Trendspotting: Revenge of The Nerds

Leandra Medine | March 1, 2011
I remember a time when knowing how to manipulate HTML was frowned upon and being anointed the resident HTML wizard meant your nights usually included Star Trek reruns and a good night kiss from your mother, whose social life was ten fold more active than your own, at 11pm. Talking URL in a social setting was suicide. Suspenders were reserved for people who couldn’t independently keep their pants up, and thick frames, for those of us incapable of committing to contact lenses. 
Fast forward ten years. If the growing vitality of the social media phenomenon and universal rejection of former blogger stereotypes that suggest perpetual loneliness and instead the emergence of “It Girl” status (I’m not hitting on myself here, people. I’m thinking about Rumi) are an indication of anything,
it’s that Steve Urkel is back, and that mo’frika isn’t transforming into Stephan Urkelle any time soon. That was a long sentence, sorry.
In any case, internet lovers, rejoice! It’s time to let our geek flags fly in a most chic manner. Here’s how:
suspenders: American Apparel, flannel: Vince, sweater: The Kooples, right hand rings: TOMTOM, YSL left hand ring: Fallon via Shop The Far Out. Photo by Naomi Shon.

In mastering the art of channeling your inner-Urkel, you’re going to need a pair of suspenders. I for one, suggest you bedazzle the metal accents. This is obviously a job for PS I Made This. You’ll get bonus points for dressing them over plaid. Before the hipster, there was the nerd. And before the nerd there was the lumberjack. But he’s not as important in this context. I’m just giving you the facts. Suspenders are a perfect tool for man repelling as they require a pair of high waist pants. And often, if not always, induce a camel-toe. Definitely include a spikey ring in the mix. It’s just silly not to.

Heels out, Maracas velvet loafers in. You can try your hand at pairing a brogue with the look too, but this is about updating old style norms. And slippers were all the rage on recent runways. I will dig deeper into this over time. 

Specs by Warby Parker. Since we’ve been buttoning our shirts to the tippy-collar for months now, all you’ll have to do in this step is continue. Add birth control glasses for dramatic effect. It may subtract attention from your camel toe. Say cheese and for extra repeller points, you can cut cheese too. (Ba da ba, chhh!)
In a most schizophrenia-chic mode, world, meet my personalities. Call us!
In one final photo, I show you how to get down. On your brother’s desk. If you don’t have a brother, I suggest you adopt one.
Ultimately, I put the fun in dysfunctional and my job is to make sure you and your closet enjoy the shit out of life. Take these style cues, snort while you laugh if you want to. And should you land a man in this ensemble, it’s only fair that you use the suspenders as a harness for inappropriate sexual purposes. He did, after all, see past your camel toe.
  • ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR

    Haha too funny…I love the plaid shirt & that TOMTOM ring 🙂

    XoXo-Kelli K

  • Collections

    Hahha I'm loving the revenge of the nerd look.

  • Steffy’s Pro’s and Con’s

    cutest nerd i have ever seen! love the plaid, suspenders, nerd glasses combo and the shoes are so weird that they are awesome.

    <3 steffy

  • Bryce

    I agree with the girl above. But mostly you just got me on the whole concept. Just yesterday I decided that highwaters were in for this spring. And tall socks with shorts were to follow for summer.

  • Fashion Agony

    Hah, what a great post! You look adorable in that nerdy outfit! 🙂


  • Sam

    Great Post! Kinda goes with mine today, fashion inspired by Pee Wee Herman. Check it out if you like.

  • Golden Dolphin

    Great Post – too cute! Where are your glasses from? I Love the pinch on the nose!

  • Mandy

    Your velvet loafers are to die for! Total man repeller!

  • Ryan

    Finally, nerds are cool! Not wild about the glasses though, everything else looks cute.


  • Life before the letter

    Hahahaha! Love this!
    Makes me want to pull on my high socks and dance to some "Canned Heat"

  • Joy C.

    You're so hilarious haha. I should get me self some loafers and suspenders stat. No wonder birth rates are at an all time low! Bring it on!

  • Deepa

    Nerds rock! That's why I married one.

  • Jasmin

    I love this look! I have everything apart from shoes…. so the quest for velvet loafers begins at once! x

  • the46thdress

    Your rings are crazy insane nice! and the glasses look rather cute 😉 xoxo Abby

  • Allie

    What an awesome post! You're inner Urkel may be funnier than the original – or maybe I just think that because your talking about something that's relevant to me. Love the outfit – and the commentary.

  • idratherbeshopping

    beyond adorable! your posts crack me up…esp when they involve camel toe. 🙂


  • Closet Fashionista

    Love this! You're looking amazing!! Yay for Steve, haha 😀

  • Charlotte Beecham
  • Cate

    I ALWAYS snort when i laugh. i am of course a terminal singelton.

  • eM

    I love your velvet slippers!!! 🙂 You look so nice, amazing 🙂



    ABSOLLLLUTELY LOOVE your shoes. they are gorgeous. love loafers.

  • blue roses

    those large rings would probably make someone as frail and fragile as mister steve urkel fall over; luckily, i have broad shoulders and a curvacious build, i would sport them any day.

  • modanista junkie

    Hahaha, I'm a total nerd, and this outfit is soooo calling my name. It has my name written all over it! Love it.


  • Melissa

    I love suspenders! I have 3 pairs. So awesome. Maybe this is why I don't have a boyfriend.

  • Vfriedrich

    You are so cute in those slacks! Can I be Booger? Maybe you can come up with an outfit to channel him; leather jacket and all. XO Valerie

  • Luxe1968

    Ok I'm going to be the first to make this prediction: I won't be a bit surprised when Hollywood comes swooping down and scoops up your little manrepelling *ss.

    Rumi may be "it" girl of the moment, but you have lasting star power – An adorable genius comedienne with mass appeal, tied up with a bow in a perfect little model's body. You BELONG on television. Btw, I'm never wrong about this stuff.

  • The Village Idiot


  • Johanna & Charles

    OMg love it! Your such a fun geek!

  • Anonymous

    I thought of Steve Urkle before I read the post actually, but then you mentioned it yourself. Steve Urkle rocks. Love it.

  • Heather –

    Thanks to Carly at Chic Steals for the tip to visit your blog. I see I am not-rocking my nerdiness in the right way. MUST COPY YOU. Just kidding. But not.

  • sisters4saymoreismore

    bwahahahahaha…. {snort} hahaha… seriously, this post made my day! my husband totally teased me for boldly rocking suspenders the other day… i KNEW it was cool!!! can i just add that you are the most fun of all the really big fashion bloggers…. its really refreshing, a daily read for sure!


  • Melody

    Lollll nice post. Love the dorky/nerdy look =) Very funnny. You actually make a nerdy look look beautiful. Very interesting and fun way of blogging. You are too funny.

    Grande Jewelry
    Grande Jewelry
    Grande Jewelry

    Hope to hear your thoughts on my blog.
    XxXx Melody XxXx

  • Pink_Diamond

    hehehe:) Like steve urkel:) …funny

  • Shoe and I

    Nerds have always been the coolest; they were onto bowties long before I was, which earns them immediate brownie points in my books! The velvet slipper is THE perfect accent to this look, especially with the schoolboy crest! Keep up the great man repelling!

  • milkteethvintage

    Those slippers are so awesome. And the suspenders looks strangely appealing. I used to rock them in my punk rock days and perhaps they'll come out of storage again…

  • theclassyturtle

    ahh what in the world would we do without your humor on the www. 🙂


    I think this might just be one of my top 5 favorite posts! Freakin' hilarious!

  • Libby, Vintage Aplomb

    hahaha this is hilarious! I love your outfit, and i'm so glad geek chic is in right now!!

  • passionlessfashionistas

    really, very well done; couldn't have said it better myself. the photo's are the cherry atop this nerd sundae…i especially like the last one, which, i believe, is an exact copy of the tv guide cover from the thrid week of november 1992.


  • Death By Shoe

    Hahaha omg whenever I wear pants like that my husband is like "why do you have to flaunt your camel toe, it's embarrassing" haha, love this post!


  • House of Lala

    Too f-ing funny. I didn't even think I was going to like this outfit from the first photo, but by the fourth one I was so sold, I want to re-create it myself. I don't know how the heck you do it – Kudos.

  • C0utureJunkie

    Ha Ha! I love this post, and I shall rejoice in my nerdy-ness [if that is even a word]. Yet I live for those velvet loafers!

  • Fashion Forestry

    Ahhhhhhh I want those slippers! Give them to me now!

    – Fashion Forestry

  • The Fancy Teacup

    Oh my goodness, you are hilarious. And clever. I'm pretty enamored with suspenders (proud owner of a few), as well as high waist bottoms and nerd glasses. And can I say that those velvet slippers are the loveliest man repelling shoes ever?
    much love.

  • Edelweissnyc

    You look rad!

  • crystal glamour
  • Anonymous

    the prettiest MR
    How could anyone resist you?

  • Anonymous

    this is too funny
    xo diana

  •!/amilli0naire ameliola

    this post's so funny i forgot to laugh

  •!/amilli0naire ameliola


  • May

    best post EVER

  • Mariel Villanueva

    Crazy! Love the outfit.

  • Miss Molly

    you are freaking hilarious – i think i say that every time i comment on your blog! i love it.. your blog puts me in a good mood all the time.. your facial expressions are extraordinary and i just love this post!

  • Anonymous

    Don't you love when everything you secretly find deadsexy becomes

    Yuss!! *pumps fist*

  • MG

    I will rock this look so hard (not harder than you obviously). Ah-maz-ing.

  • MG

    um – ps – the captcha I just filled out was shmormon…no joke. I had to tell someone.

  • shabby

    This outfit is so hideous/amazing. You always manage that balance, hmm

    xx shabby

  • Lydia

    So cool! I love these shoes!

  • emma basilone

    I am obsessed with those shoes, I might have to save up for a pair =)

  • Anonymous

    you know how life's about THE ONE? the one coat, the one pair of heels, the one foundation, the one everything. weeeell: you are my one. i am in love. every other blog i spent my time on so far has either been overtly maddening (no offence suzie) or made me feel like a girls sartorial goal in life is to make those gzys whistle as you walk by. along comes man repeller and there's a perspective somewhere on the fashion horizon. whack out UNSEX. you'd be proud at the size of my planned mad-dom. THANK YOU!

  • floraspring

    haha! i love this post!
    and the last picture is just grate, grate facial expression 😀

  • Katie

    Holy shit, I love you.
    Fashion hero.

  • Tendai Lewis, 16 , UK
  • Christine C

    I absolutely love this blog post. Being a resident Chic-geek myself lol I loved what you wrote in the intro about how 10 years ago knowing HTML was social suicide, now its something to be proud of. Love it! Personally, I love all things both tech and fashion and have felt that it was the oddest combination, but now I embrace it and have made a blog to totally devote the marriage of the two. Check it out

  • os lisas

    Sempre fui Nerd mas nunca aquela otária que todo mundo imaginava. É bom saber que nós não estamos dominando apesna o mundo corporativo, mas também o da moda, uma de minhas paixões. P.S.;TENHOS VÁRIOS SUSPENSÓRIOS E CAMISAS XADRES

  • Najlla

    Haha, I love this look!

  • fashion ista

    i read about your blog in forbes romania loved the article

  • Burberry Watches

    Hi, i just stumbled upon your blog and I wanted to say I absolutely love your post. I am trying to convince everyone that geeks are normal – they like fashion and they can be ubber fashion 😀

  • Borcane

    Great article post – thank you for the outfit tip. I totally agree with you!!