That Time I Wore an Umbrella Indoors

As it happens, Lykke Li’s after party at Apotheke this passed Wednesday night will forever be known (to me, at least) as the night I wore–not held–an umbrella in doors. Yeah, yeah, I get it, Mary Poppins was cool she did it first and not only did she do it, she flew. Flew! But the way I see it, she didn’t go to concert after parties in Chinatown so as far as I’m concerned…not cool (fly) enough.
jacket: Carven, necklace: DANNIJO, t shirt: Kain, shorts: Club Monaco, purse: Alexander Wang, umbrella: Subway Street Vendor

Except when she sings about spoons full of sugar. Thar really tugs at my heart strings. Anyway, clicky, clicky, ready, ready, to have a look at an extensive photo gallery chronicling the night I wore an umbrella in doors and a few words from a la Kanon from m-m-m-moi.

AND, OMFG, ALSO: Thank you everyone, everyone, everyone who has submitted delightful to the eyeball banner options. Initially, I intended to quietly choose one from the lot but they’re all so creative and well done and since this is our blog, I think I’ll host a voting contest later today. Pull out my top ten favorite prospective banners and have you little twinkle bodies choose from them. What say you? Fun idea? Alright! Catch ya later!