Tibing Around Soho

As many of you mangos may have already seen, last week the fancy flamingos at Tibi, including Amy Smilovic herself who has quickly been promoted from amiable designer to favorite human specimen on planet earth, and myself creeped around Soho, namely Wooster street, just near the Tibi boutique, modeling some o’my favorite spring trends.

I was particularly keen on partnering with Tibi because three years ago when my last relationship ended, my rebound dress was Tibi. This speaks volumes to my aesthetic as the dress was teal in color, long sleeve in length, silk in fabric, and smock in silhouette. It had lace-print details around the bib collar and various trims. Needless to say male interaction did not ensue until 10 months later, when plagued with the curse of Bikini season.

Sob story aside, I could detail an entire narrative for you right here and now but ultimately, the moral of the story is: there are lots of dogs in Soho and if you want to show your face on Wooster and Prince, try your hardest not to stop oncoming traffic. Also, life sized diapers are so right now. 

Those life lessons weren’t the day’s intention though. Peep the photo recollection below chronicling the fun we had and the wildly awesome clothes that came with it.
jacket: Phillip Lim, button up: Land’s End, jeans: Rag & Bone, slippers: Del Toro
It started in my own clothes. I came ready to style in the very best snow leopard I could locate.
photos by Caroline Owens
What followed included loads o’prints ready for some sartorial bartending, leather accents and perforated bits of the same sort. And would you look at those brogues to the left? Yellow snakeskin. Chew on that, Bronx Zoo Cobra.
Look #1 provided copious fun. I didn’t mean for that to rhyme but I’m glad that it did.
 This just in: wearing feathers finally pays off. I can fly! Or maybe my slippers double as Magic Carpets. Going to get Alladin on the phone to reach the bottom of it. Get it? Get it? (Left Photo, Caroline Owens. Right photo Rachel Scroggins)
 …I was just so psyched that I could fly.
photos by Rachel Scroggins
Look #2 implemented an MR favorite: the detachable collar, paired with a fisherman’s coat and what is perhaps the most perfect white eyelet strapless dress on this side of the globe. It gets extra repeller points because from my profile, I resemble a really awesome pregnant woman, who is, as we know, the worst Man Repeller of all.
Following Look #2, I used another element of eyelet to formulate Look numero tres. 
It’s my favorite fabric. Plus it’s cool with a white jacket that features sprinkling leather cut-out flower detailing on its trim. You must be wondering why I’m laughing so hard, right?
photos by Caroline Owens
Well…I was fake hailing a fake cab in a direction real cars don’t hail from, for one thing. 
I also found my way over to a bike that doesn’t belong to me and the Tibi lads insisted I borrow it. I did as they said. I’m a thief. A Wooster street loiterer and a thief. Do you see the mischief in my smile?
…Before this becomes a matter of the courts, on to Look #4:
booties: Maison Martin Margiela
As you can see, I am most certainly a real model…and will do anything to get the shot.
Even if it means stopping pedestrians to ask if I can borrow their dogs. Lucky for me, world’s largest and smallest pups were roaming Prince Street during the same time last Tuesday morning. I know neither dog but the little chihuahua belongs to a French girl who just got here from Paris and isn’t sure where she is going to live yet, in case you’re wondering. 
all mutt photos by Rachel Scroggins
Is your heart melting? 
Sorry to cut the “AWWW” fest in half, but we have prints to mix.
photos: Caroline Owens, handbag: Be & D, collar: Eleven Objects
And upper lips to lick. So that we shall do. 
For the final look, I put Sienna Miller’s bodysuit to shame with one that Amy dug out of her treasure chest:
The collar is actually DIYed from one of their silk scarves. Crafty, eh? Wish I could take credit for it but the Tibi superstars put it together. I’d caption this, but I don’t think I need to, cue the red laser beams. Thanks, Caroline.
This on the other hand,
Human diaper baby!…is what Tibi windows should look like indefinitely. 

I conclude saying this: fashion should always be fun, and if that means baring your ass and thighs, borrowing live animal stock from pedestrians and stopping oncoming traffic to the dismay of passengers, then so be it. At least I can fly, suckas!

Shop the looks here.

Who Wore it Best?
 Photo by Caroline, Illustration by Inslee. You can chose either because ultimately I win in both scenarios.