Trendspotting: Expose Yourself

Leandra Medine | July 13, 2011

Last season’s Fall runways lent a stealthy nod to a trend that’s already gone into fruition: that is, leaving little to the imagination via see-through garment. 

If you read my blog, you likely know that I’m at the forefront of endorsing this trend. Give me a white dress and I will rip the lining out. Give me a proper panty and I will put a high waist one over it. If you don’t, however, read my blog, you should look into the mirror, really look, because one with yourself and  then ask, “Why, self? Why?”

After you’ve done that and came back to reality, I speculate your next thought will be, “Wait a fuck, Man Repeller, how is baring all going to repel le men? I can see this woman’s butt check for heavens sake!” Not so fast. Let me assure you, readers, that by the laws of man repelling, if there is a will, there is a way. So below you will find a How To (less of a how to, more of just some photos) that features both day and night options. The common denominator here being a proper salute in both instances to yourself for showing off your legs and blinding him in the face. Let’s get started.

Sorry! I’m just so excited! So the uncoordinated dance move is optional. 
dress: Leyendecker, shoes: Givenchy (via Shop it To Me,) undergarments: Sassybax
First things first, invest in a good pair of high waist granny panties. The beauty of sheer repelling is that in leaving so little to his imagination he sees that you are in fact, deep down under the clothes, uninterested in pleasing his weener. Cue the panties. “Where is your belly button?” He will ask. And giggle you will do. See, the great thing here is instead of wearing a skimpy little mini skirt or shorts to combat excessive heat, you can stick to your midi-lengths while producing a similar effect. Sheer brilliance? Oui, says I.
Try wearing this on a first date. I dare you. 
And as for the day time…
Monkey see, monkey do!
dress: T by Alexander Wang, shoes: Michael Kors, necklace: DANNIJO
Try a similar silhouette, this time in white, integrate those same Sassybax into the equation and top it off with a flat shoe. Extra repeller points for ones that crawl high up to your shins. And for the record people, that shit is suede. Sweaty ankle city. It’s worth it though. 
In conclusion, I offer this…
…Man, I love Paris.
  • Vicky

    Wonderful!! Love this look… xx

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  • indie.electronic.alternative.

    i'm going bananas over that outfit. pun intended.

  • Gazel M.

    This is great, haha!

  • KS

    'And giggle you will do' haha you are too much! Thanks, you made my day already.

  • Closet Cravings

    Love the semi sheer look. I'm particularly fond of the first granny panty look. Fabu. =)

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  • s

    hahahah looove your 1rst look.. Funny pic the 1rst 😉

    Vote Style: MIROSLAVA DUMA

  • CupcakesOMG!

    wow…i never realized i needed high-waisted panties until this here very moment. they'd be perfect under my sheer harem pant jumpsuit.

  • Elena

    ahahhahaha love it!

    Elena from

  • Collections

    I don't know if I'd ever have the balls to wear something that see through with such little on in public lol but you rock it.

    Fashionable Collections

  • Sheila

    I so wish I had the nerve to wear that first outfit…it's absolutely repellant! (In the best possible way, of course!)

  • Zahra123

    Brilliant. I genuinely lol at every post 🙂 So good!

  • Ofelia

    hot granny panties! haha

    Glass of Fashion

  • Made in Chicistan.

    Haha I just did a post on the same thing last night! Including you! Great minds think alike?!

  • Violet

    haha i was wondering how you would turn this around and yet agian you do it! love the white version!

    Vi from Cali

  • CurvyGirlChic

    Love this! You look awesome!

    Funny that I've wearing a sheer skirt as we speak. Though it's definitely got a mini-skirt underneath. Don't know if I can do the underwear thing! haha

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

  • Anna

    Gorgeous dresses! <3

  • Something to remember

    I love this trend and the first dress is very nice.

  • Sharlxo

    hahaha i love it!
    forever reppelling!

  • Jessie

    loving this sheer action and the parisian influence. i love love love it! super fun.

  • Raya

    I've always had a thing for transparent clothes and even though I'm not so skinny I love wearing them haha

  • La Petite Olga

    love it!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Molliee

    fun ideas! I really do love this look:)

  • EyeAdorer

    A sheer outfit definitely makes a bold statement, just one word "fierce".


  • Laura.

    I don't know if I could go for the full sheer look, don't wanna show my bum hahah You look great though!

  • gold N turquoise

    I laughed aloud from your dance-stance in the third picture. Indeed, the granny panties are a great way to balance the propellant sheerness with necessary repellant.

    I wouldn't know what to do w/out you.


  • CLPig

    love the look!

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  • KimChicSisters
  • Leigh Ann

    The dance move is AWESOME!!!

    Cause we all do it!

  • Anonymous

    so creative

  • misshoax

    am i the only one who thinks granny pants are way hotter than the dreaded thong?

    do people still wear those?

  • The Latina Blogger

    I really love this look a lot but too bad I can't follow this trend. I don't think it will look good on me.

  • mon sac by me

    Amazing !! really !

  • The Foolish Aesthete

    You had the best sheer look out of all these photos!

  • Vivi

    First of all, I love your blog. I forgot how I came upon it but no regrets. LOL @ 'Trendspotting: Expose Yourself'. True statement! I am very much into the sheer look and with almost all my sheer items, I rip out the lining/blouse that comes attached with it. But granny panties, I can not. lolol. It looks great on you, though. But for me? I'll stick with a slip or mini skirt.


    hahaha omg this is awesome, I was gonna buy a sheer maxi at american apparel the other day.. now I have to try this out.

  • Ale Q

    OMG I wore a dress like that last friday!!! my mom even said cover yoursef a little bit and i said No LOL love that

  • the visual jerbil

    I'm laughing and pondering a sheer vintage nighty purchase (for the day, obvs). great post as always and forever.

  • FashionableAwkward

    God you make me laugh! I love the very first of your photos. I've always loved this style, but have been to afraid to try it, but now after this I might do actually do it!

  • An Ho

    yay for an ironic twist on repelling 😀 i love it!

  • me

    granny panties rule..
    even without sheer clothing to show them off

  • vintageshe

    You have interesting style ! so much ach admire the !

  • Anonymous
  • Michelle Lee

    love all dresses 🙂 I need more sheer items

  • VogueVillain

    You are so funny! I love reading your entries.
    I'm all for sheer. I've been trying to get by wearing this trend without receiving strange looks! But I guess all the man repellers are too much for this world 🙂

  • My Style Canvas

    Love how you look in that pic. The dress/shoes make your legs look really long!

  • Voyance

    look so crazy in 3rd

  • extinetion

    Yes! We featured one on our site the other day! At first I was a bit skeptical about it, but I think it's definitely growing on me!

    Great site!

  • Haute Americana

    You look phenom, per usual. Loving your DANNIJO Stella necklace, thinking I need to purchase my own.

  • Anonymous
  • Laura B.

    I love your motto of dressing for yourself. To amuse yourself, to laugh at yourself, to play with yourself (tee hee.) You strip away the snootiness of the fashion industry, like the anti-Anna Wintour.

    Don't evah change, hon!

  • Han

    Totally in love with the first and last pictures!

  • Isabela



  • Carol

    Great !!!!
    love ur blog ! – Brazil

  • Kamilla

    love your blog (:

  • jessica

    think this repelling may have more to do with gesture and funny faces than fashion, but who am i to judge?! repelling is repelling is repelling, methinks….

  • Kate

    You are so goddamn funny. I can't even handle it.

  • Deer Drifter

    you are awesome ladyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! RADCAKES! HERE'S MY SEE THROUGH-ISH LOOK:

  • Marissa Joy

    I love the sheer trend, but I feel like I would need your height and long legs to pull it off!

  • Meghan

    la la la love this!


  • debra

    omg….. repel, repel,repel, man


  • Anonymous

    i love this see through peek a boo look and i love that green leyendecker dress you're wearing!

  • Cristiana Nunes

    Wow, just came across your blog and i'm more than impressed, i'm definitely inspired. amazing work you're doin' here! I'm now following you!

  • Lara Miller

    I'm all about this look! Seriously with the right granny panty/biker short bottom and the perfect ratio of volume to transparency in an over layer it's like you're walking the beaches of St. Tropez. Love it!

  • Nadette

    You seriously have me considering this trend, that first sheer look is kinda awesome. Now to find some cute granny panties…

  • Elizabeth

    I was watching Project Runway recently, only to discover that in season 3's opening episode the designer eliminated was removed for making a sheer skirt with an exposed panty. Oh if only Michael Kors had had fashion foresight.

  • efwe

    This style clothes is very cool, i like it…

  • Remotely Fashion

    Oh my gosh, you make me laugh so much! You look great and now I’m off to get some granny panties.

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