Oh My Gowd, You’re Coming to Paris

Don’t ever say that I don’t love you. Remember when I tweeted on Friday and told you one of you may or may not be coming to Paris with me in September? I wasn’t kidding. At all. Let me explain. A couple months ago Galeries Lafayette (a big ass department store in Paris, for the uninitiated) approached me about hosting a contest that would enable one of my readers to come to Paris with me in September just after New York Fashion Week to participate in a Galeries Lafayette sponsored fashion show in the middle of the city. I shit you not. I was obviously on it like white on rice, peel on banana, woman on turban, man on defense. The show will take place September 15th. You may or may not be walking in it. 

Anyway, Galeries chose three ladies, one from the surrounding fashion cities to represent their city’s style. London took on hipster, Milan took on glam and strangely enough, New York City style was “preppy.” I blame Gossip Girl for this.

But now for the fun stuff! You my friend, are eligible to win a trip to Paris from September 14th to 16th. You’ll stay at a hotel in the 9th Arrondisement called Design Hotel Secret de Paris (roomies?) The catch is, you’ll have to be able to fly out of either London, Milan or New York City. Because that’s where the expense-paid flights be leaving from. You should likely also have a passport, you know, to avoid immigration problems. 

As for the contest, I didn’t make these rules, so don’t reprimand me! I’m just the messenger! Who wants to perv around Paris with you!

Browse this site and from the four cities chronicled, choose the look that best represents your style. (I’m still a bit fuzzy on this one.)

Clicky, clicky, this linky linky and fill out the form.

Take a photo or choose an already snapped one of yourself that best represents your style. If you’re from the US, you’re emulating NY, if you’re from Italy, you emulate the Milan style, etc. When uploading, there will be a picture field, in said picture field, hash tag the city you are emulating. So if’s me, MR (#MR,) if it’s London’s Susie Bubble than #SB, and if it’s Milan’s Fashion Fruit than #FF. Like Follow Friday. But better, because this FF could land you in Paris.

Choosing from the ten most popular looks that will be selected by you kids via “likes,” I will announce the winner right here on Monday, August 29th.

If this was illegible, click here for official contest rules – link fixed!

That was a lot to take in. More questions, no problem. Email harempants@manrepeller.com. 
See ya in Paris, sucka!