Win a Man Getter, Turn it Into a Repeller

Leandra Medine | July 21, 2011
It’s been a while since I last deliberately chronicled my journey from Man Getter to Man Repeller but, here I am, ready to rock and show you how what is perhaps the sexiest dress to have fallen into my lap can take a cue from the chameleon and transform it. Just kidding, it can’t transform itself. It’s just a garment, it has no heart, or soul, or brain and while it may have arms, they are immobile. I’m the one doing the transforming. Duh! But wait, there’s more. At the end of the transformation, all you freaking flamingos are going to have a chance to win the sexy dress in question so long as your solemnly vow to never wear it without at least five layers over. Let’s begin.
Man Repeller, I don’t even recognize the girl on this computer screen, in Blogger’s manager, staring me in the eye like a crazy person, mouth open, eyebrows up.
sleeveless blouse: Kimberly Taylor
That’s a little better. Cover up those curves with a loose fit blouse unbuttoned. I can get down with that.
chambray blouse: Madewell
And I’m starting to look like myself again. A little chambray is most usually always the perfect remedy to overt sexiness. Cool red toe nails, too. Yeah hell yeah I’m hitting on myself. Someone’s got to do it.
utility vest: Club Monaco
Kissy, kissy. As in, yes sure you can see my legs but it’s 100 degrees and I’m wearing a denim shirt and utility vest. Want to date? Wait a minute, let me ask you again in a moment.
shoes: Maison Martin Margiela, necklace: DANNIJO, turban: Red Velvet
In the final and perhaps most crucial step in this entire transformation, I think I come to reteach an age old saying that states: it’s all in the details. A pearl bib preaches my newest favorite motto: “bibs, not just for babies,” in a way no chunky chain necklace likely could. Aside from that even, every girl needs a pearl necklace, if you know what I’m saying. Raunch city. As for the shoes, sure I could have opted for another unusual shoe but hi, hello, these are snakeskin open toe boots with an unusually large ankle entry. Finally, turban not optional.
Just do it.
Now, for the giveaway portion of this blog post, in cahoots with Canadian boutique Jay et Elle, we’d love to grant all of you flamingos, felines, penguins and sea critters an opportunity to win the black dress pictured at top and have your own fun turning it into a man repeller. The rules are pretty standard:
1b. Likey like them on Facebook
2. Hop on to the Jay et Elle website and choose an additional item to style the dress with. Tell me how many penises you intend to deflate right here in the comments. Leave your e-mail address and twitter handle.
3. Follow me on twitter, too, where I will announce the winner in one week’s time, ergo, next Thursday at 4PM. 
4. Lick your own face.
Ready, set, repel that shit.
  • Britt+Whit

    Yes love this post! I love the utility jacket! Now Following on Twitter!
    I would throw in this as well

    #4 :p

    love from San Francisco,

  • bythebooks

    I would go with the "sexy bustier" dress.

    Because nothing says "cover that shit up" like a bustier.

  • Layla

    This dress needs a shirt/cape. Def the Venom Shirt. Twelve penises deflated by breakfast. (Also would like to include leg warmers somehow). include

  • s

    amazing looooK… you have a CRAZYYYYYYYY style
    love it 😉

    Fashion People: ANJA RUBIK Wedding

  • blue roses

    i believe i would add the maxi skirt

    sure, it is a bajillion degrees out, but nothing says fizzle to pizzle wanting to drizzle like dripping in sweat!

    following as SuitsandSkirts!

  • The PvdH Journal

    hahaha… not for the give-away, but it is my pleasure to now be following you on twitter. i just hope you are as hillarious in under 140 characters 😉

    PvdH – designer and illustrator

  • briglioa21

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  • Brianna

    Obviously the venom blouse is the way to go. The way it baggily and loosely hangs immediately begs the question, "Is there even a lady in there?" Plus the snakeskin pattern will immediately repel any men in my path. Everyone knows penises hate snakes. That's why Samuel L. Jackson was yelling at them on that plane. Penis.

  • briglioa21

    i'd totes style it wit something like the sweetheart lace back inset top.

    i mean. kind of mullet-y with the slight crop-age in the front, and butt hiding tail, yet peek-a-boo-ing the shoulder blades. and while that shoulder blade might still attract a man, its boxy enough to hide the curves and the long sleeves prevent too much titillation from taking place. keeping it unbuttoned will still allow the dress to be shown off, though. add some slouchy moto boots, black knee high socks, attention grabbing headband and an arm party, and you've got the perfect, effortless, man-repelling outfit around.

    …face licked.

  • Holly

    Lovely dress… even loverlier turban 🙂

    I'd cover my legs with the black pleated maxi atop the dress, and repel nunnery style. Skinny belts would abound. And of course, an arm party to top it off


  • Stephanie

    Hey MR!
    Accessorize with a gold tribal belt or three at the hips, throw on a turband, and you've got a sexy Morticia Addams meets urban Native American look! And really, who WOULDN'T want their penis around that, amirite!
    (What's that? All the penises just deflated? All the penises? Ok…)
    You can reach me via email, or tweet @stephanie_levy

  • S.H

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  • Anonymous

    i would definitely add this to start the layering process of man repelling…
    if only because it reminds me of something a grandmother might wear but (hopefully) in a non-cropped version


  • Dani F. Boyd

    What about this shirt?


    Sorry, can't lick my own face.

  • Sofia


    Love this post. And espessialy your daring manner of writing!
    Allready following you on twitter. So now following et Elle as well!

    i would combine the dress with this shirt:


  • Kata

    that dress needs this jumper:
    Lace Mesh Sweater – Grey
    my email address:, aand __kata on twitter.

  • PattyP

    Not only would I repel and deflate penises, I would also cause any mechanical penal shaped devices to burst into flames and any dildos to melt due to fear. Let's turn pleasure giving into pleasure fearing? Those dildos won't know what's coming their way (ok, that was a bad pun).

    Patty P.


  • Camilla

    Double mesh? Let's do it. It's like it's see through, but not see through, confuses the men whilst I whip out my turban and lick my face simultaneously. Multitasking much?

    x Camilla

  • Whitney Lynne

    I'd layer the leopard print blouse over it and tie it around my waist save-by-the-bell style. boom.


    whitneyg at gmail.

  • gabrielle

    my weapon of choice is the Generation Love Harrison Top- although those chains are pretty s&m.;

  • La Petite Olga

    would wear this dress with this blouse
    I can't lick my face but my dog just did it… does that count 😉

    my twitter: @PETITEOLGA

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • amanda foster

    I would add the leopard print blouse.

    Who DOESN'T want leopard print on black?? It coveres where you can see some obvious boob-crack through the sheer, but still lets you see the dress.

  • Deborah

    Even with all the layers, there's wayyyyyyy to much illusion of cleavage through that mesh. I would throw on the leopard print blouse ( and a few layers to make sure that never happened again.

    If you repel 15 penis with one outfit, do you get to join the pen 15 club?

    deborah.richardson at gmail

  • GeralOrentas

    I think you need some extra color in there I love the dress by the way. I will definitely add something on the top like this blouse

    But to be honest I will add this bustier, but it's not available for sale

    Following as @geralorentas
    email me at:
    check out my tumblr:

  • Meena Dhuga

    you. look. awesome.

    Meena xxx

  • ashleyavd

    It would have to be this leather jacket with the sheepskin collar:

    Excellent for shrinking penises, other than guys with a Santa Claus beard fetish.


  • ashleyavd

    Oops – email!

  • Lauren

    Defnitely the Venom Shirt…

    Is it a jacket? Is it my skin underneath? Who knows??

    I better lick my own face, since now one else will…My live-in boyfriend wouldn't go near me for days… @laurenleschper

  • The Latina Blogger

    All I can say is WOW! One beautiful simple black dress and look all the great looks you created. Great post!


    Nothing says repeller like animal-print crazy. This Leopard Print Blouse caught my eye, to cover up those sexy black sleeves. Would pair nicely with the pair of Jeffrey Campbell flats in giraffe print I just scored. Throw on the dead, bronzed seahorse earrings I found at Goodwill, and wrap it all up with the snakeskin belt I inherited from Grandma. presto! I am as sexy as a drunk jungle cat.



  • Lexi

    Obviously it's missing some type of ANIMAL (reptile?) PRINT

    The Venom Shirt @LexiZapien93

  • fayefaery

    gotta add underneath to hide my legs. those men ain't getting a peep of any of my skin above the wrists or ankles!

    about every penis in the tri-state area DEFLATED!

    twitter: lofi26

  • ADJ

    Love the look and textures of the black dress. Nice!

  • Jessica

    I would pair with the venom shirt, the double layer sheer fabrics would intrigue yet repel at the same time.

  • patriciabeatriz86

    oopsie poopsie.. must have had a minor glitch (a.k.a. a pocket rocket malfunction) because i forgot to pair this fabulous frock with a piece experienced in the arts of rigidity repelling.

    How about Jay & Elle's Pleated Maxi Skirt?! Who says you cant pair a dress with a see through skirt? It gives the male pipis a peak at fashion's vagina dentata (scary! can we say shrinkage?!)

    (and back to the previously posted blog *penis dance*)
    Not only would I repel and deflate penises, I would also cause any mechanical penal shaped devices to burst into flames and any dildos to melt due to fear. Let's turn pleasure giving into pleasure fearing? Those dildos won't know what's coming their way (ok, that was a bad pun).

    Patty P.


    (i think there is too much penis in my comment. hope my mother doesn't read it)

  • Anonymous

    Would go with the venom shirt, easily repel 5 or more east coast prepsters in this outfit. GQ just named boston as the worst dressed city, help make it the most repelling!!!
    twitter: alyhoho

  • Ariana

    I'd layer this shirt: , a denim vest over that, doc martens on my feet, finger parties, neck party and arm parties galore & there will be a man-repellent bubble around me

    @glamourousgrime on twitter

  • Helena H
  • Murphy

    Very tough call on an additional item to match, but i would have to choose the "venom shirt" (never thought i'd say that). I mean, who could resist that drapey thang? Oh, wait, let me rephrase that, what men could resist that thing? All. That's right, goggle penises popped

  • Katy J

    Hai. I would for SURE throw the MinkPink Wildflower cropped top over that bad boy. Nothing says "flaccid inducing" like a cropped tie up tank with your grandmothers couch splashed on the front.

    I'd be repelling men across the Bluegrass State and beyond! At least 39.5 penises deflated on my morning commute.

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress 🙂 ktleigh_lex or

  • hrhellen

    ummm come on– you gotta go with this fur jacket. In this heat??! What would be better than sweating out a few lbs. and showing up nice and drenched to your next man-encounter?

    Bye bye 10000 boners!


  • Kate

    The Venom Shirt is the obvious choice here. Cover up an hourglass shape with a ship's sail made of snake skin, I always say. Can't wait to deflate worldwide!

    kalbee63 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  • Marie-Eve

    How can I not go with the Stylestalker Venom Shirt. Even if it's a light and sheer layer to put over that sexy dress, it's fabulously shapeless form (to be buttoned up all the way up please) and snakes print pattern would stop any men dead in his tracks. Mission accomplished !

    My Blog – A Pretty Nest

  • Tabitha

    Would absolutely choose the maxi skirt:
    Ah, the repelling potential…

  • Anonymous

    I'd wear this blouse open over it:, along with my great grandfather's oversized lumberjack flannel from the 60's, a loud neck party a la Dannijo, and combat boots. I'm debating suspenders and a yellow construction hat to polish off the look.

  • Molliee

    Followed them, already follow you! I will definitely repel appx 457 men with the dress restyled! How I would do so? By adding the Stylestalker Venom Shirt, some arm party action, and booties… I think I would also steal your turban idea because I am obsessed. Plus, after licking my face, half my makeup is gone…


  • Katrina

    Loving the Venom Shirt…Consider 37 penises instantly deflated.


  • Stephanie

    "While it may have arms, they are immobile". You made me pee in my pants!

    That dress is calling for this Venom Shirt to confuse men with every little resource we have: fabric, silhouette and print.

    Twitter: stephanievallek

  • FashionableAwkward

    This dress is gorgeous, but it needs something to make it hmmm well manhood destroying. And since men like superheroes why not dress like one and decapitate the very idea of the flying heroes? I say add a cape with the Stylestalker venom shirt and with it all the penises will wither or fly away.

  • Anonymous

    Why not pull the dress up a bit and throw on

    Nothing says thousands of limp penises like a pair of baggy high wasted shorts!

  • April Dawn

    I can only pick one item to accesorize?!? Say it ain't so. In that case I pick the Venom shirt as I feel it will hide curves or any shape at all the best. I would also pair it with a messy top knot and my bcg for ultimate repelling. I don't want any penises anywhere near me for a very long time…. (TMI?)


  • Megan Younce

    Do not confuse me for one of those getters
    (I'll scare men away with layers of sweaters)
    My curves will be covered with layers of fabric
    A Sweetheart Lace Top, then a Leopard Print Blouse, SICK!
    With neck and arm parties, ever so clever
    I'll be topped with a hat, and a true MAN REPELLER!


  • Anna

    Of course I would pair it with the Pleated Maxi Skirt. The goods are wayyy too easily accessible as is. Plus no one will know that you haven't shaved in a week. As for the peni, there's only one that matters… my poor, poor, innocent boyfriend's.


  • Anonymous

    any guy in my school, which only like 10,000, ya' know?
    twitter: stareaction

  • Florence

    I'd add this jumper: to the dress (as well as a turban), but I'd knot it round my waist to create some sort of faux-boner, causing at least six penises to deflate.

  • Anna

    Will style it with the Bridgi Lace Mettalic Tank – nothing like covering up your curves to disturb my hubbie's sordid mind. Give me this dress please!!!
    twitter: simplystylishmm

  • alexandra.hurd

    I would keep it mega-simple with the Blossom Top in Blush, cover that with the Wildflower Crop Top…add approximately 1,358 bracelets, 10 rings, gigantic sunglasses, zero makeup and BAM – you've thrown an invisibility cloak over your old friend Mr. C*ck-block. PS yes, the cloak reference is from Harry Potter – a reference like that can repel any man.

  • Joanna

    hmm i would use the wildflower crop top and the pleated maxi skirt, deflecting 5748.


  • Elle

    I would repel the shit out of that dress <3


  • Sarah

    I would layer this unbuttoned over the dress.

  • Ali

    Ali is my name, repelling is my game.

    I would pair this:
    with that dress for maximum repelling power, deflating 37 penises in the process.

    email: allecat100 {@}
    twitter: @allecat100

    And I licked my chin. Is that suffice?

  • Miranda

    keep it classic:
    no longer can men see any trace of feminine curves on the upper side. looking for hips men? hah! no thank you! i won't show any possibilities that i can bear children you foolish man.

    add a pony tail, some fishnet tights (gotcha there) and minimal makeup, any man will be repelled within a kilometer distance.

    twitter: @mirandababbitt

    …face licked with great difficulty.

  • Vasilieva

    love that dress and you did absolutely perfect combos with it

  • Camille

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Camille

    – Done and done, I am now following both of you on twitter.
    – I hope to deflate penes everywhere with this dress, styled with this skirt:
    – E-mail:
    – Twitter handle: @ShopSnapdragon

  • hélène

    Looking forward to deflate a lot of penises when adding a loose t-shirt to offset the tight sexiness of the dress


  • Laura Carolina

    I like your shoes and dress!!!
    visit my blog:

  • Cristiana Nunes

    Amazing black dress. Those shoes go perfectly together with the dress.

  • sants

    Leopard Print Blouse, channeling Nanny Fine pre-Mr. Sheffield- nothing as repellent as a nasal, middle aged woman from Queens selling cosmetics from door to door.


    Face licked… salty.

  • Taina Princess

    Absolutely LOVE the necklace; kind of tribal looking and against the classy dress….fab.

  • beholdfashion

    I would definitely go for the Stylestalker Venom Shirt. What could go wrong when wrapping up in a animal print, tooo big men's shirt?
    I know for sure one person I would raise and deflate in less than one minute while first sneaking in to that pretty womanish LBD just to turn around, wink and dissolve into the snakeprinted-witch-from-the-nightmares.

    Oh, and what guy would that be? My boyfriend of course! (Did I mention he hate snakes? Oh and don't bother about me pro-pelling him in the past – we met in the army, all dressed in extremly manrepelling uniforms. I promise!)


  • B.Inspired

    Prretty Awesome…after that Utility Vest I think all the deflation has ocurred! Love it!

  • Caitlin

    Item to add: Stylestalker- No Consequence Leather Jacket.
    No man will think you are sane for wearing a leather jacket with a sheepskin collar in this kind of heat. The sweat alone will be enough to repel them.

    Hair would be in a ballerina bun high on top of my head, arm parties, ankle parties, and finger parties in full effect. Even a broach party on my jacket.

    Penises will be deflated instantly.

    Twitter Handle: caitlin_mmc

  • gold N turquoise

    I can't wait to throw on these ridiculously high waisted, gathered, linen shorts on top of the dress ( A great way to turn sexy to fupa in 2 seconds flat.

    jhchan1 (at) gmail (dot) com
    twitter (at) thetageezer

  • Elspeth

    I would definitely add the MinkPink wildflower cropped top because nothing says f*$! off better than baby pink and floral pockets with a big bow in front.


  • Shoe Gal

    So I couldn't decide b/w the Venom Shirt to throw over the dress:;
    or this fabulous pleated maxi skirt to cover my gams:

    Bonus that the skirt is see through. Maybe I'll finally invest in those granny panties after all…..

    You can find me at or @zhannadarliing

  • Alice Coeur

    Done and done!

    I would be sure to go home alone if wearing underneath this skirt!

    Need to get me one of those pearl bibs too! Gorgeous.

    xx alice_h_ (

  • Leslie

    Ok. I think I need to go back to the vintage store and buy the GIANT WHITE RABBIT FUR EARFLAP WINTER HAT that I only passed up because it literally blinded me. Whatever, it'd look SO perfect with this dress; I didn't see anything that could effectively cover the breastal region on jayetelle like the ear flaps on said oversize beast could. I was combing the Jayetelle site, and there were really too many clothing items I'd consider boner-worthy… THANK GOD there was the black pleated maxi skirt to chuck over those horrendously coquettish bare legs. winter goth nun? check. NOW that boy be saggin'.

  • ashley h


    I would pair the blossom top unbuttoned with the style stalker dress.

  • Anonymous
    …and all the penises in the area – deflated! Mission accomplished!

  •!/yellow_bird42 Robin Graziano

    I think this needs a maxi skirt to cover up the revealed legs! I would then add a couple really bright button downs to make it colorful!

  • Leyla G.

    I would def style it with this to break up the dress silhouette, even in the front. Can't be too careful when man repelling.


    I intend to repel as many men as pieces this outfit contains (+ my addition)…so 7?

  • Fashion Bumpkin

    You are NOW my new fave blogger.You're posts and flamboyant feminist fashion sense have intrigued me as a reader.I can't wait to read more!
    -x0x0 Fashion Bumpkin:)

  • chartreuze

    The blossom top trailing back hem will definitely cover any visible womanly ass curves.
    I will deflate every penis I encounter on a regular basis…so…one.

  • Sam

    i would layer this fantastic pleated maxi skirt atop the fantastic dress: man repelling by complete leg coverage. pair with those fabulous snakeskin booties i keep seeing you wearing on here…i just found your blog recently and am seeing so many man-repelling opportunities in my very own closet! i promise to deflate literally 1 million penises.


  • Rebekka Rashell

    Perforated Drape Back Shirt.

    Because nothing says sexy like a little back action.

    Yeah, fighting those boys off with a stick I tell you.


  • Erin Poettcker

    As I am licking my face I will simultaneously produce very repellant responses from males in my vicinity by the addition of the Blush Blossom Top (that colour again!) to this beautiful black dress.


  • Ashley

    I pick the Sweetheart Lace Back Top. It says "Look at my sexy back…but wait a dress underneath??? No goodies??? 🙁 " Yeah… deflates penises like needles in a room full of inflatables.


    PS. my face was delicious… it had a mango strawberry smoothie all over it. 🙂

  • Chelsea

    Roll up the dress and wear these marvelous shorts ( Presto no more shapely waist or hips to worry about! Cue deflating penises.

    If I didn't think I'd get heat stroke by adding more shirts, I'd definitely go a bright yellow button down I have and a long sleeveless trench vest. I wish I had a wonderful pair of booties… but I don't 🙁 So I can just imagine snakeskin booties and pretend that I have a fabulous shoe closet…


  • Megannn

    Because it's winter in Melbourne and shaggy sheepskin doesn't quite bring all the boys to the yard. Paired with combat boots and some outrageous stocking, fifteen penises should get deflated.


  •!/RACH_lilmac Rachel M

    i'd pair the dress with the Stylestalker Venom Shirt ( i'd leave the shirt unbuttoned so you can still see the draping on the front of the dress, and because like you said, its the best way to say BUH-BYE curves and best method to instantly turn away those penises. id also wear it with this chunky gold bib necklace i have that has several crystals hanging between the small hexagonal (sharp and kind of weapon-like of course) links. i'd layer that with my evil eye necklace.

    convinced this coverage of almost every limb will repel every penis that i pass on the street! @RACH_lilmac

  • Jessica

    Ohhh la la. I would definitely layer the Venom shirt – to deflate countless penii!


  • too young for fashion

    to my dearest man repeller.
    i would love to pair the trust fund dress with the black Stylestalker damned collar shirt. the collared shirt is a must have to secretly man repel the ultra sexy dress, yet still turn into a "man getter" because of the shirts see through fabric! pair it with ballet flats or heels, this is the ultimate day or night outfit.

    love your blog. xx

  • vain319

    omigod! I freakin love this blog and the comments are sheer entertainment in themselves!!!

  • Floss Moloney

    LOVEEEEE THIS Manrepeller look 🙂 It's rather fabulous.

    I would put the Stylestalker Venom Shirt [] with the dress. I would leave the shirt unbuttoned so you could see the detail of the dress. I would also wear the Stella Dannigo bib necklace []. I think this look would REPELL.

    Floss 🙂

  • Alex Whatton

    Pair with Arynk Gathered Linen Pants ( over dress + MinkPink Miranda button-front Dress ( open as vest. All three penises annihilated at the local coffee shop, though one might decidedly enjoy it depending on which team he's actually on. Cowboy boots might help, shit still on the heel.

    <3 Alex

  • beccadin

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  • beccadin

    The outfit is perfect, except if you look hard enough, we can still see some curves. Since it's too hot for a burka, switch it up with some apricot paperbag shorts:

    These would cover up those pasty light reflective legs, making unsuspecting men think that only a strong gust of wind would be required to reveal more skin than a walk through Sheep's Meadow. However penises across all species would be deflated from disbelief and confusion that a short and sexy dress was hiked up – only to be tucked into a drop crotch made of thick, forgiving, linen. Clearly you don't get hot or sweaty, or would even be able to tell the difference. Too bad the waistline bow reminded them of labia, since there's no room for sex when basking in the glow of sartorial success.

    I mean, what else would you do with a ribbon that could be tied in a bow? Use it on a man? Never.

    twitter: @beccadin

  • rf


  • Carla

    I will style it with this Venom Shirt ( My boobs and ass will be completely covered and the sexy dress will become a mere skirt underneath the tent.

  • Anonymous

    I'll style this lil black number with the Venom shirt:, because as I like to say…sheer on sheer, and the skin disappears (AKA, Penis Deflater #1).

    And if the dress isn't enough of a muffin top/fupa accentuating piece as it is (PD #2), add this asymmetrical blouse (buttoned to the very top and secured with jewelry that resembles violent weaponry–OF COURSE), and you won't be able to tell whether I even have boobies and/or an ass. (PD #3)

    <3 Sarah
    Twitter Handle: @SarahWasz

  • Anonymous

    I will add the Minkpink Wildflower Cropped Top
    And go ahead and start repelling some penisis 😉
    twitter handle: @pyf8

    p.s problems with the posting I am not anonymus 🙁

  • Elaine

    I would deflate the entire freshman boys at nyu this fall with this getup. I will add the pleated maxi skirt to conceal my entire body and pay homage and give a what what to the pilgrims that came on the may flower.

    twitter: elainejen

  • Cristina @FUJI FILES

    The venom shirt – big billowy snake skin to cover up every curve on my body. Plus some strappy stilettos with SOCKS. boom


    Every penis in sight – deflated.

  • Leanna

    With this dress, transformed, of course, I could repel an infinite number of penises.
    I would add the Blossom Top-Blush
    and my twitter handle is: leannuh2013 AND my email is:

  • Anonymous

    Love the dress, but nothing says repeller more than a nice print tent crop-top. It'll look especially nice with the mesh sleeves…i'd go with nine penises deflated, just on one city block.



  • Evee

    Cover up them lady bits with the Venom Shirt – cute enough for the ladies and baggy enough to repel the wiles of any man!

    I will certainly lick my own face, it deserves some love after all the repelling I've been doing 😉


  • janelle//the style eater

    i would 100% wear this mink pink cropped top over the dress:


  • Anonymous

    I would pair it with the no consequence jacket. The skimpy dress with the heavy sherling coat says I'm hot, but I'm cold. As in, emotionally unavailable. My twitter is @lovesyndrome and my email is

  • Anonymous

    If matching different materials and patterns doesnt shout "Beware of my (more or less) female self, you males!" I dont know what does.
    The singlet is a must.

  • Hayley

    Wow Venom shirt would do such a great job of repelling all men (and their penises). Baggy enough to hide arms, boobs, everything.
    I would also add a belt around the waist, or two. Bright colors would suffice.

    Bracelets galore and a neckalce or two. And then a vest to go over the shirt. Instintly repelling! @haymak858

  • Christine

    I actually love both looks my fave is the man repeller! 🙂

  • Zoey

    I'd go with the no consequence jacket.

    It'd deflate like a trillion zillion. All that amazing fur collar and stuffs.

  • taperaki

    I am from Greece!!!
    We don't have money, we are poor people!!! for that i would only were the dress…. only the dress without underwear… nothing else!!!


    Love your style you are a rebel of ordinary style love you!!!

    kisses from Greece- Crete!!!


  •!/Forrest_ish Ks.

    Hoho, with my deathly combo at least 493809 penises would run for their heads (see what I did there?) 😀

    The dress it self is too sexy, so, with an extreme arm party, neon belt and Leopard Print Blouse it would go long a long way (away from men) 😀

    twitter @ forrest_ish
    mail @ ksenija.s.aksic at gmail dot com

  • Enya

    Would pair with Damned collar shirt (
    shows that Man getter+ Man getter= Man hater. WIN!

    i intend to walk into a gentleman's club and deflate the entire institution (that's a whole lotta peeens)

    twitter @BeautMess

  • LaurFair

    I'd hike that dress up- wayyy up, then promptly cloak any/all exposed lady-bits with the apricot linen paperbag-waist shorts ( Toss on a boxy denim vest accessorized by a crocheted flower pin, fashion a silk scarf into a large bow upon my head, and run around terrifying penii all over town.


  • Minza.

    You've a lovely blog. Follow me! 🙂
    Rougeberry Fashion

  • Maria Bastida

    I love the last combination!!
    A lot of layers! the perfect "man repeller" style 😉

  • LouBehr

    As usual you're the best 🙂

  • Jordan Leigh Jones

    I'd pair this with the Leopard Print Blouse. 99% of penises deflate in the presence of animal print.

  • Patrycja

    I'd pair this man getter with Lace Mesh Sweater – Grey or with Sweetheart Lace Back Inset Top. It' hard to choose one thing when you don't want to get a man and reppeler's look is needed.

    So my twitter: xoxPatrycja
    my e-mali:

  • Rachel M

    Liked on Facebook and following on twitter, deflated about 13 along the way LOL….Still working at the licking, may get my pup to help on that 1!

    I would pair the dress with the, "Stylestalker Damned Collar Shirt". Love the leather collar!

    Rachel M

  • Emily

    My oh my! I love how you're so creative with outfits.


  • LOIS
  • Simone Maclennan

    This is just the most excellent!
    I would pair it with the sheer black maxi skirt and deflate every penis in a 100 km radius by sundown.

    Simone MacLennan

  • tiffany minné
  • Gabrielle

    love this.. you look awesome!!

  • Alla Chernenko

    I would just go for a maxi skirt to cover those legs Also all-black is pretty much Marticia Adams, maybe sexy, but scary, oooh, scary.

  • Martha Incarnate

    You are so awesome. I LOVE your final look…even the dress by itself is awesome. Can't wait to make it my own!

  • kassie

    Your blog never ceases to amaze and amuse me. You're seriously the most hilarious blogger in the blogosphere. I'm following you and Jay & Elle on twitter plus I've liked them on Facebook. I would pair that sexy-licious practically-naughty-bondage dress with the Mink Pink Wildflower Cropped Top because nothing repels sexy like a sleeveless, boxy, baby blue, hillbilly crop top. Plus, it has floral pockets over the boobies. At least 28.4 penises shall be repelled!

    name: Kassie Pae
    twitter: @kassandrapae

  • May

    Wonderful start to man repelling, but there is a sad lack of prints in the outfit, which is why I'd layer the leopard print blouse first before the other shirts. Hopefully, this will deflate at least another 5 penises.

    bichmay AT hotmail

  • Grace Damien

    I'm glad you're disregarding the weather when dressing… dedication.

  • Michelle Ashley

    Love, Love! LOVE! this dress.

    Even though I am VERY confident that I could successfully repel wearing only this dress, accessorized by my wack hair and funny face, if I wanted to really outdo myself, I would definitely have to add a little bit of venom to the mix:

    Sheer … snake … the boy won't know where to look.

    Later Gator,


    ( … yes I know a bit dated, but I like to think of it as vintage, dating back to grade 6.

  • Ava

    ok imagine this.starting from my neighborhood, to the train station, in the crowded train and the catwalk down to the office.. that will be an estimated grand total of about 50 penises deflated.

    and once u add this : No Consequence Jacket

    and with the crazy heat and humidity which means my hair is in a crazy mess piled on my head…and not to mention my mega nerdy Gucci glasses i wear on an everyday basis..

    perfection: 80 penises minimum…

    aren't you so proud of me? 🙂


  • nadine

    Consider my face blobbered on.

    nadine_muhtadi- tweeetttar

    that venommm shirt really is poison, and i intend to deflate as many penis' as I possible 🙂 so around 133 to be exact

  • Linds

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Linds

    I would totally count out 11,900 pennies to repel the shit of that dress with the Stylestalker
    Venom Shirt.

    Bitch please me @LSBA_NY

  • G

    This would probably deflate 200 penis because with the black maxi skirt( over the dress , it goes from kim kardashian to nun .
    @gabiann (twitter)

  • Sarah

    All the penises in the world would repel like bugs on this sweaty hot day when covering that shit up with THIS >>
    Hello snakeskin cape.

  • NoSauce

    For extra repelling I would add a super baggy shirt smock – the venom shirt.

    It's like 112 in New York today, so my sweat and total humidity hair is repelling as well!

    Min 100 penisis!

    @Hilarizzle (twitter)

  • Roro

    I plan on repelling around all the males in a mcdonalds sit down restaurant.
    Especially paired with a maxi skirt, I mean come on, do you really expect me to show all that leg.. I don't think those men could handle it.

    Bring on the Black….


    xoxo Roya

  • Kathleen

    If I wanted to BRING the men I would definitely pair this with the leopard blouse, bringing out my inner skank:

    But to repel a minimum of 200+ penises (I'm skipping the venom shirt since clearly the goal is to UNIQUELY repel) I would totes pair this with the Sweetheart Lace Back Inset Top, 57 bracelets and a pair of feather earrings that come down to my shoulders.

    ROCK THAT SHIT MAN REPELLER (and pick me because this dress is DIVINE)!!

    twitter: KatWillia

  • Judith Iocovozzi

    I would absolutely layer the Minkpink Mozambique Singlet so it looks like Elvira and Fela Kuti did the dirty and this is what came out of it. Immdiately upon walking out the door this would deflate ALL THE PENISES, ALL OF THEM, except maybe some sexy exotic tribal types which I would definitely be into.



  • Adrianna Traxler

    I would wear this man getter dress as a top and add on these shorts…they are high- waisted shorts and would totally blend in with my pale skin! I have to add another layer for proportions sake! So I will add this sheer black blouse for more repelling effect since I''m buying it over sized!!. Add some grungy boots,no heels to show off the legs…and BAM! We've got a man repeller!




  • I Spy Sparkles

    Because it's so frickin HAWT outside, I'd add the Lace Mesh sweater:
    and then likely add some sort of animal print turband and/or scarf… ultimate man repellage.

    OOOOH and add some innapropriately high wedges that make it impossible to walk? We're golden.


  • rose


    I'd add some leopard to this bitch:

    rose.sharma(at)gmail .com

  • Sarah Leonard

    licking my face is proving incredibly futile. fortunately, man repelling in this dress combined with funky tights, amazing jewelry, this jacket, and boots is easy as pie. boo ya. email:, twitter: sarahmleonard

  • all we have is now

    i'd definitely style it with something like this:
    although of course it contains sexy animal print, it does cover up le decolleté!


    oh.. at least 4 penises!

  • Juliette

    OMG the stuff on that website is a ll gorgeous!
    In order to deflate my goal of 13 penises, I'd pair the dress with this unbuttoned on top, some frilly boots, and an arm party or two:


  • nicole

    I would throw some snake skin on it:


  • Anonymous

    I'd cover that shit with the Venom shirt obvi!


    yes my email address has been the same since 5th grade. So what?!

  • joey

    yes, it's lace on lace
    but that's precisely what is so repelling, because the abundance of lace confuses the man like no other

    man thought: "it's lace, but it's not see through – what do i do?" ; eventually walking away because of the copious amount of thinking required

    (even though not from jay&elle;)
    i feel it would be perfect to top this outfit off with the plexi medical necklace brace necklace from Maison Martin Margiela – nothing screams sexy like the (slightly) deranged look


  • Renee

    I love this dress! I actually saw it the other day online and wanted it! To add some repeller-qualities to it, i would pair it with the "no consequence" jacket from Its faux leather AND faux sheepskin. Both of these cover up some of the sexiness the dress brings!
    Twitter: @reneemontalto

  • Bogna

    I would put a layer of leopard print over the dress. I have never known a (straight) man who actually likes leopard print:

    This is effective, I'll repel ALL penises.

    And licking my own face? This is easy.
    Twitter: @bogbee

  • Jaz

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Della

    Flatforms would be even more repelling…HMMMM.

  • Anonymous

    I plan to deflate by using the Stylestalker
    No Consequence Jacket to top it all off. Messy and repelling ;). @isacevi,

  • Elizabeth

    Oh my god. You are probably the funniest person I've read in a loooooong time and I am THRILLED.

    Okay, so, I liked errbody on fb and twits and all that, and picked out my additional item to add to the ensemble, but first I have to say… Why didn't you cover up them gerrgeous legs, woman!?! So I looked for "pants," only to find, that they don't even SELL pants (apparently those are unneccessary and women are born with perpetually glossy legs, who knew) and the only long skirt they sell is see-through. -_- Well, I picked that, and I'd slap that bad boy over the dress, as well:

    While we're at it, I think you're forgetting a great man repeller. A tiny dog in a bag. Or better yet, a CAT in a bag. Oh god please. roflmao

  •!/AnnaDoucette Anna

    done all!
    and obviously throw a leopard print blouse over that and arm party galore to scare off the menfolk.
    @AnnaDoucette on twitter

  • Jac

    I would hike that ish up and tuck it into these bad boys, Arynk Gathered Linen Pants,, because what guy doesn't want to be reminded of their mom circa summer '94 when they're on the prowl. Not only will I have successfully deflated their sex drives with thoughts of their mom, minus those with an Oedipus complex, but I will have also guilted and shamed them into knowing that their moms would be "disappointed" in their plans to become intimate with a stranger's lady bits that night.

  • Kunkel

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Kunkel

    I would actually layer the lace black mesh top with this, pair it with bright layered tights (hey, It's only 70 degrees here in Oregon, we are too cool to be hot), and throw in a pair of flat ankle boots. Arm parties are mandatory with this of course!

    Through this I will continue my mission of repelling all the Portland hipsters within a 30 mile radius, not to mention keeping all those with the misfortune to find me dressed like this near a church from ever going in to pray again.

    @sowakarocks on twitter

  • citygirl37

    I would definitely pair it with this top.

    Nice and billowy to cover the the form fitting black dress and is even longer in the back to cover that man-getting rump. not to mention the back cut outs that say 'oh what's under here?' only to be deterred by yet another layer making all the penises out there wonder how many layers till you get to the center of the tootsie pop.

    Add some corresponding neck & arm parties + a vintage inspired pillbox hat made by moi and you're sure to be deflating penises left and right.

    Plus, I'd pair it with these shoes;=other-shopbysize&colorId;=34826

    Because what says man-repelling like fish eggs on your feet?


  • alexandrasnyder6

    I would wear this dress with the Lace Mesh Sweater – Taupe and some crazy bright and funky shoes.

  • MissLauraHueto

    Loove it! 😀 Very challenging indeed, how NOT to wear it in a Propeller way?? Well, thanks for enlighting us. 😉
    I love this ( beauuuutiful shirt for its layer-friendly lightness, I hope you do too. 😉 Thanks so much for the chance to win win win the dress! 😀

    Lots of love from Barcelona,

    (@MissLauraHueto et

  • Lindsey

    Okay, I would layer the sweetheart lace back insert top over this sexy little number. It would automatically deflate some penises because although the shirt has cut outs the dress fabric would be poking out from below. AND then I would get to say this: "Fake out Mr. Penis, thought you were going to see a little skin there didn't you?"

    If that wasn't enough I would probably pair this dress with boater hat, loafers, and cat eye sunglasses.

    twitter: @wearitwith


    Hilariousness and different but still stylish and cool!

  • Ashley

    I would pair it with the Stylestalker Venom Shirt. There's nothing like over-sized snakeskin print to deflate a penis in under 5 seconds flat… maybe even 3 seconds.

  • yv

    so cute! i always enjoy yr quirky posts

  • Style Dilettante

    Yeeeeeeaaaahhhhh! It's so liberating! I saw the best cropped tee shirt at the flea market today, it read "no boyfriend, no problems". I didn't buy it b/c we know how men love the cropped tees – I'd have a bf in no time!!!

  • isahrangme

    venom shirt! 10 penises! though, i still think i need to learn to man-repel better… learning curve! @isahrangme isahrangme[at]gmail[dot]com

  • miss gaiman

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • miss gaiman

    I definetely choose the venom shirt. Along with this outfit, I´d choose a panama one, but black with dark details on it and also a ripped pantyhose to shake things up a little bit. About 50 penises would do just fine!

    my email:
    my twitter: @missgaiman

  • Haley JJ

    Nothing says fight to the death like adding a shirt that has chainmail details. Bring it on, Peni.

    Yeah, the plural of penis is peni.

    Le item:
    Le Twitter. @hayjayjayy
    Le Email:

  • Emma Thompson-Murphy

    Man Repellent:

    Although it may look sexy when these two items are paired together you get a wonderful black and white combo which means:
    1. You are wearing nun colours! Yay!
    2. The Hamburglar? BLACK AND WHITE.
    Men definitely don't like nuns nor women stealing their food. Therefore penises deflated include…all of them.

    twitter: @etmurph

  • Anonymous
    It may look sexy at the end, but the game of non-seeing might be to dumb 4 men…

    twitter: @negapretatbt

  • Stella

    def pairing the leopard print blouse over this babyy in order to repel exactly #21 penises….

    stellaarrz: twitter handle

  • Anonymous

    would put the venon shirt with the dress
    I'd probably repel 90% of the dudes, since no ass will be showing and it's a trendy print (men tend to not like it), ergo, this outfit would be an excellet man repeller

    twitter: @carolgabioli

  • Alexx

    Nothing would repel a snake like the sight of its own skin! Yes! Slither away! Return from the dark realms of trouser-land which you came! You are no match for my Venom Shirt! ahahahaahaaha

    (with matching open-toe snakeskin boots perhaps?);=483&img;=product/Photo4-157.jpg


  •!/TheMarmyyy Mackenzie

    Fear not, the mullet has arrived. How ever could you imagine walking out of the house without covering up that baby prostitute toosh of yours! Add this lovely little mull mull and the repelling will happen without even having to project the real image of whitesnake and cut your mane as well.



    I'd toss the Harrison Love Generation top over this form fitting dress, as to avoid any glimpse of cleavage.


  • Ivana this!
    DreamyLilThing @ Twitter
    Ivana Nikolova @ Facebook

  • Amelia Martinez

    I would add these hot shorts because as we all know nothing deflates the peen faster than a whoopee cushion than a good fupa.
    Then lets add a good pair of wool ankle socks to those snakeskin sex boots. Oh and for good measure and classic williamsburg grannie hipster look I would add a pair of Sally Jesse Raphael glasses as seen here…
    done and done. repellin men all day errday

  • Worldexpanded

    The Leopard Print Blouse over the dress with some nice red heels should do it. That'd be HAWT! lol


  • Jéssica Oliveira

    This dress is screaming for that shirt add half those of wool to the knee, preferably one of each color, and a good jump-print oz. It would be great! Of course that would use the collar of your look! Wooow, I would cause … hahaha. The very men would lose "the will". Well after I took a kick in the ass this week, I think that what comes is profit, I think a 30 would not hold penises.

    I hope very much that dress!

    Twitter: @Jeh_tikinha

  • foreverrfashion

    I would personally add the Leopard Print Blouse ( because well, heck, you can never go wrong with some leopard, can you? Then of course, the mandatory turban, in red preferably. Finally a final touch to keep it simple: some lovely YSL black leather pumps. It's always a hit when you add some YSL to your combination.

    Twitter: @MelissaaaG

  • Ali B

    Leopard print? Yes!

    Layering something loose and fabulous over something sexy and fabulous equals just fabulousness.

    Twitter: @wtflanksteak

  • agenzie hostess

    Amazing look and you have a CRAZY style…! Love this post. And especially your daring manner of writing!

  • Esther

    Love this giveaway and of course the dress!!!! The only way you could repel it, by hiding it!
    I would wear it with the No consequence Jacket at fall.
    My email, my tweet estleygue.

  • Amber Y Guidry

    I seriously just licked my face 🙁
    Love the dress and your ass kicking man repelling turban. A++
    I would hook that shit up with a silver sequined jacket and a leopard print collar. Paired with some hot pink pumps so I'm still color blocking!

    Twitter @amberguidry

  • cindy

    Id pair it with leopard leggings and a Justin Bieber packback with somekind of criss crossy strappy wedges and a purse big enough to fit a small dog. Guys LOVE that!

  • Madeline

    So maybe someone else said this, I don't care because I think I'd rock it hard. MESHMESH on MESHLACE. Baggy on the top short on the bottom, it will, can, and must work.

    and black tights with some black boots.

  • Chavete

    I would add the Black Pleated Maxi Skirt.

    Twitter: ChaveteCouture


  • Cesca

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Cesca

    Man Repeller, only for you will I lick my face. *licks face*

    Now that THAT'S over with, I would definitely pair this with the mullet-style Venom shirt, buttoned up about halfway underneath the sleeveless blouse, to add another dash of animal print for maximum repelling. And MR, I plan to repel every penis on my college campus (except for the ones that are worth spending time on, because we use repelling to weed out the bad and identify the good). Keep on keepin' on MR!

    Twitter: @frizzo3133

  • Sarah

    As i top off this dress with the venom shirt and cover up any trace of my already nonexistent ass, exactly 69 penises will deflate. Hell, I'll even throw in a chastity belt for good measure.

    Twitter: @skmill

  • Liz

    twitter @lizzpride

    I would wear this dress with the Lace Mesh Sweater (in taupe). There is nothing I love to do more than take a sexxxy dress and sweaterfy it, ergo protecting myself from the male gaze. Unless that gaze is confused and/or gay. Mesh elbow blocks will allow my elbows–already under the mesh sleeves of the sex dress– to breathe, which is important because elbows are the sweatiest part of any body. The lace section on the front of the sweater reminds me of a cage, which should remind men that my boobies are under lock and key in case they are not repelled away already. (Really… the more I'm staring at this sweater, the more I am actually motivated to buy it. I am bookmarking that page.)

  • Anonymous

    Many a peen will wilt as the result of pairing the dress in question with the no consequence pleather/faux shearling (flearing? I don't know…) jacket. Nothing is more repelling than looking like you are growing a chest garden of shag carpeting.
    And I can touch my tongue to my nose, and actually pick my nose with my tongue if the spirit moves me, which I will do in this dress for extra repelling points. That's a promise.

  • coralmarylovemercer

    I would pair this with the Venom Shirt thus repelling all the penises were, and are, and ever will be.
    ever & always a fan. x

  • coralmarylovemercer

    Oh, and always a dummy too it would seem.
    Twitter – coralmercer ! Ha.

  • coralmarylovemercer

    And a dummy!
    Twitter – coralmercer! Ha.

  • coralmarylovemercer

    Aw shit.

  • Lady Hazard

    I'd style this dress with the Venom Shirt, and I'd wear olive oil as my scent. If that doesn't confuse and deflate 27 penises on the spot, then ma'am, I just don't know what will. Oh and I'd have a red striped silk turban and studded heels and a crazed cat lady look in my eyes.

  • Lauri
    this would be one of my at least 5 layers to cover the dress and repel truly!

    twitter: laura_pier

  • Sofi

    The boys won't be able to see my butt in the Blossom Top in Blush

    twitter: @Sofisparklz

  • Anonymous

    I would probably pair it with Sweetheart Lace Back Inset Top or Venom Shirt! 🙂


  • Megan Abigail Chandler

    I would through that Damned Collar shirt over it so fast, perhaps tie it in a knot per Saved By the Bell style tips … throw on some black booties … top knot the hair … I'll be repelling for the rest of my life when men just remember me in that ensemble

    P.S. love the DANNIJO bib

  • emily

    i'd go with the venom shirt, unbuttoned; a statement necklace; and a pair of neon suede high-heeled ankle booties–over the top, definitely will deflate some peni
    twitter: poocme

  • JessieFranx

    Frosting: Venom Shirt – a sheer shirt to cover those curves but flaunts our pretty girl style. Men will acknowledge either item would look great separately but together they combat for attention, confusing penii [pee-NEYE] everywhere as to where to point, eventually settling on down in sadness. 15 flaccid points (FP)

    Sprinkles: Why let your arms have all the fun? Time for a neck party
    Men won't know where to look first. They won't know it's actually all one necklace, adding to your complexity of not being able to decide on just one. You know what, we don't have to, that's why! 5FP

    Feets: We love skyhigh heels but for this one let's go with chunky flats, matching the chunky jewelry while opposing the light meat of the outfit. These, eerily close to the shoes on the men's feet standing in front of you, but with a floral flare! The most unflaccid of penii could not fight the urge to deflate. 20FP

    FabBag: 5FP, 10WTF points;=NMALRFeedJ84DHJLQkR4&ci;_src=14110925&ci;_sku=V0QSW&CS;_003=5630585

    Earduds: 3FP Is that in her hair or on her ears?

    Total: 47 Flaccid Points. FANTABULOUS!

  • Anonymous

    I would definitely wear the dress with the maxi skirt: …Add an arm party, some clogs and a turband, and I'd really be man-repelling!! Oh, and I intend to deflate precisely 15 penises 😉

  • Ana Carolina Bovi

    I would definitly pair it up with a maxi skirt ( I mean, covering your whole body??? that`s the way to man repell!!!

  • JessieFranx

    BTW it's 47 points and not 48 as it would add up to be because my super well dressed woman repeller man friend said he liked the shoes -___-

  • Sarah Schorr

    aight so the venon shirt ( is a pretty popular choice, but it's still the best i got. between the print and the length it gets you the most bang for your buck. or least bang, as the case may be.
    you also can't ignore the face that the first statement made in the product description is "Classic," as though anything about the improbably large, impossibly sheer, animal printed shirt is classic.

    dicks beware

    -Sarah Schorr

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