How ‘Bout That Ombre, Hombre

Leandra Medine | April 8, 2011

This passed Monday I went where many a Man Repeller has gone before: to get my hair ombre’d. For those unfamiliar with this particular terminology, think of the hair treatment as a sort glorified way to frost your tips, tie dye your hair, add one more print to the equation that is your outfit. So, I went into the Bumble & Bumble hair salon downtown looking like this:

blouse: Acne, belt: J Crew, pants: The Kooples

It was actually in a topknot but looking back in hindsight, ironically enough, I was better off running around town with hair that looks like this for maximum repelling potential.

The skittles are actually not a product placement. I was just hungry and since there’s no longer gelatin in skittles, I’ve been riding the candy train day and night, night and day.

Can you see The Standard Hotel out the window? I did.
At Bumble and Bumble, I was greeted by Zoe, the colorist, later to become my simultaneous heterolifemate and hero. I’d never had my hair colored before and soon learned Zoe had an affinity for popping hair cherries. Later referred to hairy cherries exclusively. Generally speaking, it was a crass day of sorts, which is right up my alley cat. As you can see, we had buttloads of fun. Those are real laughs, real ones, I tell ya.
Holy moly, she’s concocting. It’s going in my hair.
Technically, I could have walked out of the salon, hair looking just like this.
It would have been pretty Alexander Wang S/S 2011 Runway chic. No?
 …And then Zoe washed my runway hair out. And then, it was multicolored.
At this point, a Bumble stylist called Sloane took the reigns, cut my hair and styled it. It should be expressed I have a serious problem with scissors coming near me despite the fact that I wear a pair of gilded ones around my neck. 
This is the fancy product they used to keep my ombre wet sand-looking and shiny.
The spray is an important ombre accessory but back to gold scissors and my hair: Sloane was cool, her hair was neat–so were her nails–and she was wearing a pair of Rag & Bone booties that I own with tights and cool shorts. Wouldn’t you let someone who looked like this do what she pleased to your hair? See below.
 Ultimately, I made the right decision.
 See. Ombre, hombre.
  BEST FRIENDS FO’LIFE! And then night fell.
all photos by JM Houle

Okay now. I showed you mine. Your turn, suckas!

Bumble & Bumble Downtown Hair Salon
415 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10014
t: 212 521 6500
Hair color by Zoe
Styling by Sloane

  • Francia

    Love it! You look great 🙂

  • Danish Demeanor

    great look

  • indie.electronic.alternative.

    i love it- it brightens up your face. "heterolifemate", "buttloads"? you're climbing the ranks of my girl crush list every day.

  • PattyP

    you look danggg sexayyy! *sings* tap that… right on the floor!tap that… give me some more! Ok, is that too much? yeahh…. Awkwarddd Antlers.

  • J’Anns Boutique

    Love the new cut and color.

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  • Collections

    You look gorgeous. So glad you found your heterolifemate everyone needs one haha

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  • jessica january

    it looks amazing! i need some ombre in my life!!

    january, x

  • Rebecca Jane

    It turned out so nicely! I really like the ombre look.

  • nicole

    You look fabulous. I'm really digging the ombre trend, and I like that yours is subtle. What a beautiful salon, too. Thanks for sharing the experience! xo.

  • Fashion Agony
  • Ashley

    i have never dyed me hair. and i couldnt decide what to do. but i love it! i think i will do that to pop my dye cherry. thanks!

  • Higgenbottom

    you look great!

  • Marianne

    I am wildly covetous of your hair. Wildly.

  • l.c.s.

    it looks awesome! i can't believe you have never colored your hair before- impressive


  • Jessie

    i love this look. you can pull it of and i love how subtle yours is. unfortunately it would not be a great look on me but i thoroughly respect those that can pull this one off.

  • modanuovo

    that is so funny! i did the EXACT same thing for a salon in Atlanta bc they needed the practice…never had my hair colored before either, and i'm a brunette! we're so alike… :)looks bangin'

  • Lydia

    This looks so awesome. I've never even thought to do that before. Right choice, indeed.

  • Eugenia Woods

    Looks so great!

  • Andrea Neudorf

    LOVE the new hair!!!!!!!

  • Absolutely Mrs. K

    i have checked out your blog several times, and i always ended up like, no…but then, I thought, this girl is a genius, she has style and a fabulous fashion sense. i love the fact that you don't take it all to serious. you know how to work with different types of clothing, but you always look like you; this means that you have a divine fashion identity. you had me when you looked like a fish… really made me laugh. you are a pretty unique girl and i like unique girls with fabulous style, so don't loose your identity. PS love your hair, your waves are so natural….

  • marialε

    love it!


  • Vee

    your hair looks amazing!!

  • Whitney

    I did the cheap version of this and just let my roots grow out. When I mentioned dying my hair all one color a guy said NO it looks good they way it is…Clearly I have not been paying enough attention to the master (you).

    Enjoy your new hair!

  • Melissa

    awesomeness, taking man repelling to the next level



    i too am looking into this technique. looks fab on YOuuuu!

    jess s//

  • Anonymous

    you mentioned gelatin…are you vegan?

  • Silvinha

    I loved this post! kkkk


    Silvia –

  • Anonymous

    Spectacular!!! I'm definitely on board!

  • Affair with my Closet

    I'm Flavia, a blogger from Brazil. My blog has been quoted as a reference site for the self-styled "" (from Russia). I would love to invite you to visit me when you have a chance. You're beautiful, talented and has a wonderful job! I following you and your blog fascinated me! Blogs I like to awaken inspiration, and when that happens, I become immediately follower. Congratulations for the beautiful work that presents here! It will be an honor to have you as my new follower.
    Kisses for you ~.~
    Flávia cruz

  • Anonymous

    hahah you are amazing! the ombre looks FANTASTIC on you, really love it!

  • Priscilla Francine Makeup

    I have been unsure if I like this new style of hair color…but you pull it off so well! It is beautiful on you! Cute pictures!!

  • celene ♥

    adore it bella you look amaze !

  • Anonymous

    love it, love you and your hair
    I will look into doing it too!!

  • kate

    My hair does that shiz on it's own. Like magic.

  • danielleuniverse
  • AD

    That Sloane can seriously rock a red lip, too. J'adore.

  • Varta

    love the ombre! check out my review on it:

  • Natasha

    I really want my hair dip dyed but I don't think I've got enough for it!! BOO
    It really suits you though – you look gorgeous!

  • Ashley

    Love it! I've been thinking about doing this as well. Yours looks awesome!

  • Kate

    Looks so great!! I was kind of worried at first, but you proved me wrong!

  • adrienne

    The ombre looks gorgeous on you! You have such a great smile 🙂

  • monsefuentes

    genial, lindo corte.

    XX,Monse F.-

  • Pepa Xavier

    Hello there, just find your blog. I'm thinking of getting my hair ombred too. But, I'm not gonna lie, I'm scared to death! Are you enjoying it? No regrets yet?

  • Frii

    haha youre amazing 😀 your blogs cheerful!

  • My Style Canvas

    All three of you look great. Love the cut and color.

  • meche

    your hair turned out great!
    and you inspired me to do some serious man-repelling today: harem pants + oxfords – walked right pass a construction site totally relaxed

  • The Girl in the Afternoon

    I've never really liked the ombre hair trend, but damn if you haven't made me a believer. Looks gorgeous and natural. You might be man-repelling, but you are woman-converting, lol.

  • Rebecca from See You in Sweden

    looks good but might you'll have to work extra hard to make that nice new hair man-repelling. i'm sure you're up to the challenge though.

  • Ingibjorg Ruth

    your hair turned out great!

  • GingerAftertaste

    I have never dyed my hair, I admire you, really…! how long did you stay glued to that chair?

  • Brie

    I actually have a huge lady-crush on your right now… especially since i'm eating wonderful gelatin-free skittles. right. at. this. moment.
    my only question is how does it look the day after, when it's not styled by the magicians at b&b;? granted your hair is fabulous in general, but i am just full of curiosity

  • The Fancy Teacup

    Girl, you look super hot. Well done by Bumble & Bumble.
    much love.

  • TheBeautyFile

    Gorgeous!!!! Love the ombre, hombre!!!!

  • Gabrielle

    Love the ombre look on you 🙂

  • Anonymous

    prefer the old do….more classic…

  • michelle_

    i dont know why.. but ombre doesnt look that repelling when its on Caucasians.. but its soooo repelling for asian faced people like me..

  • Francesca

    u look fab- i have ombre hair but just bc i was a blonde before and its growing out!!


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!!

  • Nomadic D.

    love it! brings so much light into your face! and the best thing about ombre hair (I've been an ombre abuser for years now) is that you never need to touch it up. Roots? Pshaw! Roots is the whole POINT here! I literally get my hair colored once a year. You're gonna love it.

  • elettra

    You look fabulous girl! 🙂

  • Anna

    gorgeous, just gorgeous. May check out the salon, I live in the neighborhood and pass by all the time.

  • Melissa

    Beauties. DUH.

  • Santina

    Your hair looks gorgeous!

    And, the day Skittles went gelatin-free was one of the happiest of my life!

  • Baoto


  • Ash

    You look gorgeous! But oh the man repelling opportunities with ombre hair…

    Jill sans Jack

  • Christine Yun

    love your new hairstyle! looks great!


  • Iubire

    simply beautiful!
    i love you new look!!!!
    xoxo from Chile
    much light in your life

  • fyi

    i love it! i've been looking to do this too, but looking for the right salon. looks like Bumble & Bumble is the place to go! check out their ombre at into the gloss:

  • jhuynh
  • pelininstyle

    Amazing! I really liked your new style

  • Fleurette

    You can't be a man repeller with this hairdo. I adore it mucho!!!

  • GGM

    Loveeeeee every single picture and every thing you described about the whole process in your hair. The results were awsome!

  • Anette

    looks fantastic!

  • ddferg

    i want to go to there.

  • kelly frances

    everyone needs a good pampering!!

  • Whitney

    That fucking ombre shit is whack. I hope they didn't make you pay for that. Bobby!

  • Kimberly

    love this look on you! my hair was like that before i cut some of my ends up and off went the ombre hair oh well i needed that cut!

  • Jessica

    I'm having a little heart attack!! I can't find your top from this post on the acne website. help!! is it gone?

    p.s love the hair!!!

  • sewcial ♥ Jenima

    Nice!! Lookin good… possibly too good for repelling!

    I just spent the last month gradually ombre-ing my hair… hmm, does that mean I ombre ombred? blogged about it last night actually…

  • Ms LadyCakes

    You are unbelievably charming and adorable! 🙂

  • vain319

    you have really good sharp pictures/I love the fashions,I guess I am a real man repeller,lol
    because I dig everything
    still spring-cleaning my closets and I have a ton of man getters and a look its on the ebay..

  • a962047a-695c-11e0-ad15-000bcdca4d7a

    I ombre'd my hair 6 months ago…and mustaches ARE SO OVER, so quit it.

    I personally really enjoy the term "Lady Boner" and I am sure that I will never get tired of it.


  • Yanna Beau

    oh man! I just got this done too, big decision since i have never colored my hair. I went MIA blond on the bottoms and i love it 🙂

  • Kathy H

    Oh wow, your ombre hair came out fantastic! I grew up with parents who were hairstylists (they're retired), so to me, the ombre trend just sounded like grown out dye treatment (ew!). I am a brunette so to me, I'd be horrified to have dark roots and light tips that look burnt (I've seen supposed ombre hair that was so not haute.). Yours looks perfect!

  • kelsey

    i am a huge fan of Bb product. your hair looks fantastic! i want to try the ombre look.

  • Mattea

    i have really similar hair to yours and have never dyed it, but have been wanting to ever since you posted this! i don't live in new york, but it turns out i have a bumble and bumble salon right in my tiny PA town that can do some similar ombre'ing. thank you for inspiring me to finally go through with it!

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