them
    I want them all specially the shoe clips

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    Much Love,
    Living on the Chic

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