Win Some Acne

by Leandra Medine
May 26, 2011
The brand, sillies. Not the pimples.
Dear Man Repellers,
Today, I fly away. In light of a brief trip I must make over the Atlantic Ocean, I will most likely have limited computer access between right now and Tuesday. That means limited blog posts, if any. And that means angry faces. Right? Fear not. Don’t get down on the lack of labia sprinkling its folds across this forum, instead, indulge in a giveaway. feels your pain and thus in cahoots with those lovely lasses, we’re giving you a suede Acne motorcycle jacket. A suAcnket. Yes that’s right, I’m buying your affection…but it’s not a bribe.
Now, below find some photos of myself moseying around the high line, making a conscious effort not to photograph on the high line because…I’m not in a sequined mini skirt. And if I’m going to go the traditional style blogger route, I’m going all the way. Stay tuned fo’dat.
 That’s me walking. I feel like I’m telling about a trip using photographic proofs of the things I did. Anyone with me on this one?
 That’s me looking sexy sally standing against the dissection between a brick wall and yellow garage door. Just kidding, it’s blue. Just kidding it’s green, just kidding, just kidding.
OMFG, you are such a label whore. But at least you know I’m not faking you out. Authenticity, yeah.
bracelets: DANNIJO. This is my wrist. It can tell time.
bracelets: Mr. Kate. This is my other wrist, it can flex and hold things.
Like this rad graduation gift I bought for myself, for example. (purse: Alexander Wang.)
Really rad graduation gift.
This is my neck. (necklaces: Jack Vartanian, DANNIJO.) I’m not a scorpio. 
I am, however…
Straight up weird. 
Now, let’s talk a little bit about this jacket. 
dress: Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony, jacket: Acne, sunglasses: Celine
It’s over-sized and so even when wind tries its hardest to induce a Britney, it can’t. Do you know what  Britney is? I’ll just tell you: Vaginal exposure, named after Britney Spears circa multiple car exitings, hoo-ha flashings, 2006.
As you can see, the jacket also induces a very serious giggle. This might because it’s so light weight. Summer layering, anyone? Me. Me.
sneakers: Superga
And an apprehension to walk point toe first. It’s all about your heel this season. That’s all I’m saying.
And finally:
 It’s just plain old cool. Bikes practically wheel themselves over to behind it in order to fall into photo frames.
And now, in order to win the jacket and emulate the sentiments photographed above, here’s what you have to do:
3. You decide
4. In the comments below, leave your twitter handle, name and e-mail address. Proceed to explain what you’ll do with the jacket. (Whether it be wear on body, tie as turban, use as dinner plate, put out fires, etc)
5.  Do lunges. Look, guys. Exercise is important.
6. Wait until Tuesday at 11AM when we announce the winner on Twitter. You know this means you should likely be following me too. 
Immediate success, contest closed early if…

You can gel your hair to look like this and you promise to walk around styled as such for 24 hours. Yes, you walk for 24 hours.

Alright now, be back soon! I miss you already! Bye! 
AND, OMFG, have a look at the rest of my summer lusts here. 


  • Rackk and Ruin

    Twitter: RackkandRuin

    If that jacket were mine all mine i'd wear it inside out so everyone could see that I was cool and owned an Acne jacket. nah, just kidding, i'd probably just end up wearing it daily and eventually need to buy loads of suede cleaning products . . . because i'm a messy eater.

  • Holly

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  • Aimee

    SHUT UP SHUT UP. I love this. Absolutely love this. I'd follow MyTheresa on Twitter, but that link didn't work! But it's okay, I found them through the site.
    If I won… I'd freaking WEAR the jacket all over town and just show off its wonderfulness.

  • Holly

    whoopsie poopsie, forgot my email

    I'm following! "hollygoeslight" is my handle and is my email.

    I plan to wear the jacket… (on my head) while I feel the burn in my lunging thighs.

    ::fingers crossed::

  • Francesca

    Twitter: @lekisskiss

    If the jacket were mine I'd wear it all hours of the day and night, with a dress, with a skirt, NAKED, on a mountain, under the table, on the pot, whatevs. I love it- following both of y'all and cant wait to hear who wins!


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

  • Michi ♥ McCurdy

    1. done
    2. twitter: iheartlisafrank, , gonna make that jacket my baby mama & impregnate it with all my colorful summer outfits!!!! <3
    3. doing while posting on mobile, on sidewalk, crowded.
    4. fine!
    5. have fun on your trip!!

  • Terner

    Twitter handle: @Terner_p

    I plan on wearing this gorgeous suede piece of art as only the highest end of snuggies at my summer job as a marketing coordinator at Magaschoni. I will layer this over my yummy uniform of summer cashmere.

    Oh yeah, I'll also run around midtown/flatiron like the cray cray person that I am just oozing man repellent.

    Whoever said you can't wear suede and cashmere in the summer clearly doesn't understand our kind.

  • LK

    Twitter: lndsyk

    If i get the jacket i'm going to dress up as a bull in the street and get my friend to hold the jacket to replicate a classic bullfighting scene. weird? yup.

  • little black cat

    Dear Man Repeller,
    I feel the greatest way to utilise this jacket is one of 3 ways: a) wear back-to-front for a little straightjacket-chic (helped by the oh-so-now sanitarium-cool colour); b) an artistic draping over a bookshelf for beauty, intellect and tactile strokiness in one; c) create inner structure with twigs and hang in a tree as a home for birds that are too cool to build their own nests.
    Twitter: @KatBouch

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: AnneMaro

    shit happens when I party naked all the time…so Im thinking about partying with clothes on. The only thing that can compete with my nakedness, and feels like second skin, is this Acne Jacket =D


  • Makens

    The link to follow My Theresa on Twitter doesn't work. Therefore, I'd use said jacket to travel back in time and warn you before you created it. This is all based on the assumption that a suede jacket made by crafty Swedes must have some time traveling powers – the Delorean of fashion, perhaps?

    Anyway… my twitter handle is @makenacahill and my email is makenafcahill @ gmail dot com

  • Lilian Russo

    Twitter: @lilian_russo

    If this jacket were mine, I would take it out to d.a.n.c.e. all f***ing night long.

  • katems

    I would wear the awesome Acne jacket as a cape, using it's awesome superpowers to bike around, coat flapping behind me, and rescue kitties from trees and small children from the dangers of unhealthy eating by sacrificing myself and eating their ice cream truck treats (all the while doing lunges to demonstrate proper exercise and posture). I would give them the kitties so that they wouldn't be sad. The Acne jacket would shine with fabulousness and good karma.

  • kelly marie


    i'd make my own gold studs to punk that jacket out right then ride my bike* all over town blaring bad to the bone from a boombox.

    *bicycle, not motorcycle. that's why it's funny :)

    and i will send you video.

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @ekhazeie

    If the jacket were to become my own pride and joy, it would be subjected to a variety of scandalous ensembles and adventures, including but not limited to the banana socks, fuck me pumps, and itty bitty minis my mamas so proud of.

  • Jen

    anything that stops a britney moment is good in my books!

  • Anonymous

    twitter: sqwatermellonzz

    i would give it to britney:

    or i would wear it with old school addidas tearaways. channeling left eye (RIP babygurl):,,20449764_20176282_20400492,00.html

    cause nothing says man-getter more than a tough broad in track pants who ain't afraid to get cuh-razay.

  • the style crusader

    Ok… this is the best freagin giveaway ever. And yes, that means it's EVEN better than the time I won a pair of Reebok Easytone trainers that turned out to a helluva pain to walk in (take note: extra difficulties in staying balanced are unnecessary).

    Yes, so I'd definitely like to enter… and if I won this jacket I would probably do everything with it. You see, it's just so darn versatile. I'd wear it everyday over everything… OKKK… I probably wouldn't wear it EVERY day. But I would wear it…. and use it as a cushion for under my head when lying by the lake, and swing it in my friend's faces to make them feel jealous (then offer to let them borrow it). I'd try to fasten it into a kite to show off to everyone… and when that wouldn't work I'd probably just wear it again.

    Omggg… that's all from me.
    Twitter: Stylecrusader E-mail:

  • S


    if this jacket was mine i'd wear it through the year because it's so cool it transcends all hot or cold weather!

  • Al

    Boringly wearing it to go outside. Because I live in Belgium and you don't know what wind is until you don't go to Benelux. So I definitely need a jacket (because I don't have any… uh?..). But the Acne-r the better.

    And I don't do lunges, too lazy I'm sorry, I prefer to continue to repel.

    But one thing: in the totally unlikely case I win the jacket (it's more likely I transform into Taylor Tomasi Hill right here right now), can you send me over also your jewels please? Oh, and your bag. Thanks.

    Hugs! ;D

    -The Red Dot-
    Twitter: _TheRedDot_

  • Myra

    That jacket is so fine I would wear it as a big mono-shoe and hop around looking like the coolest kid on the block.

  • francesca

    Twitter: francifra

    If that jacket were all mine i'd wear it to aaaall the supercool evening open-air concerts i'll go to this summer (because i'm from italy, YES, but from a part of italy which is pretty far from the sea and the beach-y weather… in the evening it can be pretty cold damn' :/). this jacket has a rock&roll; vibe which i ADORE :)
    but i think i'd wear it every day, on any occasion, because it's SO gorgeous


    twitter: bearsarefat

    lunges…..are hard to do…when you're out of shape. but its worth it for this lovely jacket nnnngaaaaahh!!

  • Coco

    Twitter: @aimond

    I'd wear this jacket over my husband's head, because he is one ugly mother funner. There should be a disclaimer on this blog stating that manrepellers only attract men that look like Woody Allen. Thank Goodness I don't have any adopted children. The Man getters might get all the hotties, but my husband is rich as crap and can afford all the Proenza Schouler my heart desires. Ok, I may have made that up or I wouldn't be entering a contest to win a free jacket, he has a huge ding dong though. Have I shared too much?

  • Hófí

    twitter .. HofiBS
    What am I going to with this most crazy cool jacket ever? Walk downtown Reykjavík, Iceland and owning it. It's that simple!

  • Renata

    Twitter: @its_rena

    If I won this jacket… my god, I'd be so happy! I love Acne and this jacket is pure magic, simple, chic and cool! I love how you wear it!
    And yes, I would probably wear the jacket on a daily bases.

  • Samantha


    I would do all of the above with that jacket. Plus lunges. Stylish Acne Jacket Lunges.

  • nicole myles


    & i think it's!/mytheresa_com and not the link you posted. :)

    i would follow in yr footsteps and frolic around chelsea galleries in it, wear it while it's still a little chilly coming home from dinner parties & probably too far into the summer because it's too beautiful to stop petting.

  • Ruffled Snob

    Twitter @ruffledsnob

    I would probably wear that Jacket as a baby bjorn for my kids. They are 4 and 20 months (never too old to be strapped on to their mom I suppose) but I am guessing I could get them inside of it with just enough room for their heads to stick out. The zipping process may cause us to make faces- like the ones in your post here. But in the end I think we could all walk around happy in it.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm the answer is so obvious I will use this jacket TO REPELL dudes with it's magical weener shrinking powers!!!!!!!!!!!! We're gonna run this town is what we're going to do.

    @bousqui and my email is

    Adios chica!! Have a wonderful trip! <3

  • Megan Y

    Twitter: magn3tism

    If by some miracle I were to win this jacket, I would kiss it daily and wear it to all the trendy wine bars I frequent. Hopefully there wouldn't be any unfortunate spills…No, I promise I'll keep it safe! I swear it!

  • Emily

    Twitter: @emily_kellogg

    When I'm not wearing this jacket, I will use it to cover the mouse hole in the corner of my closet. The mouse doesn't respect duct-tape,(or plaster, for that matter) and I feel too guilty to use a trap, but it WILL, I'm sure, respect labels. (As the self-respecting city mouse that it is.)

  • Anonymous

    I'd MacGyver that shit and use its rain repelling (on top of man repelling, obvs) properties as a make-shift tent for when I graduate school.

    (Because everyone knows journalism majors just don't do proper housing)

    Twitter's @sofiamarielg, email's

    Get at me!

  • Twigart


    Ooh hoo hoo…. i would wear it on the pier in Bournemouth whilst eating ice-cream, hang it at the end of the local swimming pool to improve my lap time, wear it down the street shouting "repel this man squib!', wrap it round kittens to hear their soft mewing, dance disco in the local supermarket ……… and so much more!

  • Manu Medeiros

    i like like likeeee!

    That jacket will rock in Brazil!

  • tina

    Twitter: @tintinna

    I'd wear this jacket to do lunges.
    And squats.
    But not any sort of hot yoga, because sweat and suede is just…ew.

  • Anonymous

    Yes please to slouchy repeller-wear for summer. I am road-tripping this summer so the jacket would likely be used as a pillow, picnic blanket, prop for road-side photo-shoots and disguise to make me look legit when wandering into biker bars looking for refreshment (pretty sure all bikers are wearing tan suede this season).

  • Grace

    twitter @graceticehurst
    I'd wear the jacket every day until the arms fell off then I'd wear it as a super cool acne gilet.
    Plus I need it more than you americans in your sunny climate, i've got a typical rainy english summer to contend with!

  • Delfina P

    OOOH It's my first trip to NY, and all I brought is a lightly packed suitcase. I'd wear this around town, trying to fill, oh so humbly, a little of the repeller void you create with your departure to the MR world capital.

    If your giving heart is so generous, a repeller in the making would love to give this jacket a home and a warm body to fill it in, and in about a month, a nice trip to Argentina, where i'll proceed to man repel internationally in Buenos Aires.

    Have a great trip, congratulations on graduating!!

    twitter: @finipe

  • Lexi

    oh hey

    twitter: mynxtrees

    with this jacket i would indeed wear some cut off vintage wranglers, some celinish platforms and i would most likely pick up some long haired babes. im pretty sure of it.

  • analeigh

    I will put my legs in the arms of the jacket, and tie the bottom of the jacket around my waist. I'll wear it with a tan suede tank top and tan suede booties so I am tan suede on tan suede on tan suede on snow white butt cheeks and walk around the city MOONING everyone. Just kidding. I'll wear it like a normal jacket and tell everyone how I scored the awesome jacket. Just Kidding I'll wear it like a diaper. Just kidding I won't. Just kidding I might. Just kidding just kidding just kidding.



  • your secret admirer

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  • Marina

    Twitter: @OpheliacM

    If that jacket were mine I would layer it over everything while wearing it in public. Possibly inside-out so that everyone will think I'm cool, so cool that I change how a garment is supposed to be worn, and they'll think I'm even cooler when they see it is Acne. When repelling, I will drape it over my back, puff it up with pillows and pretend I'm a camel. Because when one has drapey camel-coloured jackets, that is what one does.

  • your secret admirer

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  • Anonymous

    Amazing. I'd wear it on dates with my brothers and dog and dad (b/c let's face it, those are the only dates I'm going to get and I just sent my Dad flowers in the shape of a dog from my dog at his office…I think that merits a date- but not the Arkansas kind- don't you?)


  • Nora

    Nora Kadoo
    twitter handle: @gnora

    With this jacket…I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

    And look really cool while doing it.

  • Vicki

    Twitter – @vicki_dee
    email –

    With this ACNE jacket, I will use it to cover up my hairy armpits that I don't shave.

    Simple as that. A true Repellow.

    Pick me, many thanks.

  • Marianne

    I am @mariannecanada

    And I'm marianne (dot) farmer (at) gmail (dot) com

    I would wear that jacket with the flares I just bought, thanks to you.

  • Kate

    Misery, thy name is men.

    I have a confession to make. It's really hard to say it, but I have to get it off my chest, so I'm just going to come out with it… I'm a man getter.

    All my life I have been wrapped up in trying to look cute and feminine. I style myself well, and I wear what I like. I don't dress for anyone else but myself… but men seem to think differently.

    No, Mr. Falls-off-his-bike-watching-me-run-past-on-my-jog, you are not luring me in with your gawking stares. Not a chance in hell, Sir Screams-profane-suggestions-out-his-car-window-as-I-grab-a-midnight-pizza, I will not flag down your car so we can have a chat and get to know each other. Get the fuck away from me, Colonel grabs-my-ass-as-he-walks-past-thinking-I-will-either-not-notice-or-find-it-endearing, this is happening all too fast and I am not interested in your forwardness.

    If I never hear another cat call or whistle or some guy scream "Hey-o Blondie!" again, it will be too soon.

    That's why your blog is so inspirational, but so unattainable. I look at your outfits, and think, "Wow, she looks adorable AND she isn't going to be cornered on the Metro by a guy asking to buy her a draaaank." But I struggle to think how I can pull it off.

    If I win this contest, you will be providing me with the tools (or rather, the jacket) I need to begin my spell of man-repelling. This jacket will be my stepping stone into a future filled with peaceful runs in the park and nights out with my friends that don't include having to intimidate many men with my brute strength (all 5'3'' of me) after an inappropriate comment. I also promise to love and care for this jacket as if it were my own young, birthed straight out of my vagina that longs to not be an object of desire.

    You must help me. I need you… and that jacket. My sanity depends on it.

    Twitter: kate_conqueror

  • Lulu

    Twitter: @carlie_barley

    I will donate this jacket to feed needy kids in Africa. I will cut it up into bite-sized pieces and prance around Africa, giving children free fabric meals. They will cry tears of joy to know that they are eating something as beautiful as an Acne jacket. Because I'm nothing if not charitable.

    But in reality I would wear this jacket all day every day. I'd wear it to sleep, too. The only times I'd take the divine fabric off my body is when I need to shower and it needs to be washed, and even then we will hold hands/sleeves through those traumatic times.

  • Catherine


    If that jacket were mine, I'd feel like a camel. Sassiest ungulate this side of the Gobi Desert.

  • lindsay


    I would wear it to a movie, I would wear it to a show.
    I would feel all kinds of groovy, it would make my pale skin glow.

    I would wear it out to brunch, I would wear it in the park.
    I would wear it with a scrunch(ie), I would wear it in the dark.

    I would wear it in a storm, I would wear it with a hat.
    It would caress my girlish form, it would match my baseball bat.

    I would wear that jacket everyday,
    I hope that's what this poem conveys.

  • Tarandip

    twitter handle: @tarandip
    name: Tarandip
    e-mail address:

    If I got the jacket, I'll wear it and take the exact same picture as yours with my hair all flowy and swirly! Then I'll also post that picture up for all to see.

  • Anonymous


    I am going to wear this jacket to balance out the universe from the sudden surge of man getter's summer wardrobe of bootay shorts and crop tops.

  • Shamini

    oooh! loving it

    so, so, so…
    twitter name: Minisham
    email add:

    Soooo, if i could win this jacket, i guess i'd use it over my summer outfits and obviously those long summer nights over here in Paris! I'm into skirts and dresses lately… and so this jacket would be perfect! No more Britney Mr. Wind!

    have fun out there!
    and thanks for this giveaway!

  • nina

    twitter: ninapruhl
    toivola.nina @ gmail dot com

    With this jacket I'd be hanging around city waiting for some serious street style shoothings. Because thats what all the people with Acne clothes do, rightou? I wanna make sure I'm cool, even though the jacket itself propably would do the trick.

  • Francia

    Hahaha, You always make me laugh! nice wrists!!!

    Twitter: @Stylish_point
    email: or you can just visit my blog at:

    Now, if you give me the Acne… (not the pimples)… I will use it every day as mosquito repellent during the upcoming mosquito season over here. I may even wear it in winter at -28C with layers and layers of stuff to keep myself warm à la man-repeller.

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: ilikepalmtrees

    I planning on using this jacket to cloth my obese hairless cat who is currently refusing to wear the last seasons Isabel Marant jacket that I got as a consolation prize in a feline beauty pageant. Ouch…

  • Anonymous


    I'd wear this jacket to cover up my nasty back acne. JUST KIDDING. backne.

  • candyfudge

    following @mytheresa_com: check!
    twitter: @CandyFudge

    OOO, PICK ME…because I'd wear it around my waist 90's style EVERYSINGLEDAY! Brings me back to the elementary days. Obsessed. Plus, I need a good layering jacket for this southern summer heat!

  • Brianna Wellen


    If bestowed the honor of this jacket, I would layer it over my already layered outfits, use it to frame my mixed prints and highlight my legs ripe from lunging (which will no doubt be supported by my version of your Leopard print Miu Mius). Top knot, birth control glasses and sharp point metal jewelry in tact, I will repel with the best of them!

    …or use it as cape when I karaoke.

  • Anonymous


    I would LIVE in this jacket. Literally live in it. Like make a tent of it and sit in there like the cash-poor intern I am (homeless chic!) May roast marshmallows, but will take care to avoid contact with actual jacket, as detailing is SUPERB and needs no sugary accents.

  • Sofia degli Alessandri

    Sofia degli Alessandri
    Oh if I had this jacket… I would take it around town, wear it to shows, wear it while playing shows, and, probably, make space in my bed to cuddle with it's wonderfulness at night

  • show OZ

    Hey NICEEE!!!! giveaway, i'll probably wear it to go to school, with my vintage backpack, t shirt, and my boyfriend´s shorts. just keep it simple so the jacket be more powerful and trendy. by the way LOOOOOVE your blog. nice way to express your crazzzy mind!

    ps., @tamtaquito

    see ya!

  • The Daily Pout

    done & done

    Man Repeller, have you ever been to our nation's capital? Because that is where I live and repelling down here is a leeeetle different than repelling in NYC. The male species down here is scared off by anything that isn't Ralph Lauren, JCrew, Ann Taylor, etc. They have no idea what other brands are. Throw some Acne at them and game over fo shizz. Most importantly I'd wear this jacket with the security badge I have to wear all day every day while at work. Security badge + Acne jacket = special agent repeller.

  • kata

    twitter: kata__
    My name is Kata Horváth, and my email address is

    I love this jacket, it has the perfect cut.

  • Kate

    My twitter –> @chicupkate

    About the Jacket:
    Have YOU ever been to Chicago? I know people say it's called the Windy City because of the politics, but above that, it is outrageously windy. I will simply WEAR the jacket. Many a Britney has been seen while I've been innocently standing near my work at Wabash and Jackson (the windy-est corner in Chicago see this article

    Have you ever seen that Blustery Day Winnie the Pooh episode? It didn't even frighten me as a child, because I thought of it as a normal day.Watch:

    You don't want me to end up like piglet do you? Frankly, i need that jacket. It will save my career (no more flashing) AND will save my skin (45 degrees at the end of may… argh).

    Also tomorrow is my birthday. so yeah thats gotta count for something.

    thanks for being such a nourishing daily diversion!


  • Prisoner of Fashion
  • Lois

    Love the jacket and I'll blow my nose on it. haha, no I'll wear it ofcourse? btw I dont need to gel my hair when I dont braid it, I can pull it in the directions I want, so I could remake this picture but it's not that long. But my hair is braided at the moment. I've got crazy african hair x)But no, you'd never catch me walking around like this even for a minute :)
    Love Lois xxx

    twitter: LisforLOIS :)

  • cbolivar

    Twitter: cbolivar

    If I win this jacket I would tie it around my hips… cause that just looks so cool. I'd also wear it to go to the Big Gay Ice Cream truck so I can get it all covered in chocolate… and then eat it.

  • Anonymous

    Brittany Tomren,

    I'd probably call in sick every day of the week ( any excuse really), read manrepeller in the morning and then waltz around town in the jacket for the rest of the day. any stranger would know that I was wearing the acne jacket because id tell them. coffee lines, at the gym whereeva. EVERYONE would know. at least in my small town of 30,000. xoxo. how lovely would that be.

  • A76

    OMG – I need need need this jacket. I'd use it as a weapon against those who want to steal it from me and then I'll hide my face from the police in it :)))
    following on twitter @a76candoit


    twitter: @yespleasemlle

    What I'd do with the jacket? That's a tough one, wouldn't the question better be, what NOT to do with it? I mean seriously, it's kind of perfect for everything, it's big and long so it kind of hugs you when you're wearing it (who needs a man when you've got a hugging suAcnket,)I'd wear it all day, every day, I'd eat with it, I'd ride my bike in it, I'd be happy when I'm wearing it (giggle-inducing you said?) maybe people would actually think I'm funny when I'm wearing it… SO many possibilities! High five!

  • McCreath

    Twitter: @allegramccreath

    If this fashion specimen were mine, I think I would use it to repel my boyfriend (because I would rather be single and have ACNE). THEN to start my own motorcycle gang, The Purple ACNE. We would have to be pretty hardcore and obviously our mission would be to travel around and cause a ruckus. During our adventures, this jacket could also be used for (but is not limited to) the following activities:
    -mud fights
    -Repelling (male) mosquitos, bears and BROS.
    -An umbrella or parachute
    -A high speed chase (its so light, you can almost fly!)
    -blending into sand (for the more covert operations)

    love your blog!

  • wkay

    Whitney Kay

    If I were to receive said jacket prior to my departure for India this Saturday, I would tie it on as a suede turban, sure. (It's so effing perfect for my motorcycle trip through India I cannot even comprehend the insanity!!) Methinks I will not receive it in time, though. So, upon my return I shall don said suAcnket as a jacket to the office, as a hat to play outside on swingsets, as a skirt when eating ice cream, and again as a jacket to walk Cody the dog. Then, I will rejoice! Goodbye.

  • Jessica


    I would wear that sucker out.

  • marcella


    I am going to run to atlantic city in this jacket wake my sister up and dance around in front of her and dance and dance and dance some more just to make her jealous,cause i got an acne jackeeeet heeeeey! but honestly it'll make me the head labia out of four girls in this family if i have that jacket, and we all know how important that is.

  • Alicia R. Ambler

    I'm @culinarybliss
    and I shall wrap my newborn baby in it, as I am five months pregnant with my first. Said baby will be a girl and I need her to repel from day one. Desperately.

  • Christine Lee

    Christine Lee

    I'd wear it all day, errday, errwhere, and all for me. Of course as the traditional jacket, most of the time, but also as a blanket to snuggle with my pet puppy — the only man who accepts me for my man repelling charms.

  • Camilla


    With this scrumptiously oversized jacket, I intend on building a boat and using the jacket as a sail to sail my ass all the way down to NYC to come and roam Madison avenue with you, with the jacket on, the lady boner up, and not a man in sight.
    Few things are more repelling than girls wearing matching jackets, but few things are more fun.
    Just went for a 20 minute run, doing lunches as I type, and heck I may just sign up for a pilates class while I'm on the laptop.

    Jacket love, to say the least.

    x Camilla

  • lauren

    i'm lau_v_mi

    i would wear this jacket whilst riding my bee-u-tiful bike around the grand city of toronto canada, in order to keep myself in constant repelling mode even while in transit. non-stop repelling, boom!

  • ling luke


    if i won the jacket, i would wear the jacket.

  • chin zei kei

    chin zei kei

    If I were to win the jacket, I would first freak out, jump around my room in circles, scream, shout, tell me mum, my dad, my brothers, my maid, my friends, my dog, everyone! i would wear it everywhere despite the terribly hot and humid singapore weather. I would wear it to school, to town, to work, to walk my dog and to sleep! I would wear it sleek for a presentation, rocker for a day out with my friends, colourful and fun when in school, chic when im in town and wear it with my jammies to sleep! i meant it!! :) thanks, i hope i can win it because it's so awesomely chic, like damn just look at the sophisticated nude on a biker jacket, it AWESOME! LUST LUST LUST!!

  • Ashlee Cooperman

    Let me start by saying I man repelling is a daily activity for me and your blog has inspired me to do it to my fullest ;)

    Twitter: @ashleecooperman
    Name: Ashlee Cooperman

    If the jacket were mine I would wear it as a cape to fly across the lovely shore of Lake Michigan in ChiTown! Once it is over-used as a cape, I will then use it as a magic carpet to do some epic sight seeing. AND FINALLY, once it is all worn out as a traveling device I will use it to complete my most spectacular MAN REPELLIN' outfit of alllll time!

  • CupcakesOMG!

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • CupcakesOMG!

    well jesus, i'm glad i already did the lunges. with that out of the way:

    likely, i'll wear the jacket in its usual jacket-fashion, probably by slipping the right sleeve onto my right arm, followed promptly by shoving my left arm into the left sleeve. there may or may not be some fluffing of the jacket, perhaps an upward turn of the collar, should the mood strike me.

  • lostceremony

    Twitter: @lostceremony
    name: Leah e-mail:

    First of all, I would put the sleeves of the jacket through my arms, backwards and maybe inside out. Then I would style it in such way that I would never get a man in my entire life because they would think I am crazy, which I am of course. I'd imagine plaids with stripes and flower prints would be in order. Along with more jewelry so much that Mr. T would look like he was into minimalism. I also intend to use it as a blanket for when I'm old and lonely. And when it's finally worn out I'll make it into a volley ball and talk to it like Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

  • Nadine Muhtadi


    Nadine Muhtadi
    (yes, I am very creative with my name as you can tell.. )

    and as for what I would do with this lovely jacket, because I am from Cairo, Egypt I feel a need to keep the stereotype going and so here goes..In the vast sandy Sahara desert I will use the jacket as a form of camouflage and protection; I will wrap it around my head and full fill every turban's dream of being at one with its surroundings, I will then proceed to use the jacket as my seat for when I hop onto my very own camel and then using the sleeve I will rub the lantern until a genie in the form of no one else but the very Leandra shall appear asking me for my three wishes. My first of course will be to have a thousand more wishes (come on, what else does any one want?) but then!! the AHA moment..I will ask for this Acne jacket to be mine forever, to comfort me in sickness and in health, till death do us part. The jacket will then come to life and turn into a magic carpet and carry me away into the sunset…happily ever after :)

  • Anonymous

    YES! Want want wannnnnnt

    If i win this jacket… Sure I'd wear it everywhere.. with everything i own (or things i plan on owning to go with this rad little jacket). But i would also love it, shower it with affection, use it as a pillow, a scarf, a DIY wrap skirt, an envy worthy table cloth (no worries – I dont cook), and oh so so much more (the possibilities are endless… )

    If I dont win it.. Well, I will prob pull my hair, stomp in place and have to use a feathered pillow instead like normal people.

    name: Tamar Friedland
    Twitter: @feeshoo

  • bonjour…..JR

    I will wear with super-special-dress (gown)..:)

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: owlista
    Name: Sam Meacham

    What would I do with this jacket, you ask? Well, I would wear it over a layered outfit of patterns galore that screams both chic and "Men, stay away. I am here to repel you." And I would do so with pride. Because if there's one thing a girl needs, it's a wicked jacket that can do that AND tie an outfit together.

  • Loubrew

    twitter: louisabrewer

    Though San Antonio, Texas is a whopping 104 degrees today, I would wear that b-e-a-utiful jacket in proper man-repelling fashion. Perhaps without clothes underneath to ensure just enough breeze? Perhaps..

  • Juanduh.

    You are amazing and I really love the pictures! they are my favorites.

  • Anne

    I was already following My Theresa – Holla!

    first things firt, I would commence lunging while wearing the coat. next, I will probably sleep in it so that I know upon waking that my winning was not a dream. I will also show it off to all of my friends exclaiming "look who's cooler now…yeah, I'm rockin' the Acne jacket all you bitches are lunging over." and then I will probably share it with my sister and bff.


  • Maria Eugênia Caminha

    Twitter: @wannarock
    Name: Maria Caminha

    If I had this Acne jacket I'd have my Lady GaGa moment wearing them w/ an awesome swimsuit. And walk like that around the city. And send some pics to The Man Repeller.

  • Katricia

    Your hair is MINE. I want. Also, love the wang bag.

    ANNND of course… here is my ENTRY!
    Twitter handle: katriciab
    Name: Katricia
    E-mail: katricia.barleta[at]
    What: I'd wear it out like harem pants and turbans met my shoulders: offensively, and with lots and lots of leopard print.

    Peace, Katricia.

  • abby


    twitter: moiraquirk

    if i won this jacket i could get rid of all my other half assed jackets and never have to think the repeated statement of "i have nothing to wear" whenever i look into my overly crowded closet.

  • Christina

    I just want to wear that jacket and drape it around me like a beige cloak.

    Twitter: csarky
    Name: Christina
    email: csarky

  • Amalina

    Twitter: amalinahmad
    Name: Amalina

    I'd get my man-repellin' on, running about town with nothing on 'cept the jacket. You know, the usual.

  • Anonymous

    If I win this jacket I will wear it as a pic nic basket to put inside all my bucolic stuffs for a trip in the country (food—vegetarian of course, beers and candies..)..a very chic trip in the italian country
    and I wear it with my glittered golden superga (very very very man repelled I assure you)
    byeeeeeeeeee–i love your blog!!xoxo

  • Allison

    Twitter – allisonkn
    Name – Allison (duh)
    Email –

    Please please please pick me!! I'm going back to school full time in the fall (interior design, no big deal) and I'm going to be so poor for the next two and a half ish years!! So I will wear this as a jacket first, day after day, until it ha become soft enough to tie into some type of top or perhaps a sarong? Since I wont be able to afford clothes it may also have to do double duty as a tube dress. Finally, when it is disintegrating towards the end of my diploma it will be fashioned into a pair or loin cloth style underwear. I will wear it proudly!

  • emily

    Twitter: emilylorentozer

    I decided to showcase what I would do with the jacket because words cannot describe all the man-repelling possibilities I envision for this wonderful item of clothing (or eatery, as you suggested). That link right up there will take you to my Polyvore creation which I will explain: first there's the gold sequins, because, if you ask me, anything looks better with sequins. Then there's the possibility of a good paint splattered Alexander Wang dress which I emphasized with some fantastic line suede platforms. Not done yet. This outfit was just screaming to be accessorized. I know what you're thinking, "outfits scream?" Yes, yes they do. I shut it up with Dannijo turquoise hoops and layers upon layers of bangles. I'm lookin for some bonus points for incorporating bracelets that looks like belts. Très chic! To illustrate the marvelous jacket's versatility, I made up a more casual outfit as well. It began with some slouchy denim Acne shorts because I just love me some denim. I virtually paired them with a Stella McCartney floral top because I secretly love it when my top half resembles a garden. Add a bow – every outfit needs at least one bow, this one in the form of a belt. If I was feeling extra repelling, I could wear said bow on my head. Since you informed us that the jacket is lightweight and perfect for summer layering, I took the liberty of adding sunglasses. But not just any sunglasses – these sunglasses have tassels. Gold ones to match the gold sequins that are not officially part of either outfit but make for one heck of a background. I don't need shoes with this outfit because I plan on sitting inside and taking some time to contemplate this jacket's pure awesomeness before I share it with the world. On it's own, I accessorized the jacket with some blue-green jewels. My favorite is the full peacock necklace because plain feathers are for amateurs. Other possibilities include a skinny tie playing the role of necklace, a silk cocktail dress and cutout booties, or a super colorful tribal print skirt because that look is sohotrightnow. Alright, enough said. I just love this jacket.

  • Nina

    I'm following both of you on twitter.
    3.ninarucker at gmail dot com

    I lovelovelove this jacket! I would wear it over a super drape-y white top on top of short denim cutoffs and big chunky heels! I love repelling men!

  • Spags

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  • Ashley

    If I get the jacket Im going to wear it out, because I have always wanted a leather jacket. Then I am going to put my own studds on it.

    Name-Ashley Borlack

  • Spags

    twitter: megrady
    name: maggie

    Hi! So if I owned this jacket I would ball it up and snuggle with it every night, in lieu of a man, of course (not like I have a choice). Jackets (all clothing, really) do not talk back. They do not say things like, "Why don't you brush your hair ever?" or "Why are you wearing eyeglasses? You can see just fine." or even, "Why are you wearing so many layers? It's warm outside." Nope, they do not. And while jackets may not snuggle back, their level of love and acceptance for the ways of a man repeller makes up for that tenfold.

  • Rachel

    twitter : RachelStec
    name: Rachel!

    If I won this jacket, I would wear it over my graduation robes so everyone would be sure to see my awesome new jacket as I walk across the stage.

  • xoe c


    twitter: @xoe
    name: xoe cranberry
    email addy:

    if i had that jacket, my cat would use it as a bed. and then i would parade around this kansas town proudly, cat hair and all.


    Twitter: JuliaSeBusquet

    I just love this jacket! If I win it I would wear it arround all the time. With no doubt, that lovely acne would be my new pyjamas, as well as my new bikini and why not my new school uniform ;) nono, fortunately i don't wear it anymore!

    I can't wait!! I better do lunges!!!

  • Kate

    Twitter: @kateranthony
    Name: Kate

    So, if I won this jacket I would…okay, let's be honest here. I would scream "OH MY GOD WHAAAT HOLY MOTHER OF WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS" and start laughing hysterically with glee. Then, when said jacket came into my possession, I'd wear that sucker like nobody's business. The men would come swarming from all angles (because, I mean, LOOK AT IT), but FEAR NOT, I would repel with the power of all things repellent.

    Going to do some lunges while crossing my fingers.

  • snazzy

    Twitter: hipsterpony
    Name: Jessica C.

    I would sunbathe in it, run around the block with it…and just sleep with it every day.

  • The Procrastinator

    Twitter: @procrast1nato2
    gfc: The Procrastinator

    What I'm going to do? Make matching pants and wear them together while my attack elephant and I hunt poachers in Thailand. Y'know, because we need to blend in and all.

  • Anonymous

    I'd rock this jacket zipped up so the collar creates a nice little labial frame around my face. A suede snatch, if you will. Kind of like being born all over again, because that's what wearing this jacket would feel like, obvi.

    twitter: wambamshazzam

  • Tayler Wilke

    Hey this is so awesome! My name is Tayler I am a young up-and-coming model from Texas and am going to travel to Boston to be a part of Boston Fashion Week pretty soon!! I would love to have this jacket with me on the trip and hopefully even include it in a photoshoot or two that have planned while I'm up there! It is just so super amazzeballs… hahaha please excuse my awkwardness I just love Acne and free stuff <3 I hope I win!!!!!!!!

    Love, Tayler (@taytaymarie) (

  • Júlia Carreiro

    Twitter: @juubies
    Name: Julia Carreiro

    If i win this jacket, i would first have a STROKE. A fter, i'd walk 3 days straight with it, with no clothes under except underwear (so everybody's attetion go to the jacket), under the sun in a beach in rio de janeiro (in the summer) so when i take it off, i'll still have its mark on my body (:

    Crossing my fingers!

  • jeanette m.

    Just, you know, writing a limerick or three on this quiet Thursday morning…

    An armoir full of garments which hang
    and a head full of invented slang
    You knew all along
    That something was wrong
    When your mom called your blazer your "Wang."

    I think, I don't want to sound smug
    Acne and I, for years, have been snug
    I now wear their high-waisted pants
    but at each junior high dance
    I wore Acne on my uneasy mug.

    Snakeskin skeins, leopard spots, vests of feathers
    Clothes questionable in extreme weathers
    This guide makes it clear
    To never once fear
    To layer leather with leather with leathers.


  • shoppingsmycardio

    Oh man, this would allow me to dress like a total slob all summer (as is my trend), and still look cool. Must have!

    Let's see: twitter is @shoppingscardio, email is editor at shoppingsmycardio dot com, and my bar name is Talula Hampstead. Just in case we meet up clubbing one night.

  • Maja

    So I don't have twitter, but I've loved and loved again on Facebook! And obviously, as follows I have no Twitter handle either. I do, however, have a name and an e-mail address!

    Name: Maja

    So first of all, if I won the jacket, it would completely and utterly de-bone my poor boyfriend who's boner has already been multiply de-boned by my Acne wedges and orange puffball skirts, oversized bags and jackets and leopard printed scarves. Most of what tickles my lady boner's fancy, certainly does NOT tickle his. Either way, I would wear it in such a lady-bonerriffic manner that all members of the weaker sex within a one-mile radius would feel their boners whimper in despair. Preferably, anyway. Heck, I'd probably even sleep in it at night, paired up with massive chunky wedge platforms, a few weapons pretending to be jewelry and a few extra layers of animal print, just to ensure the ultimate efficacy of my preferred method of birth control – serious sartorial gluttony.

    And lunges are bad – bad I say! For lunges will make your butt all cute and tight and perky, and does that repell a man? It most certainly does not!

  • Angelina Evelyn

    Cool jacket! I would wear it with white T-shirt, and high waist pants or skirt. I would also wear a chunky necklace, and a sweet peep toe pumps. Seal it with a big leather clutch.

    I have been following in twitter!

    Angelina Evelyn
    email :
    twitter : A_Evelyn

  • Kitty

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Annie

    Annie, I would use it to create a boat that could handle the Atlantic ocean waves to get to Sweden (seems realisitic…right??) and thank the people of Acne for creating such beauty in fabric form. And then wear it to show them Swedes how Americans rock their shiz. While doing lunges, of course.

  • mia_pancake

    ok ok , so we in aus are entering winter and therefore i am in much greater need of a jacket than say, you. Especially such a SEXY one!!

    my twitter name is MiaPancakeface (because what can be better than a pancake in the face?!?) name Mia and email, or [dot] com if your trying to be cool.

    I prefer the squats so I did a few of those, I tend to overbalance with lunges?? Tell me thats normal.

    SO I NEED that jacket because it will keep me warmer than any man will, and a man is something I do not have (nor look like getting any time soon) due to my repellant nature. I would like to say that I will treasure it and sleep with it and make it a little bed out of turkish fairy floss, but it's more likely that I'll just spill sauce on it. Keeping it real, etc etc. Doesn't diminish the love though. SO PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!

    Lots of love (for you and said jacket),
    MIA :)

  • Ann K.

    Have a fabulous trans-Atlantic trip! Good luck to the younger followers on the Jacket contest. . .I am content in my current wardrobe!

  • Madison

    Twitter: @Madiisonnn
    Name: Madison

    Have you ever been to the deep south? I'm talking DEEP, Georgia and Mississippi style. Well down here, it gets HOT. And as soon as you walk indoors a blast of icy AC instantly freezes you (if you're 5'2 with a significantly low amount of body fat, like myself), so I'm forced to carry around a bulky jacket everywhere I go. More important than the sweat-inducing temperatures, man-repelling is a special art practiced by few below the mason-dixon line. In fact, my gay best friend and I are the only ones who appreciate it for what it is around here. If I were to win this jacket, I would frolic around my hometown, a 'Main Street of America' setting, wearing it to every function. I.E. to bad mexican restaurants, the local theater, and the only local coffee shop that isn't a Starbucks. Because, like, we get coffee and and support the local economy. I could throw it over dresses, it would match perfectly with my new glitter oxfords, and it's roomy enough to tie around my waist all 90s style when I'm outside. And I could feel like a camel, obviously all pros to that. All while introduced so many unfortunate souls to man repelling! (This is only for the summer, the amount of man repelling possibilities while I'm at school are positively endless! The fratdaddies would cower in horror as I step into the bars!)

  • Charlotte

    1. OK DONE.
    2. this one is significantly less done that the first one.
    3. I decided to do the first thing..
    4. Guess what my name is! I have 2 hints. first my twitter is: charlottenurse, second my email is: you got it!! Charlotte "creative" Nurse.
    I'd have to say I'll mostly wear this jacket on my body. probably with my arms through the arm holes. potentially under a bedazzled denim vest (yes i own this, there is photographic evidence in my twitpics), potentially over some sort of girly dress with some pair of old man loafers, potentially some other combination of things that I'd happily photograph for you because I know you'll be very interested.
    5. I'm doing them. you can't see it but I am. trust me.
    6. I'm patiently waiting. and PLEASE, I BEEN FOLLOWING YOU.

  • Maria Irene

    Twitter: @meandmyissues
    Name: Maria Irene

    Thw possibilities are endless….I would wear it in the most man repelling, offensive fashion there is, turban et all to ensure maximun repelling. Even my crush has to stay away, which doesn't matter. This jacket is WORTH IT.
    That's all.

  • sarahwinchester


    Yeah…that is a lot of my name all over the place. Guess I am a narcissist…

    Gorgeous jacket. I love it. If I win it I would give it to my to my dying mother…wait, was gonna do a long bad soliloquy using sadness and big teary puppy dog eyes to get you to feel bad for me and let me win, but that shit ain't funny, and I am bad at jokes. I am gonna leave the witty comments to the professional (you), and just let you know that jacket would get a ton of use up here in New England. I want it…

  • Kitty

    Names 'n' stuff; Catharina, lentalsoup and

    I hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope, hope I win! Like, really much. And totally. And stuff. Did anyone say ctrl + v? Noooo.
    If I won this jacket, I would first of all not be freezing my ASS off here in Denmark (did someone say summer? What is that?) but I would also snuggle up to, in front of a fire. An open fire. On a polarbear rug (not real, of course!). With candlelight and rose petals scattered all over, whilst soft 80's porn music plays in the background. Or Marvin Gaye – same thing, really.
    Of course this is all the action I'll be getting with a manrepellant as such, but who cares! I might even take the jacket out to dance, have a night on the town! Show it a good time. But most of all, I will love it 'till the end of my days! Forever cherish it and whisper softly into its' suede-ness (?). Please oh please, make this love come true!

  • Anonymous

    Finally there is possibility to score some Acne!! Thank you! I would make this jacket my most faithfull travel companion during my 3-months-long summer adventure of working and exploring New York, and who knows, maybe my jacket would spot you on street and ask your jacket for a oh-no-we-are-wearing-the-same-item picture!;)
    and now the most important thing: contact info!
    twitter:iva cehic
    name:Iva Cehic,
    e-mail: GUESS WHAT??? —> :))
    have fun on your transatlantic trip!!

  • Katie

    Katie at and @KatieNElliott

    About the jacket–I would rock the shit out of it. Seriously. The shit. I feel like that's all I need to tell you. Then maybe I'll blog about rocking the shit out of it and how I got it in a giveaway from your hilarious slash awesome blog, Man Repeller.

  • New York Don’t Leave Me

    My Twitter is nydontleaveme
    I'd wear it every where until I lose it somewhere because I'm cheap and won't use coat check and I'm forgetful. See? this is why I need a new jacket!

  • Deb

    Deborah… my twitter name is Ran_pyon… So, what can I say? I should wear this jacket to rock a girly look, maybe with combat boots… or as a pijama, wiht its softness I could make beautiful dreams!!!

  • ann

    name: Ann Lin
    twitter: annL

    Well, if I won, the jacket, I would probably be shocked to be honest. And then I would scream "OH MY GOSH I JUST WON AN ACNE JACKET!". I would then wear this jacket ALL DAY LONG. EVEN TO SLEEP. I will also SHOW OFF THE LABEL.


  • Aimee

    My twitter is @aimeesmack and my email is

    I assume my name is Aimee.

    If I win the jacket, I think I'd stash it away for the first few weeks and then pull it out so often to bask in its glory. Then I will one day leave it on the bed, forgetfully, and come back to find my hairless cat violating it like he does to other items of mine that are soft.

  • Maya Kleinbort

    twitter: mayayaffa

    I would wear this jacket constantly, my wardrobe needs a serious pick me up. You know when you can't find anything to wear yet your closet is so full it is practically vomiting out shoes and sweaters? This jacket would be the end all be all to the age old question "what should I wear today?"

  • Elle

    I'd wear this rad jacket while exercising, obvs. Gotta look good doing mah' lunges

    - Elle

  • Theresa B.

    Twitter: Tguntli

    I would wear that jacket because I live in fucking Portland and it won't stop raining. Maybe with nothing underneath. To work.

    TBAG (yes, my actual initials)

  • Camille

    Name: Camille Poche

    I would use this jacket as…

    -an umbrella in the rain
    -a blanket at the park
    -a sail for my boat
    -a cover for hide-and-seek
    -a towel for the beach
    -a veil for my wedding
    -a yarmulke for temple
    -a red carpet for events
    -a hater-blocker for haters
    -a jump rope for fitness
    -and a cape for fighting evil-doers… amongst other wonderful things.

  • “couture, ma cherie”

    Acne are awesomeeee, this is such a good giveaway!! My twitter is tatkinson_cmc and e-mail is

    Thanks for posting shit that makes me laugh :) Tess Atkinson

  • L

    Twitter: yslshoegal

    This jacket would be my new best (wardrobe) friend. Honestly, my boyfriend would like it a heck of a lot more so that I would stop stealing all of his boy jackets when I'm freezing, which is basically always. I hope you like my run on. And maybe you will pity me because I'm always cold, even in 80 degree NYC weather.

  • Alex McGill


    I would wear this jacket on the back of my boyfriend's motorcycle, obviously…

    PSYCH! I don't have a boyfriend, what were you thinking?
    In all seriousness, I would wear this jacket a lot…Canada is cold.

  • Blair Kizner

    Twitter: @blairkizner
    Email: — yea thats right my email is blairy bear.

    Now for the more important thing – the Acne jacket that will belong to me come Tuesday. This jacket will be worn by me probably more times than would be healthy – BUT its debut will look as follows:
    - a top of a super flowy-abundance of material- black maxi style tank dress. I'm thinking one of the pieces from either Donna Karen Spring RTW 2011 if i chose to be all neutral, or Michael Kors Spring RTW 2011 if I'm in a colorful mood on said day.
    - Shoes. No question that I will pair them with the Spring 2011 Balenciaga cutout boots. Those babies will be mine, as will the jacket, and then a love affair will occur.

  • gabrielle

    i would wear the jacket like a diaper.

    just kidding. not im not. just kidding

    gabrielle dolceamore

  • Alexis of NorthOnHarper

    (following both of you on twitter)

    Twitter: @northonharper
    Name: Alexis Grace

    Heart's Desire:
    -to use the jacket to swaddle myself in an adult diaper
    (this may require an extra set of hands- in which case I may need to hire help. These logistics overwhelm me, but I am willing to give it my all for adult diaper wearing individuals everywhere)

  • Emarkus

    Twitter: [at] emkuzila
    name: Markus
    email: emkuzila [at] gmail [dot] com

    Upon procurement of said suede jacket by way of this comment competition I would wear this jacket pared with some drop-crotch pants, a high-necked frilly shirt and platformed open-toed lace-up boots, I think this would create the best way to obscure what my body ACTUALLY looks like to something more grotesque.

    I would wear this outfit when I am walking my adorable golden retriever. And I would laugh as men wanted desperately to approach me because of my adorable dog, but couldn't bring themselves to do so when they saw my outfit.

    They would be left in disarray because of the conundrum I presented them with. And would stand, aghast and I would laugh AAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!

  • Vfriedrich

    Me likey your outfit and your title…

    Twitter: ImStarvingblog
    Name: Valerie Friedrich

    I love this jacket so much that I would wear it everywhere, including around the house, while neked underneath, doing the laundry!

  • Anonymous

    twitter: Celia_Blair

    Pretty sure this jacket gives you super(cool) powers, I would wear it whilst fighting crime all over New York City. hiiii-yaaa! allriiight.
    need. want. love.

    - celia -

  • Allie

    Twitter: @alliefraley
    Name: Allie Fraley

    What to do with this Acne jacket… In all honesty, probably pair it with my Target sweatpants and go on a grocery store run to buy wine. Or wear over a floral minidress to all the weddings I have to go to this summer… WAH WAHHHH

  • Anonymous

    Twitter : raphaelaa

    i would wear this acne thing under a dress, over my bra and between my shoes!
    layering you know ;)


    Twitter: V_Ruizz

    If I got this jacket into my own hands, I'd start using it as a beach towel. I mean, I live in Miami, Florida and it's mid summer right now. I can't be wearing a jacket unless I was aimin' to for some gnarly pit stains at the clubs….But i could always use a new beach towel…People use the Louis Vuitton towels here. I'll use a damn Acne jacket. Gotta go to the beach in style at least, right?!

  • Steph

    Twitter: notabird (it's HILARIOUS because I'm tweeting, but I'm not a bird and BIRDS TWEET (no one gets it but me))


    My name is Steph! And if I were to become the loving owner of this jacket, I would do what all loving owners of things do: I would take it for walks and rub its belly. And by that I mean 'wear the ever-lovin crap out of it', in a loving and gentle way. I'm going on my first vacation as a legal adult before Uni this July and what better way is there to do that than in groovy new clothes? There is no better way. None. Yum!


    twitter: amberdanese
    e-mail: (creative, I know. betcha can't guess what my name is!!)

    If I got this jacket, I would use it by placing it atop puddles so menfolk wouldn't have to get their feet wet. nothing repels men more than gender role reversal.

  • Crissy

    oh me oh my! I think I would wear that over a very cute little F21 star-bespeckled dress that I have with my favorite navy oxfords and a smile! Not over the top man repeller, but very geek chic when you throw in my favorite Warby Parkers.

    twittery: @creabain
    namey: crissy rea-bain

  • Sylvia


    I would pair it exactly as you did, except maybe try to figure out a way to wear the jacket so I could get a little vag flash on a windy day.

  • Leigh


    I'd wear it over my new green maxi dress. Since I don't own any harem pants. <3

  • amy b.s.


    and i'd likely pair that jacket with everything else in my closet. maybe even another jacket. like stacked bracelets. i'd stack jackets.

  • Leslie

    1. Didz. twitter: fatkidthing2say. yup.
    2. see above
    3. decided
    4. I would use the jacket to enhance badassery.
    5. Can't. Gots tendonitis. I will watch people do lunges though.
    6. here's to wishing and hoping. enjoy your trip!

  • Anonymous

    I would wear this jacket with shorts, and socks in the park… :P

  • Anonymous

    Name: Nikita
    Twitter: @_ni_ki_ta

    How amazing would it be to own my very first designer item,I'll probably not wear it but frame it…hahaha no way people will know me as the girl in the suede acne jacket like the girl in the green scarf from confessions of a shopaholic,okay I'm yapping to much but it would really be AYOBA if it was mine absolutely AYOBA!!

  • ami


    Were luck to befall me (as is seldom the case), and I were the winner of this jacket, the first thing I would do would be to promptly faint. Once smelling salts had been wafted under my nose, and I had been brought a glass of brandy, and all the other things that women in F. Scott Fitzgerald novels need after a spell, I would wear it with everything. I would wear this sucker to bed. I would wear it at my own wedding. I would asked to be buried in it.
    I guess my point is that I really love this jacket.

  • FashionableAsians

    followed you & mytheresa on twitter ;)
    my twitter: @fashionableazns

    I'd probably use the jacket as a butt mat for my car this summer, I have leather seats and they burrrnnn my skin when I have shorts on!!!

  • jenn of boy howdy daily

    twitter: @jennhobbs
    plan: wear the hell out of the jacket with some other great clothes.

  • Heather

    If I win this jacket I will hang it on the door in my room and gaze lustfully at it until I can find an acceptably important occasion to remove it from its shrine. Some special occasion like my red high heels are lonely, or it's Tuesday, or holy-crap, I have to run to the store because I'm out of chocolate soy milk and vanilla just won't do.

    1. Check
    2. See number one
    3. Check
    4. @Swartyforce, Heather, and Check
    5. Check
    6. Holding my breath

  • Neekoh

    While I adore your wit and sense of humor, I am not as creative as you. Therefore, I will probably just wear the jacket as it's meant to be worn.
    I'm following on Twitter (@LiveLoveLA)


  • aspen irene

    Aspen Irene,

    So I'm going to wear it naked.. as in with nothing else! My boyfriend (hate the word Fiancé) and I are taking our engagement pics in the buff – except for cleverly placed items of above clothing of course ;) …and it's the right color – very Carrie Bradshaw and the naked dress color.

  • Terri

    Twitter: faomosgirl
    Name: Terri
    What I'd do with the jacket: I would definitely use it to it's full repelling abilities and wear it over my various sundresses. Or I would use it as picnic blanket. Either or.
    *lunge lunge*

  • .shea marie.

    love it!!! acne is the best. when ur a 15 yr old boy. lol your hilarious babe. lots of love to you darlin!
    twitter: peaceloveshea

    keep up the good work making me laugh… its not so easy to do.
    lol jk
    shea marie from

  • Amanda


    I would likely wear this jacket to repel both men and mosquitoes. Boom.

  • Sire

    Twitter : @Sire_Sidibe
    e-mail :

    If I owned this jacket .. I'd probably just wear it with nothing on except Lil Kim pasties and a G-string with Lace tights , pink wig channeling in my inner Nicki MiSiré instead of Minaj haha just kidding or maybe not ? you'll never know .. but I think soft laced vintage laced dresses with glittery sparkly golden Toms, my moms vintage Escada bag … but I'm keeping the pink wig haha and a ton of Golden bracelets w/ my oversized Michael Kors watch{ its an African thing obsession with gold or maybe a nordic thing .. Syracuse winters have me thinking I'm from Norway now}

    Ranting and raving done :) <3

  • PattyP

    hiiiiiiiii. JUST KIDDING, I say hola, because I am Hispanic. JUST KIDDING. I just have Hispanic parents, they're Puerto Rican. JUST KIDDING. They're Cuban. That's why I wear fruit on my head. Like Carmen Miranda. JUST KIDDING. I wear vegetables. JUST KIDDING. I wear fruit patterns like Stella McCartney. I like to repel. JUST KIDDING, I like to propel. JUST KIDDING, I just like to pel. JUST KIDDING. I don't. JUST KIDDING. I do. JUSTKIDDINGjustkiddingJUSTKIDDING…

    So how about that mythomas? JUST KIDDING, it's mytheresa? she's really cool. JUST KIDDING, she's really hot. JUST KIDDING, that's why she makes jackets. JUST KIDDING, she makes all sorts of things (like kitchenware). JUST KIDDING, it's kitchen"wear". JUST KIDDING, I don't wear anything in the kitchen. I bake in the nude. JUST KIDDING. I just wear nude color heels. That's how I repel. JUST KIDDING. How do you like that coat giveaway? JUST KIDDING, it's a jacket giveaway. JUST KIDDING, it's a jacket contest. JUST KIDDING, it IS a jacket give away, just give it away.. to ME! JUST KIDDING, give it to whomever you want, but you should definitely consider me because I like nude color jackets in my kitchen. JUST KIDDING, I just like the mytheresa nude jacket. JUST KIDDING, I dont. JUST KIDDING, I really do. JUSTKIDDINGjustkiddingJUSTKIDDING…

    patty p.

  • Anonymous

    kayla l @kaylanden

    i think i would wear this jacket every single day. and sleep in it. and never take it off. its so stunning. I NEED IT.
    thanks :)

  • Belle de Couture

    LOVEEEE this jacket!

    Following them on twitter (Belledecouture) and facebook (Jennifer Rand).

    I would wear it on my appendages… but trying it out as a turban or dinner plate sounds promising as well. ;)

    ::fingers crossed::


  • Leta Sobierajski

    Leta Sobierajski
    twitter: letasobierajski

    Acne suede, camel supreme
    You are a jacket of my dreams.
    Forget Hermes, Chanel, or Prada
    I don't even want a Balenciaga.
    There's something about that Swedish label
    That makes repelling fully enabled.
    I'll pair it with the Admire wedge
    Because alien-like attire is what I pledge.
    Any occasion and every possible day
    Suede Acne will be my wardrobe replay.
    My grandma would smile and proudly exclaim
    "Girl, with that coat, you've got some bad game!"
    In time I've learned and will always conclude
    A woman in leopard print is wisdom imbued.

    (My grandma would approve of this jacket. We do lunges together. 'Nuff said.)

  • Anonymous

    Oh my! This jacket is absolutely amazing!! I have dreamt of the ideal leather jacket, combining girlyness with badassness, and this jacket is just that. Since this jacket is soooo amazing, I could pair it with almost everything in my closet! For example: dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans! I can just imagine me wearing it everywhere I go as I write this! I love how versatile the jacket is, I could literally wear it during every season of the year which is fab-u-lous! I absolutely adore this jacket and can't wait to hear who wins!!

    1. My twitter name is LakeBailey
    2. My name is Laken Bailey
    3. My email is

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • Cirikiri

    Twitter: @cirikiri

    If I won that jacket, I would wear the sleaves on my legs and put a belt around my waist to keep it up. High waist + faux harem pants effect. Men repelling at it's best? I think so!
    Plus, since the neckline is still there I could just go, you know, when I have to…

  • Anonymous

    Whatever I do while wearing this jacket, I can assure you it will be both in poor taste and completely inappropriate.


  • all we have is now

    my twitter is @inwiththegold
    name Lisa Matthias

    I would live on this jacket. Wear it every day, to school, to work, in bed, everywhere. wear the hell out of it. then eat it when it's not wearable anymore. PS: I LOOK LIKE A 15 YR OLD BOY. JK.

  • Melissa


    Well obviously I would have to wear this jacket in the most offensive way possible. Lots 'o' layers, lots of prints, possibly a bowtie and some crazy ass shoes. Yes definitely a pair of crazy, ass shoes. I joke. Or do I.


  • Cami

    Cami Waring

    I would wear this jacket and nothing else.
    No, that would be attractive.
    I would wear this jacket with harem pants and treacherous wedges, and then proceed to
    Swing swing swing in my new Acne wear,
    My boyfriend's crushed, I have a new love.
    My jacket would look pretty cool when I'm chimp hanging from the monkey bars.

    I want this jacket.
    I will wear it to class.
    I will wear it to bed.
    I will wear it to church.
    I'll wear it on my head.
    I will wear it for drinks.
    I will wear it at the grocery.
    I will wear this loverly jacket anywhere and everywhere. Ok, I'm done.

  • Loqi

    I would stride of pride through Philly wearing it inside out, and sometimes inside in or outside out, and occasionally upside-down or tied about the waist, to teach your gospel to the uninformed masses. There are a brave few of us down here spreading the word ("There is a world beyond J. Crew and Brooks Brothers, if you just believe!"); we read your truths, ignore our boyfriends' comments, and strut joyously in whatever we damn well please.

    Choose me, Leandra, because I will have to explain what it is 16 times to each one of my 16 middle-aged male coworkers. It will bring a proud tear to your world-travelling eye.

    twitter: laurenlynch

  • coco

    Twitter: @courtney_co

    If I won the jacket I would use it to entice a hot man that owns a motorcycle. Just kidding I wouldn't. Just kidding I would. Just kidding. Overkill? Maybe.

    Actually, I would use it to further separate myself from PETA and fully embrace my love of all things leather and not all things PETA.


  • Sarah

    I would probably use this as a jacket for my kid. She's 4. It would look killer on her. Imagine it stained with jelly, chocolate milk & banana popsicles (yeah, that's all I feed her). I would be a proud mama.

    Save travels, I'm jealous as fuck.

    twitter: scmoran

  • Anonymous

    Grace Cuddy
    twitter: @GraceBCuddy

    I would wear this with my other favorite man repelling classic, crazy polka dot socks with heels.

  • Anonymous

    Im gonna wear it as a jacket, or rather flaunt it cuz I got it, while my jealous girlfriends are snivelling behind my soft, sueded back…


  • Echi

    Claire Huang

    I'd wear it as a cape to fight off men with my far-reaching man repelling powers.

  • Anonymous

    twitter: @simonaM27
    name: Simona Martella

    I would pair this with loose khaki trousers so that I may be a monochromatic shapeless being yet also resemble a cardboard box.

  • Nicole

    Nicole Brown

    The thing is, if I won this jacket I would do lunges, strike a mean child's pose, shower in it, use it for bull fighting, do cartwheels through Tribeca, pick my nose, play baseball, maybe tap dance, and attempt to solve world hunger.

    Too much? No, never. Never too much in an Acne jacket.

  • CarolinaAbello

    name: Carolina Abello
    If I win the jacket I would wear it with everything to college since im moving from COLOMBIA LATIN AMERICA to FDU a university in New jersey

  • Killa Steph

    twitter: KillaStephC

    I think I wouldn't repel while wearing this jacket. Instead I'd go competely nude and wear it over my shoulders. Why buy labia mimicing threads when I've got one of my own?

    That's also how I plan to lower my carbon footprint. Fashion and eco-conscious!


  • bythebooks

    Love moto jackets!

  • Anonymous

    Samantha Rancano
    Twitter: samantharancano

    If only, if only thee were mine
    I'd name it sharky
    And wear it all the time
    It'll come boating and swimming
    But most of all
    It'll fend off the critters and repell them all

    Critter repelling is the new man repelling!!

    Au revoir!!

  • Robyn


    I'd use the jacket to go streaking through the streets of Toronto. Probably will whip out a Britney regardless, since ok fine, the jacket isnt really all that long (but I'm short!…its a win win!)

    OK, I'll probs also wear it over every summer dress I own…

  • jessica chee

    tweetertweeter!: @jcheeee
    name: jessica chee
    if i won this jacket, i would wear it day in and day out and be completely madly in love with it (because its beautiful of course! and what a color!). we'll hold hands together and travel to Disneyland and we'll even go on a date to Hawaii (even though it is totally unnecessary) when i visit my grandparents in the fall!

  • Maggie moore

    Maggie Moore
    Dude I got my motorcycle license this weekend even though I;m scary on that thing. This jacket would make me a million times better at riding or at least make me look that way.
    It can hold my dresses down when I'm on my bike or give a little show.

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: kbossy

    i would wear this and only this…like a boss!

  • Kit-Cat-Kitty-Cat

    Following on twitter and facebook!
    Twitter: MissCatBradley
    email: kitcatkittycatblog[at]

    If I won this jacket I would wear it to New York and hope to find the highline OPEN this time! I visited NYC for my second time in Feb after my boyfriend LEFT ME for the city (le sigh) for 4 months (from Ireland, I should add) and I went on & on talking about the highline and so off we went one morning, had a lovely breakfast in a diner in Chelsea, found the highline…but then couldn't find a way to get up to it :( It was snowy and I could see the foliage dripping over and I felt like I missed out WAAAAAAAAH.
    Sooooo, I just need NEED an Acne jacket so I have an excuse to go back again – that makes sense right? IT DOES, I tells ya.

  • Abigail

    Name: Abigail
    Twatter handle: @abigailStev
    Email: aaabbbbbbiiieee (at) gmail (dot) com

    I would prance about CRochester, NY in this wearing RIDICULOUS makeup (I promise) and take pictures. I would then wear it to California for my summer job and scare the children/repel the nerds. A good time will be had by all!

  • Jesse

    twitter: jesselyman

    If I won this jacket perhaps I would just wear it… plain and simple. If I were really lucky, I would tie it around my waist in a fit of pre menopausal hotflashses (and when I say pre, I mean like 30 years pre).

  • Bethany Struble

    following… everything haha

    Bethany Struble
    email: bethanystruble(at)yahoo(dot)com
    twitter: @bethanystruble

    I would wear this jacket in every way possible. im sure you know what that entails.
    and i do lunges every day actually haha

    thanks for this giveaway :)
    cant wait!


  • Nadine Y.

    Nadine Younis
    twitter: younisn
    e-mail :
    I'd wear it as a cape. Straight up.

  • yoon.

    GURRRRL. you KNOW what I be doin with that acne jacket!!!!!
    strut my stuff with white sleeveless sheer shirtdress + cheddar cheese high waisted shorts + a wang sandals + perhaps bag,backpack,tote combo for carrying all my shit aka laptop brushes sketchbook watercolor and then going out to some bellini sippin, pasta twirlin dinner !!!!!!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    name: Julia

    twitter: macaron22


    The jacket is just perfect, I would wear it with everything!

  • Pretty Bird on a Breeze


    twitter: @BirdOnABreeze

    If I owned the jacket oh the things I would do…
    I would stuff it with shoulder pads and dance around in it too.
    I would put it on my head in place of a hat, turban, or headpiece,
    Or wear it with layers in the cold to make it double as a fleece.
    I would wrap its suede limbs around my waist,
    Just like I did as a wee child while playing with glue and paste.
    If I owned this jacket I would kiss it again and again,
    Because after all, I like to repel men and because of that I will never have a male frien(d).

  • Gabriella

    twitter: gabriellanoella

    Would use the jacket as a pigeon-poop umbrella when I step out on my balcony. THEN I'd wear it in all of its poop-splattered glory.

  • Ellen Henderickx

    twitter: @EllenHenderickx
    name: Ellen Henderickx

    I absolutely love you and your blog.
    If I won this jacket I would wear it at my nephew's wedding (I have two nieces,who always wear the prettiest clothes ever and now I would be wearing something beautiful too)and after that I would wear it every single day.

  • Lindsay

    LOVE this jacket. I'll wear it layered over white basics with pops of neon in summer and with neutrals in the fall. following via twitter (@lindsayleboyer)

    Lindsay LeBoyer:

  • KristiMcMurry

    whoop whoop! Great jacket. And I'm following…

    kristi mcmurry

    can you guess what my name is?

    I would wear the jacket to work everyday because it's so damn cold in here.

  • Bex King

    Rebecca King

    I would….wear the jacket, hide in a sandpit, and jump out and scare kids! And then be sad that I had sand on my beautiful jacket…

  • GIAA

    Inês Alves
    Twitter @giaafashion

    I'd wear it with denim high waisted shorts and a cropped top and some flats shoes or even ankle boots and a printed colored scarf either on the head or wherever. And of course some sunnies and a bag.



  • Anonymous


    I'd wear it always, including sleeping. not showering though

  • patricia

    twitter: PATT1CAK3

    I would live in this jacket… literally. I'd pitch it up as a tent in my backyard. It will be my shelter from the storm, my umbrella from the sun (gotta keep my skin nice and pale.. tan skin=total getter), my tower from the prince, my playhouse for my inner child, my doghouse for mah dawgs… the possibilities are ENDLESS.

  • Lindsay

    Twitter: @lindsayraedenn

    I would pair the jacket with a hat,
    I know it wouldn't make me look fat.
    I could wear it at the lake,
    With SPF, it wouldn't let me bake.
    Paired with layers of denim and leather, oh my -
    This jacket could never make me cry.
    An armful of bracelets and watches without reason,
    This jacket will take me through every season.

  • Chelsea C.

    twitter: dbc132
    name: Chelsea

    I'd wear it as a lab coat because I work in a Biology lab. KIDDING! I'd wear the coat and pretend I'm all sartorial and back in NYC instead of St. Louis. That or I seriously would make it a turban so people don't have to witness my humidity induced frizz ball I can occasionally hair. Either one really.

  • Jill

    Jill Jeffries
    Twitter @jilljeffries

    I will take that beautiful jacket to goodwill and donate it, I can just picture it hanging there all drab and tan with the white walls and racks of 90's clothes. The hanger won't do it justice, so I'll buy it back for four dollars.Then it will hang on me at a swanky party and I will tell everyone that I bought it at goodwill for 4 bucks, succkkaaas.

  • Chelsea C.

    *occasionally call hair.
    … I can do the whole English thing, I swear…

  • Kylee Bergin

    Kylee Bergin
    twitter: itpbr10

    Because I actually don't have a tan jacket and it's killing my layering abilities. Plus this one is gorg. Please and thank you :)

  • Elizabeth

    I'd wear it while I sashay through the souq. It's the perfect Doha jacket- suede and loose.

    Lunges? Really? How about I just walk my pug around the block? It's better for both of us. He's a little plump. And he matches the jacket.


    Elizabeth Hoffman

    Thanks MR!

  • mycloset

    I would wear it everyday with everything! This jacket is absolutely peeeeerfect!
    Twitter: mycloset_blog

  • Anna


    I'll wear this jacket over a long loose dark tan top and wear dark chocolate color wide legged pants to ombre myself!!! Almost as good as ombre-ing my hair…!

  • Jasmine Opara

    well ya'll, that's well and good, but uh, frankly
    if (and when, a-huh-huh) I win this superfantastic jacket
    I am going to deliver my Physics professor's baby in it
    so that her first lesson in the world will be about how to man-repel
    unlike her father, whose wardrobe consists of khakis that show a little too much ankle and sweaters so old that they have grey hair.
    then, I am going to BeDazzle the crap outta that mofo,
    stud up the collar like a boss,
    and then I am going to tie it around one leg
    lookin' like a garter designed by a magpie.

    andie1994 [at] live [dot] ca
    Jasmine Opara, mang. Swagger of a cripple.

  • Lydia

    Lydia Armstrong

    I'm gonna hang that jacket from my balcony like flag. Let your freak flag fly!!

  • Maris

    ok following!


    My awesome Acne jacket would travel across the country with me this summer. It would be hanging out sippin sweet tea down south, riding through mountains in Oregon, and probably up all night partying and keeping me toasty during some music festivals. It would be danced in, hugged in, screamed in, slept in, worked in, and man-repelled in. If I needed a turban, it would be called upon to be one. If I needed a blanket while watching some outdoor event this summer, it would perform as a chic substitute. It would eventually just end up looking effortlessly chic walking around Williamsburg, but man it would be LOVED.

  • Helen & Julian

    I dont have tweeter but

    i want to use the jacket as a blanket. or a teddy bear. just generally have it close to my skin is good.

  • Anonymous

    Love me a new twitter to follow.
    My twitter is vhillboutique
    Nicola Gillam

    What would I do with that Acne(the good kind) jacket? Defs not try to use it on my face to get rid of acne (the bad kind) that may plague me.
    Would most likely pair it with anything and everything in my closet. I believe it would pair nicely with all of my repellers – from drop crotch pants to any colour blocking or print mixing idea I come up with!

  • designedbyann

    I'd wear the jacket as a mini dress…ok maybe I'd wear shorts underneath too.

    Anna Giannarou

    p.s. I liked mytheresa on facebook and I'm already following you on Twitter

  • Ally Stock

    Ally Stock

    The sort of man repelling that I do doesn't actually have much to do with the way I dress. Rather, it's my winning personality that does the trick. It would be nice to do some repelling in style, though.

  • lalady428

    I will would obviously wear the jacket whilst doing lunges in an inappropriate public setting. Like my cubicle. Or the library. Perhaps during a movie. I'd wear it everywhere. Lunging.

    twitter: @lorilevine

  • pam


    Pamela Grajeda

    i say why not all of the above.. why pick only one when you can wear it on body, tie it as turban, use as a dinner plate, put out extreme fires… i think it's capable to help me accomplish more than the known.. which would be looking amazing in something like this but sometimes putting out extreme fires is my favorite thing to do with acne jackets.

  • lalady428

    Grammar Check Fail:

    I WOULD obviously wear the jacket whilst doing lunges in an inappropriate public setting. Like my cubicle. Or the library. Perhaps during a movie. I'd wear it everywhere. Lunging.

    twitter: @lorilevine

  • Camille

    If I won I would wear it on my birthday, which is coming up soon. The plan is to see the Savage Beauty exhibit, wander around, and enjoy a day full of great food and desserts. The only thing that could make the day even more special? Winning this sweet suede Acne jacket. I've entered many a contest, never to win. Acne to match my acne, which I get due to the stress of never winning anything. Just kidding, I have wonderful skin. Just kidding, I really do have acne. Just kidding, just kidding… No really, I have never won a contest :(

    As for specific ways I'd wear the jacket, I pick my outfits out like 5mins before I leave my apartment…which means I'd need it in my posession to figure out what to do with it. *Nudge nudge, wink wink.*

    I "liked" MyTheresa on FB. The thing is I don't have a twitter account, because nobody I know uses it. But I follow you on Facebook and Blogger, and can still check your Twitter page even though I don't have an account. Will you still accept my entry? Pretty please???

    Here, a funny English-language learning video to sweeten the deal. Nothing repels men more than having a bad case of….
    Enjoy, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that you pick me :)


  • Anonymous

    Io mi chiama MOLLY HOARTY

    follow me! @Mollyyyannrose

    If I won this jacket, in true Man-Repeller form, I'd wear it in the summer bc Summer layers= ultra man repelling.

    pick meeee :)

  • Sofía

    my name: sofia alessio
    my twitter: @alessiopum
    my email:

    if i was the winner, id use the jacket to make guacamole.

    i hope i win.

  • Anonymous

    Alison Bulloch

    Alison would wear this fine garment to G-rated movies, church bingoes, and other a-sexual events.

  • Anonymous

    Karla Tevez

    -I'd wear the gorgeous piece of clothing as a dress and hope to the high Heavens that no one sees my whoo-ha!(I'm super short, I'm pretty sure it could work as a dressy on me ha)

    Just kidding….or am i? :D

    *does a lunge*

  • samanthaholiday

    Name: Amanda
    Twitter: samanthaholiday

    I think wearing jackets as trousers is the best way to be a man repeller. I think that's how I'll wear this jacket… Whilst riding a motorcycle, of course. Because I have many talents.

  • Pauline

    Pauline Isidro
    twitter: @tweety_pi_

    California weather isn't exactly conducive to suede jackets, so I'd carry the jacket around with me everywhere I went, but never wear it, except when I'm in colder climes. No matter what though, me and said jacket would be attached at the ZIP (get it, get it!?)

    L.O.V.E. your blog!!!

  • erin

    erin morris

    holy crap, that beautiful jacket is just screaming for some gold pyramid and dome studs ALL over it a la Burberry a la gutter punks EVERY WHERE. in the words of black flag, "gimme gimme gimme!!!"

  • Kerry

    Kerry Langlois
    twitter: KerryLanglois

    What a beautiful jacket! I would wear it over a sweater, over another sweater, over a dress. Actually I would probably wear it with everything I own, you can't really go wrong with a neutral suede coat. Oh Acne, how I love thee.

  • jamee dyches.

    Jamee Dyches
    jamee.dyches AT

    I'd obviously build a shrine to it in the spare bedroom of my apartment, and hang it up there whenever it's not swathed across my body in every beautiful and awkward way you can imagine. When you've got Acne on your hands, you better treat it right. Like singing Swedish lullabies to it while it's hanging on its shrine.

  • Leslie

    leave your twitter handle, name and e-mail address

    GingerCookie91, Leslie Olson,

    1. Since this jacket is the most beautiful article of outer ware I've ever laid eyes on, I would wear it all summer, regardless of the heat–this would cause profuse sweating and flushed cheeks. I think the dewy, blushing thing is pretty sexy, but to most people [men], I'll look like I just got back from the gym and tried to dress myself in a rush and am trying to pretend I wasn't just at the gym. JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING maybe

    2. Otherwise, once I've worn the crap out of this Acne jacket, I will send it to my Norwegian ex-roommate, who is the coolest girl EVER, and like all Norwegians, LOVES Acne.

    3. Actually, it'd be fun to wear the jacket to a party, looking all refined and attractive, to garner the attention of a man… he may ask what kind of jacket it is, I would say "Acne" and he would make some comment about an adolescent skin condition, and I'd kick his ass.

  • Karen

    Done! @karenseviltwin / karenbgarrett@gmail(dot)com

    I would wear it while rocking my baby AND repelling men/my husband so I don't get pregnant again!

  • TathiSpacek

    I'd marry with it!!!! And maybe show of to the girl who won that freaking color blocking bag I wanted so bad and actually lives in the same nowhere brazilian city as I do! Ha

  •!/amilli0naire Amilli0naire

    my twandle handle: @amilli0naire < -that's not an o, my friend. that's a zer0.

    email address:

    I would have SMDH (super model documentary hour) with my acne jacket. so like picture this clip, but me wearing the jacket:;=related

    and i'm lunging as i type this. typin and lungin. t&l; is the new gtl. i'm drunk.

  • Peace,Love&Fashion

    Well hello, you see if I won that jacket, I'd first use it as a superman cape while a run around town screaming about how much I love my new jacket, and then for the other days I'd wear it as a jacket and as a skirt and as a turban and as pants even (wait, that might be revealing…), i guess what I'm saying is, I'd figure out as many ways as possible of wearing it so that I could wear it everyday for the rest of my life.

    twitter: BetaVinhaes

  • Talia

    1. done
    2. done as well
    3. I didn't wannt choose so I scooped 'em both up!
    4. @liataliatalia (be gentle, I'm brand new), the name is Talia Neufeld, and my email is
    oh the ways I would wear it! For one, I live in Canada and bitch gets cold around here, but not always cold enought that I need full sleeves. Of course I'd throw on some leopard print under in an obnoxious shade of pink to ensure that my repelling skills are out there. Then I think red pants are in order, to balance the canvasy color of the jacket. I'd finish off with my leopard print booties, because a girl can never have too much leopard print!
    And when it's not actually on my body it would likely be in a showcase near by bookshelf full of shoes.
    5. you know… lunges are under-appreciated, they make your ass look FINE! I'll do 'em all day long bby.
    6. I'm waiting patiently…. maybe I'll figure out Twitter by then ;)

  • Orla Gallagher

    Twitter: gallagob
    Name:Orla Gallagher

    If this beautiful jacket was bestowed upon this here self I would parade around probably just in the jacket with nothing else on but a tea cosy on my head and tea towel round my bits, just coz I fear the sexiness of the jacket might overpower any chances I have of man repelling, so I will wear whilst simultaneously and adamently making it clear that my humps and such are tea related and actually smell/taste/look like tea, not lovely herbal tea but tea made from cardboard shavings from a cardboard factory that also was a sterilisation unit for cows. That kind of tea.

  • Ashley

    Twitter: stylecurrent

    If that sweet Acne jacket were mine, I'd actually sit on it to prevent my labia from scorching on the black leather seats in my car in this Texas heat. Silk harem pants just don't provide enough protection. Then I'd wear it to dinner. Alone, of course.

  • L

    tweeeeter: lydiatnguyen
    name: Lydia Nguyen

    I'd use the jacket as a blankie to carry around with me at all times.

  • Emma Costello


    I'll wear this with…everything. Moved for the summer and forgot all outerwear! Oops.

  • Kara

    twitter: karamase
    I would give it to my girlfriend.

  • Stefanie Neves

    Stefanie Neves

    I'm a seventeen year old aspiring fashion photographer and I would definitely wear the jacket to- work out obviously!- inspire my models/clients to remind them that even the simplest part to an outfit can have an impact on your overall outfit! And of course to look fab whilst shooting!


  • Ana Carolina Bovi

    Ana Carolina Bovi
    twitter: @carolbovi

    I would totally wear this jacket as a man repeller. I'd be repellin' in winter time here in Brazil!!

  • jenkins and pendragon

    name: Annie W.
    twitter: jenkinpendragon

    if i had this jacket, i would build a shrine to it in my closet, pray to it everyday (what can i say, i'm very spiritual) and take it out once a year (or you know, every day) for a ceremonial wearing and celebration of celibacy, crazy culottes and cameras. (three c's of man-repelling? nawt)

  • Evette

    Evette Yassa

    twitter: evettethegreat

    Oh I'd wear it.. but where would I wear it? On my arms? On my back? Perhaps the shoulders? On my torso? All at once if I'm feeling crazy.

  • castle queen

    If by some rad alining of the stars and I was to ahem WIN this pimpin jacket… I would wear it back to front. Just to confuse people that my boobs were actually located on my back… .WHAT

    Emma Gott

  • Anonymous!/love_letters_
    Ashley ,

    I live in San Francisco and have been on the hunt for the perfect suede jacket…and this looks like it. I'd wear it with EVERYTHING and get it nice and worn in. I'd CHERISH IT FOREVER and become and even bigger Man Repeller fan then I already am. and thats saying a lot!

    XOXO- Ashley (Blades)

  • Michi

    Michelle Salom
    Twitter: Michiii__s
    wear it all day long and all night long! even wear it to beddd!!!

  • Lucy

    what would i do with this jacket? well obvs i would layer it over my flat chested body. just kidding, i wear at least 3 layers to school everyday. just kidding, it's HOT there! back to the jaqueta- i'd show 'em high school girls that tight clothes are only acceptable under a intimidating motorcycle jacket… and a tutu. just kidding, that would get me skirted. can you tell i'm nervous? i'm not nervous!
    justkiddingiam. i really wanna win.
    Manrepeller, lets make this happen!

    Rebecca Pear Zakheim

    p.s. i went for the squats instead
    p.p.s. you're my idol.

  • Anonymous

    This jacket would be perfect for this monochromatic kick I've been on lately, all beige everything. Which is also kind of creepy because all my clothes just blend into my skin which helps me become invisible (obviously) and also scare the shit out of people when I pop out of bushes, etc. And it's thin enough to layer over and under more beige shit! I'm all about layering. Also I've been known to be very caring with my jackets, I even tuck them into bed at night… So fret not! It would be in a very loving home. (I kind of wish I was kidding, but I'm not.) Okay I have to go do lunges now.

  • Miranda


    TWITTAH: @mirandababbitt

    super creative, i know. i'm just all business.

    well see the obvious answer is, yes, i would wear it. but let's just continue that little promise… i would wear it until it was no longer a jacket but just a bunch of loved threads draped over my body, maybe a bit of spider web weaved through it, a bit too worn out after years of wearing it but you know i'd still love it just as much as the day it came because its TIMELESS.

    or, hey, i could always use it as an in to the hell's angels too. it has that bad-ass look to it/i dont care i just threw this beautiful jacket on without thinking about it.

    epic contest.

  • tanya.mirai

    If I got hold of that Acne jacket, I would stare at it for hours not believing I'm holding it and that its owner is me, and then do some crazy dance, go into the streets and scream and rub it on people's faces…okay, maybe not, because I don't want other people's germs on my new treasure. I'll just sit in my little corner and pat it like a nice little dog.

    Tanya Lee (@tanyamirai)

  • Vasia

    all checked……even the lunges!!!!!
    twitter name : @vasaki_gr
    Vasia Giannakoulia

    I'll never-ever take it off…..poor jacket!!!
    love it…..have to – need to have it!!!!

  • Amity


    My name is Amity. As in the Amityville Horror…or the name of the town in Jaws, you decide.

    I am a dedicated crime fighter and would wear this lovely jacket as a classier update of the traditional trench coat. Take that, Sherlock. I hope none of my cases are male as they would definitely never approach me in that. I sure hope the pockets are big enough for various magnifying glasses and pipes. I have quite a collection.

  • Ana Calderone

    following mytheresa
    Ana Calderone

    I'd wear it everyday at my WWD internship this summer and then continue to wear it in Miami and show all the first pumping freaks what real fashion is.

    PS. I'm #6 from your banner contest

  • Ana Calderone

    woops i meant

  • Georgia

    Hmm not feeling I can compete with my witty repellee's up above however I will put it on my body in numerous ways, legs, arms, head, elbow, ankles, eyes… you get the gist. Like a martini I am going to wear it… straight up (awkward and not even a pun).

    It's also cold here.

    Georgia Fillmore

  • Rosie

    twit: rosieprata
    name: rosie

    Let me adopt SuAcnket and I will nickname it Sue for short and wear it exclusively with one arm draped over my shoulder so when we walk through town everyone will know that we're BFFAEAACNE <3

    (also my word verification to post this is "lablumpr", that's gotta be a sign that we're meant to be 2ge+her)

  • Mademoiselle Melbourne

    Following you and MyTheresa on twitter.

    Twitter: @llaacceeyy
    Name: Lacey

    OMG The jacket is perfect.

    I would wear it as a cloak of invisibilty – Harry Potter Style, as I'm sure it has that kind of super power, right??!!
    Then I'll wear it in the Acne store so everyone freaks out at the pair of legs with no body walking around and I don't have to worry about someone buying my size cause they left the store! Muahahaha

    Awesome give away!

  • Anonymous

    I don't have a twitter but I liked mytheresa on Facebook (and I've liked you on Facebook for ages!!)
    Name: L. Isabel Rodriguez.
    Email: (not the same as my facebook email address)
    I'll choke myself with the jacket.. No, just kididng :-P I'll wear it every single day for a month!! How about that??

  • All The Cool Kids

    Becca Bullard

    I would wear this while doing lunges. It would make them way more appealing.

  • what.the.heff

    courtney heffernan
    twitter: hotformen

    if i won i would learn to stop sweating, so i would never ruin that jacket. or any other for that matter.

  • Hollis


    twit – pommemodernvtg
    email – hollis.e.pilling at

    I am nasty ass pale, so I have to keep covered in the summer. If I don't, the glare off my body causes advanced macular degeneration in those who have the misfortune to lay eyes on me. Fact! So, I'd wear it with lots and lots of stuff. Certainly, no less than 12 baubles!

  • Karissa D.

    Dear fairest Man Repeller,
    I saw my ex-boyfriend the other day and I was wearing a long skirt and chunky, oversized sweater. Up until then he had been texting me, but since seeing him I have not received any in a week. #win. I would wear this jacket and man-repel the shit out of him next time I see him. To be honest though, I would probably wear this jacket as a pair of harem pants and put my legs into the sleeves.
    Other ways that I would wear said jacket:
    Mou mou
    Eggplant (I couldn't think of anything else that started with an "E")
    Pants (Harem)
    Lady bits (a way to cover them)
    Evening gown (over one)

    Love always,
    Karissa Dauphin, twitter:karissadauphin, email:

  • Samie

    Liked and followed!
    This jacket is divine. So divine I might just hang it up on the old wall and worship for a couple days. After this holy ritual, it shall become my bosom friend, and we shall be one. Thankyou in advance (pleasepleasepleaseplease) for bringing this perfect couple together in holy matrimony.


    Name: Samie Oliver
    Twitter: @WhatAboutHarold

  • looney_lovegood

    Odelia Kaly
    twitter: looneylovegood3
    Let's please ignore the extreme dorktasticness of my email address.

    Jackets are not for wearing, they are for using. So I would use it as: a jacket for everyday forever and ever, a blanket, a tablecloth, a strangulation device, a turBAND, a scarf, a way to make myself look like a tool by tying it around my shoulders country-club-prepster-style, a pillow, a way to get around my apartment by placing it under my feet and sliding around on it, a curtain, a head covering, a canopy, a cape, a skirt……..
    Jackets are the most useful things ever known to man. As a seasoned man repeller, you must already know the many man repelling usages.

  • Sara

    That ja ket is serious business. I want it. What I am doing with it? I am staiyng wihting the basic, man repelling!

    My twiteer name: saracnida

    My real name: sara

    My email: saraescuderosainz @ gmail . com

    Is this real life?

  • Blair Coleman

    Blair Coleman
    Twitter: BlairColeman
    I want it plz. I'm just gonna wear it. 24/7.

  • Anonymous
    love the giveaway!!

  • rachel

    twitter: rachelif

    I would wear this beautiful piece of material as a jacket. and a face mask if i have acne(haha. and as a belt. and a turban when its hot. and as pretty much anything and everything.
    I have a haiku to celebrate this jacket
    a jacket of suede
    with love and care it was made
    so i could wear it

  • Claire

    Claire Heritier

    I will prop this jacket up on sticks and make a tent for my imaginary Bedouin adventures. Once fulfilled I will wear it as society dictates it be worn: on my naked body, ready to flash people.

  • aimee

    Aimee Bidlack


    I would wear this jacket all of the summer nights that lie ahead of me, which includes wearing it home while I'm hungover in the morning. I NEED this jacket so I won't have to pay for birth control, but rather I see this valuable commodity as shield of sorts.
    ALSO it's just totally rad and bitchin.

  • Moira O

    Dear Jacket,
    I think your really attractive. There, I said it, now its out there, in the ether. But you're more then just 'attractive,' you're a beautiful miracle, like when it's sunset and a beautiful gazelle stops right in front of your path to smell a beautiful wild rose, also, someone left a beautiful sculpture on that path, right next to it also I'm on mushrooms. When I found out you were on the market, it changed me. I've been eating right, the other day I was at the fountain in the mall and I put coins IN it, my god I feel younger, and thinner? does that make sense? I started painting again! I know you never been worn before, and thats okay with me, we'll take it slow, I have sweaters if we need them. Or I'm perfectly fine just snuggling on the couch. I know I sound crazy, I know you could have anyone, and I know you may not trust me, may have seen me outside the liquor store popping some other collar, but baby I only need one jacket, and you go with everything.
    Love, One Cold Broad. @ohmoira

  • Anonymous

    I dress like a man getter and this jacket would bring me one step closer to being a man repeller. I'd probably wear it as much as possible because it would make my man repelling friends respect me, and not mock my jeans and toms. Are you crying yet? I am..

    twitter: hchevvy
    email: (the ac stands for Aaron joke..pick me. my e-mail address is more of a repeller than I am)
    – Helen
    P.S. I am a super fun girl, the acne jacket and I will be really happy together. Promise.

  • Fashion Serial Killer

    Holy Donkey Dick!! I'd love that jacket. Maybe I'd even get a man with a donkey sized dick if I was wearing that. Thanks for the giveaway. I don't have a twitter but I follow your blog thru my google reader.. so great xxoxxox

  • ohbottlerocketts

    Name: Madison Layton
    Twitter: squarevulture

    Followed you both! I don't explain things well, but I'm a pro at visual aids. And so, lovingly handcrafted and photographed from my kitchen fridge, I give you: and my Jacket


  • Bonnie

    Twitter: @shakey0urbonbon (that's a zero, unfortunately.)
    Name: Bonnie (see how witty that twitter name would be if someone hadn't beaten me to the punch? Gosh darn it.)
    Electronic mail:

    If I won with this jacket, I would wear them with my hand-me-down high-waisted trousers (courtesy of my mother)and my witch wedges (there really is no other way of describing them) and climb on a vespa rather than a motorcycle because motorcycles are cool and clearly, someone who uses the words "electronic mail" clearly would be banned from a motorcycle. But I'd still be rocking that suede motorcycle jacket on a vespa. (Do vespas use gas? Gas is expensive these days, downgrade me to a bike – you'll see me rocking the jacket on my bike.)

  • Jessica DeWitt

    Can i win without the twitter? i check into your twitter regularly, i just don't want to have my own. My name is Jessica DeWitt. My email is i would use that jacket to cover puddles ƒor men to walk over so their ƒeet don't get wet. Because nothing repels men more than emasculating them by being chivalrous.

  • soundless tides



    If I won the jacket I would primarily wear it to work. Looking at it now, it would really amp up my wardrobe especially since I need to look fashionable and professional all the time.
    The jacket will live a long life; it will be worn not only to work but everywhere I go.
    And since I'm a generous person who believes in good karma, I will lend it to my sister.

  • Chelsea

    twitter: chelsearozansky (I made an account just to enter your giveaways!)

    I would wear that gorgeous jacket every single day and night! I'd even wear it in school over my school uniform (which would land me in detention as it isn't part of the uniform but I still wouldn't take it off. They may have to expel me.)


  • OneAndOnly

    Hello hello!!

    Very exciting! If I won the jacket I would most likely wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY, SLEEP in it, EAT in it, SHOWER in it, YOGA in it. Juuust kidding. Not really. Taking it off would be really difficult. I would also probably be the coolest kid on the block. Hells yes.


  • Anonymous

    twitter: kdufty
    Since I'm 35, preg w/numero dos, not exactly your main audience here…BUT the jacket would stylishly cover my ever expanding melon that's currently making me pee every second and inhale bacon (sorry, not kosher). Hey, at least I'd be semi-MILFY

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @wearitwith

    If I won this jacket, I would jump out of an F-ing plane with it.

  • Amy

    Amity Gregg
    tweet @calamityyyy

    I'd wear this out on the town because it looks tasteful and I like to pretend I'm a fashionable person sometimes. Just kidding, I am a fashionable person. Just kidding, I'm not. Just kidding, I am. Just kidding but I don't ever go out on the town because it's not worth it because men don't like me. Just kidding, they think I'm hot. Just kidding, I don't know. Just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding, I'm not kidding. Just kidding, I am. Just kidding, the word kidding means absolutely nothing to me anymore. Just kidding, I know exactly what it means. Just kidding, I don't, but I could look it up. Just kidding I don't own a dictionary. Just kidding I do but I don't want to seem like a nerd. Just kidding, I am a nerd. Just kidding I'm not. Just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding.

  • Anonymous


    This was my face when I first saw this: In case you don't know, this is me saying ME GUSTA!! That's as far as my Spanish goes.

    I'd wear this jacket in errrway, errrday, just to get a grr from my rabbit. JUST KIDDING. Bunnies don't make noises, duh.
    But I would wear this in a cool and distinguished way just casually draped around my shoulders (like ya know, nbd), or as an extra MRing layer added on, naturally.

    Pick me! Give me! Love me!

  • Kendra

    I would put my legs through the arms and wear it as pants. The collar flaps would be TTLLV appropriate, and the crotch would be dropping to new lows.

    Kendra Thompson

  • kaitE1225

    Follow – check.
    Je m'appelle Kaitlin Erickson.
    Now, what to do with the jacket. Well, it's summer, and this is my year of summer adventures. Italy, my first full-time job (ugh real life, I just graduated…blegh), and last but not least, camping. I've never camped before, and I will be "roughing it"…in Maine. It's going to be frigid up there, despite the earth telling it to be "summer". I will wear the jacket for what the jacket is composed for, warmth, and then at night I will be crafting it into a makeshift tent for me to shelter me from the elements, bears and other Maine creatures. Wish me luck.

  • Jamie Lynn

    Jamie Lynn Elliott
    Twitter: @JamieElliott

    I would wear this jacket everyday…
    but not only that.
    I would then proceed to throw out everything in my wardrobe that offends that jacket ( I have some cruel clothes ). I would shop with the jacket, spoiling it with lovely outfits that ONLY compliment it (a nice mint green would go splendid, my mind is already reeling with possible ensembles). We would have the greatest wild nights. Go out for swanky( a jacket that nice needs to be shown off in proper places) dinners around town. My friends would start to envy the jacket, but I wouldn’t mind, jealousy is expected when I get to spend everyday with the most splendiferous jacket in the world.

    -Jamie Lynn

    PS: I was doing lunges the entire time I was writing… skilled?

  • Julia


    J'adore the jacket. I will probably frame it and hang it in my apartment to remind me that I need to work out on a daily basis! (something that not even when paying a Personal Trainer I do)
    Enjoy Paris!

  • Rosa

    You know, if I tip my head upside down and spray half a can of hairspray on it does actually defy gravity in the same manner as the last photo.

    Twitter: rosa_leah
    Name: Rosa-Leah Gordon
    Email: rosaleahgordon @

    What will I do with it? I'll probably test how well the jacket prevents one from pulling a Britney. Ehehehe.

  • kaleidoscopeyes

    Bommy, Find me on Twitter as kaleidoscopeyes.

    I would wear it every single day with whatever, provided the weather was not so hot that I would die of heat stroke. If I weren't wearing it I would alternate between praying for cooler weather and staring at it/stroking it/smelling it…

    Who am I kidding, I would wear it everyday, heat stroke be damned.

  • Julia


    J'adore the jacket! I am going to frame it, and hang it in my living room so that I can remind myself everyday that I need to do some exercice and practice the man repeller attitude!

    Enjoy Paris!

  • Wikked Windy

    Twitter: Dulcecalzatura

    I'd likely put it on my size 6 mannequin bodyform because she will probably look better in it than me.

  • Bari

    don't have a twitter

    i will use it as a blanket in the summer time when i want to wear little floaty dresses but the bus i ride to work is freezing! nap timeeee

  • Grace OH

    Grace Overell Heywood

    Twitter: Grace_coh


    I'd man-repel all through Brisbane, Australia in that little suede number. Send it Down Under!! ;) I DID A RHYME

  • Alexandra Abel

    Alex ABEL
    twitter- @abela18

    If I got the jacket, I would make it my love child and cherish it forever. And let's get real, If THAT doesn't repel some men, Idk what would…

  • Ella Saddington

    twitter: EllaBailey

    I wouldn't wear it….. I would sit and watch it, probably drooling repeatedly.

  • Anonymous

    Suzanne MacNeil

    I will wear this jacket while doing non-outlandish, sensible, not-illegal things.

  • Anonymous

    sylwia smusz


  • Devon

    @devonannasmith is now following both you and mytheresa on twitter.

    Devon Smith,

    I would wear this jacket on my body. Possibly i would also put it on my cat, but I would get first dibs.

  • Genevieve

    Twitter: @GenevieveRobin
    Genevieve Pellettier

    Well Man Repeller, I live in the Great White North aka Canadialand, and this suede jacket would be THE most perfect addition to my many layers of clothing – I'll put it right in between my coyote fur vest and my Canada Goose parka (which BTW is neon yellow and repels anyone within a 283 foot radius). And if I win the jacket I'll send you a care package filled with maple syrup, poutine and Beavertails (ONLY 1456 calories). Additionally, if my pet polar bear gets pregnant I will make sure to send you her first born cub. I'm sure it would appreciate a swim in the depths of the beautiful East River. I can buy your affection too…or bribe you, whatever…

  • Jenn Lee

    twitter: JENNL33x
    Name: Jenn

    i was going to say: put my legs through the sleeves and wear it was a super baggy harem pant skirt like thing. but i just read through your comments and someone already wrote that………….
    … hopefully, i would wear this jacket the next time i see the guy that i really like right now…but i don't know when that will be because he lives in paraguay and i live in NY. So whenever it may be, 2 yrs, 5yrs, 10yrs… i want to look really nice!

  • Gr8tfulDayz

    I follow @mytheresa on Twitter AND like them on Facebook. I follow you on Twitter, too.

    Twitter: Gr8tfulDayz

    You'll get me to walk for 24 hours (even with crazy hair – Im used to it lol) before I'll do lunges! =P

    I'm going to take this jacket with me…and my b/f to Malibu beach at sunset and use is its as blanket over our shoulders while lo-vey do-vey-ing!

  • Anonymous

    Lyndsay Wheeler
    twitter: @lyndsaywheeler (so orig)

    I would wear it and only it around town with perhaps some leather booty shorts that basically look like a leather girdle. LEATHER IS SO IN RIGHT NOW. I shall also do lunges in my leather suit. hope there is no labia flashing. you da best xo

  • Allira

    Allira Swick
    I don't have twitter, oh no!! :(

    BUT I DIE for this jacket.
    Other than wearing it to warm my upper bod and look amaaaze, I'd wrap it around my pelvis while exiting all vehicles so as to avoid the Britney.


  • gemma

    Arghhh LOVE the jacket!

    If I won, I would wear the jacket tied around my neck as a cape and take to the streets yelling 'come see me in my amazing acne jacket!!' then maybe get arrested for disturbing the peace, then probably wear it with an orange jumpsuit-prison style for a little while, until released.

    Then chill out a little and wear it with some skinny jeans and killer heels.

    Gemma Carmichael
    twitter: gem_carmichael

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: 2manypeppers
    Name: Ashleigh Pepper

    As my hometown of Sydney moves into cooler weather, my status as man repeller is coming under threat by those known as 'man getters'. In these cooler and windier times, even the most illustrious of 'man getters' are getting up in my grill with their own man repelling garments (lint covered tights with visible vaj!). How am I supposed to compete?! Will I, by law of default, become a 'man getter'?! (lulz at/perish the thought! she exclaimed.)

    With this jacket, I will be able to continue to disgust the male species far into the winter months. I may continue to smugly smile and walk on in the face of, well, digusted male faces. I could pair the jacket with a men's hoodie underneath and high waisted peg leg trousers and bask in the horror of the male species, make them dumbfounded, wonder 'what is that agendered, sporty, biker hairball visitting from the 40s doing??' (I have a lot of hair… not just on my head… but I have a lot there too). Or I could just wear nothing else at all and horrify with my own repellent form melding the the repelling nature of this jacket. Either/or, with this jacket my man repelling status will live on to fight another day, and a few more after that.

    Because really, why would you want men when you can have acne?*

    *lowercase a equals both the brand and the skin condition, though the former is slightly more desirable

  • Zephyr Elf

    Zephyr Elf!
    Twitter: @Vivisect

    Oh gosh, that is an adorable bit of people wrapper, if you ask me! I am simply spoilt for choice for wearing it- it's coming into winter here in Aus, so I can say it would mainly be worn as a motivator to leave the house + brave the weather for vital coffee doses.

    I can also see this being worn with a slip underneath (so as to prevent a Britney, of course!), being cinched in with a nice belt, obnoxious tights + a turban for a jacketdress, or a sure fire way to make sure you're the only biddy in the building with that outfit! :D

    Keen to see what who wins this does with it- I have so many ideas, but I suppose I can be okay with living vicariously through other style fiends + the way they have with that glorious coat!

    P.P.S, before I shaved my head into a Tank Girl haircut, I had a huuge fluffy deathhawk, and I am proud to say I have sported a similar hairstyle for days on end- including on the flight home from a photoshoot! Teehee! ♥

  • tinatre

    Tina Trevino
    twitter: tinatre01

    I'd wear this jacket down to the lake on Thursday's when they have bands playing and everyone hangs out. Eventually, it would be used as a tent over my head to keep the glare of the sun off my head, it's a win win situation.

  • ashley h

    twitter: ashleyhouts

    i would wear this jacket with anything and everything! x

  • Vasilieva

    the bracelets are perfection

  • Nadia Simple & Funky

    Nadia Kara

    and I would wear that jacket with all my SWAG!

  • Lorenia

    Lorenia Navarro
    Twitter: lorenianp

    "I'm not gonna wear the jacket. The jacket is gonna wear me"

  • Reg

    Twitter: reginemalvarez
    name:Regine Alvarez
    e-mail address:

    If I win this jacket, I'll wear this all the time even if I live in a tropical country!

  • avone

    Twitter UN: spillmysecrets
    Name: Pearl Avone Lumanao

    I would have the chance to have that Acne jacket, I intend to wear it with my uniform under :) Hihi maybe during school days.

  • Leather & Lace

    Chloe Everett
    twitter: leatherlaceblog

    i would wear this in my underwear.. just kidding..

    just kidding..

  • Alisson Calucho

    Hey!! , If I win The ACNE jacket, would be able to use a full month but every day in a different way, How can I make it??, with my imagination and winning this espectacular jacket.


    Alisson C.

    twitter: @AlissKhole

  • Anonymous

    I'll pair it with my valentino studed shoes and do pirouette.
    and grand jete.
    and lunges.


  • rawr rawr

    I would wear the jacket as a shirt, so just some beige bra underneath. Some black shorts and neon yellow sandals from zara would suit. :)
    Lucija Jo (on facebook)

  • emma

    Ema O'Connor

    twitter: o_ema


    So um, this jacket, right. What can I say. I would prolly wear it like, all the time. Even in summer. Even in August in NYC when it's so hot that you walk a block and you half to take a shower. Well I would bike with it. And then the pit stains would get so intense that the man repelling ability i was born with would become so turbo I would probably repel all men into extinction. So maybe you shouldn't give it to me, cause then there would be no men to repel, and what's the fun in that? But I would wear it with a purty cute fluffy skirt wedge combo. your choice.

  • Olga

    i would show everyone in austria what a lovely acne jacket looks like, since we don't have acne over here…!

    twitter: olikosi
    name: olga kosnic

  • Olga

    god, can you believe it?! no acne in austria..!!!
    damn, this jacket would be truly life changing :) !

  • deareva

    Twitter: evaevatutu

    I would so bathe with it. It's screaming for some pleasure in the water..

  • Jehane

    If I won this jacket, let's see what would I do? I would wear it– just the jacket and the jacket alone, zipped up. I want to put it through a 24hr intensive for Britney tendencies, in true blogger style ALL THE WAY. I'm talking over passes with stairs, buses and train entry/exits, jumping castles(why not?), public speeches whilst doing lunges with gelled hair, talking whilst walking (24hrs right?!)and running from the press etc. Just an average day and all this whilst experiencing the soft silk lining…mmm ACNE WILL YOU PASS THE TEST???

    Twitter following you and the other, tick tick
    Like the other (ie mytherese)TICK!

    Jehane Lindley is the name
    haneylindley is the twitter is mail

  • magpie

    Anna Winston

    Long time lurker, first time poster, will do anything for Acne. Not kidding – try me.

  • LoveE ♥

    Absolutely adore this dress, you look gorgeous! Have fun overseas!

    Name: Evana Liakos
    twitter: missevana

    That jacket is stunning, and I would most probably use it as a laptop warmer and maybe, you know, wear it a few thousand times. But mainly for the laptop.

  •!/ausrine.ramanauskaite Ausrine Deficit

    Ausrine Deficit
    twitter: @AusrineDeficit

    Hey Man Repeller!

    You are THE funniest fashion blogger ever with unique taste.

    I would wear this ACNE jacket at the day time to my work where i treat people with acne (im a doctor), and i would wear it to my job at night time where people would surely see my suede ACNE jacket (im a dj).

    p.s. i think i would be the only girl in the whole country having ACNE jacket. I live in Lithuania (EU).

  • Je suis Sophie

    Love your bracelets so much!

    nice giveaway btw! following!
    twitter: je_suis_sophie_

    x Je suis Sophie

  • Kelly N.


    Seeing as I'm on exams at present, this jacket is perfectly suited to be used during my visual arts exam. I'll wear it in, masqueraded underneath my man-repelling uniform. Then, when confronted with a baffling essay question on the conceptual practice of modernism (with reference to Malevich/Mondrian) I'll whip it out, staple it to the exam paper and ta-da! My art teacher will be so overcome with the minimalism, balance and refinement that I'll be guaranteed full marks (and perhaps the #1 rank).

  • panna e caffè

    this black&white; picture is amazing!!!

    xoxo from france

  • Anonymous


    Not going to lie… I am going to wear the jacket as a jacket :) it's too gorgeous to put out fires with, too gorgeous to scrunch up into a turban. It deserves to be worn proudly, which I will! And just to keep things interesting I'll wear it with banana prints, layer it under other things and definitely not forget my birth control glasses. Pleeeease give me this jacket! xx

  • Anonymous

    I'll pet it when I'm not wearing it, hang it over my bed when I'm asleep. And tell stories to it, just like my lover. THEN, when I'm going out, I'll wear it over everything even if it's hot out I'll drape it over my hand. That's how I'll treat my pretty Acne jacket.

    twitter: maelstromical
    name : Chloe H
    i would give you a smack also.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Peatey

    Twitter: SarahJacinta

    I'd fight crime in it. ….Nah jks im not buff enough.. I would call it the coat of courage, and kiss the boy i'm in love with, before its too late :)

  • Anonymous

    First of, wow an amazing jacket – I love! And i don't own a suede jacket, which everyone should, so it's perfect :)
    I would probably wear it with everything, dresses, jeans and a t-shirt, use it to layer, and maybe even over a bikini, or is that overkill?

    My Information:
    Philippa Amalie Rudolph
    Twitter: @CLouboutinGirl

    Oh and by the way, I am Danish, so i really hope it's possible to ship the jacket to Denmark, if i win, which i am really hoping!

    Awesom Giveaway = you are awesom :)

  • Carolinas Couture

    It would be perfect for me to wear on a music festival (Peace & Love) next month.

    Twitter: CarroCouture

  • Judith Iocovozzi

    twitter// judith_louise

    Upon ownership of this glorious jacket I would probably stroke its spine for a number of hours, daydreaming of all the fun we'll have together, and all of the mischeif we may get into. I would then wear it in more ways than one, regularly, as a cape, tied at the waist, swung over my shoulder like Sinatra, zipped and buttoned and tied into a skirt, and really anything else I could possibly think of. I would hang it on the back of my chair at a restaurant, use it so beautiful laides wouldn't ruin thier shoes in rain puddles ( I am a chivalrous woman, as well as a lady who can appriciate a diva who loves her pumps) and possibly sleep next to it. Not only would I do all of these things (and more!) for this sweet and loving jacket, but it would do something nice and lovely for me! It would keep me warm, which is mostly what clothes are supposed to do , but it would also make me look and feel quite stylish at the same time! I lahhvvee tis jacket!!

    Judith L Iocovozzi

  • Kaley Komanski


    hmm, what if my name wasn't even Kaley Komanski?

    But it is, it most certainly is my name; and I am lusting over this jacket.
    I'd wear it. Plain and simple. Everywhere. I mean everywhere.

  • emily watson
    twitter: emilylwatson

    I would wear it all the time bc it is rad, including as a bikini cover-up

  • Mardjan

    Mardjan Dabir
    twitter: @acupofmardjan

    i'd wear it to a german sausage fest over my dirndl….im from germany that means i'll wear it everyday!!!!!

  • Itzel

    Awesome give away!

    Twitter: ItzelRamirez

    If I owned this jacket I would wear it day in, day out. With a nice semi see through The Kooples shirt underneath, with maybe lace shorts and studded biker boots.

    Bon voyage!


  • Jordan

    twitter- jrix

    how would i not wear this jacket? safe travels!

  • MIRT

    If I won this jacket I would turn my man repelling wife into a man getter, and I would make her wear this coat with bra, knickers (panties for those US inhabitants)and stockings with Victoria Secret style wings attached, because every girl secretly wants to be a Victoria Secrets Angel, and I am fed up of the get up she has been wearing since reading your blog. Too many layers, decreased accessibility, equals unhappy husband.


  • Linda

    Linda Hubbard

    I'm gettin hitched in Las Vegas in 3 weeks! I would totally wear this as the finishing touch to my city hall ensemble! It's hard finding that one piece that will give you a kick-ass and soft look while saying your I Dos!

  • Anonymous

    Helen K.
    twitter: kimhaeyung
    email: kimhaeyung at gmail dot com

    Oh, I would prance around with it draped over my body – and only it – and pretend it's a natural appendage of my shoulder blades. Woohoo~

    But really, I would wear it over my summer dresses, given it's not a rainy day.

  • HeartsAndShoes

    Yeaaaah I'd probs wear it layered under an army jacket thing. and wear those under a leather jacket.
    and wear those on top of one of those weird knit sweater things.
    with some neon shorts.
    or maybe with a striped dress.
    but definitely a hell of a lot of prints

    though the dinner plate idea seems pretty awesome.

    Diva Mukherji
    iwantclothes – twitter

    k brb doing lunges.

  • Reena Chohan

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Reena Chohan

    Reena Chohan
    I'd tie it around my waist and pretend I was Kelly Kapowski.

  • Cara S.

    omg i'll take it to prom! the 'in' thing these days is to take a jacket as ur date. consider this my promposal.

    name: Cara Schacter
    Twitter: @notinthecityyet

  • Charles

    what an amazing giveaway! i could never afford to buy something this fancy just for fun & I would absolutely pass out if I won this giveaway…I never win anything. I love your graduation present. I just graduated also!
    -i liked mytheresa on facebook
    -i'm following your twitter via text since i don't have a twitter account myself
    -name: charles b. goode

    I love your blog, I really do. You're amazing, but you already know this! have fun going away!
    I would wear this jacket all over the place! maybe with my giraffe belt or big red eighties belt. I think I would even wear it over my winter jacket when it's cold out! it's gorgeous.

  • laura

    twits: @laurauhlir

    Well, I promised a pal I'd go camping next week & I have yet to buy a tent. I don't even know where to buy tents. Or how to assemble one for that matter. Forget about the rest of the camping gear. So, this little Acne mammajamma is gonna help me out. I'm sure this jacket has magical powers. It's gonna make me a campfire. It's gonna repel mosquitos (and dudes, of course). And, most importantly, it's gonna bust a flex into a tent & shelter me from the wilderness. Really, it's essential camping gear & I know you don't want me to freeze/starve/die camping.

  • Jean

    twitter: someninja

    ance? in salt lake city? it would be the first of it's kind, i'm sure. as far as man repelling goes, everything here is affliction and ed hardy. gag me. gorgeous and simple, i'm sure many a man would be repelled by this monochrome jacket as they don't know what to do if you're not blinding them with your rhinestone adorned butt pockets and burnout, graffiti-ed and even more rhinestoned top. seriously in love with this gorgeous suede.

  • anita bossi



    I plan to wear the jacket all around Buenos Aires (yes! i`m an argentinian fan!) repelling PORTEÑOS
    It´s freakin´ cold down here!


  • Samantha

    Oh, holy cow! (get it…?)

    Samantha Lee
    handle: smlee87

    I'd wear it with a teeny mini and a teeny halter…jk jk jk!! Duh, I'd layer this baby over an amorphous catsuit with clogs…and I'd pomade my pixie David Bowie style. I'm drooling already.

  • Anonymous

    Katie Sieger
    @KatieSieger (original eh?)

    I would wear this acne jacket to cover up my bacne.
    Just kidding I wouldn't.
    Just kidding I would.
    …not. Just kidding.
    I don't have bacne.
    Just kidding I do.

    Just kidding.

    But in all seriousness, I would legitimately wear this jacket during the summer, because HOLY BEJEEBUS IT IS FREAKING COLD WHERE I AM. Northern Minnesota for the win! Right now, it is a balmy 43 degrees here, and that's not a joke. I am currently doing lunges per your suggestion and also in the hope that if it ever gets warmer my butt will be perfectly toned for the beach, but we know neither is gonna happen so I'm actually eating oreos.

    Just kidding?

  • Anonymous

    Elizabeth DeLee
    twitter: @elizabethdelee
    Reasons I should own this jacket:
    The main reason it was created extends far beyong that of an average "jacket". In my opinion it serves as a daily reminder of why the male sex should not own such a thing.

    - it does a lovely job of covering up some namely "lady parts" (just in case my dress,graphic t-shirt, vest, and cardigan do a poort job of that
    -in the event that I may get mugged by a thug, it should prove itself to be a nice strangulation or whipping device
    -local bikers will practically invite me into their cults
    -UV rays stand no chance of burning my delicate face skin when ACNE is covering it!
    Goodbye sunglasses and oversized hats, hello head and face wrap
    -when doing walking lunges through large crowds, this jacket would be my scapegoat. I already hear MALE comments, "Why the hell is this chich lunging down 4th Street? Wait. Hold on. What is she swinging above her head like helecopter? She must be reaching 750 RPM! OMFG that so cool!Bug and man repeller! I would never sleep with that chick." (This is when I snort, giggle, and hit a full on sprint towards the nearest FRO-YO shop.
    This jacket is the key to my success. Without this ACNE jacket in my wardrobe men will practically be flinging themselves at my bare arms. This jacket is a means of life.

  • Sian

    Sian O'Carroll

    Twitter name : SianOCarroll


    I would wear this lovely piece of Acne in any fashion that would guarantee a mass exodus of males in a 30 metre radius as an ode to the art of Man Repelling.

  • Anonymous

    Rachel Rosenhek
    twitter: @rachelrosenhek

    When the jacket becomes mine I will wear it everyday and night. I would wear it to work so all the other graphic designers I work with can drool over it. It would be subjected to a numerous amount of different accessories including weaponry braclets & brass nuckle rings, leather shorts (because everyone needs leather shorts for summer), a turban, LBD if im feeling a nice dinner out, sky high wedges, or just the jacket itself (summers hot)

  • bethlikestea

    twitter: bethlikestea
    name: beth mcfarlane

    i'd wear this jacket everyday as it would be a staple in my wardrobe this summer. mostly due to the fact that layering (to a ridiculous degree sometimes) is a necessity here in freezing scotland.

    on the occasional blue moon when the sun decides to let scotland have some heat i wouldn't let the jacket go to waste, my baby unicorn would wear it. wear it fabulously indeed.

    and i'd obviously walk up and down streets repelling men right, left and centre. what else?

  • Tania T

    Tania Tommasini

    twitter: TaniaTommasini


    I'd totally use it to get the skirt I just bought today to look Man Repelling instead of Man Getting. And I'd totally go around London boasting about it.

  • Katie M.

    Tweet Tweet: @KTmillar
    Name: Katie
    e-mail (do people still use this?):

    I would wear this jacket with everything & anything (or nothing?) because it is a delight colour & texture (suede).

  • Jess

    Name: Jessica Steinberg
    Twitter Name: Jess_Steinberg

    What I Will Do With The Jacket:

    Since no men will be throwing their jackets over puddles for me, I shall chivalrously do so for myself.

  • Jess

    Oh and check out my blog

    The last post is titled "3 Girls 1 Cup" so ya know it's gotta be good.

  • Anonymous

    Alessandra Massaro
    Twitter: ale_massaro90

    With the jacket I would strut my stuff in different cities, with it over my shoulder, around my waist, etc. (every city a different way to wear it), and I would document these escapades using photography and send them to you as thanks!

  • joyce betesh

    Joyce Betesh
    Twitter: @colettebetesh

    Hi!!! Okay if I win this jacket I will first dance by myself of a few minutes and jump up and down a few times
    Then I would get cool calm and collected
    I would use the jacket as the final piece in the layering process of sweaters,sheer t-shirts, overalls, studded collar, striped socks and leopard shoes (finished off with a top knot, chain messenger bag, oversized sunglasses, and stacks of bracelets and rings).
    I will then proceed to take my repelling to the streets of my hometown Brooklyn,NY to show the old folk of this town (particularly the female type) just how to turn off the opposite sex!
    (P.s- I will most probably demonstrate this by jumping rope on my street corner :) )

  • vgdfbgdf


    I'd wear it to distract from my acne.

  • helen

    Helen Stackhouse
    twitter: helensta
    - and i can't think of anything clever to say (were you expecting cleverness?) except, i'd just wear it. a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Hannah Lee
    twitter: don't have one but this will make me sign up!

    I am the maid of honor in a wedding in 3 weeks.. do you think the bride would murder me if I wore the jacket and nothing else down the aisle??

    :-) your blog rocks my sox!!

  • Anonymous

    Ho-my. I feel may sound a bit cocky in saying so, but what the hellz: this contest was made for me.

    It just so happens I'm living in Madrid pulling the part-time grad student, part-time English teacher for little Spanish chillins gig. And what does one American in a foreign land do, besides endlessly search for peanut butter?! I kid, I kid. But not really. They aren't down with the nut butter. But that's neither here nor there. A girl from the lands of red, white and blue crafts up with ways to make herself look even MORE American! (Assimilation was never an option, I have freckles).

    You see, in order to make the cultural divide more awkward, I've decided to make a dancy video. Yes, I said dancy and no I'm not 5 years old. To clarify, dancy moves are some of the most unattractive (read: AMAAAZING) ways one can move their body- sheer man repeller gold, if you will. So I will be doing dancy moves, alone, or with whatever strangers I can coral, in front of various monuments, personas (I swear I'm bilingual) and situations that I come across. All, to the tune of Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum. Why, you may ask?

    Why. Not.

    This is where the Man Repeller and mytheresa come in. The ensemble I'll be wearing while doing these dancy moves will be boasting one of my favorite things. Hint: it begins with the letter "L". No, sadly it's not additional labia lips. Layers!! Lots o layers. I know you can get behind that. Scalloped lace layers, sheer fabric layers, multiple sock layers…a man repeller's dream. However, I am missing the final touch. A suede, tan jacket, to be exact. What luck! Not only can you help bring this dancy dream video to life, you will be aiding in creating the ultimate outfit to ward off unseemly XY chromosomes that may be lurking around the next corner. Should there be any additional convincing needed, let's just take a look at the international publicity all players involved will be getting. I mean really, this is a clear win for everyone.

    Intrigued? Interested? Up to get down? I sure hope so. I've got my dancy pants on.

    Caitlin Nelligan

  • ElyZa

    twitter: ElyZampa
    Elisa Zampieri

    i'd wear it to sleep over my floral PJ set

  • seki

    sekyiwa wi-afedzi
    t: @seki_wi
    i'd wear it like patrick bateman. over the shoulders, cuffs tucked. straight yuppie.

  • Francisco

    Twitter- mandylanglois
    Francisco Cruz

    I would go to my grave wearing that jacket.

    I am in the circus so I can lunge circles around anyone.

  • Marissa L

    Marissa Leong
    twitter: whatinthewhat

    I'd do so creative Man Repelling origami. Turban origami? Labial origami? The possibilities are endless!

  • Anonymous

    twitter: ireeeenne
    Irene Vasiliou

    I never thought I would have such a strong desire to be covered in Acne.
    Instead of acne covering my face I need some Acne in my closet.
    With this Acne at my side, I would never have to hide, in high waisted shorts and lace and bows, how my repelling wardrobe would grow….

  • sallie forrer

    I don't do twitter – does that make me ineligible? Regardless – totally liked on Facebook. If I won this jacket I would wear it – and also throw it over puddles so fancy ladies could keep their feets dry – a'la Sir Walter Raleigh
    Chivalry ain't dead.

  • Anonymous

    twitter: @sarahkamely
    Sarah Kamely

    i'd wear it every where! at all hours of the day and night, not matter the temperature out side :P

  • tack

    Tracey Cox

    I'd use the coat for world domination!

  • Supernova

    You've shown the way in layering denim and layering of leather…

    I need this jacket to get layering suede, mostly in beige. There's a pair of suede shorts, suede fringed waistcoat and suede flatforms in my wardrobe just crying out for it.

    Natalie Anne Moran

  • Dylana Suarez

    Girl, you are WAY TOO CUTE! Love your blog!


  • Chez Carolinette

    Loved the dress and the purse… Oh, and off course, your funny faces! lol!

    Chez Carolinette

  • Anonymous

    Hi man repelli,
    I follow everything on twitter and you can find me on there, circlesunnies is my name cos the seventies is where im at with sunglasses right now.
    If I had the honour of winning that jem of a jacket I would wear it with ankle bashing jeans, cos nothing repels quite like a bony ankle bedecked with a frienship anklet. Love the blog, it brightens up my world-quite literally im a bonafide colour blocker.


  • mimimarina

    Hi man repelli,
    I follow everything on twitter and you can find me on there, circlesunnies is my name cos the seventies is where im at with sunglasses right now.
    If I had the honour of winning that jem of a jacket I would wear it with ankle bashing jeans, cos nothing repels quite like a bony ankle bedecked with a frienship anklet. Love the blog, it brightens up my world-quite literally im a bonafide colour blocker.


  • Anonymous

    I would have to take it to the hospital with me and wrap up my soon to be born niece, "Like a little burrito" or maybe I should say, "Like the baby Jesus". It looks the perfect part to be a swaddling cloth.
    Sincerely, Jenni From The Hood

  • Erin

    twitter: yecmind
    name: Erin Chen
    email: y.erin.chen(at)gmail(dot)com

    I would wear this jacket, my fluorescent beaded bikini, and ginormous sunglasses all around Boston while saying wassup wassup to all the ladies in the street.

  • Megan Younce

    twitter handle & name: meganyounce

    with the jacket i would do one or more of the following:

    1. lay over puddles for my imaginary boyfriend to step over, so as not to soak his imaginary shoes
    2. channel Bridget Fonda a la "Singles"

  •!/katieelks katie elks


    I, Katie Elks, would wear this khaki/sand/ecru jacket with coordinating acne pants, tank, dress, sandals and vest all in the same khaki/sand/ecru color. Topped off with talon claw cuff, snake earrings, and platinum hair (and maybe some sparkly toe rings/anklets since it is summer). This way, I would look like a giant sandman and blend in with the yellow garage door, i mean blue, just kidding, i would still blend in because no one would want to acknowledge such a nude/vitamin D deficient/pale/sandy outfit. The jacket would also convert into a tote if tied correctly for carrying a small puppy/infant/brother that is also khaki colored.

  • Anonymous

    Name: Madeleine
    Twitter: maduhlen (creative, I know)

    I'd probably use this jacket to cover puddles for my dates, men's shoes are just as important as ours!
    no but really, I'd wear that baby in reeaaaal nice.

  • Patti G

    PattiMF on twitter

  • Rachel

    Rachel freilich
    twitter : rachelf6
    if i had this jacket i would give it to my side kickin' dog. He needs this jacket because its really hard to find jackets fit for a perro picante. don't believe me? you should… plus I already has a coordinating bow tie… and hes a sharer so i think a custody agreement can be arranged…

    Whats a man repelling-dog sidekick without an acne jacket? NOTHiNG i tell you

  • Anonymous

    My fingers are so excited to type this. The possibility of winning prizes makes them get all hopeful.

    Lyrissa Caesar
    Twitter: #burningfireworks

    I'd use the jacket to scare my parents into thinking I'm a biker chick. Despite the fact that it's not black or leather, they'd quiver. All good scams need good props. :)

  • Allison


    I would caress it…all day…with my man hands.

  • Anonymous

    Remi Betesh
    Twitter @rbetesh

    well i just asked my brother if he wanted to win some acne and he gave me the death look because he's self conscious about it. So first i think i would wear it inside out around my brother so he always sees the tag!

  • verylazy

    C. Prudence
    twitter: @cprudence

  • balkis

    Twitter= @B_Awan
    Name= Balkis Awan
    E-mail address=

    ^as you can see, originality is my strongest point. therefore, i'd wear the jacket with shorts, of course. that way, my islamic father would actually let me wear shorts! YA

  • anna

    anna oliver

    recently engaged to a guy (almost) my height and having a quarter life fashion identity crisis (even though he's fabulous) because for a minute i swore off heels, to not be taller than him. thus, a serious re-evaluation of said decision ensued. this jacket would further charge my revitalization of my wardrobe!!

  • Sartorial Prozac

    Twitter: SartorialProzac
    Name: Laura

    If i had this jacket it would become my wood-cracking/tree felling implement of choice (i'm big on the nature puns) guys hate Acne in both senses of the word. It would also go with every single man-repelling item of clothing i own, i'm already considering what it would look like if i wore it backwards, and if i could fashion it into some sort of oversized turban!

    Enjoy your trip, i'm off to lunge!

  • Sartorial Prozac

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Maria Torrico

    Name: Maria Torrico
    Twitter: @EsmeTorrico

    I'd wear it with an LBD.

  • Joye Wang

    4. Joye Wang –

    Other than exercise sleep is also important, and I will be cozying up with this fine piece of suede in class, but don't worry I will get the notes afterward class from a friend. who, might I add, will be staring at my upper body in jealousy wondering why she didn't have a sexy looking suede blanket she can wear as a jacket, or the other way around.

  • Joanna


    i would wear this jacket with a bowtie and a plaid shirt (:

    Joanna Ho
    twitter: @jojojoho

  • Liz M.

    Twitter: 0xliz0x
    Name: Liz (duh.)

    Straight up? I'd just wear the dang thing like 24/7. Maybe as a loincloth. Not sure yet.

  • Anonymous

    Alyssa Mossman
    Twitter- @leeandkellyrae

    I would dry hump it, because it is (obviously) more sexually fulfilling than any man.

  • eskimo lovers

    Janet Huang

    I would wear it over my sexy lingerie. Seduce and Repel Folks!

  • Melissa

    twitter: RueJNSQ

    I'd wear it upside down – legs in arm holes – kinda like harem pants with suspenders to hold it up – of course.

  • Daphne

    twitter: @daphinition
    I would… layer,layer,colourblock…since it's winter round here.. But in all seriousness. Since i got it from a man repeller, it'd be ideal to put it to the test and wave it in men's faces. If they run, I'll wear it forever and ever and ever… ahh…man repeller powers.

  • Anonymous

    This jacket will work on men like Shark Repellant Bat-Spray works on sharks! That’s right I just used a 1960s batmen reference!

    I would wrap myself in this jacket and let the man-repellent smell of three-quearter-length-sleeved, tan suede waft through the air around me, causing men to stagger back in shock and confusion, as if they’d just been “ZOP”ed and “POW”ed by the caped crusader himself!

    To be worn with floral dresses, clogs, scarves, giant belts, and perhaps a Man Repeller-Utility-Fanny-Pack! Perfect for carrying all of my man repelling tools: brightly coloured nailed nail polish, orange lipstick and a giant pair of bug-eyed sunglasses. This jacket will make me a superhero among women and strike limp dicks into the pants of men!

    If you haven't watched old 1960s batman movies I suggest you start when you get home from your trip! Here’s the shark scene to get you started:

    Name: Karen Garth
    Twitter handle: EsmeGarth

  • Karen

    This jacket will work on men like Shark Repellant Bat-Spray works on sharks! That’s right I just used a 1960s batmen reference!

    I would wrap myself in this jacket and let the man-repellent smell of three-quearter-length-sleeved, tan suede waft through the air around me, causing men to stagger back in shock and confusion, as if they’d just been “ZOP”ed or “POW”ed by the caped crusader himself!

    To be worn with floral dresses, clogs, scarves, giant belts, and perhaps a Man Repeller-Utility-Fanny-Pack! Perfect for carrying all of my man repelling tools: brightly coloured nailed nail polish, orange lipstick and a giant pair of bug-eyed sunglasses. This jacket will make me a superhero among women and strike limp dicks into the pants of men!

    If you haven't watched old 1960s batman movies I suggest you start when you get home from your trip! Here’s the shark scene to get you started:

    Name: Karen Garth
    Twitter handle: EsmeGarth

  • dani

    Following on twitter! (@daniicalifornia) I would wear this lovely jacket over my upcoming gruesome bridesmaid dress after the nuptials to show that I actually have style! ;) And then every day after that. Luuuunge. Dani Shapiro – danisays(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • Jess

    Name: Jessica J
    No Twitter?!

    I'd probably wear it as a scarf. Because I do that with things that aren't scarves.

    But after about a year of wearing it everywhere, as a scarf/diaper/turban/necklace/jacket(because that's its /original/ function) I would probably make it into a canvas for an art project and write something like "No Hard Feelings, Acne" in big black, sopping ink on the back. Because that's what we people at art school like to call "performance art".

    PS. I like doing cartwheels in the rain, long walks on the beach, and riding my bike with no hands. Because I'm cool /man/. But seriously, my hands are always cold, wtfx?! Maybe I'll wear the jacket as mittens too.

  • carly miller

    twitter : @carlfantasy
    email :
    name : Carly Miller

    I'd wear this gem while flipping my hair back and forth, all the time.

  • Kate

    Kate Albee
    kalbee63 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    I'm moving to Germany in a couple months, and I would use this coat to repel every man in Dessau! Ow Ow!

  • Emily Whiting

    Emily Whiting

    TOTALLY don't have Twitter so I did a Facebook, but if I won that incredibly gorgeous jacket I would straight-up wear it errday. I'd layer that thang over my favorite swooshy summer dress with some tights and booties, and strut my stuff all over this town! I'll take it out to a fancy expensive dinner, then bring it home and lay it down in front of the fireplace with some fine wine, some Barry White on the stereo. Yepppppp. We gettin' ALL the way down.

  • mirella

    twitter: mirella_alexou
    name: mirella alexou

    i absolutely love the jacket, i love your blog, i love your (self-)sarcasm, i might even get close to falling in love with you. well, the last part is not exactly true, nor possible but never mind. needless to say what i would do with the jacket. i would make it an artistic statement. you know, wear it and go around like a lil smart ass and then hang it on my wall next to a warhol silk print. it would indeed make a statement.

  • Anonymous

    i absolutely love the jacket, i love your blog, i love your (self-)sarcasm, i might even get close to falling in love with you. well, the last part is not exactly true, nor possible but never mind. needless to say what i would do with the jacket. i would make it an artistic statement. you know, wear it and go around like a lil smart ass and then hang it on my wall next to a warhol silk print. it would indeed make a statement.

  • heatherheartsfashion

    Heather Alsen (facebook name cause i liked it, no twitter)

    i would WEAR it, i would wear it a LOT

  • Angela

    I already like them on facebook. :)
    I would wear it every single moment of every single day, even to sleep. Actually, especially to sleep.

  • Kaitlin

    Twitter: oraekait

    I will wear this coat over my hideous Thai Catholic private school teacher's uniform….despite the 100 degree smoggy heat that would otherwise deter me from wearing any clothing whatsoever. It will look so wrong yet so right flapping in the wind in the back of the flatbed truck I ride to work.

  • paulina

    I would make love on it. Or with it. Then I would wear it to work.
    twitter: scatteredpurls
    name: Paulina B


  • giddusadik



    Well, I would use the jkt to beat up the guys in my class. Bonus points for scaring them not only by wearing it and man repelling but by also punching them in the head with this jkt.

    Yeah, I think that pretty much sums it all up!

  • myskyblue

    twitter: keelyskyblue
    name: Keely Brazil
    email address:

    what would i do with the jacket? only wear it every day of my summer thats all dude

  • mair

    twitter: mair15

    If I won that jacket I'd wear it around portland every single freaking day (because the weather here goes from winter to summer and back in a 24 hour period) and also to repel all the hipster wannabe coffee shop barista men that wander this city plus anyone my boyfriend doesn't repel for me ; )

  • Katie

    On Twitter I'm: itskatieredmond
    In real life I'm: Katie Redmond (or sometimes Hellkat)
    Via email I'm:

    With this suAcnket I would do great, great things, including (but not limited to) covering up lonely and far too sexy maxi dresses, tying it around the waist of everything/everyone in sight, drawing a following of other suAcnket-wearing man repellers and create a suAcnket-wearing motorized-Schwinn-riding biker gang whose mission is to convert man getters worldwide into grade A man repellers, etc.

  • Natalia

    My twitter is paulmaloneypr, my email address is

    I'm thinking a full suede look…the jacket, a top, pair of pants and some banging suede shoes. Perhaps all in the shade of beige to compliment the jacket?

    Surely a suede, beige…tree-trunk looking girl would repel the boys…

    I would blend in with the trees and then jump out and scare people! ha!

  • Anonymous

    twitter: AlexandraQst

    I discovered your blog a couple of days ago so I believe winning this PERFECTION from Acne is clearly FATE! The Big guy wants me to have it! :P

    I'd love to pair it with…everything!Yeah that's right!

  • sofia alexandra nebiolo

    twitter: @sofiasupertramp

    Sofia Nebiolo

    I would take it supertrampin! DUH!?!

  • evie alkin

    evie alkin

    i would use the jacket mostly to look kind of cool and kind of rich and kind of into fashion to people in the know.
    it looks kind of good so it might distract people from my acne. fight acne with acne. okay its not really acne but pimples still suck. i guess i have knock-off acne. so i need some real acne. can you see where i'm going with this?

    good fight good night

  • Yevgeniya Yelkina

    If i won this piece, the question of how I would wear it today is rather boring, for pairing it with anything in my closet today would look incredible because this jacket is.. well.. a beautiful neutral, statement, staple. I am think more for the future, as in when I am 65 and still rocking Acne because it will be with me forever, I will be the chicest old lady, rocking it with god know what will be in style in 2045? Perhaps plastic potato sacks with leather trim? And I will tell my fashionable grandchild who will try to steal it, to whom I will politely say "you can have it when I'm rotting in my grave" how i won the lovely thing. When the age of blogging allowed for such decadent luxuries. and so in advance i thank you, if I were to win, for allowing me to have a piece that will last a lifetime, leaving behind its legacy, looking classically chic even when we travel to the world of Avatars, and tweens are having sex at the age of 9. (if we make it past 2012 that is, in that case i will stash it in an underground bunker for the aliens to find in 2,000 years after the world rejuvenates itself)


    xoo Yevy

  • s

    Funny pics;…
    Love the new banneer… ;))

    NEW IN: BAG "luggage Phantom" CELINE

  • Anonymous

    Cameron Schallenberg
    twitter: schallaz
    I would wear the jacket when I was cold in my t-shirts.

  • sarita101

    I NEED this jacket! It's perfection. I would wear it to work. I would wear it on vacation. I would wear it to the gym. I would wear it while watching TV. I would wear it to sleep. I would even wear it in the shower, if I could!

    twitter: labolita
    email scl353 (at) nyu (dot) edu


    twitter ai_celia
    e:mail is

    I would sleep with it under my pillow, hoping little acne offsprings would suddenly appear and then i would have a closet full of acne! ( I would share of corse… )

  • ginny

    twitter – @georgikwok
    email –

    i loooovveee ancee jacket! i needd acne jacckkeet! :P
    i would wear this jacket with my favourite black jeans, then i would make my tailors mannequin wear it too because everyone deserves a bit of nice acne wear :)

    thanks, georgi! xoxo

  • nanapork

    Joanna Pie
    twitter: chocolatefries
    I'll sew it to my skin permanently. (no really)

  • Anonymous

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. there are more comments here than you can shake a stick at!! (that was in no way an offense to you gentile folk). this jacket would be my boyfriend (and most likely also my best friend). kindaaaaaa like lars & the real girl. my clothes talk to me. shhh don't tell anyone. (that's silly EYE just told everyone. oops)

    but i would also use it more appropriately, & by that i mean to cover up my razor sharp nips when its cold out.

    sincerely, @taramlange or tlange….not sure?? (i'm secretly a fool who can't operate a twit account. i made it JUST for this occasion) my email i am POSITIVE of however is (drum roll…..) ciao homeskillet.

  • Anonymous

    p.s i would ALSO put it on and run around roaring like a dinosaur. i do this anyway, so, i would use this jacket to trick people into thinking im not a freak who loves dinosaurs but in fact, an extremely talented, semi delusional artist with good clothes making a statement. clothes can mind fuck you like that…( – again)

  • Emily

    I plan to wear it… On my body, of course!! No turbin, as I'm also working on the style… Though, I doubt my hair will have grown your length by Monday– Dammit! However, I'll need to figure out how to put out fires with it too– cause I'll be smokin' (well that too, but I mean… ) in it!!

  • Lesha

    If I were so blessed as to receive this jacket I would use my SkyMiles to travel into outerspace, where I would pair it with something so man-repelling that even aliens of the opposite gender would be forced to abandon their bikes in the street in order to avoid me….

    …But they would still lust for the jacket.

    I Follow mytheresa on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Sehrish

    Name: Sehrish A.
    twitter: @sabid

    I'd tie it around my waist.. Just like Jared Leto in My So Called Life.. 90s Style!!!

  • Estela

    Twitter: StArSeEeD_MeSs

    "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it"
    -William Arthur Ward

    Where "it" = ACNE Jacket. Although becoming a jacket that looks THAT good would be pretty sweet, I'd rather achieve it so I can still be my happy self and look amazing with it on me :)

    The ACNE jacket will become "THE" staple that brings & holds together all that is my man repellant wardrobe.

    1st Outfit that comes to mind would be to layer it over my bright, flowy, scoop necked, knee length, F21 multi-colour dress with brilliant blotches of blue, yellow & pink. Paired with equally vibrant & intricate yellow dangling earrings & light grey kitten heel booties that cost less than a pack of chips ta'boot!

    I would then prop my lil self on my balcony w/my fancy schmancy royal albert tea cup (w/tea in it of course, jasmine tea to be precise) & mini biscuits for a job well done.

    This would be followed by a gleeful, hippity, bippity, hop on over to a "hip" montreal club to break out dance moves Liz Lemon style to celebrate the awesomeness that is the ACNE jacket & b/c I always have a good time dancing the night away w/drunken friends all the while being sober :)

    Thus, concluding only day 1 of my Ultimate Man Repellent ACNE Jacket Win Experience, which is now only imaginary but you have the power to make a reality.

    So work that magic for me will ya?

    Much appreciated,

  • Tea Kristiansen

    Tea Kristiansen, Id wear it to cover up my sexy arms.

  • Anonymous

    I have followed mytheresa on facebook but i dont have a twitter :( sorry.

    ANYWAY. This is seriously my dream jacket. I have gone into the Acne store in Oslo so many times just to look at it..

    I promise i would make superfresh outfits out of that GORGEOUS jacket !!

  • amanda z

    Amanda Z

    use it to distill water

  • Hayley Battista

    My twitter handle is @hayleygagaloo and my email is
    This acne jacket would make my lIFE! Yes, you heard me correctly, LIFE! I have been waiting years to get my hands on a motorcycle jacket like this. I'd be the coolest kid in town, no doubt about it. If i won it would just be amazing, I would wear it with pride whilst lunging through town, perhaps, if i was feeling adventurous, I would pull a britney, scaring away all humans, not just men, for the rest of my natural (and perhaps after) life.

  • Anonymous

    Vitória Maturana

    I would wear it at my travel to buenos aires, in argentina next vacations, just too show them how fashion brazilian people can be.

  • pao

    nombre: paolina
    twitter: paomiranda26

    I would wear it over an oversized white tank and lacy bra and ripped up skinny jeans. oh and i love you so much.

  • Melissa Reisor


    Melissa Reisor

    I would wear this jacket every where and it would be wonderful! I would wear it tot work and it would look so good I would get a promotion :) this jacket would be life changing you see….

  • Anonymous

    Luci Ziegenfuhs
    twitter: @luciziegenfuhs

    Okay, so after reading all the creative responses and not being able to get past two lunges, I decided the only way I could get a chance to win the lovely jacket was by the not so nice shortcut of getting my hair gelled. So I did so. Just kidding. No, not kidding. Well…yeah, I’m just kidding but I tried though. If only gravity hadn’t been so stubborn, I would have done it.
    Anyway, if I won this jacket I would first have a heart attack and then basically wear the shit out of it until its repelling powers wore out (which I highly doubt could ever happen).

  • Cecilie

    Now.. I just joined Twitter, ONLY to follow you, so that I might have a chance to win that Acne jacket.

    And this is how I'd wear it: with nothing else underneath it, but a yellow bikini. Paired of course with some pink and orange platform sandals. Meaning, I wouldn't take the jacket off – even sweating at the beach.

    Have a nice flight xx


  • Conde Homer


    Look, Man Repeller I have to be honest with you. I can't stand suede and I hate beige – Beige is pointless and suede is just evil. However, I can't resist a challenge. So please feel free to give the jacket to someone who would just as soon sleep with Colonel Gaddaffi for a Swatch Watch if it had a picture of Lady Gaga on it as follow this theresa chick on Twitter. Or you could give it to me and dare me to wear it more than once before putting it in a plastic bag and donating it to Oxfam.

  • Lee

    lee drahl
    tweet: leethemusical

    I'd wear it as a swimsuit cover-up– allll summer long!!

  • krista

    name: krista
    twitter: I don't have one, that's why I liked them on facebook

    So I would wear this at the beach, over a bikini, because nothing says going from man getting to man repelling like I'm basically wearing my underwear, but wait, I'm wearing an awesome leather jacket made by a Swedish brand that sounds like pimples that you can't take off. . . AND I can show off my newly toned thighs from all of these lunges!

  • Maddison Rothery

    Maddison Rothery

    This would become my tent, blanket, pillow and makeshift nunchucks during my impending travel-gap-year. I'm going alone. Help a girl out.


  • Anonymous

    Andrea F.

    I'll be wearing that at work most days of the week cause its so freakin' cold in my office!

  • Classic Tart

    Boom, done, following.
    Name: Sabel H.

    Twitter: sabelelizabeth

    I'm thinking of wearing it the most extreme way possible. So its going to be on my arms and upper body region. I'm a full-fledged fashion dare devil.

  • Alba
    Alba Jauregui

    I would wear this jacket EVERY day, morning, noon and night! & use it to my BEST man repeller abilities. <3

  • outfitqueen

    hellooo i'm @outfitqueen on TWIIIIITTERRR!!

    i would wear it with my AMAZINGLY tye-dye tribal print jumpsuit i just bought from a street fair today!! it would be perrrrfff!!!

  • Brigid

    Name: Brigid S.

    (I liked them on fb)

    I'd wear the jacket everytime I read your blog, which means I'd never take it off!

  • Meanz

    twitter: @meanzchan
    name: Meanz Chan

    I'd wear it everywhere with anything, or nothing ;)

  • Anonymous

    i really miss you. is it tuesday yet? mehhhhhhh

  • Shruti Shetty

    Shruti Shetty

    twitter : @retr0ch1ck

    OMG! Acne + Suede would make my world spin. I would use this awesome light jacket to paraglide through the australian winter! And also help keep all the other ladies warm, as they burn with JEALOUSY!!! … Ha!

  • Meghan Pickrell

    Name: Meghan Pickrell
    Twitter: meghanpickrell (original i know)

    If I won this fab, man repeller, motorcycle jacket I would take a photo of myself with a crew of hell's angels to be posted on MR. yup.

  • Julia
  • Colette de Beus


    I would wear this literally everywhere I go, run up to random people and rub it in their faces. Then, take obnoxious, stereotypical blogger-pose pictures and post them all over the internet so everyone can be jealous of my amazing new jacket, because that is just the way I am. Can this be worn as a turban? …I'll make it work.

  • Vanessa

    Vanessa Wright

    email: vanessajane.wright[at]gmail[dot]com
    twitter: @always_vanessa

    I'd wear it over all my jackets in an effort to look as bulky as possible and be a true man repeller. This jacket would be the jewel in the crown of my wardrobe.

  • Deb

    I'd wear it like a jacket
    Wont be looking' like a sack -
    It leaves you feeling hot and cold
    And young and hot and young NOT OLD
    And if you are wearing sleeves, girl please
    If they ain't suede you've gone and made
    A damn mistake, fool, open your eyes
    And your ears
    So you can hear me disappear
    Silent like a ghost and looking fresh as toast
    I got some flavour to expel, I got some rumours to dispel
    I got all the ladies on my spell
    But ain't no men
    Cause I REPEL!

    Name: Deborah Hartstein
    Twitter: okdoil

  • Ausrine Deficit

    Ausrine Deficit

    twitter: @AusrineDeficit

    Hey Man Repeller!

    You are THE funniest fashion blogger ever with unique taste.

    I would wear this ACNE jacket at the day time to my work where i treat people with acne (im a doctor), and i would wear it to my job at night time where people would surely see my suede ACNE jacket (im a dj).

    p.s. i think i would be the ONLY girl in the whole country having ACNE jacket. I live in small rainy country – Lithuania (EU).

  • Raynielle


  • Mirjam

    Mirjam König
    Twitter: mirjamkoenig

    If I would win this jacket, I would style my hair like you said and do the jacket as a bow in it! :)

  • Hannah

    Love this jacket. I'd wear it as an avant garde skirt

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm now being that its suppose to be summer here in the UK and as im sure you are fully aware 'ITS RAINING!!!' So im thinking i could stretch the coat over a branch and make a funky umbrella to brighten my day – what say you??

  • Laura

    Hi!! I would wear that jacket with black and white!! I just have a thing for black skinny trousers plus white shirt plus an Acne beige jacket hahaha
    Mi name is: Laura Rodríguez Salgado
    My twitter thing is: LauraRgSalgado
    Surprisingly, my email is:
    Kisses from Spain!!

  • Frøken Farmer

    I would wear it when I feed the lambs that were abandoned by their mother, (I am a sheepfarmer,) so that they can say "hey, my mother didn't want me, but my stepmother is super stylish!".

    Peace & Love!

    Line Harbak
    Twitter: @LineHarbak

  • the lucky star

    Don't have twitter but I "liked" on facebook. My e-mail is I would wear this leather jacket with feminine spring dresses to give the look an edgier feel!


  • lauren

    Lauren Fritsch


    as for the jacket? It will be my go-to swimsuit coverup at the beach, the pool, and while trying to avoid sun in my courtyard. What could look better than a leopard print monokini, pasty white skin, and a khaki jacket?

    methinks not much.

  • kelly m

    Kelly Martin
    twitter: martihard

    If this beautiful jacket were mine, ahh what a dream that would be. I would wear it even on the hottest of days, perhaps over a bikini?…C'monnn it's damn hot out! I would also use it as a blueprint so I could make a mini-version for my adorable pitbull, Flapjack. Yes, i named him after pancakes. He's an american badass and can appreciate a good motorcycle jacket. Dude knows his shit. So, you see, if I were to win this jacket not only would you be fulfilling a dream of mine but also that of my pitty Flapjack. We would be forever grateful.

    Plus. I could never afford this jacket. Unless of course, I sold my body….or my dog. Do you really want that hanging over your head? Poor little Flapjack workin the streets all for a sweet ass suede motorcycle jacket…..actually…hmm…ooooooo Flapjack!!

    In closing, if I do not win this jacket by acne, fret not, I will stay a loyal reader..just with a chip on my shoulder…just kidding just I won't just kidding yes I will just kidding just kidding…. Well I'm off, God speed and steadfast fellow man repellers.

  • frede


    i will use it to do all the things i love: eat fish'n chips from, work out in.. and on, as a shopping net, sleep in it and make have some cake from it.
    Thx hope i win!

  • The Fine Life

    I want this jacket for the following reasons:

    1: To repel man-eating mosquitos and dive-bombing cicadas.
    2: To cheer up my depressed wardrobe, because meds aren't working.
    3: To bring a little NY class and label love to the South.
    4: To give me another reason to talk about YOU and Man Repeller.

    You can find me on the T: @livethefinelife
    Or email me through my blog:

  • Anonymous

    twitter – jello244
    name – Julia
    email –

    As for the jacket, I would wear, love it and best of all I would make my friends very jealous with it. :)

  • Anonymous

    I did the lunges as the first step.

    Jaimeson Taylor!/loljlt666

    I'd use the jacket to impress future employers, make $$$$, and climb the social ladder of life. I'm aiming for a mental breakdown by 40 in which I give all my belongings to charity. This jacket may end up in Africa! Give it to me!

  • Jenjen


    i go to vet school
    i'd wear id wear it all day, even to my anatomy labs… with my latex gloves, lab coat, and my hunter's …of course! lol

  • Sabine from SAT

    Gave me a hot flash!

    Sabine Akemi Takechi
    twitter: @jmappellesabine

    I want dAt acne all over me baby!
    hot hot hot!

  • Erini

    Twitter: Erini Tsatalos

    If I were to have this jacket, I would wear it with a loose black dress. I would want to get a really summer vibe :)

  • Stacey Karl

    Stacey Karl
    Twitter: @StaceyKarl
    ^lol aol…can you tell I've had that email since I was 14?

    I would use it to cover up puddles in the street for Martin Luther King Jr. But considering he's been dead for quite some time I think I might just have to wear it in the mean time. Maybe layer it over some completely revealing boob cups.


  • motejournalisten

    Can I just say; I love, love, love your blog! I am copying some of these pictures to make a post about how more bloggers should try to have the expressions you have on your face more often! Love it! :-)

  • Anonymous

    Natalie Alizaga
    If I won this fabulous jacket, I would use it over my new summer dresses. I'm also hoping this dress has some miraculous anti-humidity powers, since I'll be needing them for my move to DC. Word.

  • Elizabeth Briana

    Elizabeth Briana:
    + @brianasays
    + ebrianaabrams [at] gmail [dot] com.

    I would most definitely either fashion this jacket into some sort of nunchucks weapon (for maximum man repelling) or use it as part of a hot air balloon

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: a_melvs

    I literally joined twitter for the awesomeness that is this jacket.
    If I win it, I plan to wear it with leggings/tights & a skirt or shorts to show off my lunge-ful legs in true man-repelling form.

  • Tiffany S.

    Tiffany S.
    twitter: tiffanysphoto

    I'd wear it with my Canucks gear to make my love for the sports team a fashionable love.

  • Rio


    twitter: rrriio

    I'm going to wear this jacket inside out for at least 2 weeks , so yeah I'll get ACNE for the first time in my life , and i don't even want to get rid of it.

  • Michele

    Michele Higgins

    I would wear it for the delicious jacket it is and also maybe as a light throw on the sofa when the weather gets a little chilly and as a picnic blanket for me and my daughter when we have our little indoor picnic lunches>>>>

  • Krizia

    Krizia Victoria
    twitter – noirboudoir
    email –
    This jacket would prevent me from not only pulling a Britney but from pulling a Naomi Campbell – reference pic:
    I would also wear it around my city, most likely with my DV Leather Hiking Boots, Mullet Top, Studded Shorts, and an overload of jewelry. All I can say is that I need this jacket… It will up my SWAG and REPELLING factor. Not like I don't have any already.

  • ilovesandwiches



    Anna Hickmott

    Ha well I'm from NZ and there is only one place to buy Acne here – and I would feel like a boss if it was mine!

  • cockringbambi

    @cockringbambi (NOT kidding!)

    I'm afraid the ACNE jacket alone won't be enough and I'll have to bully you into giving me that Wang bag as well, so my 2 new darlings can create more leather fashion offspring.

  • Anonymous

    Catalina Gomez S.
    twitter: caticagomita

    NOW, for the explanations:
    -I need to have this jacket because IT NEEDS TO BE LAYERD OVER ALL THE FUCKING BOOB CUPPING GOING ON IN MY CLOSET! save me holymanrepeller! I swear I don't know how this happened…
    -After many many months of denial, I finally gave in and got a freaking twitter account just so that I could follow your ass.
    -I am a theoretical physicist (read: work only with men) and therefore promise to scare off AN ENTIRE BUILDING POPULATED SOLELY BY MALES by wearing the above mentioned boob dresses with the fabulous ACNE jacket, a bow or three and lots of spikes. Photographical evidence would be provided of course

  • ertrtrt

    chelsea waite

    if i won this jacket, i think that after pinching myself, i would attempt world domination (thanks to all of that acne swag)

  • dagens outfit

    Tweet: Dagensoutfit

    I'd probably wear it as a bathing suit to cover up my goodies.

  • Bryony

    Bryony Mattes-Harris

    I would wear this jacket on the date I will go on with the guy who yelled at me as I walked past the pub today (in my new high waist wide leg jeans!):

    him: "nice jeans dickhead"
    me: ………..

    I walked away very fast and was feeling shy until I realized that I had completed a man repel! yay!

    He doesn't know it yet but he wants to see the jeans again. And the PERFECT piece to complement would be this jacket! hooray

    Have a fun trip!

  • Just an ordinary super hero.

    twitter: @Wildfoxeshr

    Well I'd wear it as a part of my super hero costume. This kinda blows my cover but it's definitely worth it. If i don't get the jacket,that would make me sad and fighting villains just won't be the same anymore.Well I think my loyal army of trained pigeons would be depressed also. See, I promised them they'll get a mini acne jacket as well. They were very excited because acne jacket goes well with their monocles. Now you try telling pissed off pigeons that they won't get their jackets. You know what would happen? Poop.Just poop all over me. Now excuse me, I gotta go and fight some dragons (oh yeah they are real) and solve the secret of the old clock.

  • Anonymous

    name: Lisa H
    twitter: lisa_vanh
    e-mail: lisavanh[at]hotmail[dot]nl

    I'd wear it for the sole purpose of repelling "the other sex". I mean beige… best repellant, evur. And that name, Acne, see them running already? I do.
    Who said you need birth control? Just give me that jacket and I won't be poopin' babies in a new episode of '16 and preggers'.

  • katweeena

    Katrina Just

    I'd wear it as pants by sticking my legs through the arm holes. I'd need a belt. It would then become a drop-crotch/harem pants/ass-less chaps concoction.

  • Anonymous


    I would wear it to add some more layers to my cardigan/dress/huge scarf/pile of linen -thing (it's genious, layering with just one piece of clothing), and with my fluorescent green vintage bicycle; yes, hence all the layers I'm going to have to carry my bike under my arm like a clutch. Add a polkadot bowtie and I'm ready to watch those fellas run further away!

  • Anonymous

    Oh bugger! Forgot the name! I'm Jenni! @jepakepa,

  • Anonymous

    Jane Braden-Golay

    Twitter: JaneBradenGolay

    I have a post-it stuck on my oven, from my dad, reminding me to water the salmon-colored geraniums on our rusty balcony. I'd wear this roomy piece of butter to cover up as I venture out to fulfill my daughterly duty…An absolute necessity since I'll most likely be dancing around the apartment to Tennessee Ernie in grandma lingerie, and am aiming to repell the worker ants in the office building vis-à-vis.

  • Jane

    Jane Braden-Golay

    Twitter: JaneBradenGolay

    There's a post-it stuck on my oven which reads as follows:

    Jane, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE water the geraniums on Wednesday!!! Love, Dad.

    Since I am spending all my time dancing and prancing around my apartment in grandma lingerie to Tennessee Ernie
    I am IN DESPERATE need of a roomy cover up for my grandma sexiness whilst fulfilling my daughterly watering duty that will also double as repellant contra the worker ants in the office building vis-à-vis. This piece of butter would certainly do the trick.

    Love to you from Zurich!

  • alainaelise

    Alaina Rouse
    twitter: alainaelise

    I'd probably frolic around in it. And smile. But most importantly, I would NOT wear it while I was doing my Celebrity Fit Tae-Bo, because everyone knows it's a faux pas to not be doing kicks in fluorescent spandex.

  • annie

    Name: Annie
    Twitter: @to_annie

    What I'd do with this bloody awesome Acne jacket is take it to the gym and prance around in it. Do all those lunges in it.
    Especially because I got labelled "Acne" because I wrote my name as "A-Knee" once… Yeah say it aloud.

  • Anonymous

    oooh, I'd wear as a normal jacket on Monday, the enxt day as pants (hope my legs will fit throug the sleeves!), wednesday I wont wear it, thursday as a necklace, friday as a poncho, saturday as a skirt and sunday I will cover myself with it and lay in the garden!!
    twitter: Leacita
    Lea von Martius

  • Meredith

    Meredith Esquivel

    This jacket would be my best friend and I would take it everywhere Linus (from the Peanuts) style. We would have awesome adventures solving crime and taking pictures together at famous locations around the world. Friendship rules!

  • Little Birdie

    Twit-tah: drose321
    so i try super hard to be man-repelling chic, including designing a man repeller line, and my boyfriend seems to adore my outfits anyway. odd. this jacket would just add to my man repelling style. paired with a wife beater, brick red drop crotch pants and suspenders. OR a long sleeved shirt, suuuuper short COOGI shorts (ooh girl, ghetto girl shorts are my shiz) and vans. add in my robot clock necklace to BOTH outfits, other men will be repelled.
    much love.

  • Alexandra

    I'm envisioning it as a skirt, does it get better than a skirt with arms?

    Twitter: nirinia

  • Anonymous

    Stephanie Markoulakis
    twitter: @_its_steph

    I would wear this coat frolicking down the streets of Toronto. Stopping to ask people if they would like to know where I have picked up such a hot ticket item. They would get scared and run away but regret not waiting to hear my answer..

  • Marie Selim Lindberg

    Twitter: MarieSelim

    I would wear this divine piece of delicious leather every single day, in every possible way, until it was nothing left but shreds of the label. I'd wear it with everything! All of my dresses and shorts and pants and maybe even naked, to bed! I think I'd actually travel around the world just to show that baby off. Dayum, I want that jacket even more now!

  • Megan Abigail Chandler

    twitter: @bellissimostyle
    name: Megan Abigail Chandler
    that jacket would travel with me, sleep with me, and be my all around go to fashion passion as my circa 1990 red oversized blazer or leather bomber jacket from Italy is now … they'll never be replaced as my security blankets, but this jacket could certainly join their ranks!

  • FB

    twitter: AHSMangold
    Amanda Sachs-Mangold

    …I would wear it with anything and everything, and enjoy the heck out of it. Plus, I would make an extra special effort to keep it free and clear of any and all spit up, or spit-up type fluid, but the light color might be baby camo. It can go over all of my uber-fashionable Basel Ghetto post-preg baby momma clothing, and I can feel somewhat stylish when the Art comes around. In other words, I really want that jacket, and not just because it looks like it will fit over my newly minted F cups.

  • the_d

    Dira D
    twitter: dquaredyo (not in anyway a reference to the brand cuz i'm not a label whore. just kidding…. just kidding. JK LYK OMG)
    email: (my online names get even better)
    what i would do with it?
    sleep with it, eat with it, wear it, bathe on it, wrap my future child in it, sky dive with it and use it as a parachute, roll around in it, cry and be giddy with it…. etc you know the usual.

  • Sarah

    Twitter: @scunningham71
    Name: Sarah

    If I were a good person, I would be sure to pair this jacket with acid washed jeans, turbans, and bows (maybe something plastic and barrette-y)? Yes. But odds are I will wear it this jacket the way a little girl wears her favorite things: with anything, and everything. Everyday.


  • Lala Khouri

    Larissa Khouri

    I have to describe how I use? I can't just shoot it after winning it? lol kidding … I for sure would take advantage of the cold weather now here in my country and would with tights, a liberty dress, a men's shirt with a nice print, THE jacket, a scarf and combat boots.
    That's all. Men repelled!

  • Lala Khouri

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Molly Dixon


    Wear it with as a bathrobe. Blanket. Snuggie. Stylish birth control and target for lusting onlookers from jealous bitches.

    neeeeeeeeed. x m

  • Anonymous

    twitter: calliejenschke

    What would I do with that jacket? Strap on my boots, saddle up my horse, and ride into the sunset. Giddyup

  • Anisa

    Anisa Jackson
    Twitter: ahhnisa
    I would wear it as a balaclava…

  • Kelly

    Kelly Wysong
    Twitter: kkwysong

    Im a plain Jane, so, I picture myself wearing this jacket with a light maxi or sun dress.

    Since I live in Fargo, ND (a hella fashionable place), the jacket would also enable me to continue to repel all members of my community, and it's hippie chic-ness might even allow me to up my repelling and (dare I say) be mistaken for a homeless person! This number would definitely stand out in a sea of Carhartts!

  • rohara

    Rachel O'Hara

    I would wear this jacket so hard. In the Chicago summer nonetheless. And also it would be quite useful if say I found myself in a sticky situation, if you will, where I needed to gtfo (and also it was really hot). I would put on my jacket and Alex Mack it outta there.

  • bri weadock

    i'd just wear the shit out of it

    twitter url –
    name – bri weadock
    email –

  • kate @ undeniable style

    Following both y'all on twitter.

    twitter handle: @katefranco

    Likely I'll be wearing this jacket every day of my life this summer since it is so freaking cold in SF. ALL. THE. TIME.

  • Kayla Santiago-Snyder

    Kayla Santiago-Snyder

    Twitter: @MyClicheScreenName

    I will wear it every single day for the rest of it's life. I will wear it everywhere. I will REPEL MEN with it.

  • meche

    come baaaaackk

  • Anonymous

    EVERYTHING. I will live in this jacket. I have a penchant for all things suede (my shoes & i both cry when it rains)-& so dog my dogs. Known for taking naps on my most prized fashion possessions, Banksy & Monster will definitely be rolling in Acne! 3 adorable creatures could inhabit this jacket!
    Do u doubt the power of puppies & fashion?

    Nora Sonia

  • V

    I'd like to slather this sweet acne all over my upper body, and possibly use it to put it out the fire in my buns after doing a series of squats… which I'd rather do than lunges.

    Out of context, this post sounds completely disgusting. Perfecto.


  • margiwarg

    following on twitter

    I would totally wear this jacket on my body over clothing, while walking around town and living life.

  • Beth

    Twitter: bethnguyen92
    Name: Beth Nguyen

    The question is.. what wouldn't I wear this jacket with?

  • Lorenia

    Lorenia Navarro

    I'll use it as a towel, to dry out all of my tears.

  • Anonymous

    HI there, this would be a nice tool to shield myself from the midnight sun in the summertime and the northern lights in the winter, a true multitasker.

    Pick me! Erla Björk Atladóttir.

  •!/ausrine.ramanauskaite Ausrine Deficit

    Ausrine Deficit said…

    Ausrine Deficit
    twitter: @AusrineDeficit

    Hey Man Repeller!

    You are THE funniest fashion blogger ever with unique taste.

    I would wear this ACNE jacket at the day time to my work where i treat people with acne (im a doctor), and i would wear it to my job at night time where people would surely see my suede ACNE jacket (im a dj).

    p.s. i think i would be the only girl in the whole country having ACNE jacket. I live in Lithuania (EU).

  • Anonymous


    I would love that jacket – nurture it, care for it, take it places, wear it well, maybe show it off like it were my child, snuggle it against my bosom, etc… In general give that outerwear cutie my sweet, sweet lovin'.


  • Tailored Beginnings


    "Put too many one-size-fits-all jackets on Americans and the place explodes."
    Lamar Alexander

    Save the place. Give it to a Brit.
    I would wear the jacket with a Samurai sword I found in the loft last week. Not sure how it got there. I am presuming its magical.
    Anywho, by wearing the mighty sword I would be able to fight off all raged up fans on the jacket, as finger prints on cream would be a total no no.
    And I would look totally bang tidy in this jacket.

    Chloe x

  • Fashionista Diary

    kathrin hoffmann
    t.: kathrin22

    i would instagram this jacket

  • Go-Ez*Tami

    twitter : GoEzTami

    Wow,if I WON :) IF I WON THIS jacket,I would be in haven :D I will wear it all the time,I would even sleep with it! hihi :) IF I JUST COULD WON IT :) that would be happy ending story for me and my beloved jacket :D

  • Marian D

    I'd quite simply wear that gorgeous jacket day in, day out. (And I'm 56 years old!) BTW, am already following My Theresa AND Man Repeller on Twitter – does that qualify?

  • Zoe L.

    Name: Zoe L.
    Twitter: @zomburger

    In the case that I win this jacket, nothing witty would happen. I would rock it around the globe to every city I travel to. I'd just wear it because I love it.

  • Anonymous

    Julie Lee
    twitter: julieleee

    Not gonna lie: I was seriously considering trying to gel my hair like that, or at least have a small part of my hair gelled up, like Cameron Diaz in "There's Something About Mary." But my hair is way too long and heavy for that. And Cameron Diaz only had her hair like that because of Ben Stiller's semen–and let's face it. I follow Man Repeller (obviously). Need a man to get that "gel."

    Anyway, I'd probably wear this with my high-waisted, shiny harem pants to go dancing with my friends. The second a creeper comes near, I would deflect and put my jacket on. If the high-waisted, shiny harem pants weren't enough, covering every visible part of my body with a thick, leather jacket that would make me sweat, to the point my makeup melts off my face, will do the trick.

    Facebook relationship status: Single. (Shoutout: Ma you proud?)

  • Paula

    twitter : paularituma
    For sure, gonna wear it on body. Would love to lose my acne virginity with this one!

  • getpalmd

    Twitter: getpalmd
    Facebook: Sara Näse

    Seriously, my mind is quite blank right now because those photos were stunning and that JACKET is stunning.

    But I would first protect it with some suede protection spray, because once you get your hands on something precious, you should take good care of it.

    After that I would go out for a beer to celebrate my victory, beer because red wine is not an option if you're wearing an expensive suede jacket.. it really isn't, although that would be slightly fancier. What can you do, did anyone have some better ideas than a party dedicated to a suede jacket? Makes me happy just to look at it in photos, so imagine the look on my face wearing it.

  • Calleson Edwards

    twitter: calllllley
    k i did the hair thing…
    with that jacket I would repel men of course, prance around everywhere in it, most likely even sleep in it. this acne > the acne that likes to resurface on my face from time to time…

  • daisy

    I'd wear that sexy jacket in Egypt and use it to make friends with camels!

  • gaylekm

    Gayle KM

    I'd use the jacket to blend into the desert and befriend a jackalope or two.

  • Mourt

    'Ello poppet! My name is Mourtney Cuniz (a fun game I invented where you chop and change your first and last initials for privacy purposes of course).
    Twitter: cnmuniz
    If I won this unbecoming named brand of a jacket it I would pair it with an ill-matched yellow-striped croptop that has been referred to as a vomit garment because of its neon shading. Then with my pirate shorts (the correct term is "scalloped" but I have been asked several times where my eye patch is when sporting them) and I would race downtown on my scooter to the bars as soon as finals commence to relieve pent up stress! The Acne brand jacket would also compliment the geometric shaped pimples popping up on my pale face. Sigh, no gents for me… PSYCH! I luhhh my clothes too much. Tootles, you only live once!

  • dirtbike

    i don't have twitter, so i won't bother, but:

    i used to tie my shoelaces like that back zee day (read: middle school). thanks fer bringin' back tha flavah.

  • Anonymous

    heelloooo hey what size you are wearing from the dress and the jacket? thanksss!! i loooooove this outfit! it fits you like nose to head.

  • Mariola

    I been looking for this jacket like crazy!!! i love it and I have not been able to find it anywhere!! So I would wear it as a turbant, as my PJ, as shorts as everything!!! I just think will never take it off again! ; )

    Name: Mariola Cid
    twitter: mcjewelry

    besos and thank you for the amazing blog!!! and style repeller!!

  • YoUngLiNgToN

    it's reminds me a chanel photoshoot that i did, amaz

  • anonymous

    I have no idea how you even begin to chose the winner, but I would wear that jacket over my ever growing belly (I'm preggers with my second daughter) and then I would pass it on to my oldest (she's 3.5) when she exits the phase of wearing only minnie-mouse dresses…

    twitter: sfrajnd

    seriously though, you are not only hilarious, but an inspiration. keep at it girl!

  • Drew

    Twitter: drewdfd
    Andrea Díaz

    I would most likely feed it to a baboon… Not. I would treat it with love and respect. That's the way "suAcnket" deserves to be treated.
    (love your blog btw <3)

  • Barbara

    like ur outfit! xx