Such the Innovators, Those Levi’s Folk

 ...The best modeling gig ever? Me thinks yes.
Last night called for one of the more exciting and innovative Press Previews of this fall season and so I declared, the folks at Levi’s know how to throw a party.
Upon arrival at the preview space a desk dedicated to “The Bumbys,” a man-woman duo masked in sunglasses and bandannas over their noses and mouths, sat with typewriters, observing the crowd walking in while they typed, typed, typed away. Initially, I intended to overlook the spectacle and get straight to the Kanon but shortly thereafter I learned they were writing judgments and ranking our respective aesthetics on a scale from 1-10. So I stopped in my tracks and when came time for my type-write of death, Ms. Bumby declared “your sweater looks cheap to make but like it probably cost a fortune.” 
She was wrong. $23.99 at Necessary Clothing.
jacket: Tibi, sweater: Necessary Clothing, pants + shoes: Rag & Bone, handbag: Be & D
…This is just a fragmented bit of a fanicer, funnier, drunker larger recap. I suggest you read it in full here.