Vintage Vendredi: Suede x Suede x Suede

Leandra Medine | March 25, 2011

I could have just named this post “Suede Cubed.”

Hi party people. Remember this installment? Before you answer, I’ll just take the liberty of refreshing your memory. I intended to, every Friday, feature another garment handed over to me from the fantastical treasure chest of a closet that splits its time–in true Jewish grandmother spirit–between New York, Florida–and here’s the fancy kick–Cannes, France. 

Heck yes the last of the closet division means free accommodations should I ever attend the Cannes Film Festival.

In any case, the garment that gets the VSquared (get it, get it? Vintage Vendredi. Where was all this math savvy in high school? I was always this math savvy) treatment today found it’s way over from a closet in New York.

 jacket: Vintage, t shirt: Club Monaco, suede pants: Rag & Bone, cuff: Young&Ng;, ring: Rachel Rachel Roy, sting ray imprint cuff: WGACA

It’s orange, it’s suede. It’s perfect. Let’s talk fabric blocking.

I am essentially hitting two birds with one stone because I’m color blocking and fabric blocking. As evidenced by the title of this post though, there’s one more element of suede to come in to play. I’d never cheat you little flamingos, so here it is.

shoes: Jimmy Choo

Yes I needed a pedicure but for the sake of a good photo, I waited until after the shoot so to match my nail color to my shoe color. Also, I do appreciate a few imperfections and on this day, chipped nails were it.

I have another surprise for you…

I matched a DIYed turban to the corduroy chair that I knew would play a key role in the art direction and formation on this blog post. This is intrinsic shit, guys. Things don’t just happen.

A little history about the shirt: my grandmother is the fanciest Turkish woman to walk planet earth. The point of that though was just to tell you that she is Turkish and thus bought the shirt in…Turkey. When I stole it from her home, it was sitting among an entire rainbow of different colored suede button ups. I wanted to take a green one to wear with purple pants but then I remembered I didn’t own purple pants. I do now though, so Suede Cubed may or may not make a comeback in the coming weeks.

The point of this installment was fabric blocking though. So I chose orange to wear with red to look like Fall while preaching Spring’s arrival. So multi-layered and dichotomous, eh?

Ultimately, this post seemed like a timely follow to yesterday’s post. Celebrating the importance of different generations of fashion and personal style is sometimes overlooked, even in a world where vintage clothes are far more valuable and lucrative than those brand new, so taking a few moments to highlight some of the colors, shapes and fabrics that tugged at the heartstrings of the women that came before we did just seemed like a proper way to ring in the weekend.

Here’s to hitting menopause.
All photos by Naomi Shon, duh.

  • Inside my head and wardrobe

    i love the pink with the orange it goes really well ! love this entire look

  • Lydia

    Love the turban! My favorite head piece. Sweet kit.

  • percentblog

    Ooooh, this is one of my favorite looks yet. The bright colors just make you look so approachable… to anyone without a y chromosome.

  • Mrs. C

    I WANT those leggings!!!! NOW NOW NOW!!!! Loving these colors and suede together!!! What do you think of some of my Closet Confessions?

  • rebecca

    your outfit is just perfect. love the way you dress, look and write… I'm really glad I finally found your blog! regards from sweden.

  • Vicki

    Oh Man Repella, you never bore me! Luv dizzzz

  • CK

    those red suede pants are amazing. want.

  • Traveling Lipstick

    Woooh nice, and not even that man repelling, but although you color block they match! Ha! They are still harmonic!

  • Megan Hattie

    I love it! All! I bought a black suede vest last weekend, haha. I love these colors, especially the shade of the jacket and the pants, with the loooong zipper! Fantastique


  • Anonymous

    Love that you dedicated this to your grandma. It's nice to see you serious every now and then. Though, lol, the menopause part was a great way to end!!

  • Fashion Agony

    You know how to mix fabrics and patters! Love that jacket and your bracelets so much!


  • Collections

    Love the orange is a great color. I have to get on the diy head turban thing.

  • TheFashionAddict

    This look is so cool. I love your suede pants, the colour is wonderful!

  • Anonymous

    man repeller, i have such a crush on you!

  • jessica january

    that cuff is redonkulous. i looooove your raspberry suede trousers! the zipper detail is amazing!

    january, x

  • Jessie

    great great head piece and orange coat! stunning girl.

  • ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR

    Perfect color combo doll, love all the suede combined…how lucky are you to have such a fashionable gma?

    XoXO-Kelli K

  • Maria Maliki

    amazing colours

  • The Foolish Aesthete

    Absolutely love the texture and colors! I am inspired to mix red and yellow today due to your post.

  • Ola

    LOVE your outfit!!!!

  • Pooper pants

    Man repelling must have a reverse effect on the vaginal sort, because we all think you're the jam.

    In keeping with the idea of finding fashion inspiration in the past, have you ever seen Marlene Dietrich in "Morocco?" She is the ultimate icon in sporting menswear:

  • Nomadic D.

    You're turkish?! So am I! We could be long lost cousins or something! Or, like, not related at all. Sorry, just got carried away there for a second. Back to reality, your pants are dope and that shirt/jacket (shacket?) rocks.

  • Danish Demeanor

    Totally in love with the orange jacket – amazing.

  • Ofelia

    love the color blocking!

    Glass of Fashion

  • Closet Fashionista

    Love love love this! Those pants are amazingggg! As are the shoes and the top, haha

  • Anonymous

    The green chair is the perfect foil for your gorgeeeoouuss outfit!

  • Anonymous

    love your colorblocking

  • Tailored Beginnings

    love the colour blocking.
    & the way you put together outfits.

    sososo inspiring! LOVE IT

  • Vfriedrich

    I heart you for putting on the tangerine! XO Valerie

  • The Fancy Teacup

    That orange suede shirt stolen from your Turkish grandma is priceless! Love the fabric blocking and how you matched you turban to the settee. Can't wait to see another Suede Cubed post with those delicious purple pants.
    much love.

  • Nino Eliava

    hahahaah =)) my second toe is longer just as urs =))

    love ur oufit

  • mlane

    those shoes are bombass. I need them. Also digging the matching nailpolish 🙂


    I love the shoes!!!

  • Alexa

    That is a badass zip on the trousers. Am lusting after it now.

  • Fiona McG

    I sincerely believe in the concept of dressing for the ladies versus dressing for the penis.

    This is defintiely one for the ladies cause I LOVE this. Especially the trousers.

  • Karen Coelho

    I am Brazilian and my name is Karen! Love your blog. He is magical and I speak for all his friends here in Brazil. You are beautiful, the looks are perfect and the way writing is sensational!

    Congratulations … I invite you to learn a little of what we have here in Brazil!

    kisses, Karen


  • CoutureLook by Jane

    you are precious.

  • Nikki

    The orange and the pinkish purple from your pants clash in a very lovely way ^^ x

  • Britney

    Guuurl, you sure know how to dress!

  • Molly Marler

    holy shit. where have you been all my life? brilliant. really. gorgeous. see you tomorrow. xo

  • Maycie After Five

    My god! Those pants are killer!

  • JustChiffonandDandy

    Those shoes…..that cuff……..that turban….faint.

  • Carnivorous Seaweed

    must say your personal outfit choices get better every post.

  • Kimberly

    love the outfit! the colors together are amazing and those shoes are great!

  • arriviste

    MR, you are a sartorial genius.

  • Natasha

    i would never have thought that so much suede could make me feel so happy.

  • elettra

    Those pants are to die for! And paired with the vintage shirt are a perfect combo!

  • Gabrielle

    So good…the colors of all that suede really mesh well together!

  • Luiza

    These purple suede pants are perfect! I want them :))

    Luiza from Lifestyle Philosophy

  • Anonymous

    your writing is really exceptional.

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    Breathtaking shoes!