Repeller in Training: Summer Layering

Leandra Medine | June 13, 2011

Well, the heat wave broke. In half. Even in light of it though, it’s June. And that means more hot potato temperatures for months ahead of us. I’m not complaining. I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again: I’d take unbearable heat over perpetual rain any day of the week. If only because the outfits are more fun. Challenging myself to repel in but a simple layer of clothing is an interesting experience. But I’ve done it. And I’ll do it. The key silhouette here is: tent-like. But the below isn’t about minimizing layers, quite the contrary, it’s another lesson in layering, summer edition.

So, gear your eyes toward the bottom of this screen and find the easiest 5-step program you will ever engage in. And it starts with the perfect little Rag & Bone dress. Not to be confused with Rhythm & Beats, because, you know, Naomi had some trouble with this.

First, a petit disclaimer about these photos: Naomi’s lens grew foggy because I am such a babe the city was damn hot when we shot these, I think it’s actually worked in my favor though. Shit looks dreamy.

Step 1: The Multi-Print Dress. I’d seen it, I liked it, but then couldn’t find it. Rag & Bone calls this their Tribeca print but I more call it the save the rain Forrest print.

blouse: D&G;

Step 2: A super light weight counter print. And just like that, you look like the best dressed gay man in the metropolitan area.

Step 3: Giggle, giggle, ha ha. I love snow leopards. You may say “too hot for leather!” with the exclamation point and everything, when you see a jacket incorporated into the look, but you know what I say? I’m not wearing shoes and you’re concerned about my jacket? 
necklace: TOMTOM, shoes: Miu Miu
Step 4: Accessorize. Eureka! More prints! Leopard shoes and a violent necklace for the win, roight, roight? Wrong…there’s more. Before then though, peep a close up.
Sartorial bartending at its finest.
And now, the final step:
hat: D&Y;
A floppy hat! Extra repeller points if it covers your entire face. 
I take that back. 
As for the arm party:
Fine, I’ll reveal my secrets. From left: love bracelet, Mr. Kate x 3, LeiVanKash skull, eye and skull from street vendor in Paris and finally, chain bracelet from Whistles in London.
Come on now, Tommy Ton, my arms are practically begging for the kiss of your camera lens.
Happy Monday, world.
  • We Can Pretend

    love all the bracelets and those leopard shoes!!!
    amazing blog!

  • free de lulu

    I like that you propose us the style is great .c' is little freaking out shoes leopard but looked well at that make him(it) really very attractive

  • Anna Bing

    bracelets are awesome

  • Lee @ in the pink of condition

    Those leopard shoes are to die for! You are hilarious, btw.

  • Rachel B.

    Monday's definitely call for arm parties & prints.

  • s

    amazing outfits…. love it….
    I want the D&G; shirt ;D

    STREET STYLE: The Blonde Salad @ Paris

  • Kathya Stryzak

    Los braceletes son divinos!!

  • Elena

    OMG! These shoes … A little jealous 🙂

    Elena from

  • Emilia Alonso

    I love your bracelets!! xoxo

  • Megan Abigail Chandler

    Layer it, girl! Adore the dress and the bracelets!

  • Katricia

    Hmmm, you kind of remind me of a salad. A very delicious and stylish one.

    Peace, Katricia.

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    Very Very Cute! Your post are alwasy so fun.

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    Absolutely love this post. That dress is amazing, and I am in love with floppy hats!

  • Lindsey Suggs

    I have this dress and LOVE it! Inspired to mix up my styling with an extra print or two now…

  • Grace

    Ahahaha you are so adorable.
    I really love that tribal dress, especially the color mix!

  • Vasilieva

    awesome end result, loving the look, perfect layering, you rock it girl


    youre a mixologist, print blending geniouuuuss

  • Linton from London

    LOVE the dress, the leopard shoes and the jacket! I don't know how u do it…but ur the layering queen! Amazing

  • CupcakesOMG!

    wow…i have to wonder sometimes how you come up with these looks!! you're the only person who could probably pull them off, and pull them off you do!!

  • Carolina Sundell

    Hot combination, love that you added black arms and that maxi hat is wonderful.

  • Marissa

    I am in loveeeee with that necklace! Looks fabulous.


  • Xoxo ☺

    love all the bracelets! I thought at first the jacket was a vest! xo

  • Francia

    OMG You're a master at layering I couldn't do it better!!! I love it!!!

    I really like the shirt you used as 2nd layer!

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    layering and mixing are my faves!

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    the bracelets at the end are cute and those miu miu shoes are to die for xx 🙂

    Meena xx

  • FashionableAsians

    Only you can would mix the wackiest prints together and make it work ;P werk it girl!

  • Jessica

    Loving that hat my dear! I think today would be the only day I could pull off so many layers though, I was trying to wear as little clothes as possible the last week as the temps climbed higher and higher….oh yeah and my room has no AC…fun times!

    PS you should enter my giveaway for a taste of the south from my vacay to Savannah. It ends soon!

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    Prints galore ah! Love that necklace it's gorgeous.

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  • The Fall

    loving this post! that jacket is divine and the jewelry is fabb


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    Perfect prints!:))


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    Peace. Love. LOL!

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  • Andrea

    Loving the outfit, but here in Florida it is far too hot for so much layering! It is 95 right now- 5:30 pm!!! I'd really love to see what kind of outfits you could whip up for tropical temperatures… I mean, right now even one quarter sleeved layer is really pushing the comfort zone and I can only wear my Jean vest with so many outfits!

  • Katie

    I have the hardest time with layering in the summer since, like Andrea above, I live in FL. However, the office I work at is like a meat locker, so I DO need to have layers, I just have to tote them around in my bag with me so I don't sweat to death on the walk in from the parking lot.

    Ok, ramble over. But seriously: I'm in love with that dress, and I am coveting your bracelet collection oh so very much.

  • Elegantly Wasted

    I just bought this dress on sale!!! I absolutely love the print, it's so summery. Despite that it's the middle of winter where I am, and I won't probably wear this dress for nearly 4 months, buying summer clothes and seeing them on bloggers like yourself makes the winter chill seem so much more bearable!


  • indie.electronic.alternative.

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    BUT…. What happens when you need to take a layer off because, I don't know, you walked into the butterfly enclosure in the zoo. Do you look silly or sweeeeet?

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    I absolutely adore this blog. Love the fact you embrace your individuality rather than cave to the 'man-catcher' style of tight dresses and mini skirts.

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