An Extensive Look at The Arm Party

June 16, 2011
Bracelets by Shashi

I like to decorate my arms. I like the share the decorative conclusions with you. I like to eat chalk. Not really, but I do like glue. Just kidding. Not.

In today’s post, I offer a more extensive look at some of the diverse arm parties that flood my wrists. So diverse some aren’t even parties. They’re gatherings. Or soirees. Or dinner dates. In some instances, they’re ragers or frat parties. 

While you’ve likely seen all the below images in my insta-feed, you often ask where the baubles hail from. Today I I’ll tell you. After all, bracelets are about friendship. And this right here is a friendship. Actually it’s a sisterhood. And sisters should have matching wrists. So even if you don’t pick up identical materials to create a Siamese arm party of your own, what’s mine is yours. Except for that Love Bracelet. That shit is mine and mine only. Sorry!

Arm-y of arm bands. Get it? Get it? Uniform chic. Bracelets by DANNIJO.
The prison party, called the prison party because the single knot bracelet looks like barbed wire to my eye. My eye is a little stupid. (From left: DANNIJO, Madewell, Hermes.) Eyeball (not to be confused with the ones on my face) purchased in Turkey.
The friendship arm, bracelets by DANNIJO and Madewell
On the cheap chunker by Forever 21.
The Monochrome Party, all by DANNIJO
The International Arm party. (From left: red and pink string bracelets bought in Paris, rose gold and gun metal skulls from London, by LeivanKash, chain bracelet by Whistles.)
The Arm Soirees, bracelets by Mr. Kate.
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, my grandmother’s arm party.

Bird or Bust. Not so diverse. Sue me.
Double Fisting. Photo by Lindsey Belle.
Glitter ‘n’ Shit, bracelets by DANNIJO, Shashi
And finally, I conclude with the finger party.
Because I don’t discriminate against other limbs and every inch o’me has a fundamental love for excessive layering. 
Ok, people. I showed you mine, now you show me yours!
  • Raspberry Jam

    Love the bracelets!


  • CupcakesOMG!

    OMG YOUR arm party inspired me to do the same…i'm still working on my collection but so excited to know who makes those snake bracelets (Mr. Kate, apparently).

  • A.Hurt

    Hi! Mentioned you in my new blog today, and added you to "blogs I haunt" blog scroll :)

    Check out my new blog:

  • Britt+Whit

    love all the arm candy! gorgeous!

    love from San Francisco,

  • lindsey

    totally digging on Mr. Kate's worm bangle – never an excuse not to have an arm party!

  • Noelle Kristine

    This is my take on your layering. I love you. I even gave you props when I posted this. Did I mention I love you?

  • duckalicious

    like. wanna join the party actually.

  • Michelle

    I like the ring with the chain that connects one digit to the other.

  • Elena
  • Nino Eliava

    i love love love your parties

  • emc

    love all your bracelets! i got a pretty good arm party going on myself.

  • Jackie

    Here are mine, inspired by you of course ;) xx-jackie

  • Meena Dhuga

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Melissa

    Can our arms link up in mutual fraternization at a REAL LIFE PARTY?!?! That would be cool… I feel like you're the kind of person that would push unsuspecting people into pools or "pants" people when they're holding stuff with me…


  • caviar taste

    great post. your bracelets always look fab! I actually did a similar post today:

    oh, and I'm beyond obsessed with the love bracelet. kind of NEED one.


  • Catherine

    hahaha, you are amazing! I love all of your arm parties ;) Great post :) xxxx

  • girlgerms

    Your finger party rocks my socks.

  • Alex Matoshko

    The arm party is the best kind of party! Seeing all this gorgeousness makes me feel less of a hoarder for loving bracelets so much :D A little snap of mine


  • monsacbyme

    Soooooo great post ! Looooving soooo !

  • Ella

    i want an arm party! this look of clustered, layered, wild, mismatched bracelets is incredible, i think i'll try it!

  • Jaclyn

    now this is a POST & the best party I have been to all day… love your blog!!!


    P A R T Y!

    love'em all, esp the Turkish evil eye

    jess // LF

  • Gabrielle

    I LOVE all your bracelets!!! Great post :)

  • TatoOm

    OMG, Those bracelets looks amazing, im melting here… awsome!!
    This is such a great inspiration i cant wait to try it!!

  • Rachael

    Great post! Love the 2nd arm!

  • Closet Cravings

    I adore the "arm party." Of course I crave the Love Bracelet (I need an invitation to that party), but I love the friendship bracelets and the ones from Paris too. Highly addictive look. =)

    Need it? Want it? Crave it?

  • Addicted to Design


  • Amanda Weiss

    IN. LOVE.

    Check out Bspoke which did a similar post. This trend makes me so happy!!

    <3 Amanda

  • Leslie

    we. are. kindred. spirits. I just had the YSL Arty Ring in coral sent to me… can't stop can't stop can't stooooop. i feel like a six year old who forgot to put back her grandma's costume jewelry. it's hard to do anything with my hands a lot of the time, other than type or put on / take off pieces of jewelry..

  • Jessie

    TOTALLY in on this party. i love love love.

  • Mackenzie

    Very creative. Love the bracelet parties and your blog!!

  • Sabine from SAT

    check me out:
    I got dat fringe dem fruity bracelets and dat friendship bracelet status… yeah yeah


    this is fcking awesome!! i love that eyeball! you have some fabulous arm candy for real it's all amazing!! inspirationall

  • Copper Etiquette
  • Mary

    I reaaaally like the arm party you have going on in thes photos! Not gonna lie, I've never really been into bracelets but you are definitely making me like them now :)

  • gold N turquoise

    you AND your grandma are absolutely fabulous. such inspirations!


  • fshnonmymind

    Okay, my arm party is no way near as jumpin' as yours and I would kill for any of your Dannijo pieces, but I had a small get-together in this recent post:

  • New York Don’t Leave Me

    Love that your grandma is down with the arm party! Too cute!

  • Mariel Villanueva

    Your grandma is a m-repeller too? =) Cool! Love the idea: arm party. Will work on that.

  • La Petite Olga

    Love your arm party! I think it's time for my own party :)

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Priscilla Francine Makeup

    WOW!! SO MANY OPTIONS!!! wish I had all that!! xoxo

  • S

    thanks for the inspiration! Beautiful jewellery. x

  • Vasilieva

    awesome combinations, i also love a good deal of bracelets for my outfits

  • Mey

    Love love all the bracelets, I had the same one from forever 21 <3 Im addicted to jewelry now. Great pics



    This is amazing!


  • s

    Amaaaaazing… I wear many braelet too ;D
    love the Cartier's bracelet ;D


  • Saiparn

    i'm a kind of person who afraid to put on lots of accessories but i'll try it from now on.

  • Priscilla

    arm candyyyyy!:)

    you can see lots on me on my blog:))

  • Ylenia {ambitieuse}

    I really love it! I've always liked stacked arms, but before they were in trend… everyone would tease me by telling me I looked like a PIÑATA ^^
    Anyways, I adore the Dannijo bracelets, but they are totally out of my reach… so my objective now, is to make a bunch of friendship bracelets by myself buy some rhinestone chains and maybe from far, they will look as awesome as yours :P

  • BeLighter

    I'm not into over accessorize, but I'm loving each and every of these images! So colourful and cute!

  • Molly

    duuude, you didn't write down where your lovely, beautiful watches are from! can i ask where they're from??
    your grandmother & you are adorable!

  • Megan Abigail Chandler

    Dude I'm feelin it … if you want me to show me mine, check out my post I've prepped for Monday … you can check out my arm parties … and sidebar, I want that Cartier bracelet (love the others, but that special one is just .. special) … great post!

  • rabsycolter

    well hot diggity dawg – you really know how to throw a party!! love it all…i'm officially obsessed with the red and pink string bracelets, but alas, i don't foresee a trip to paris in my immediate future. any chance of procuring here in the big apple??

  • Sophia.
  • Swell Caroline

    We are dying! Long live the arm party.

  • Collections

    LOVE all the arm candy. I wear a lot myself. It's pretty awesome that your grandma is rocking it as well. LOVE IT.

    Fashionable Collections

  • Je suis Sophie

    love your decoration! :D I should decorate myself more. You give life lessons, I tell U.

    x Je suis Sophie

  • Carolina Sundell

    Love the Bird or Bust, great pieces especially the bracelet that hooks on to the ring.

  • Molliee

    I have never been to an arm party I didn't like!

  • FashionableAsians

    I call it #armcandy and i've got pics on my twitter if you're interested ;)
    I used to layer on the friendship bracelets as a kid and I still have some of the bracelets AND the friendship!

  • Teresa

    Some blog lovin' from a Swedish girl rocking the sands of Dubai. (arm candy from Swarovski and Mc Queen).!.aspx

  • simone

    Love it! And love your blog!

  • Louisa

    Love Love LOVE!

  • Anonymous

    but you didn't tell us where the chain linked ring is from…

  • Anonymous

    Leandra! I totally NEED to know where your grandma party-goers are from!!! I'm guessing the pretty coloured ones are from Turkey, but where is the top one from? And that Cartier watch… <3

  • DeefromCG

    Arm party is a must for me, soooo cool.It reminds me of Madonna ca 1984.
    I love your blog! Guess I´m living under a rock (aka Germany) because it took me so long to find it ;)xo

  • Mcmaris

    Amazeballs. Love every arm & finger party!

  • PeaceLoveApplesauce

    Oh, how fun!!

  • Blicious

    i love i love i love!


  • Xtabay Vintage

    I'm currently having an 18 member arm party on my left arm…

  • Michelle Lee


  • agnes

    tous ces bracelets sont magnifiques, j'aime beaucoup

  • Marianna

    Mmmmmh I want it all!!!:)))

  • Fashionista*

    OMG I want all those bracelets
    I love the ones with the skulls.. I must find me some

  • Anonymous

    jag älskar dig!! :) du är hur cool som helst!!

  • Lookrezia (The Shabby Labels)
  • fitdoesmatter

    woah thats really fantastic

  • Marissa Joy

    Such beautiful jewelry- I love the way you layer your rings and bracelets!

  • Anonymous

    Dear Manrepeller, hard question:
    I was just wondering what your response would be if I told you I am repelled by your clothes (and i very much am) not because I am a chauvinistic male who thinks the clothes women wear should only be previews of what she will look like without said clothes, but because they are gaudy, unrefined, and completely lacking in artisanal merit. I know you dont particularly care about my opinion on style (a completely subjective field), and I dont expect you to. I was just curious if you ever get negative feedback on stylistic quality of your wardrobe, independent of its sexual implications. I am a successful design student in an elite program and feel I have enough insight to pronounce your clothing as terrible and ugly.

  • Natalia

    I have to say, accessorising is one department in which I am severely lacking…thanks for some inspiration!

  • Skihäschen

    i love your bracelets…
    above all the bracelet from cartier :)

  • The Fashion Twice

    i lvoe wearing lots of bracelets!

  • duckalicious

    forgot to link to my party from a couple of weeks ago – skip to photo #3:

    clickety click

  • Alex Kay

    YOU'RE SO FUNNY! Seriously, great idea for a post though!

  • FIDM Fashion Club

    I love it that you are not into the "less is more" trend because I believe that more is more! You can never have enough glam and braclets on one arm and I love it that your grandma also sports the trend! Awesome ;)

  • DNA (designers+artists)

    Love the Dannijo army and everything else, no one layers like you do. :)

  • Anonymous

    Hmm…I don't think men pay enough attention to jewelry for this to be man-repelling. I have some ideas, though. How about this? An oversized mumu with pajama bottoms and crocs.

  • Ploy

    I'm liking the "evil eye" charm bracelets you have on. Also, my friend is friends (I know, confusing right) with Lei Van Kash before she was a big hit and lemme tell ya, it was hard for me to keep refraining myself from stealing his skull necklace.

  • Sarah

    this is an arm party I would love to attend!! Definitely going to show my arm parties on Advocates of Love..stay tuned.

  • La.Mademoiselle.X

    love your the way you party… and your grandma rocks so much!!
    here is my small party

  • Anonymous

    haha Stylescrapbook totally copied this post today!

  • SuSach

    I literally just did a post all about wrist candy on Sunday!! Check it out if you feel so inclined :)


  • WebHauteJas

    i joined the arm party too! its on my new post! thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • FashionIndie

    ARM PARTY! We did segment on spendy vs. thrifty arm party accessories at!

  • nicole

    oh, i adore every one of these combinations! i need to up my collection! here is my friendship bracelet wrist (so far)!

  • caits

    woah this is great. today i feel im gonna rock a little party.. on my arm.

  •!/profile.php?id=100002502384551 Fabu Finds

    Totally diggin this blog! I have some amazing arm candy if you want to check it out. And I LOVE your cartier "Love" bracelet. I am so tempted sometimes to lose the screw so I can't take it you feel that way too sometimes? My facebook profile if Fabu Finds..check out some of my pieces and prices…much less expensive than the sites you're using :) Enjoy and have a great 4th of July! xo

  •!/profile.php?id=100002502384551&sk=wall Fabu Finds

    Oh and one of my fave arm candy I'm wearing now is my evil eye leather wrap bracelet with charms. I'm selling it super cheap cuz I had to buy a gazillion. If any of your readers or you want to buy one for only $25, let me know :) Again I love this blog! Thanks for sharing.
    Fabu Finds on Facebook.

  • chloe

    oh my god, favourite post EVER!
    i gotta get my arm parties back on, i used to wear lots of bracelet bling but ive neglected it lately, you've reinspired me! x

  • Anonymous


  • Reilly

    I love these! I've always stacked on bracelets since I was a little kid.

  • Perfectly Polished

    love your bracelets :)

    check out my shop I make my own wrap bracelets and cute friendship bracelets you make link aswell as vintage rings xx

  • Anonymous

    I have the same evil-eye bracelet as your grandmother!!!

    Check out my fabulous arm-adornments…especially the Alpha-bracelet, made by my friend at band camp :)

  • Fashion Books

    I love layering accessories. You got a lot of fun going on here.

  • Shopping and Info

    I just did my own with Cc Skye, Chan Luu, and Cartier.

  • Alef Bet Jewelry

    The eyes you have on are great! I would love to have you see some of our designs to enhance what you already have!

  • jennifer

    Love!! Where can I get the gold screw bracelet? :) LOVE LOVE!

  • shigong bian

    we go back to the beginning of the Cartier Love bracelets story. Cartier Bracelet are one of the most singularly iconic pieces of

    jewelry in history.They’re highly recognizable, highly covetable, and highly symbolic. The authentic Love bracelet, on the left, is smooth and even with crisp screws stamped

    right into the gold with no compromise of the surrounding metal.Each cartier bracelet represents a permanent of love.

  • ebru can

    I love the way you layer your rings and bracelets!

  • ebru can
  • ebru can
  • lowongan

    I really like it that you’re not in to the “less is much moreInch trend because I have faith that more is much more! You cant ever have sufficient fashion and braclets on a single arm and that i like it that the grandmother also sports the popularity! Awesome

  • lowongan kerja

    I had been just wondering what your response could be basically said I’m repelled from your clothes (and that i greatly am) not because I’m a chauvinistic male who thinks the garments women put on must only be previews of the items she may be like without stated clothes, but since they’re gaudy, unrefined, and completely missing in artisanal merit.

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    This is my take on your layering.

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    Whats? Your eye is a little stupid? LoL

  • William

    Test Comment yaaa :D

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  • Virginie

    An arm party is the best way to express your colors!

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