Fruity Dressing, Hold the Fruit

Leandra Medine | July 15, 2011

Last time I shared sentiments about dressing like fresh produce, I meant it. I called upon Stella McCartney and Prada to lead the way. Shake those sliced oranges, peel those bananas. Today though, today I take a different approach.

It is summer and it is hot. Hot, I tell ya. Hot. One of the side effects typically calls for an urge to keep colors and fabrics light. Though I will say that in the lookbook of my life, leather jackets are season-less. So, go ahead, engage in a heat stroke. I’ll back you up. While you wait for your brain to melt, I’ll be here, standing in my living room, wearing an asshat and looking like a butthead.

blouse and skirt: Lulu’s
I’m beginning to think my look truly is deer-in-headlights chic. But on an unrelated note, I’ll also mention that l’ve been taking a deep liking to high waist poofy mini skirts. They make me feel like an underage ballerina-ninja hybrid. The ninja bit is mostly because of my affinity to violent accessories though.
shoes: Givenchy
I’m also doing the sprinkler, so you might want to hold off on the heat stroke because this is fun to watch…but on to more important things, do you have an idea, any idea at all, where this is going? Fine, I’ll just tell you.
This outfit was inspired by watermelons.
Shop Lulu’s here. And, OMFG, win a $200 giftcard by following them on twitter and commenting with your handle right here down below, baby! 

Winner wins Monday at noon. Twitter announcement!  
  • Jen

    fun! love watermelons & lulu's & am in desperate need of fruity summer clothing


  • myAestheticStyle

    I like your watermelon inspired outfit!
    And I love even more that you're doing the sprinkler in those tall platforms!!! If I tried, I would defiantly fall flat on my face..thats for sure….


  • Made in Chicistan.

    you're great! you're writing is always so clever.. you definitely were ernest hemingway in your past haha

  • s

    beautiful…. love these colours…. 😉
    nice skirt ;))

    COVERS: Sarah Jessica PARKER par VOGUE US

  • thefashionguitar

    Love your shoes!

    XO Charlotte

  • Anonymous

    Love the watermelon inspired outfit! Think I'm going to go for kiwi today 😉


  • Christina Wonsbeck

    i like your inspiration ! you look lovely as always 🙂


    Yes honey…you look FAB!! I love this entire outfit! That skirt, hat and shoes are WOW!! This is a perfect interpretation of the inspiration! Love me some watermelon too girl! lol Kiah

  • tiff

    Coincidentally, last weekend when my boyfriend picked me up and noticed that I was wearing green and red, I explained to him I was inspired by watermelons.

    Also, would like to see your sick "sprinkler" dance moves in video format plz.

  • Christine Cassis


  • Kimberly

    Thanks for the contest!



  • Summer J.

    I also love high-waist poofy miniskirts! I only have a black one and a purple polka dot one (which you would like). Watermelon is a good color on you!


  • Paula Lemos

    I neeeeeeed this one!

  • Hannah J. Holmes

    you are so cute and funny 🙂 and i would totally wear that outfit. i love a little poof!

  • Melissa

    LOVE. so much love for this outfit.

  • nicole

    You look adorable! I love the skirt.



  • Cesca

    this outfit is wonderful <3 and who doesn't love looking like/being inspired by fruit? just look at all the famous artists who are famous simply because they painted or drew fruit! gotta love it <3


  • emma basilone

    watermelon is my FAVVVVVVVVV!

    following them too =)

  • Akosua

    watermelons are the best and this watermelon look is sweet in all the right ways.


  • Kristin Mackercher

    How fantastic! Love this watermelon inspired look!

  • Adiel

    You're hysterical and that outfit is amazeballs. And $200 to Lulus? I'm in. @triplyksis

  • Hilary

    I am @hhannon
    Also, I just started dating a guy and he just told me that he always wonders what I will show up wearing when we go out, he said he likes to take guesses on whether it'll be my weird (read: ankle covering sandals) shoes and as he calls it my "90210 flair".

  • mrszflaca

    I love the clothes I def need light colors in my wardrobe

  • Lolabeans

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  • Sami Barker

    not a fan of watermelons, but i am a fan of that outfit. and you.

  • Lolabeans

    love love love!!


  • Sara B

    Yes please!! And sprinklers and watermelons, doesn't get more summery than that!!

  • Hilary


  • Polished Pretty

    Love!! For my blog at I am going to dedicate a post to you my favorite blog!!! in true Man repelling Fashion!!!!!!

  • Collections

    The sprinkler is so great.

    Fashionable Collections

  • Alex

    Gorgeous and I love how it was inspired by watermelons. Such fun colors.

  • gabrielle

    i am in need of some lulu's fashion, PRONTO!


  • Anonymous

    this post has left me with a craving for watermelon, of the sartorial and produce variety..



  • Mrs. C

    Already follow them and you! Love it! And the fruit inspiration,…love! You should've used a watermelon slice as a smile or frown. Happy weekend!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  • nanette

    I need me a watermelon skirt. the juicier the better.

  • beth c


    and I second the call for video of the dance moves.

  • Anonymous


    ima make a fruit salad out of myself!!

  • Kai.Mercado.

    I am following Lulu's on Twitter! @ComplicatedKai

  • Chelsea

    Having your outfit inspired by a watermelon is way better than the time I forgot deodorant and my outfit was inspired by a Durian ( Man repelling day to say the least.


  • Maya


    DO IT

  • Sammy

    Love that green top! @sammyyy

  • Closet Cravings

    Like your watermelon-inspired style. Love the poofy pink skirt. =)

    Need it? Want it? Crave it? Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  • Lauren

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  • Lauren

    Glad to see you chose LuLus! I buy from them because they are affordable and stylish, and have vegan options. Thanks for the daily inspiration, and for adding "is this man repelling enough?" to my list of daily getting ready questions. xx @L_Ards

  • Seraphina L.

    Wow, would never ever think of dressing myself based on a watermelon. Really authentic! I guess I normally dress by my mood and colours…
    Thanks for this new insight. 🙂

    Seraphina L.

  • Grace

    I'm loving this dressing by fruit serious. I think you should try a banana next time! My twitter handle is @GraceBCuddy !

  • Sam

    You have inspired me to dress a la fruit today! Maybe I'll try a vegetable next…

    Twitter: @owlista

  • Paisley Petunia

    love lulu's – @stephschneider

  • Anonymous


  • Catalina

    twitter: caticagomita

    COME ON, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO 😉 I have been repelling by exposing myself… will send embarrassing pictures as proof.

  • Janna

    twitter handle : xojannaxo

    HaHaaa love the watermelon inspired outfit, but the pose is the best part lol

  • margiwarg

    Watermellon on a hot day is the best! @margiwarg

  • Kasie

    Fabulous as always! Loving the arm/necklace party… J'adore Lulu's!


  • hello grey

    i love lulu's and your blog.
    such a refreshing take on fashion.
    xx @hellogrey

  • Marcela

    loving the watermelon skirt! 😀

    happy weekend!


  • JM




    Mama needs like half of Lulu's wedges



    p.s. summer is perfect for makin' watermelon juice – ice + blender + fresh mint (+ tequila)

  • Olivia

    Delish. @oliviajovais

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

  • myAestheticStyle

    I heart lulu's….


  • all we have is now

    gawd, i need a new summer wardrobe to make up for this year's non existent german summer!


  • Anonymous

    Mmmmmm…love it.


    Thanks chica!

  • Neiry

    Your outfit is amazing!

  • Trisha

    My outfit today was inspired by an orange…and there's not even a penis around to repel! @thunt83

  • Michaella


    Great outfit!! this is my favorite blog EVER! 🙂

  • The Style Hunter
  • Carla

    I love the skirt and the color of both those pieces. I would wear them… right now! And the dance… totally worth it! LOL


  • themonstersflashlight

    I want to dress like a mango! Yellow on top, red blotch in the middle, and green on bottom.

    Also, I am @lilynois.

    I'm a nerd trying to become even more of a man repeller. (I've been following your blog only a couple weeks now, but wow, I love it. You're fun!)

    Nancy Lili

  • Olya

    You're amazing!!!! 🙂

  • Nina

    I'm following and repelling men!


  • Britty

    @brittynyc !!!

  • mugsandpugs

    yay! @kkbuie

  • dotLIGHTdot

    omg i want watermelon and light clothes too!!! here in south america it's too cold and always rainy =(


  • kate

    Ah, Lulu's! I spend so much time browsing their site.


  • The Procrastinator

    followedddd by the @procrast1nato2!

    im kind of adoring your givenchy heels. just thought i'd let you know.

  • Gal Meets Glam

    I am following them on twitter @galmeetsglam

    xo Julia

  • london loves

    I follow @Zeraphine!

    love your expression on the second pic!

  • fshnonmymind

    That's some mighty fine inspiration dressing. I can't resist poufy skirt action either, but due to my lack of "killer" accesories, I only feel like a ballerina and not a ninja.

    I follow Lulu on twitter.
    My handle is fshnonmymind

  • Anonymous

    Followed 🙂

  • Buse B.

    love the bright pink skirt, looks amazing on you repeller!


  • Elyse


  • Tiffany

    I too have a major love for poofy high waisted mini skirts. And free gift cards. this is sort of an un-repellant look for you, that's not to say you dont look AMAZING as always but the boys might think it's cute too…


  • Murphy

    watch out boys and get ready to be repelled! love the outfit! tres chic!


  • the laughing mannequin

    I love those shoes! And the entire arm and neck party. I'm glad I'm not the only one who chooses fruit couture and asshats over sex.


  • Tawny

    I second the ballerina-ninja hybrid sentiment.


  • Naghmeh

    what an unexpected item to be inspired by but I love it. I adore high waisted minis they make me feel incredibly girly.
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway 🙂


  • taYlor

    I was literally on the Lulu's site drooling over their clothes before I came to check your blog for the day! (love the skirt…!)

  • Toyin Lola

    great outfit

  • thecoveter

    love love love


  • Kaitlin Marie

    Love the dressing like fruit idea. So summery and awesome.


  • Christina Sheffey



  • stephanie falack

    watermelon and sprinklers?
    sign. me. up.

  • Michelle

    Awesome skirt!


  • Just Go With Wit

    What a neat idea! 🙂 Walking art, inspired by rolling fruit 🙂

  • Mariel

    i love fruit!

  • sassafras

    i need stuff to go with my new leyendecker shirt. like boobie tassels named lulu.


  • Jessica

    That. Skirt. Is. AMAZING!!!!

  • erma!!!!

    Having watermelon inspire your outfit is pure genius.


  • mollie bailey

    Woop Woop! Can't wait to get some man repelling frocks on lulu's – @MollieMorgan

  • Kelsey


  • I Spy Sparkles



  • Kelsey

    forgot to put my twitter, my bad



  • Laura Scott

    If you're loving fruit, check out Apollina's blog, she just made a Stella McCartney ss'11 inspired cake!

  • Molliee

    love that this outfit was inspired by a watermelon! cute with the shoes!

  • Stacey



  • Sara

    When are we seeing you dress like a papaya?

    I want the prize so badly!

  • Diana

    you look like a tall, cold glass of sexy sangria

  • msitz

    Heck yeah I want that $200 giftcard! @miriam210

  • eskimo lovers

    Watermelon + Free clothes = L.O.V.E


  • Melissa Leeanne

    @melissaleeanne – btw Southeast Alaska heat wave = 83* f. I'm such a wimp.

  • Crystal

    Shweet color combo!


  • Coral


  • Ruffled Snob

    fruit huh? I guess I would have to go with cantelope. Mostly because the topic "we can't elope" would be a first date topic (for obvious reasons) we need a BIG freaking wedding. And also because that monochromatic look is oh-so-fly. well anyways…

    ps my verification word was just "schnerb" how freaking rad does that word sound!

    @ruffledsnob handler

  • Ashley



  • B.Inspired

    LOVE those shoes!!! WOW! Very stunning and the hat is really cool! I don't follow Lulus but I will now!


    Oh em gee, thought I already followed lulus but atleast now i know =X

    i LOVE this outfit! I recently got my fingers painted green and coral and I've been itching to draw black seeds on my pink fingers.
    You can see them on this post!

  • Anonymous


    i LOVE the color of that skirt. i always try to wear one super bright color a day. today, its highlighter pink!

  • Linds


    can I raid your jewelry box?

  • thedaniela

    this is one of my favorite color combos!



    Amazingggg color.

  • The She Said Team

    Thank you for teaching us to repel like bosses and making us snort out loud on a regular basis.


  • Brittany Matthews
  • Emily Chen

    super fantabulous!


  • Shoe Gal

    I'm obsessed with you, I'm obsessed with watermelon, and now I'm obsessed with watermelon style!!

  • Rachel

    I love lulu's!!


  • Angela

    Watermelon is truly inspirational on so many levels. Perhaps next time you should go for the exotic yellow watermelon look. It's full of antioxidants and such.

    lasitera at yahoo dot com

  • Anonymous

    dress to impress? negative. dress to REPEL. hip-hip hooray!


  • Jessica

    Watermelons! Now you should move onto other summer fruit, kiwi or strawberries, perhaps.

  • Su

    yea girl


  • The Minx

    gorgeous! I love poofy skirts for summer too…just not too close to subway grates.


  • Elena Martínez Bengoechea

    perfect outfit inspired in watermelon hahahha

    Check out my blog:

  • Anonymous

    You are emerging fetus chic in the sprinkler photo. Welcome to the world, lil watermelon.


  • kassie

    Watermelon outfit with violent accessories? I like it. 🙂


  • Jenny

    Watermelon is my favorite fruit and that skirt is repeller-iffic.

  • Anonymous

    perfect summer refreshment


  • Sarah

    Love it……… and I'm pretty sure the necklaces and bracelets resemble the seeds 😉


  • Diya

    Oh my gosh!


  • April

    Following on Twitter!


  • lindsay

    hell to the yes.

  • Marie-Eve

    My puffy skirts mostly comes in the form of an animal (print) of some sort, but I'll gladly try the fruits for this hot hot summer !

    Oh, and I was already following you and Lulu's on Twitter as @aprettynest

  • Anonymous

    I absoFRUITley love this outfit! I too adore high-waisted mini skirts, almost more than the combo of colors mint and red!

    Laken Bailey

  • Liz

    I used to own sandals with limes on them. I love dressing fruity.


  • rachel

    two clicks for a sweet chance at that giftcard? can do! @leikelileikeli

  • AnesthesiaCG

    @anesthesiaCG Love looking even more fruity.

  • Marissa

    OMgsh! I am OBSESSED with Lulu's and would die to win this! Already following them on twitter. @TheStyleFile


  • Erin Poettcker

    I'm glad you went with the colour of watermelons and not the shape…


  • Joanna

    LOVE Lulu's! and summer fruit! it's all i dream about in the winter


  • MissLauraHueto

    Loooove it… *-* Hum, I'm having tons of evil plans pop up in my head by the mere thought of using this shiny giftcard of yours… *muahahahahaa*


  • nanzy girl

    goodnessgracious i love reading your blog. thanks for being awesome!


  • Tamiko 7

    Really cute, and I don't even do fruity. And the shoes, sooo HOT! Girl, I'm really beginning to question your "repellent-ability."

  • Orin

    I love lulus and your website!! Both are so cute!

  • Nahar & Nazia

    love the inspiration from fruit. you're great.


  • Jean

    Loving that skirt 🙂


  • Ella

    i love this outfit! the watermelon tones look so cute together.

  • Anonymous

    I had a purse shaped like a watermelon slice when I was about 10. Not even kidding. Apparently I was way ahead of my time.


  • slopestyled

    Twitter @prockstarrr

  • Emanuel I.

    Love your outfit!
    And the watermelons to…

  • Naina

    I think it's safe to say that I wish I was your ballerine-ninja hybrid sistah from another mistah.

  • Vasilieva

    that red skirt is brilliant

  • Italian Vogue Rocks!

    Cute outfit, beautiful house!

  • Giselle Pique


  • Dionne
  • samantha erin


  • Sydney H. Oh

    @ohsyd !

  • ashley


  • Melissa


  • Shannon


    shannonlea7 at yahoo dot com

  • The Blonde @ Stylish3

    Great giveaway!


  • Megan Abigail Chandler

    okay now … I'm entering another contest and crossing my fingers for victory this time! @bellissimostyle

  • rachel


    wonderfully hilarious as always.

  • Sarah Thornton



  •!/trespetite_k Kimberly White


    love your blog!

  • niki

    points for the sprinkler ninja move. and the ensemble looks as refreshing as a w'melon wedge. yes.


  • Miss Merli

    Just discovered you as result of Thread NY love your blog


  • Anonymous

    I just bought a yellow lemon dress from Lulu's that screams "I'm dressed like a lemon!"


  • Roro

    Ahhh, I love fruit fashion 😀


  • Anonymous

    Loving all of the color here!


  • S.H

    very nice outfit..and btw, your feature in teen vogue was amazing!
    twitter: @youareacinema

  • lydeeloo

    twit me bby @lydeeloo

  • Apeshite

    I wonder if they still have that Mexican inspired wallet I wanted. Anyhow, I love the color of your top. And check out that WMD that lies betwixt your bosom. Violent indeed.

  • Anonymous

    Cool outfit all this fruit and outfit talk reminds me of Harper from waverly place who makes outfits out of foods…and markers…and everythingn really she seems like an expert man repeller she must read your blog…actually she might be threatening your position. I would say the same about gaga but she is such a slut and shows to much to be a repeller makes her almost an enemy working with the propellers…almost.

  • Anonymous

    Show us how to pull of the child at heart look.

  • aNewFoundLove


    Awesome giveaway?

  • Meena Dhuga

    love the ninja bit. and love watermelons. genius outfit.

    Meena xxx

  • peyton wright

    omg! i love this outfit 🙂 and love the whole fruit thing 🙂


  • CJF

    when i feel scummy and kind of manlike with all the sweat in this heat, i can be reminded that i'm actually quite a lady when stuff like this doesnt repel me AT ALL! love ittttt @CallieJane

  • Maria

    Pefect outfit from Lulu's! And, of course, love those shoes. Mine are still in the box waiting to be worn. 😉

    Twitter handle: @justmamor

  • Anonymous

    Sweet!… No, really! C:

  • julia

    love the full circle poofy minis! i've got one in a shade of particularly man-repelling green that i adore.


  • Luciana

    O manrepelling goddess, what fruit will be your next source of inspiration?
    It'd be interesting to see a coconut themed post.
    Brownie points if you get a hold of a more exotic fruit.


  • Natalie Delaine

    I'm obsessed with the shoes! And the watermelon, of course.

  • Marissa Joy

    Cute skirt, and love that hat!

  • Jen

    I love the sprinkler! Great post!

  • Vikanda

    If ya can't take the heat, then dress like a fruit! I like it…


  • Grace

    I always use fruit as an inspiration in summer 🙂


  • heatherhxo

    My dancing is so bad, I can't even DO the sprinkler…

  • Rachel Harris


    LOVE the watermelon inspiration!

  • ♥Run With Fashion♥

    Love the skirt, and I looove short puffy skirts, always been a fav of mine♥
    I love that you topped the outfit with the black hat 😀
    And I love your necklaces ♥


  • MNSV

    You're always so cute, Man Repeller! :p @chicavillarta

  • Emma


  • Anonymous

    Recently discovered that when pointing me out, my friends, without any prior knowledge of my outfit, go 'Oh, she's the girl in the high-waisted, poofy mini.' Good to know I'm Repeller-approved!


  • Amanda’s Notebook

    I'm following them on Twitter! Freaking love Lulu's. 🙂


  • Maria

    Looove the outfit!


  • emmy

    adore lulus and your watermelon outfit. you've inspired me to try a poofy skirt…i mean who doesn't want to feel like a ballerina-ninja hybrid sometimes?!


  • Ash

    I'm all about deer in headlights chic if it looks like that! Also, I could definitely use a fashion upgrade. (@ashlp)

  • t


    …if I win, I promise to dress up like an underage ballerina-assassin.

  • Sabina

    I actually think this is one of your best outfits yet. I love the poofy skirt/hat combo.

    I'm holding a giveaway too if you want to drop by me. The prize is a custom illustration!

  • Laura J. Story



  • Anonymous

    Hahahahaha you're so funnyyy! Love the watermelon outfit!

  • maria

    colors! contest!


  • CupcakesOMG!

    i too oft dress as a watermelon. makes me feel refreshed.

  •!/rconder91 Becca

    Love the watermelon-inspired outfit! Plus, I love how you worked the accessories!

  • cusscakes

    So delicious and refreshing!

    @charlottenurse 😉

  • Pretty Little World

    The DH doesn't like watermelon! I keep making him try it though, because his not liking watermelon = clearly a misstep.


  • Katie

    I'm @itskatieredmond, and I want to be a watermelon too.

  • Anonymous



  • VogueVillain

    Love how the outfit is so fun and summery.


  • Style Dilettante

    Love it! SO glad you omitted the yellow belly!!

  • Kelsey

    i love that this outfit is inspired by watermelons in such a subtle, chic way. and the high waisted poofy mini? perfection. and as always, so envious of your layered necklaces and arm party.


  • Emily

    watermelon, yum!!!
    nature always provides the best inspiration.

  • sunnie lim.

    if i win i promise i will be inspired by fruit for the rest of my life. THE REST OF MY LIFE I TELL YAAAAAA.


  • Anonymous


  • Cindy

    Ah, repelling is SO refreshing. Keep it up….


  • Manda

    @thenMandaSaid. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this post. including lulu's…might I suggest a rendition of the shopping cart in your saga of man repelling dance moves? it has always done wonders in keeping me perpetually single

  • katie

    Killer pose! no lie, i wore watermelon earrings with my arm party Saturday night. oddly enough…I once lost one in Austin, TX, but then it was found. Every body Wang Chung tonight, @praykate

  • Anonymous

    would i win if i promised you $100 of the giftcard?
    a little bribery can never hurt


  • Style Me Etsy.

    Short puffy skirts are my go-to pieces!


  • Emily


  • Katy

    Now I want some watermelon. Preferably soaked in vodka.


  • Jessica


  • biscuitsforbreakfast

    so great!



    Fruit theme repelling… brilliant. I want in.


  • Anonymous

    great outfit man repeller! @EMcoutts

  • Caroline

    That skirt is so perfect for sticky summer days – great colour too!

  • Jennifer Dutra

    Watermelons! Now that's inspiration! There must be something wrong with California, it's too cold to be summer. I'll wear my puffy skirt anyways <3

  • Sabrina Goldin



  • Daniel

    amazing outfit loved the contrast and convination!

  • flowercake

    cutie patootie shoes!